What Is Your Mobile Strategy Missing?

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Mobile marketing is a key component of your overall marketing strategy because mobile is often preferred by business professionals for research and interaction, according to the Boston Consulting Group. While it may seem like a small thing, many brands miss the mobile mark.

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Mobile is dead: start thinking mobility now…


Since 2005, we read and hear that each approaching year is going to be the “year of mobile” or that “mobile advertising will become more than important than digital” At same time, we understand that all media is digital media. (Photo credit: Irita Kirsbluma).

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Mobile + Marketing Automation Demystified


Author: Michael Pollack There are plenty of people talking about mobile and how it interacts with marketing automation. Let’s take a quick look at some of the common considerations in mobile marketing and marketing automation, and provide some clarity around terminology and key practices.

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How Mobile Marketing Can Boost Your Campaign Results


And right now, the growth of mobile devices is contributing to an incredible amount of individuals being on the world wide web. In the US, 71% of total digital minutes comes from mobile devices. In 2015, more than 35% of web pages were served to a mobile phone.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering Mobile Marketing


billion people who accessed the internet through a mobile device, according to Statista. Aside from the astounding growth of mobile, many countries are witnessing people purchase smartphones first, bypassing PC ownership as their first means of internet connectivity. Mobile Search.

80% of Millennials Have Been Influenced to Purchase by a Mobile Ad

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This week, it's Mobile Marketing. Report Highlights the Millennial Opportunity on Mobile. 64 per cent of consumers have been influenced to purchase by a mobile ad – a figure that rises to 80 per cent among millennials. Read the full story on Mobile Marketing Magazine.

[Ebook] 3 Best Practices for Your Mobile Marketing Strategy


You go it—the use of a mobile device. alone, 75% of citizens over the age of 13 have a smartphone, and there are more mobile devices in the world (7.8 That’s a huge audience you’re missing out on if you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy in place.

Where is your mobile marketing center of gravity?

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For marketers considering creating mobile device apps, the bar has been set very high. Mobile is going to become an important part of our marketing, whether we like it or not. Good mobile apps start somewhere else. I think that’s how we have to view mobile apps for B2B marketing.

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Why Mobile Tech Startups Need to Focus on Proximity Marketing


With the right tools, businesses can finally start monetizing mobile Those who keep tabs on mobile tech startups have almost certainly noticed that location-enabled marketing and product features are becoming increasingly common in apps. mobile proximity location marketing

Using Geo-Targeted Marketing to Skyrocket Audience Engagement

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The widespread integration of GPS technology and smartphones has changed the face of marketing. The primary goal of geo-targeting is to deliver content to consumers – largely through the mobile internet – based on their geographic location.

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8 Mobile Apps You'll Wish You Downloaded Yesterday


You know that panicked feeling you get when your mobile device isn''t immediately nearby? Some of these mobile apps are old favorites, some, like Signals , are brand new. Let''s start this list off with a brand new mobile app. Great mobile version of the site.

The 25 Most Important Mobile Media Apps


If you’re like a lot of people, you’re still trying to wrap your mind around how to use mobile media to connect with customers. I finally figured out how to use social media for my business, and now they want me to learn all about mobile media, too.”

For B2B Mobile Marketing Strategies, Distraction Never Looked So Good

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Mobile devices are windows through which retailers can engage consumers in new, exciting ways. There’s a name for these sessions—mobile micro-moments—and they can no longer be ignored by B2B mobile marketing experts. Recognizing the Mobile Impulse.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering Mobile Marketing


In the next two years, Mobithinking tells us one billion people will have accessed the internet using a mobile device. 25% of people have abandoned the laptop for exclusive use of mobile devices. Aside from the astounding growth of mobile in the U.S., Identify your mobile users.

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Geolocation-Based Marketing in 2017: The Impact on Businesses

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The ongoing use of mobile devices by consumers means that companies have a much better way of tracking where their customers are going. That's because they have each mobile device's geographic position. It's this technology that also enables mobile payments.

Location-Based Targeting – what does it really mean for marketers?


If you’ve been paying attention to the mobile marketing industry lately, you’ve probably heard or read about the rising importance of location-based technology. Geo-fencing is an off-shoot of location-based technology that uses GPS to perform a specific task.

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The Next Wave of Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is expanding over leaps and bounds with smartphone capabilities continually improving. There are more ways than ever to bring your business to consumers over their mobile devices. billion mobile users in the world, according to Smart Insights Statistics , this could be a huge potential customer pool. While online marketing is still a valuable tool, consider the ways you can use these new and ever evolving mobile marketing tactics.

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The 6 Biggest Mobile Marketing Myths


The rate of mobile adoption for both advertisers and?consumers to understand the necessity that mobile technology will play in their marketing?strategies. But, in addition to its staggering growth, mobile marketing is also?riddled Myth: Mobile?marketing business of all sizes can take advantage of mobile marketing. coffee shop has just as much of an opportunity to use mobile strategies as the?large Developing mobile campaigns is not about the size of?the

The Future is Solomoco: 5 Predictions for Digital Marketing

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The speaker, Tim Reis, Head of Social and Mobile Solutions for Google – Americas sums up the next few years for marketers and businesses in general as “solomoco”: social, local, mobile, commerce. Marketers have been hearing a whole lot about mobile and social lately as these channels are growing in significance and influence. Mobile Marketing Goes Mainstream. However, many marketers still aren’t tuned into mobile. Mobile Powers Commerce.

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3 Mobile Trends Every Marketer Must Know, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Mobile Ad Revenue Outlook: Local Search Leads the Way, From Search Engine Watch. mobile local advertising will grow from its $664 million number in 2011 to $5.8 Mobile local advertising includes examples such as display ads or search queries that are refined by GPS or geo-modifier.

Pokémon Go and the virtual future of storytelling


Combining augmented reality, GPS, and mobile devices, it creates a social experience enabling players to explore the real world. Not playing Pokémon Go yet? Think it’s just for kids? If your specialty is digital marketing, and you haven’t tested it yet, it’s time.

Marketers and Advertisers, Take Note: Demand for Mobile Content Is on the Rise

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Mobile content is playing a bigger role in today’s content marketing strategy compared to last year. “However, mobile phones and tablets are catching up with their more established counterparts.”

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Want Better Branded Content for Mobile? Follow Target’s Halloween Example

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But this year, the brand launched a mobile site that aims to help parents find the best trick-or-treat spots around the neighborhood. Treatster , the mobile site Target created, reflects a content marketing sweet spot more brands should try to hit.

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AIM Flash Interviews: Donnie Yancey, Chief Revenue Officer at X-Mode

AdSquare Audiences in Motion

The precision of GPS will get further improved over time and we will see many more use cases for the ad-tech industry. About adsquare: adsquare is a real-time data exchange in mobile programmatic advertising offering its partners targeting, measurement and insights solutions.

Location-Based Marketing on the Rise

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billion on mobile-location marketing advertising in 2019. Types of Mobile Geolocation Targeting. Marketing are exploring different ways to utilize location marketing but by far, the most popular is mobile geolocation marketing. Location-Based Marketing on the Rise.

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Looking at Martech: The Intersection of Marketing and Technology

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In the days before GPS in our vehicles and preceding our dependence on smartphones, foldable maps were used to determine direction and guide us on journey. Now, fast forward to GPS, which not only gives us specific directions, but it also can reroute us for a quicker, more efficient trip.

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Are You Ready for Auto SEO?


There's lots of talk about mobile marketing, and rightly so. Although we see some use of the term mobile marketing for things that aren't mobile , we are still seeing tremendous increases in usage. And some businesses benefit from that mobile usage more than others.

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Digital is stranger than you can think — here’s how to think stranger


Farmers rely on GPS-enabled combines and tractors not just to make the most efficient use of their land, but to have the machines essentially run themselves.

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Is Content King or Is Data King?

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Your mobile phone is a potential treasure trove of data that grows by the minute. What company wouldn’t want to know the precise GPS location of every place you’ve visited during the day?

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Is Your Organization Ready For Market Strategy In A Digital Economy?

Tony Zambito

For instance, GPS navigation initially became widespread in the consumer auto market, as well as, in the business markets of logistic and transportation. GPS companies such as Garmin and Tom Tom began to shrink considerably. Community Preparedness by Iconathon.

Modernize Your Business’ Navigation System with Cloud AI

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Equivalent to a GPS turn-by-turn navigation, AI guides the customer smoothly throughout their journey with the company. Do you remember the excitement you had when you were young and finally had a piggy bank full of coins?

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McKinsey’s insights on personalization and martech: New report


Leading retailers are already trialing much of these latter AI-enabled tools – especially paired with mobile devices. Branded cell phone apps have long been used to initiate GPS-triggered push notifications of in-store offers when consumers are in the vicinity.

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The Tech trends to follow in 2015


This protects larger companies when it comes to mobile employees accessing enterprise materials. Tapping into a wireless carrier’s network and incurring data charges was the only way to check an email, or play a mobile game (while riding, not driving, of course).

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Internet cookies: From 1994 to 2019, and the industry shifts of the future


Mobile phones only just begun offering GPS functionality. Other emerging identifiers—like Connected TV, mobile IDs, and people-based identifiers—are critical to businesses everywhere if they want to continue to engage and inspire their consumers in the new age of advertising. Cookies were designed to move website to website within a desktop-only world, and weren’t equipped to track the user from app engagement to mobile browser and everything in between.

Geofencing? And other ways to target ads to trade show attendees without being there.


Geofencing is a unique mobile advertising tactic where you can target prospects at locations of interest via mobile ads and mobile apps. Marketers can take the GPS capabilities to feed ads to people who are geographically ready to make buying decisions.

The State of Localized Programmatic: Why Marketers Need to Adopt a Personalized Digital Strategy

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The daily lives of consumers have changed, with most people spending more than five hours a day on mobile devices, and for marketers to succeed, they need to meet the consumer where they are—which happens to be on their smartphones. In 2018, programmatic mobile ad spend in the U.S.

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5 Awesome Productivity Apps For Everyday Use

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Waze is a GPS driving app gets you from point A to point B and then some. LastPass is a browser extension and mobile app password manager. We then alert you with every opportunity and you can use our follow-up templates and mobile app to respond quickly.

4 Reasons Why Content Marketing Must Adapt to Wearable Technology

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Wearable tech includes smart watches that integrate time-keeping with mobile technology and fitness devices such as Fitbit. Marketers will have to consider how to integrate their content with GPS and mobile tech to deliver relevant content.

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Will hyper-personalized content help or hurt us?


Indoor GPS beacon technology has the potential to track consumers down to the aisle they are standing in , providing discounts and suggestions based on both paid ads and assumptions based on previous purchases by the consumer.

Facebook is Now a Local Search Tool for Those On-the-Go


With 600 million monthly active mobile users, Facebook’s “Nearby” could become the go-to resource for “discovering new places,” trumping sites like Foursquare, Yelp and Google+ Local.