2020 Social Media Calendar for Hashtag Holidays


Find 250+ socially relevant national and international hashtags to help your brand get more engagement in 2020 with our free social media calendar. Through social media, we lose the human interaction and the ability to experience non-verbal communication. February 2020 Hashtags.

Tips and Tricks for Using Hashtags on Social Media Sites

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Hashtags have become an integral part of social media. If you’ve been limiting your hashtag use to Twitter, it’s definitely time to step out. There are nine other networks that let you search and sort information by hashtags. Search by hashtag? Click on hashtags?

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2020 Social Media Calendar for Hashtag Holidays


Through social media, we lose the human interaction and the ability to experience non-verbal communication. Some brands have utilized hashtag holidays to connect with their audience and it’s worked exceptionally well with sparking discussion and brand loyalty.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags for 2018


Did you know an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post with no hashtags? Hashtags are powerful. Why Hashtags Are Important. Hashtags are essentially Instagram’s sorting process. Top Instagram Hashtags.

Why Hashtags Are Essential to B2B Social Media Marketing

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While most people are familiar with hashtags, many B2B marketers don’t know the best way to use them or may even consider them irrelevant to their social media strategy. Hashtags originated on Twitter but have now become widely adopted by all social platforms as a way to tag your content with specific topics or conversations (by using a word or phrase preceded by the “#” symbol). This means hashtags are instrumental in increasing your reach, for B2C and B2B companies alike.

How to Create a Hashtag Just for Your Business

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With so many advertisements, billboards and commercials in our face, it’s tough to find one without an added hashtag. Now businesses create a hashtag for consumers to find more information about a product or service. Whether it’s a branded term, phrase or call to action, hashtags increase social media engagement. When you create a hashtag, you give users a new way to get in touch with your business on social. Reasons to Create a Hashtag. When to Use Hashtags.

5 Reasons Your Marketing Can Benefit From Attending Interact 2014

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See what your marketing peers have to say about Interact! Meet us at Interact 2014: A Modern Marketing Experience from Eloqua. Learn how to truly interact with audiences in the most meaningful ways! Find out which marketing formulas are working…or not! “At

Three Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Promote your Event


Hashtags are the savvy social media marketer’s best friend, helping you track social interactions, expand your reach, and monitor real-time engagement at an event. Remember to include your event hashtag on any giveaway post alongside other relevant hashtags to further increase exposure.

How to use Instagram marketing to get new leads for your business


To ensure success in lead generation through Instagram, use personalized hashtags, images which highlight your product, targeted call-to-actions, and engage with your target audience. Use relevant hashtags.

The Rules of Twitter Hashtags: Hits and Misses From 7 Big Brands


Since hashtags became clickable in 2009 , brands and consumers have used them to start, track, and follow conversations on Twitter. Today, hashtags have become a critical part of successful marketing campaigns across many different social platforms. The Best Twitter Hashtags.

3 Ways Social Media and SEO Can Work Together

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My colleague, Casie Gillette , has touched on a few ways to break down those silos and get your B2B search and social teams working together. Then, review and add them to a prospecting list, making note of how your organizations might be able to work together.

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works And How to Make it Work for You


This guiding principle is simple in theory and in practice, at least once you understand how the LinkedIn algorithm works. Learn the signals and filters that affect it so you can make it work for you. How the LinkedIn algorithm works. LinkedIn recommends three hashtags max.

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Top Trend to Watch in 2020: Interactive Content Marketing


Interactive content is here to stay. Even more, a 2016 Content Marketing Institute (CMI) study found that just over 80% of marketers say that interactive content is more effective than static content when it comes to grabbing consumers’ attention.

Interesting Infographics: What the #### are those social media hashtags all about?


That’s the story behind hashtags, those little # signs you see all over Twitter, Instagram, and more recently Facebook. Done right, a hashtag gives social network users valuable information about subject matter and trending topics. hashtags on a shared photo.

Social media strategy leaders: Sarah Nilson


While we work really closely as a team, my specific role is to monitor our brand reputation online through social listening and to manage all the global social media channels ( Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook , Google+ , Instagram , etc.).

How Do Live Events and B2B Digital Marketing Work Together?

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Below are some of the areas where live events and digital marketing can work together to create a cohesive presence for B2B brands. This could be a gift card giveaway by signing up for the email list through a connected tablet at the event, following the brand on social media for a free t-shirt, or having a custom hashtag that attendees can use to get into an exclusive after party or happy hour.

Social Media Trends: Is it Time for Brands to Retire the Hashtag?

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Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against hashtags. But brand hashtags? I can’t remember ever clicking on a brand-created hashtag because I was enthralled with their marketing campaign. Branded hashtags—the vast majority of them, anyway—fall into this category.

How to promote your Instagram: 13 ways that actually work

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Because the platform’s rapid evolution and growth mean that what worked in the past isn’t going to score you the same sort of engagement today. Experiment with branded and industry hashtags. See how that works? And no, we’re not just talking about hashtags.

6 types of content your readers hate


Unfortunately, it’s easy to take advantage of an inappropriate hashtag because you don’t know its origins or to accidentally use insulting imagery in an advertisement. Consumers like to interact with brands, whether on social media, blogs, or other online properties.

Social media measurement: how to figure out what works

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According to our own data , marketers are focused on a variety of metrics that define what’s working (and what isn’t!) With their branded hashtag (#AmplifyYourStyle), that’s exactly what they do. Inspiring customer interactions and emotional responses. Use our hashtag.

Three Simple Ways to Interact With Your Online Readers


Few of us regular people ever interacted with the kind of individuals who wrote books, magazine articles, or even newspaper stories. The Internet, and more specifically blogging and social media , has changed the world dramatically in terms of writer-reader interaction.

The 24 Best Interactive Websites of 2015


Everyone’s been raving about the popularity of web video this year, but a less talked-about form of visual content—interactive websites—can be way more engaging. Use interactivity to create a distinct experience for each viewer. We’ve called out the ones we worked on below.

How Experiential Marketing Works: 7 Enlightening Tips


According to a CMO magazine article on the topic, experiential marketing “is a mutually beneficial interaction between customer and brand in an authentically branded engagement.”. It can work on a number of different levels. What makes a good story? Is it the happy ending?

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How Does Inbound Work for Membership Marketing?


Your social media strategy, such as which sites you're on and how you interact with your audience there, is also part of the attracting step. Your attraction strategies are working. Like many other marketing strategies, inbound marketing transcends B2B, B2C, and nonprofit marketing.

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5 Ways to Align Sales and Marketing While Working an Event or Conference


At the same time, they are working toward the same overall business goal. It doesn’t make sense to have two different teams working toward the same goal with zero unity. Think how powerful and efficient they could be if they just worked together and aligned their efforts.

Create. Captivate. Engage. The Art of Interactive Experiences


Businesses are ditching old school marketing and lead-generation strategies for experiential, interactive techniques. Thus, the buzzword is interactive. What makes interactive marketing successful? Interactive content can shine through this noise and hold attention.

101 Ridiculously Effective Ways to Use Interactive Content in Your Marketing Today


Interactive content has endless possibilities. But the results from interactive content are impossible to ignore: 81% of marketers agree that interactive content is more effective than typical, passive content. . Why aren’t we all using interactive content? .

6 of the Best Ads of 2017 (And Why They Work)


Here are six of the best ads of 2017 so far – and why they work. Drawing its inspiration from recent political events, the travel app rallies goodwill around the #WeAccept hashtag to show their support. Most of us have never known life without advertising.

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How to Identify & Work With the Best Brand Influencers for Your Business


That's the thing about influencers -- you follow them for a reason, so you don't mind interacting with their sponsored content. So how can you identify the right brand influencers to work for your business? If you work for a SaaS platform company, odds are you won't be reaching out to Beyonce to promote your product. Even if she did want to work with you, her audience likely doesn't fit your target audience or buyer personas.

47 Social Media Statistics to Bookmark for 2017

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Not bad for a year’s work, right? Instagram posts using at least one hashtag receive 12.6% In fact, the Sprout Social Q1 2017 Index discovered Facebook still sees the most interactions and is the preferred network among millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers.

6 Steps to Creating a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy


All of this means that there is a lot of potential for B2B and B2C interaction. Also, having these goals will allow you to quickly alter your strategy if you find that it is not working for you. Use Relevant Hashtags. Which hashtags have created the most active communities?

The Heroes of the Quarantine, Vol. 2


His whole collection of drawing tutorials can be found using the hashtag #DrawWithRob. Art of WorkReading Time: 3 minutes. Welcome back to another edition of Heroes of the Quarantine.

Social Media Managers Must Work Around Lousy Business Models


The company requested my ticketing information and went to work trying to help me. Kudos to the airline''s social media team for doing its best to respond and interact with customers. Work to build a direct line of communication with the customer support team.

How the Twitter algorithm works in 2020

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While this is a plus for users, whenever an algorithm is implemented or updated, it leaves many marketers concerned that the hard work they put into their content and social media strategy is going unnoticed. Understanding how the new Twitter algorithm works.

Origami Logic Scores Gold with “Brand Olympics” Campaign

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The company’s technology helps large brands master their marketing performance by unifying and refining their vast array of marketing data, across every channel and platform, so they can see what’s working and what’s not.

10 Tips for Success on Twitter

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Force yourself to commit to Tweeting and see if you can interact with a few new people each day. Use hashtags for events, webinars, activities, and popular topics. People are actively searching and following hashtags. If all it takes if for you to add a quick hashtag at the end of your post to potentially get some more eyes on it, then it’s a no brainer. This works especially well for live events and webinars. ” Test and revisit what works for you.

3 Ways PR and Social Media Work Together to Boost B2B Marketing

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That means tactics should be thought of as parts of a larger whole, all working seamlessly together to make your marketing program more effective and cost-efficient. When you are mentioned, interact with these social peers and remember that people want to connect with people, even in B2B.

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