[Google, Social Network] A guide to getting started on using hashtags on LinkedIn
    For platforms, like Twitter and Instagram , hashtags are an essential ingredient to the social posting recipe. Up until recently, hashtags were frowned upon when used on LinkedIn because they were a telltale sign of cross-posting content from Twitter (a big no-no). Since LinkedIn is hell-bent on becoming the premier social network for professionals and the LinkedIn database has become enormous, they realized the need to better categorize, organize and filter content.
    [Google, Social Network] How To Get Started With Quora Ads
    So you resort to good old Google to help you. When you think about your marketing strategy and digital advertising , the first things that come to mind are usually social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) or Google. Unlike social media, where you can only see published posts, on Quora you can find out what interests people and what they are searching for and use that knowledge to create content that will help them.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Google, Social Network] Five social media courses make one social media strategy meal
    Most social media marketing strategies are like my mum and me in Genova : we were supremely blissed-out happy with our experience of the authentic, delicious, “to the tooth” spaghetti al pesto. A proper online brand management and social media marketing campaign demands a multi-course meal of more than just spaghetti al Twitter , pasta a la Facebook , and lasagna al Instagram. Same thing with Google and the rest of the online world.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Google, Social Network] How to Leverage Social Intent Data in Your Next Nurturing Campaign
    and external data (collected from activities outside of your owned digital properties, such as social media platforms, user reviews, competitor mentions). Social Media-Based Intent Data. Social media is a good place to start because there is a wealth of intent data that exists within social media platforms and much of that data is public. 55% of B2B buyers search for information on social media and 84% of CEOs and VPs use social media to make purchasing decisions.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [Google, Social Network] Optimize Your Content for Inbound Marketing: Part 2
    “The best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google’s search results.”. Do not break, circumvent, or otherwise “game” Google’s rules. Because sooner or later, Google will put a hurtin’ on your website. Being unaware of Google’s dos and don’ts is no excuse for tripping an algorithm. In large part, getting found by Google is about tactics. Google has effectively put content purveyors on notice that blatant, non-value dreck is no longer acceptable.
  • EXO B2B  |  TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2017
    [Google, Social Network] Snapchat in B2B marketing: is it possible?
    As B2B marketing professionals and social media specialists, we obviously had to write about it. Snapchat is the millennial generation’s favorite network! Compared to other networks (B2C usage), we can see that its audience is markedly different. The 25-34-year-old age range segment is the biggest for social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. 22% of advertisements are displayed on this network.
    [Google, Social Network] Carthage must be destroyed – and Facebook competition too.
    For years, I’ve tried to push back against the narrative that this or that social network is “winning” or “losing” against other networks. In other words, fake social media news. Facebook is out to get all of the other social networks. Back when Facebook was in its infancy, changes and additions were usually harder to pinpoint and callout as being a direct result of another network’s feature usage. He can be found on Twitter and Facebook.
    [Google, Social Network] The Destruction of Silicon Valley, and 4 Other Stories We Loved in April
    Here’s what you missed in marketing, media, and tech while you were wondering why celebrities wear such bad clothes to the Met Gala… The New Yorker: #Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement. In “#VanLife, The Bohemian Social Movement,” Rachel Monroe chronicles the rise of #VanLife, the millennial phenomenon whereby twenty and thirtysomethings quit their jobs and make a living by curating sponsored social media images of their experience on the road.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017
    [Google, Social Network] 58 Best Marketing Tools to Build Your Strategy in 2017
    Like posting your Instagram photos to all your social networks or linking your app reminders together. Some of the web-based services that work with IFTTT include Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit, and much, much more. Whether it's social images, logos, blog posts, or ebooks -- the options and tools are endless. Google isn't "exactly" a new or a fascinating tool that you didn't already know about. Twitter. Google Adwords.
  • EXO B2B  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 2017
    [Google, Social Network] 4 Basic SEO Tips To Get You Started With Your Website
    Achieving a good ranking for your website on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!…) Google rewards websites that offer a better user experience. Use social media to promote your content. Don’t underestimate the influence of social media on your SEO performance. Take the time to choose the social platforms that are best suited to your audience. Then, promote your content with posts on your company pages and targeted ads (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.).
    [Google, Social Network] The 10 Best Customer Service and Customer Engagement Platforms
    The ten tools here enable vendors to extend their support offerings to social media, online knowledge bases, and web chat. Google Review Count: 344. Google Review Count: 168. Google Review Count: 145. Google Review Count: 141. Google Review Count: 114. Google Review Count: 210. In this online space you can share ideas and network without the cocktail hangover.” ” — Social Media Explorer. Google Review Count: 185.
    [Google, Social Network] The 16 Best Sites for Free Stock Photos and Videos
    They improve information retention by up to 65% , increase engagement, and generate more likes and shares on social networks. Don’t risk damaging your brand (and checkbook) by using random photos from a Google or Bing image search. Google Review Count: 255. Google Review Count: 233. Google Review Count: 223. Google Review Count: 215. Google Review Count: 199. Google Review Count: 195. ” — Social Media Today.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017
    [Google, Social Network] 24 Growth Hacks to Try Today
    While blogs, when composed correctly, tend to perform better in organic search results, videos tend to show more promise on social media. 2) Build social sharing links directly into content. Speaking of social media -- are you making it easy for your audience to tell their friends about you? Since Twitter has a 140-character limit, these short snippets are prime for shareability. 9) Embed social media posts. 12) Use Twitter retargeting.
    [Google, Social Network] Chris Abraham joins Frank Eliason and Shel Holtz on FIR
    Magic in the form of Shel Holtz , godfather of Digital PR and Social Media Communications, asking me to join him on his globally-popular communications podcast, For Immediate Release (FIR). I recently wrote two articles relevant to the show, The Implications for PR if Twitter Goes Away and The Secret to Mastodon’s Success is Mastering the Hyperlocal , both of which were foci of the podcast. Burson-Marstellar is taking an ombudsman approach to social media.
    [Google, Social Network] The secret to Mastodon’s success is mastering the hyperlocal
    Maybe you should install Mastodon , the latest-and-greatest Twitter-killer , onto your own server and launch your very own community in support of your own personal community of interest or of action. Why invest in a walled garden community without neighbors, when you can plop down your very own community-focused social network that has turn-key and built-in neighbors? The latest and greatest social media platform? Mastodon steals a lot from Twitter.
    [Google, Social Network] THE HACKIES: Hacking a technology stack for local presence management
    You can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on social media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Enterprise marketers who manage campaigns for hundreds or thousands of locations are presented with the unique challenge of juggling data from a plethora of sources, from social platforms such as Facebook and Yelp, to search giants such as Google and Bing, in addition to brand-owned properties like location-specific landing pages.
    [Google, Social Network] The Nine Best Reputation Management, RSS, and Social Search Tools
    The explosion of blogging, social media, and online review sites has provided brands with unprecedented opportunity for exposure through authentic customer advocacy. Social media monitoring tools are an excellent first line of defense for tracking brand mentions, and in some cases brand sentiment as well, from sources across the web. Here are nine of the best tools for monitoring your brand, key topics, influential bloggers, focused news sites, and obscure social media networks.
    [Google, Social Network] The Eight Best Social CRM Tools
    Social customer relationship management (CRM) was being written about as a distinct product category as far back as 2008, but market interest really began to take off the following year. According to Google Trends , the average number of monthly web searches for the phrase “social CRM” quadrupled from June 2009 to June 2011. How does social CRM differ from traditional CRM? Google Review Count: 242. Google Review Count: 209.
    [Google, Social Network] The 15 Best Audio and Video Editing Tools
    According to networking giant Cisco , online video accounted for 63% of all Internet traffic in 2015, and is projected to consume 79% of all web traffic by 2020. Google Review Count: 341. Google Review Count: 248. Google Review Count: 243. Share your Flipagrams on other social media networks. Google Review Count: 220. Google Review Count: 194. Google Review Count: 193. Google Review Count: 178. Google Review Count: 159.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017
    [Google, Social Network] March Social Media News: Facebook vs. Snapchat, WhatsApp for Business & More
    The world's biggest social network launched ephemeral sharing apps on Messenger and Facebook itself to compete with Snapchat's key feature. But Facebook isn't the only story in social media this month. We'll discuss new features on Instagram, a new social video app by YouTube, and of course, Facebook. Facebook Instant Articles let publishers create and republish content within Facebook to get more readers without asking them to leave the social network.
    [Google, Social Network] What Is B2B Social Media Marketing?
    Before it’s possible for B2B marketers to implement successful social media tactics and tools, it is essential to understand what exactly social media is and how it supports your overarching business objectives. The goal of social media marketing is to build relationships and connections with target audiences, that lead to improvements marketing performance (such as brand awareness, website traffic, leads, etc), in defined social media platforms. Twitter.
    [Google, Social Network] The 23 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers
    These Chrome browser extensions perform all sorts of interesting tasks, from displaying information about your email contacts to better managing your time, saving memory (your computer’s, not yours), sharing updates across social media platforms, managing passwords, taking notes, using voice dictation, protecting you from viruses and malware, viewing SEO information for any open web page, and more. Google Review Count: 332. Google Review Count: 319. 12) Google Voice.
    [Google, Social Network] The potential of blockchain technology: what every marketer should know
    ” Instead of a central authority stating, “here is the state of the ledger,” the network’s contributors and participants maintain the consensus and reject anything that doesn’t fit. Their network protocol then pays you for hosting some of the files that people put on the network. On the prescribed date, the contract queries Google, sees the result and the appropriate amount is released immediately (or not, if it fails).
    [Google, Social Network] The 17 Best Social Media Management Tools
    Monitoring and managing even a moderately active business social media presence can be time-consuming. The number of people using social media continues to grow, usage is increasing, and more networks require attention. Instagram has more users than Twitter. Add multiple companies (as an agency or social media consultant may manage) and it borders on overwhelming. Fortunately, social media management tools are increasing in number and sophistication as well.
    [Google, Social Network] The 15 Best Content Distribution and Amplification Tools
    You need an active social media network, possibly some influencer outreach, and perhaps even paid promotion, in order to get noticed. These 15 tools can help you distribute your content more broadly, share it socially, repurpose it for different audiences, and amplify it using paid channels. Google Review Count: 391. Google Review Count: 228. Medium (per Wikipedia) is an online publishing platform developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams.
    [Google, Social Network] 5 steps to wrangling your most important social media channels
    Social media gurus make social media management sound so darn difficult. Maybe it’s because they have social media management services to sell you, or they could be in the wrong business. Here’s what the gurus don’t want you to know: the toughest part about social media management is getting started. Identify your most important social channels. Choose your social media management stack to set up your checklists. Analytics — Google Analytics (free).
    [Google, Social Network] All social media sites should offer profit sharing and ad revenue
    There is no reason why the executives at Facebook and Twitter couldn’t offer ad revenue share to their users in much the same way that Google offers AdSense revenue share to their users — and not only corporate and elite members but to everyone who opts in and is willing to sign up and jump through whatever hoops. On March 14th, Liz Mannebach asked me via Twitter, ‘Great piece. What an incentive that would be on FB and Twitter, right?
    [Google, Social Network] Survey: Digital Marketers Show Most Interest in Advertising on Instagram
    Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram continue to grow in popularity as digital advertising channels, but which networks lead the pack? In an effort to gauge how marketers are utilizing social platforms, Ad Age and RBC Capital Markets recently surveyed 1,600 marketing professionals. In contrast, 461 respondents said the same about Facebook, while 450 marketers stated that they will “significantly” or “modestly” boost their spending on Google.
    [Google, Social Network] The 17 Best Photo Editing Tools
    Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are among the fastest-growing and most engaging social networks. Google Review Count: 423. Google Review Count: 419. Google Review Count: 371. Google Review Count: 330. Google Review Count: 325. Google Review Count: 318. Google Review Count: 246. Google Review Count: 191. Google Review Count: 189. Google Review Count: 187. Google Review Count: 186.
    [Google, Social Network] 7 Things You Can Learn from Influencers at Marketing Nation Summit
    Author: Ellen Gomes If you’re like me, you follow a set of marketing influencers on Twitter, LinkedIn, and SnapChat, and almost religiously read their blogs for new ideas, fresh perspectives, and interesting content. In my career, anytime I wanted to learn about something or perfect my marketing practice, I’ve looked past a simple Google search and to influencers (and the many smart people who follow and interact with them) to coach me toward success.
    [Google, Social Network] How To Measure Your Employee Advocacy Program’s Success
    Leveraging an employee advocacy program is an excellent way to extend the social reach of your brand. Furthermore, employees often have a larger sphere of influence on social media than the business page of a startup or SME. These indications can directly measure the effectiveness of your social media content strategy. Take note that you often need to repurpose your content to fit the preferences of a specific network’s audience.
    [Google, Social Network] The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools
    Social media has become a core element of marketing across businesses of all types and sizes: maintaining active, optimized profiles; sharing industry-related updates; amplifying their own content; and engaging with prospects, influencers, advocates, and customers. As part of the business fabric, social media marketing is an ongoing activity with a beginning for every company but no real end (though specific social networks may go, e.g., Jaiku, Pownce, FriendFeed…).
    [Google, Social Network] Snapchat vs. Twitter vs. Facebook – How They Stack Up
    However, like most social networks, it will be some time before it becomes clear if Snap is going to turn out to be more of a Facebook, or a Twitter. As of today they have more daily active users than Twitter did when it went public in 2013, however they have far less than Facebook did when it went public in 2011. When it comes to revenue, Snap is barely ahead of where Twitter was (by about $50M) and far behind where Facebook was (by about $2.5B).
    [Google, Social Network] What Do Snap’s AR Glasses Mean for Your Social Strategy?
    After the very public failure of Google Glass, other potential developers were leery of coming out with AR glasses designed for mass consumption. As a marketer, it might prompt you to consider whether Snap’s product has the marketing technology potential that Google Glass lacked. Platform-specific video is a boon to any social network, given the rising consumption of video and its heavy influence on consumer purchasing behavior.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 2017
    [Google, Social Network] Rethink Podcast #13: What It Means To Become An Advocate Marketer
    Jill is a social selling evangelist and start-up advisor. Favorite Quotes: Social selling is about networks, and it’s about relationships. . What is Social Selling? Michelle Huff: I think people today are still learning a lot about what does social really mean from their point of view, from the companies, from the marketers? Because people think of social and are like, you know, I’ll tweet and take pictures of what food I’m eating for dinner.
    [Google, Social Network] February Social Media News: Weather on Facebook, SNL on Snapchat & More
    We spend a lot of time on social media sites -- globally, it’s around two hours per day. But for all of that time spent social networking, we may not always know what’s going on behind the scenes with the sites themselves. To help you save time while staying informed, we’re launching a monthly social media news roundup. This month, we’ll discuss Snapchat’s growth and content diversification, Google’s step into live-streaming, and other changes worth knowing about.
    [Google, Social Network] The 26 Best WordPress Plugins
    Google Review Count: 312. Connect your WordPress.com site to various social networking services. Sample review: “This convenient feature can save you time when it comes to your social media sharing. Publicize for WordPress allows you to automatically share blogs to Google+ profiles and other platforms you may use.” — Express Writers. Google Review Count: 245. On a mobile device, it appears at the bottom of the screen.” — Social Media Examiner.
    [Google, Social Network] The Stories Behind 5 Social Networks That Never Caught On
    What was the first social network you ever joined? While many people will recall it being Facebook or Twitter, others might remember some of the earlier, less popular social networks. A lot these primitive social networks go forgotten, but that doesn't make their stories any less important. After all, these networks laid the groundwork for the social media giants we use today. 5 Dead Social Networks You Might Not Remember.
    [Google, Social Network] Go Where Your Customers Are – Wise Words from Sweta Patel
    Many brands start using social media to build awareness for their brand, but few realize that social is just the beginning. And now that every brand starts with a social presence on day one, Sweta Patel believes companies that ignore other traditional channels do so at their own peril. Sure having Facebook, Twitter, and all these social networks is great. For example our company was too focused on big channels like social media, going to Dreamforce, etc.,
    [Google, Social Network] The 21 Best Content Curation Tools
    The 20+ tools showcased here enable you to automatically find, source, search, store, organize, annotate, and/or share content from a wide range of publishers and social sources. Google Review Count: 350. It’s a great way to capture the buzz from the show floor after a tradeshow, event or conference.” — Maximize Social Business (Drive). Google Review Count: 346. Google Review Count: 342. Google Review Count: 323. Google Review Count: 289.
    [Google, Social Network] The 17 Best Project Management Tools
    It requires collaboration between skilled writers, graphic designers, content strategists, SEO experts, PR professionals, social media specialists, and marketing analysts. Google Review Count: 317. Google Review Count: 267. Google Review Count: 264. Works with iOS and Android devices and on any cellular or WiFi network. Google Review Count: 245. Google Review Count: 231. Google Review Count: 210. Google Review Count: 188.
    [Google, Social Network] Apply Yourself: 28 Marketing Awards Worth Going For
    The AVA Digital Awards are comprised of six major categories -- general digital marketing, web-based production, digital video creation, video production, audio production/radio, and pro bono -- each of which contain their own individual awards, like “podcasts” under audio production/radio, and “social campaign” under general digital marketing. According to VisitBriain's website, it reached 300 million people through the agency's Chinese social media channels, and resulted in 1.3
    [Google, Social Network] The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools
    Social media monitoring is vital for virtually every B2B or B2C brand. 58% of consumers follow brands on social media. 71% say they are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals; in fact, consumers report that social media plays almost as big a role in purchasing decisions as does television. Standard web analytics tools provide only a very narrow view of social media activity: clicks through to your brand website. Google Review Count: 345.
    [Google, Social Network] A Brief History of Snapchat
    Since Spiegel's blog post, Snapchat has already had a huge impact on social media and content marketing. In fact, since Snapchat's arrival to the social media scene, Facebook and Instagram have launched their own versions of some of Snapchat's most popular features. We've predicted that competition will continue to grow between Snapchat and other popular social networking apps as all the landscape continues to innovate new products to distinguish from one another.
    [Google, Social Network] The 28 Best Web Design Tools
    Google Review Count: 354. Google Review Count: 344. 3) Google Fonts. Google Review Count: 330. Google offers an extensive collection of open source fonts you can explore, sort, and test for use in more than 135 languages. Little-known fact: Google has a directory of 600 free fonts ready for you to download and use.” Google Review Count: 290. Google Review Count: 290. Google Review Count: 210. Google Review Count: 210.
    [Google, Social Network] The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools
    While Facebook is far and away the largest social network, when it comes to driving B2B website traffic and brand visibility, Twitter and LinkedIn are tops. Twitter’s key strength is in driving traffic to informative online content including news and blogs. (It’s HubSpot has noted Twitter has more than 300 million active monthly users, and “accounts for 16% of referrals to longer articles from social sites and 14% for shorter news articles.”
    [Google, Social Network] The 26 Best All-in-One SEO Tool Suites
    Google Review Count: 330. Provides organic, maps & mobile search rankings; citations, reviews, and backlinks; competitor benchmarking; and integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Each report covers 6 areas of local SEO including Google+ Local, Local Directory listings, on-site SEO and social media. Google Review Count: 306. Google Review Count: 302. Google Review Count: 297. Google Review Count: 284.
    [Google, Social Network] 7 Companies That Should Buy Medium, Because Why Not?
    It’s time to panic about another social network. Or maybe the company will turn its user base into a giant freelance network and try to steal Contently’s business. Salesforce kinda almost bought Twitter last fall. Why not settle for another social network that’s hemorrhaging money and beloved by media people in New York? Since Evan Spiegel isn’t selling Snapchat, there are only so many social networks left to scoop up.
    [Google, Social Network] The Science Behind the Most Popular Infographics of 2016
    At Visme , we set out to answer these questions by performing a content analysis of the most shared infographics on social media. Using BuzzSumo , we identified every infographic with more than 5,000 shares across some major social media platforms -- Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ -- and analyzed them for different characteristics. 2) Most Popular Industries by Social Network. 4) Most Popular Types of Infographics by Social Network.
    [Google, Social Network] B2B Social Media and Account Based Marketing (ABM)
    In this video, Rodrigo Fuentes, co-founder @ListenLoop, interviews Bambu’s Kevin King about social media management, employee advocacy , and account-based marketing (ABM). You’ll learn how to apply social media in the B2B marketing context, how to measure marketing success, and how to prepare a marketing launch plan. Rodrigo: Okay I’m here with Kevin King from Bambu by Sprout Social. Sprout Social is a social media metric platform.
    [Google, Social Network] 73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017
    It's hard to define what makes "high-quality" content, but Google uses a number of indicators to help decide whether a piece of content is high-quality or not. Social shares and inbound links to the page are strong indicators of quality to Google, as are click-through rate (from organic search) and possibly even bounce rate. So, be sure to make your content easily shareable, so it can get plenty of social shares, and get lots of inbound links to your content.
    [Google, Social Network] All your best content may now be considered fake news
    It’s time for you to really invest in your own personal or professional social platforms. While we both know you’re not a purveyor of so-called fake-news, if you’re not a proper J-school-certified and verified reporter, you might end up on the wrong side of the social media content filter. I do this to make sure I don’t lose track of them and to make it easy and simple for Google , you, and me to be able to access them well into the future.
    [Google, Social Network] ‘The Necessity of Credibility,’ and 6 Other Stories You Should Read
    This week, Joel Stein caught my jaded attention with his profile of Imzy, a Reddit-esque social network that thrives on kindness. To me, the premise is fascinating: a network that sees itself as “welcoming,” but doesn’t welcome everyone. When content-agnostic distribution networks promise massive profits to those otherwise “left out” of the global economy, how can we ensure that digital media companies are taking responsibility for their transactions?
    [Google, Social Network] Are LinkedIn Groups experiencing a crisis?
    After all of the changes LinkedIn has made to groups, it’s no wonder LinkedIn users and social selling experts are questioning the value of LinkedIn groups for sales and marketing programs. It makes you wonder if LinkedIn groups will experience the same fate as Google+ Communities , deserted after members go elsewhere for relevant discussions and cutting-edge content? Social sellers started using LinkedIn groups as a way to spam group members with unsolicited sales pitches.
    [Google, Social Network] Chris Abraham joins Cindy Crescenzo and Steve Farnsworth on FIR with Shel Holtz
    Chris Abraham, Cindy Crescenzo, and Steve Farnsworth join host Shel Holtz to talk about Breitbart News’ call for a boycott of Kellogg’s after the cereal company pulled its ads, the suggestion that we should stop measuring employee engagement, PR’s ability to propel Virtual Reality into the mainstream, the need for brands and agencies to adapt to a voice-driven world (with Amazon Echo and Google Home becoming new means of searching and engaging), the latest from the fake news front, and much more.
    [Google, Social Network] 37 Big Data Case Studies with Big Results
    Big Data is the collection of large amounts of data from places like web-browsing data trails, social network communications, sensor and surveillance data that is stored in computer clouds then searched for patterns, new revelations and insights. GOOGLE : Working with the U.S. SPRINT : Uses Big Data analytics to improve quality and customer experience while reducing network error rates and customer churn. Follow Rob on Twitter: @RobPetersen.
    [Google, Social Network] The 24 Best Visual Content Creation Tools
    Google Review Count: 366. Design tool for custom images, presentations, and social media graphics. Google Review Count: 259. 3) Google Charts. Google Review Count: 249. Sample review: “Google Charts offers a gallery of ready-to-use chart types, from simple line graphs to geographical maps and timelines. Google Review Count: 236. Google Review Count: 235. Google Review Count: 213. Google Review Count: 213.
    [Google, Social Network] 5 Ways You Can Use Visual Content to Increase Conversion Rates
    Since they’re so sharable , you can use them as social proof, and you can use them to quickly explain your product’s benefits and features. After all, Google didn’t acquire YouTube for fun. With a couple of clicks, you can also see how to use Visme for social and web graphics. 4) Integrate your social content with the rest of it. Curate Social Proof with Twitter & Instagram. Why does social proof work? Use social media – but do it cleverly.
    [Google, Social Network] Taking a Goals-Based Approach to Social Media
    Social media is just like any other marketing channel. While some B2B brands have mastered the art of social, others struggle to figure out a results-driven method—whether that’s implementing an editorial calendar, hiring a dedicated team or building out a strategy. With tools like Hootsuite, Sprinklr and others, you can manage your entire social presence together, but if you’re not sure of what your end goals are, you won’t know how to use them effectively.
    [Google, Social Network] Taking a Goals-Based Approach to Social Media
    Social media is just like any other marketing channel. While some B2B brands have mastered the art of social, others struggle to figure out a results-driven method—whether that’s implementing an editorial calendar, hiring a dedicated team or building out a strategy. With tools like Hootsuite, Sprinklr and others, you can manage your entire social presence together, but if you’re not sure of what your end goals are, you won’t know how to use them effectively.
    [Google, Social Network] How Content Made Peloton the Fastest-Growing Company in New York
    Batali is all over social media. ” Social media is the marketing channel of choice for showcasing Peloton instructors. Peloton’s in-house marketers work with its internal creative, photography, and videography teams to develop content for all major social networks. On Twitter, the company promotes its seasonal scenic rides, encouraging users to “cycle through New England fall colors” and “climb the Canadian mountains.”
    [Google, Social Network] Why WordPress Isn’t Scared of Facebook, Snapchat, or the Future of Publishing
    I reached out to five tech companies for this story: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Medium, and WordPress. At this point, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are practically publishing platforms, even if they may not define themselves that way. Google, for example, announced last year that it receives more search requests on mobile devices than computers in the U.S., Snapchat and Twitter ignored my interview request entirely.
    [Google, Social Network] Facebook and Google Rule Advertising, and 3 Other Takeaways From the IAB’s Latest Report
    Social ad spend is on the rise as well. As mobile spend has grown, so, too, has social media revenue. Social media ad revenue is up 57 percent from the same time period last year, continuing its consistent upward trend since the IAB first began measuring the variable back in 2012. While people spend much more time watching digital video on desktop devices, social networks account for a much higher timeshare on mobile.
    [Google, Social Network] Lead Liaison Debuts Integrations Marketplace
    From CRMs to Social to Tools and Productivity, their robust marketing automation suite has it all covered. Lead Liaison has built-in capabilities to track and provide real-time browser notifications with emails sent through Google Chrome (Gmail) and Outlook with Send & Track. Social. In today’s world, social media is an important piece of marketing and sales.
    [Google, Social Network] How to Earn Audience Attention With Paid Media: Channel Options & Best Practices
    When people think of paid media, they often think of discovery-based channels like Google and other search engines. Paid media on channels like Google, Bing, and other search engines allows businesses to connect with relevant audiences who are actively searching for answers to their questions and problems. Next, let’s look at paid media on the social side of things. Paid Media on Social Media Platforms. Twitter.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2016
    [Google, Social Network] 9 Lead Generation Mistakes Marketers Need to Stop Making
    Non-HubSpot customers can use a tool like Contact Form 7, JetPack, or Google Forms, and then use Leadin's free Collected Forms tool to automatically capture these form submissions on your website. 7) You're not using social media strategically for lead generation. Although social media is most effective for top-of-the-funnel marketing metrics like traffic and brand awareness, it can still be helpful as a source for lead generation -- and a low-cost one, at that.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2016
    [Google, Social Network] 8 Personalities to Look for When Assembling a Content Team
    Compelling visuals are imperative in today’s landscape -- articles with one image for every 75-100 words get twice as many social shares than articles with fewer images. 6) The Social Butterfly. Your social butterfly is in charge of content distribution, promotion, and amplification. They have an affinity for social media and branding and enjoy interacting with people online. But, you can combine your social butterfly with your wordsmith.
    [Google, Social Network] ‘Tis the Season: How to “Sleigh” Your Holiday Social Media Campaigns
    With cooler weather about to usher in the holiday season, it’s not too early to start making plans for your holiday social media campaign. Social media remains one of the most popular tools for business marketing, with 74 percent of marketers planning to increase its use within the next year, and 48 percent actively measuring related click-through rates. Overall, social media use increased 13 percent in the past year alone.
    [Google, Social Network] Planning Social Media Content? Ask Yourself These 9 Questions
    It's no mystery that social media is a crucial part of any marketing strategy -- regardless of industry, company size, product, or service. Back in the day, I had to make the case for some businesses to even have a social media presence in the first place. After all, 69% of marketers are using social media to build a following. Now that most marketers really do understand that social media is a strategic must-have, how can we make it more manageable?
    [Google, Social Network] A Shortish History of Online Video
    And it’s no surprise that when the internet rolled around in about the same time frame, it would take less than 30 years for video to become one of the primary, and most exciting uses of this new communications network. The coffee pot pre-dates Google, so to find it, you had to either know where to look, or have someone tell you. Vine, launched by Twitter in 2013, quickly became a widely popular video-only social network.
    [Google, Social Network] Earned-media micro-influencer marketing master class
    To guest lecture at Professor Shashi Bellamkonda ‘s Social, Mobile and Search Marketing class at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies , XCPD-732. Google Search is the best tool to get a feel. When it comes down to it, Google does an amazing job of giving you a 30,000-foot view of the blogosphere. SDL SM2, Radian6, Sysomos, Sprout Social , Lithium. Social media is much bigger than Facebook. Always Start with Google.
    [Google, Social Network] 20 Content Marketing Tools to Rely on From Start to Finish
    Google (Site:, Keyword Planner, Search Console). When generating new content ideas, I typically start the process with Google. Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools for managing social media, and for good reason. The dashboard-type interface supports integrations for many social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Buffer is another tool that’s designed to help with social media management. Google Drive.
    [Google, Social Network] 4 Helpful Tools for Organizing Your Social Media Calendar
    What do cross-country road trips, wedding speeches, and social media marketing have in common? You could wing all three, but it's probably better to have a plan for what direction you’re heading -- especially when it comes to your social media content strategy. By now, most marketers recognize that social media plays an integral role in an effective inbound marketing strategy. The Benefits of Using a Social Media Content Calendar. 4) Google Drive.
    [Google, Social Network] Navigating the Digital Marketing Landscape in China
    It’s a huge market with over 710 million internet users, according to China Internet Network Information Center—more than double the population of people in the U.S. Due to internet censorship by the government, well-known communication channels and social platforms in the U.S. What is commonly referred to as the “Great Firewall of China” specifically blocks foreign digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Youtube.
    [Google, Social Network] Why the Publishing World Needs Humane Design
    Tristan Harris, formally a design ethicist for Google, wrote about many of these anti-humane design elements and how they keep people clicking. People are aware that they’re hooked on their devices and social networks,” Funt told me. Meanwhile, more ad dollars continue to go to Facebook and Google than publishers. ” This rewiring can be tracked back to social media. How many times do you check your phone a day? Fifty? A hundred? A thousand?
    [Google, Social Network] Four marketing mega trends nobody’s talking about
    The social media dead-end — Facebook, LinkedIn and the others don’t want links any more. The rise of the private networks. For the first time in history, the number of people posting on private networks like Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat exceed what is being posted on public social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. First the bad news: All this public social data and engagement is going behind a privacy wall.
    [Google, Social Network] Short-form & Long-form: Where They Fit in Your Content Strategy
    In addition to blog content, examples of short-form content include social media posts and infographics. Source or create graphics that are compelling and eye-catching, especially on social. Search engines, specifically Google, reward high-value, educational and informative content by ranking them higher on search result pages. A serpIQ study found that the average word count for content ranked in the top 10 of a Google search results page is more than 2,000 words.
    [Google, Social Network] Will the Era of Knee-Jerk Content Marketing Ever End?
    One of the Content Standard’s recently published stories was generating some good engagement on Twitter a week after it had been published. (As Although the piece was driving steady organic traffic even a week after it had been published, there were only three people who had come from Twitter. Was this because they were LinkedIn aficionados who would share anything related to the social network? Or maybe Google, Coke, and Mashable fans had Retweeted it?
    [Google, Social Network] How To Increase Referral Traffic And Get More Leads
    There are various tactics for accomplishing this goal including search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), blogging, social media marketing, etc. The problem is that SEO takes times, PPC is expensive, Google is becoming oversaturated with blog content, and social media has always had a problem proving ROI. When someone visits your website from another site they are usually clicking on a link or completing some type of social activity.
    [Google, Social Network] Marketing Guru Covers: Social Posting and Targeting
    It’s time to think about social posting and targeting. There’s a common misconception that all social networks are the same. Companies think they need to target the same people, regardless of the network, but that isn’t the case. You need to adopt a unique strategy for each network. Some networks cater to B2B or B2C markets, and some focus on specific age groups. Understand the various demographics so you can get more out of social networking.
    [Google, Social Network] How Gimlet Hacked Slack to Reinvent Its Comments Section
    A notable exception is The New York Times, which employs a full-time team of “ community managers ” and just announced a partnership with Google Jigsaw that will rely on “ robot helpers.”). Gimlet Media, the podcast network founded in 2014, is trying to change all that with a creative experiment meant to increase positive engagement. Twitter has had problems preventing harassment despite a decade trying to stop it.).
    [Google, Social Network] 5 Ways to Crank Up Your Internet Marketing Blog’s Potential
    Just remember, you’re not alone: 6.7MM people publish blogs on blogging websites and another 12MM write blogs using their social networks. You combed through Google Analytics and analyzed existing rankings, you identified top keyword opportunities in Search Console, etc. SERPStat : A free keyword tool that scrapes Google search results to provide you with keyword suggestions.
    [Google, Social Network] How Mobile, Voice & Social Are Changing SEO [Infographic]
    And while Google's algorithm updates as we known them have notoriously favored text-based updates for desktop and mobile, gaining SEO momentum in the future requires marketers to shift their focus a bit. Users have reached a point where they're looking beyond Google in favor of more unconventional search engines such as social networks, bots, personal assistants, and messaging apps. "Getting found" isn't a new phenomenon for inbound marketers.
    [Google, Social Network] How to Market Your Ebook: Don't Let Content Offers Collect Dust
    Using display ads is another great way to get your content offer on relevant websites instead of Google search. Rank higher on Google. Then once you know a visitor wants to rank higher on Google, if you create an ebook around that topic, it’s highly probable that this visitor is interested! 4) Connect with niche readers on social media. Look on Twitter and LinkedIn for users that have been sharing similar content to what you have created!
    [Google, Social Network] A Brief Timeline of the History of Blogging
    That same year, Claudio Pinhanez (who today is a Social Data Analytics Senior Manager at IBM) began to log short entries into what he called an "Open Diary.". In 1999 alone, Blogger , (which would go on to be acquired by Google ), LiveJournal , and Xanga all launched. Xanga (for whom Twitter co-founder Biz Stone once served as creative director ) actually began as a social networking site -- sometimes compared to MySpace -- and didn’t add blogging features until 2000.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2016
    [Google, Social Network] The Guide to a Successful Employee Advocacy Plan
    From Tweeting, to Facebooking, to posting on LinkedIn and Google+, B2B marketers are in an endless social race. They must keep up with social trends, create immense amounts of content, and constantly distribute it across various social channels to maintain audience engagement. The idea is that once employees are empowered to support the company’s goals and messages, they can begin to spread them throughout their own social channels.
    [Google, Social Network] A Brief History of Online Advertising
    Google introduced AdWords in 2000 , originally under a pay-for-placement ad model. Google wanted to create a sponsored search experience that generated revenue without compromising the quality and relevancy of search results. As social media platforms picked up steam in the mid 2000s, advertisers sought a way to integrate ad content in a way that was both effective and non-intrusive. Remember when "surfing the net" meant traversing a minefield of unwelcome pop-up ads?
    [Google, Social Network] What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Social Media in China
    If you go to China and make new friends there, you will be frustrated when you want to add them as Facebook friends or follow their Twitter account. Like Google, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China due to the censorship issue. Instead, your new friends may ask if you have QQ, Qzone, WeChat, RenRen, Momo, or another social media platform popular in China. They know there is a significant audience on social networks, but which one is right for your business?
    [Google, Social Network] Social Media and SEO: When and How They Work Together
    Author: Nate Dame The connection between social media marketing and SEO can be confusing. Do social media signals impact search rankings? Should the social media team have a stake in SEO? In this blog, I’ll clear the air and explain how social media and SEO work together and how they can benefit each other: Social Media Signals Are NOT SEO Ranking Factors. Social Media Can Drive Page Views and Engagement. Social Media Can Be a Valuable Barometer.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 29, 2016
    [Google, Social Network] 17 Hidden YouTube Hacks, Tips & Features You'll Want to Know About
    When people talk about today's most popular social sharing websites, YouTube often gets left out of the conversation in favor of sites like Facebook and Twitter. Although Facebook might be the largest social networking site, YouTube has the second greatest reach after Facebook in terms of general usage. It' s also the second biggest search engine behind its parent company, Google. 13) YouTube ads target you based on an algorithm similar to Google and Facebook.
    [Google, Social Network] The Five Best Pinterest and Instagram Marketing Tools
    Greater use of visual communication has in turn made Instagram and Pinterest two of the fastest-growing social networks. As with other social networks, the right tools can help marketers use these platforms more effectively. Google Review Count: 269. Google Review Count: 193. Google Review Count: 187. Google Review Count: 162. Schedule unique content across Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    [Google, Social Network] Why Buy Buttons Won’t Help Your Social Media Strategy (At Least for Now)
    Social media buy buttons were once heralded as the next big drivers of social commerce. Data reveals that buy buttons are infrequently used by internet users, and their utility in social media strategy appears limited. Buy buttons are still relatively new: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook all either launched or expanded their buy button programs in 2015. In theory, buy buttons are the perfect marriage between social media and retail.
    [Google, Social Network] Influencer marketing is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration
    Google Search is the best tool to get a feel. When it comes down to it, Google does an amazing job of giving you a 30,000-foot view of the blogosphere. SDL SM2, Radian6, Sysomos, Sprout Social , Lithium. Social media is much bigger than Facebook. There are a multitude of social networks, self-run message boards, threads deep in reddit, and ad-hoc discussions everywhere online (Dailymile.com, etc.). Always start with Google. Waiting for class.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2016
    [Google, Social Network] The Busy Marketer’s Guide to Promoting Your Content in 30 Minutes or Less
    Share your posts on social media – more than once! You’ll need some kind of social media scheduling tool to do this. Personally, I use Buffer to queue up social media posts. Usually I’ll publish once on Facebook , LinkedIn and Google+. Give yourself an extra couple of seconds to go into Buffer (or whatever you’re using) and brush up the LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ posts so they are suited to those platforms.
    [Google, Social Network] The Future of the Internet Isn’t the Web
    Yet today, not carrying a smartphone indicates eccentricity, social marginalization, or old age. As mobile quickly began to take over the market, so too did social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Meanwhile, Facebook’s Free Basics and Google’s Project Loon are spreading across the globe with the goal of connecting underdeveloped countries to the internet, almost exclusively through mobile phones.
    [Google, Social Network] The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools
    After bumping along at a low level for several years, searches for the term increased by a factor of seven over the past 18 months according to Google Trends. Google Review Count: 217,000. Get suggestions for shareable content, track the results of your social sharing activity, monitor your own influencer score and see the scores assigned to other influencers of interest. Google Review Count: 55,200. Google Review Count: 46,800. Google Review Count: 26,200.
    [Google, Social Network] Why Instagram will not kill Snapchat
    The social media world woke up yesterday and found out that Instagram had implemented a new functionality called “stories,” which makes it look a lot like … Snapchat. The social stream blew up declaring this is the end of Snapchat. Early this year, Facebook copied Twitter’s Periscope and other video streaming apps like Meerkat, with “Live,” which has been a big hit. We already have one social network and it works fine.
    [Google, Social Network] How to Take Your Own Professional Headshot: A Budget-Friendly Guide
    L ike a business logo, it'll show up everywhere you s howcase your personal brand online: your Twitter profile, your LikedIn profile, your blog, your email signatures , and so on. Here are two great examples from my HubSpot colleagues Brittany Leaning and Eric Peters : Their headshots are framed correctly, well lit, give off personality, are visible and noticeable even in something like a Twitter feed (see below), and stand out from the crowd -- especially thanks to that orange background.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Google, Social Network] I’m an influencer, pay me more!
    OK, here’s all the rest of the info from the FIR #45 page from the FIR Podcast Network site: Yesterday’s panel featured me, digital strategist and technologist Chris Abraham , Zeno Group EVP Frank Eliason , and Cision SVP Heidi Sullivan. Connect with our panelists on Twitter at @chrisabraham , @frankeliason , and @hksully. Back in January I had the honor of being a guest on Shel Holtz ‘s premier PR podcast, For Immediate Release.
  • OPENTOPIC  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Google, Social Network] Get More Followers On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+
    If you’ve been in the social media marketing business for long, you have probably been asked how to increase followers of the different social networks. The post Get More Followers On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ appeared first on Opentopic. Your clients say “I need more followers!” ” It’s not easy. You have to work hard, be diligent, post relevant and interesting content, and you have to know a few tricks.
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