Hashtag Tracking: How to Get a Detailed Analysis of Your Social Media Campaign

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Social media has become essential for brand promotion. That’s where using the right hashtags can help. While hashtags let you group similar content under a single roof, you can also leverage them for tracking and detailed analysis. That’s where hashtag tracking comes in.

3 Scalable Content Promotion Strategies to Blast Your Funnel

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We’re always putting our top effort into the content we create, but what about our content promotion strategies? That’s where content promotion gives you a boost. Content promotion is all over the place for most brands. Why Content Promotion Is Key to Content Strategy Success.


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3 Scalable Content Promotion Strategies to Blast Your Funnel

Single Grain

We’re always putting our top effort into the content we create, but what about our content promotion strategies? That’s where content promotion gives you a boost. Content promotion is all over the place for most brands. Why Content Promotion Is Key to Content Strategy Success.

15 Ideas to Promote Your Next Event


Well, event promotion is similar. If you put on an event but don't promote it, will it even happen? Without promotion, you probably won't get any attendees because no one will know it's happening. Of course, you've seen large-scale event promotions. Free Event Promotion.

5 Highly Effective Hashtag Tracking Methods

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Hashtags are much more than just a way to make Tweets and Instagram posts more entertaining. You’ve probably seen your fair share of random hashtags thrown onto the end of Tweets and Instagram captions that seem to serve no real purpose. But when used correctly, hashtags can be one of the most effective ways to track your social media marketing campaigns, brand influence and a lot more. When it comes to hashtag tracking, a lot of companies are in the dark.

Social media employee advocacy is the heartbeat of your company


The social posts were robotic, comprised of boring blog titles, a random hashtag, and non-uniform shortened links. Employees were afraid to take on any side projects that did not directly result in a promotion, and social media was no shortcut to becoming a VP. Forget about all the advice from the lead generation and website traffic gurus about how to push people to your website and get them to sign up for your newsletter. Employee advocacy is the heartbeat of your company.

The Best Twitter Traffic Hacks to Grow Your Business

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Promoting a business on Twitter can be tricky. On a recent episode of our Marketing School podcast , Neil Patel and I each shared our best Twitter hacks for building connections, growing engagement and bringing in traffic and leads. If you see an opening to promote your product, content or service in a non-spammy way, take it. Is this strategy going to get you a ton of traffic? Will it get you more qualified traffic?

Multi-vendor store: What it is and the reason to build it right away?

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Such multi-sellers in your multi-vendor platform actually improve the website traffic and importantly reduce vendor and store management time. . Much of the marketing and promotional options . Digital Branding hashtags Twitter analytics Twitter traffic

How to Create a Hashtag Just for Your Business

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With so many advertisements, billboards and commercials in our face, it’s tough to find one without an added hashtag. Now businesses create a hashtag for consumers to find more information about a product or service. Whether it’s a branded term, phrase or call to action, hashtags increase social media engagement. When you create a hashtag, you give users a new way to get in touch with your business on social. Reasons to Create a Hashtag. When to Use Hashtags.

Outsized influence: the size of social media platforms has little to do with their referral traffic


Let’s compare the size of each platform’s user base in monthly active users (MAUs) with the average monthly referral traffic it sent to Parse.ly’s The opposite of this is unidentifiable social traffic, or dark social. The height of each platform corresponds to the social platform’s MAUs, and the size of the bubble illustrates the amount of traffic the platform sends. . That’s how little traffic actually comes from YouTube.).

Social Media for Accountants: Likes, tweets and hashtags…Oh my!

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By sharing and commenting on other people’s content, you will establish yourself as an expert and a valued participant—rather than someone who is simply self-promoting. Social media networking will drive traffic to your firm’s website and improve your domain authority (the strength of your website’s reputation). To many, the mysteries of building a social media network can be scary.

Tips to Promote Thought Leadership Content On & Off a B2B Website

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In this post, we share tips on how you can promote your existing thought leadership content, both on and off your website. Additionally, use relevant hashtags in the posts to take part in the wider conversation regarding that hashtag. Pay to Promote on Social Media.

10 Sites You Can Use for Free Blog Promotion


As a marketer, promoting and driving traffic to your blog isn't easy. Getting blog readers is all about promoting your content to the right people at the right place and the right time. This is a great way to generate continued traffic to your blogs. Quuu Promote.

3 Ways to Use Virtual Events to Promote eLearning Programs

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Virtual events can boost the consumption of your association’s eLearning content and promote ample engagement. How to Use Virtual Events to Promote eLearning Programs. There are a variety of ways to promote your other educational programs before, during, and after the live event: Promote related content on lobby slides prior to the start of the event. One of the best ways to drive traffic to less popular programs is to bundle them with popular programs.

SaaS Marketing: 6 Quick Wins to Drive More Website Traffic

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When it comes to SaaS companies, the ultimate key to driving qualified traffic to your website is creating a software that your customers will love. This is why it's important to focus on driving qualified traffic to your website. But without website traffic, what is there to convert?

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: A Simple Guide for Marketers


Every time we host live webinars (and as this long list suggests , that is quite often), quite a few attendees get confused about what to do with the hashtag we provide. What is a hashtag? A Twitter hashtag is simply a keyword phrase, spelled out without spaces, with a pound sign (#) in front of it. For example, #inboundchat and #ILoveChocolate are both hashtags. What does a hashtag do? How do you create a hashtag?

The Rules of Twitter Hashtags: Hits and Misses From 7 Big Brands


Since hashtags became clickable in 2009 , brands and consumers have used them to start, track, and follow conversations on Twitter. Today, hashtags have become a critical part of successful marketing campaigns across many different social platforms. For example, if you’re a fan of The Bachelor, you’ve probably seen the superimposed tweets with the hashtag #TheBachelor on the lower left-hand corner of the screen while the episode is playing.

Seven Essential Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 (And Beyond)

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Here’s what you can do beyond self-promotion. What follows is a traffic spike in relevant, high-quality visitors to your blog post. Do extensive hashtag keyword research: If your content is not searchable, it is not scalable. Guest post by Atreyee Chowdhury.

Tips 82

Use Instagram as the starting point to promote your business online


I recently ended my stint as Content and Social Media Chair of MIT Enterprise Forum here in DC and I got to play with the levers and strings of personally promoting online via social media and also trying to get everyone else on the Board to Tweet, Tumbl, and Facebook as well. The post Use Instagram as the starting point to promote your business online appeared first on Biznology.

How to Use Pinterest Advertising to Promote Products and Attract Customers


Pinterest is often undervalued by social media marketers, and considered an unnecessary component of a marketing strategy -- unfortunately, if this is true for your team, you could be missing out on a major source of traffic and income. 90% of Pinterest users say Pinterest helps them decide what to purchase -- meaning your Pinterest ads, or Promoted Pins, are being shown to a remarkably responsive audience. Pinterest Promoted Pins. Promoted Pins. Promoted Video Pins.

How to Promote an Event with Social Media

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As a frequent speaker at events of all sizes, I’ve had a chance to observe some of the best practices conference organizers used to promote their events through social media. In most cases, these efforts cost little or nothing more than your time.Here are some suggestions for leveraging social channels for event promotion. Create a Twitter hashtag and promote it to your colleagues and registrants. This enables you to tell who’s sending you traffic.

4 Fundamental Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Firm’s Website

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One of the key metrics to measuring the impact of your firm’s website is traffic. Building a powerful growth-focused website is a top-priority for B2B marketing and business development, and driving website traffic is a vital component of the process. Generating website traffic is not rocket science, but it does require the right approach and ongoing dedication. Here are four fundamental ways to start driving more traffic to your firm’s website.

How to Promote Your Website and Increase Your Online Presence

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Unfortunately, a new website is not a “Field of Dreams” (great movie , poor website strategy) and requires a healthy dose of promotion to get the machine working for you. All of these justify building a new website but none of them consider how to promote your website. If we build this thing right, our traffic and leads will increase X-fold.”. Think hashtags or presentation download pages. Plan to build today and promote tomorrow.

43 Bright Ideas for Promoting Your Lead Gen Content


You can''t just put a piece of content up on your website and hope that people will find it -- you''ve got to actively promote it to your audience. . At INBOUND 2014 , I went over the following 43 ways to promote marketing content. Posting on social media is probably something you''re already doing -- but below are a few ways you can take your promotions up a notch. . 4) Change your cover photo to feature the piece of content you''re promoting. Internal Promotion.

7 Tips to Launch Successful Twitter Promotions

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Whether you’re trying to promote a blog post, upcoming event or your products, Twitter is a great option. Despite increased competition on the platform and the move to an algorithm based feed, Twitter promotions can still be effective if well executed. We’ll go over all that and more, to help you launch a Twitter promotion that brings in results. The Recipe for a Successful Twitter Promotion. Use Promoted Tweets. Run Seasonal Promotions.

Promoting Your Content: You’ve written great content, now make sure people see it!

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You also need a thoughtful content promotion strategy to get your blog post in front of people. There are five elements to consider in an effective content promotion strategy: 1. You need to have a single location you can use to drive traffic back to as you promote your content. Sending your blog post through email should be the bread and butter of any content promotion you do. Remember to use hashtags around the subject matter and keywords.

How to Newsjack: A Guide for Content Marketers

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When brands leverage the power of newsjacking to promote their story, they are featured in reputable media publications. When your business appears in a trending news story, then people start visiting your website, resulting in an immediate increase in traffic. A rise in quality traffic automatically increases the number of new subscribers for your newsletter. In order to give a boost to your story, you need to power it up with good keywords along with the trending hashtags.

How To Pull Your Cold Website Visitors Into Your Sales Funnel


Most companies today deploy a mix of paid advertising and organic content tactics to drive traffic, engagement and revenue through digital channels. Direct Cold Website Visitors to Evergreen Content or “Power Pages” People click through ads all the time, but you need to take advantage of cold traffic and direct them to authoritative content. Do not send cold traffic to your sales pages. Put it to work for you and direct your cold traffic to these authority pieces.

Instagram Marketing: 4 Features You Should Be Using [Examples]

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Successful content marketers on this social platform tailor their content to take advantage of the channel’s strengths, from hashtags and Stories to advertising and live video. Powerful hashtags. You can use two types of hashtags in your Instagram campaigns – branded or community. Branded hashtags make your post easier to find for people who already know your company and are looking to find out more about it. TIP: Instagram limits users to 30 hashtags per post.

10 most inspiring digital marketing stories of 2016


Meanwhile, the company continues to push out short, inspiring messages via the hashtag #LikeAGirl. The push was promoted by a funny online film and a Paid Search campaign. The digital marketing campaign grew traffic to its website by 98% and increased adoptions year-on-year by 200%. The company let customers request delivery of their favorite pizza by tweeting to the @Dominos Twitter account , or by using the hashtag #EasyOrder.

How to Drive Traffic with Content Amplification


61% of marketers say that generating leads and traffic is their biggest challenge. How do you raise traffic organically? The strategy is used to raise traffic to your content. Content amplification describes the method for using online platforms or channels to promote content.

No. 1 Trend: How to Develop a Content Promotion Strategy for 2016

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Let’s talk content amplification , distribution, promotion, circulation, and any other term meaning the same thing. Promoting Ideas Through the Noise. Relevance’s VP of audience, Chad Pollitt, calls the overall practice of disseminating content across the Web to various audiences as “content promotion,” so let’s use that term for now. Content promotion is really hard. Don’t even get me started on the trash found in hashtags.

Facebook Sees 1000% Jump in LinkedIn Referral Traffic After Twitter Dumps LinkedIn


And even if you weren't syncing every tweet, some marketers were taking advantage of the LinkedIn hashtag function that automatically pulled in tweets with the hashtag #li or #in. Some new data released by PageLever and reported by Mashable reveals that marketers may not be taking that extra step, as referral traffic to Twitter from LinkedIn has dropped significantly since the June 29th announcement. while referral traffic to Facebook from LinkedIn has skyrocketed.

4 Ways to really engage your customers on social media


Think along the lines of a fun, lighthearted contest so you can promote your product. Encourage fans to follow your brand and post an image using a pre-selected hashtag so they can be in the running for a generous prize. You can always get new traffic to your social pages when you post information about current events, from an event to a holiday.

Five Ways to Boost Your Brand Value Using Social Amplification

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Leverage Hashtags. You can further amplify the reach of your social media content using relevant hashtags. Use a tool like RiteTag or Hashtagify to find the most popular hashtags in your niche and include them in your social media posts. Guest post by Shane Barker.

LinkedIn for Content Marketing: What You Need to Know

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About two years ago, LinkedIn opened its publishing platform to all members, allowing them to publish blogs directly and promote their content throughout the LinkedIn network and beyond. Use hashtags (#LITips) to differentiate my content and help it become more discoverable. TIP: Use status updates to promote your long-form posts by sharing excerpts. It gives her audience relevant information while driving traffic to the article and deepening engagement.

2 Simple-to-Implement Checklists to Use in Your Influencer Marketing Planning

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They give the steps to use earned and paid media promotion, too. Using earned and paid media to promote influencer content helps influencers feel more confident in the value of their work. It’s simple in concept: Feature the thoughts of several industry influencers in a blog post or some other form of content to drive earned media traffic and brand awareness. Include appropriate hashtags. Use social to promote the post.