7 Business Intelligence Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Single Grain

As your company scales, consumer data reserves can quickly mushroom out of control, so now everyone from the one-person startup to corporate enterprises is frantically scrambling to adjust their business model to make the most out of data. Trend #7: Data Governance Will Be a Top Priority.

5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 4: Digital Everything (2018 Update)


But then the Hyrda-like heads of digital touchpoints began to multiply. Systems & Services — common functionality and orchestration across all touchpoints. How do you humanly manage this multitude of new touchpoints — and the enormous quantity of data being generated by them?

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Mobile Marketing Company, Affle’s CEO Shares Business Lessons on IPO Win

Martech Advisor

Nurturing the aspiration that I must build my own startup into a successful public company, I started Affle in 2005. Our focus on consistent tech innovations, growth based on financial fundamentals, and foundations of corporate governance enabled us to achieve 86.5

Marketing + Technology + Management – Hype = MarTech


Brian, Jon, and Mike will also talk about how they govern and apply marketing technology in their current companies — metaphorically, what do these celebrity chefs cook in their own kitchen? I have an allergy to hype.

What to expect when you’re expecting #MarTech next month


He’ll discuss how Disney deals with startups vs. established players; how to structure deals to increase the probability of adoption and success; the importance of the proof-of-concept; and how marketers should budget and decide on which tools to buy.

CPM 71

Mastering modern marketing technology leadership over 2 intense days


This session will cover: The health of martech startup funding in 2017. Identifying which startups to bet on – and how to hedge one’s bets. We’re only 7 weeks away from the MarTech conference in San Francisco, May 9-11.

CMO 61