[Google, Process] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
    processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. Align marketing with sales: as buyers complete more of their journey online and sales pros get involved only later in the process, close. Reference content can include research, surveys and guides. Is the buying process seamless—are.
    [Google, Process] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
    processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. Align marketing with sales: as buyers complete more of their journey online and sales pros get involved only later in the process, close. Reference content can include research, surveys and guides. Is the buying process seamless—are.
    [Google, Process] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
    processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. Align marketing with sales: as buyers complete more of their journey online and sales pros get involved only later in the process, close. Reference content can include research, surveys and guides. Is the buying process seamless—are.
    [Google, Process] Myth Busters: 3 Sales Intelligence Assumptions Dispelled
    Most of these myths lump all data providers together, failing to distinguish between bargain contact lists and verified data intelligence services: Think Netscape vs. Google Chrome. When all’s said and done, quality lists lead to a 50% reduction in research time. But human verification is necessary, as demonstrated by the amount of time salespeople spend researching prospects. What is the refresh process like?
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017
    [Google, Process] How We Grew Our Organic Traffic by 43% Without Publishing a Single New Blog Post
    This led to a number of content successes, like ranking in the top 5 on Google for the search term "job board" , but after a while, this growth started to tail off. We gamify the process by assigning points to different types of promotional activities. After being live for 10 months on our blog, it never cracked the top 10 for Google search results for any high value set of keywords. Today I’m going to show you how we boosted our organic traffic by 43% over a 3 month period.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017
    [Google, Process] The Benefits of Retargeting for B2B
    Specifically, we’ll talk about the Google Ad Platform and Facebook in relation to this important marketing tactic. Rachel: To me retargeting is all about extending your brand’s message across digital channels and making sure you stay top of mind in their consideration process. Rachel: We use retargeting in sort of a tier approach – we leverage the Google Ad Platform to retarget anyone who has viewed our website but might not yet be a known prospect in our database.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017
    [Google, Process] 8 How-To Videos We Love (and Why)
    But these searches aren’t all happening on Google. According to Think With Google , how-to searches are increasing 70% year-over-year on YouTube, and more than 100 million hours of how-to videos were watched in North America alone in recent years. Stewart and her guests make jokes about how hard it is to fold the sheet -- Stewart even joking that her inability to do so led to her divorce -- and they show the viewer how easy it is to get tripped up in the process.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017
    [Google, Process] 3 insights from intelligent content conference
    They did very little audience research beforehand. Domain-specific training : Text extraction or other natural language processing (NLP) applications are the easiest parts of the AI process. It’s a long and laborious process. The likely answer is Google was penalizing the company for duplicate content. For Google, duplicate content is not just pages that have identical content.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017
    [Google, Process] 24 Growth Hacks to Try Today
    Google penalizes sites with intrusive mobile interstitials, so make sure you’re creating something that doesn’t interfere with a positive user experience. To start, create a Google form to send to your colleagues -- in sales, or whichever department might have the same pain points as your audience -- and ask them to fill in the biggest questions they ask or come across each day. 15) Do your ranking research.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017
    [Google, Process] What is Latent Semantic Indexing & Why Does it Matter for Your SEO Strategy?
    More specifically, we'll define LSI and how the process can potentially benefit your overall SEO strategy, take a closer look at ways to find LSI-driven keywords, and outline how to add these keywords into your content. At the very basic level, sites like Google use complex algorithms to understand two things: Your content and its context. In other words, LSI helps search engines identify related keywords and process synonyms to deliver more accurate search results.
    [Google, Process] How to Choose a Content Marketing Provider (Hint: You Can’t Just Order Off a Menu)
    And when she says the company needs to hire one of those newfangled content marketing providers, the ones who can supply your company with the words, the means and the metrics to get your tech in front of the right buying eyes, you’re Googling before you hang up the phone. Ahh, Google. Research, RFPs, and the Sweet Smell of Success. As suggested, your new provider should have the chops to do some targeted market and competitive research too.
    [Google, Process] How to Launch a Virtual Conference for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition: A Step-by-Step Guide
    Google Sheets to manage the assets (you’ll get a template of this, too). I’ll also give you the project management and email templates I created that kept me organized throughout the whole process. [Go This is why I suggest you begin the process at least two months before your launch date. This gave viewers an opportunity to see who would be speaking and do their research or reach out to influencers before the event. Here was my process for each format: Live Q&A.
    [Google, Process] The 15 Best Screencasting and Online Presentation Tools
    Screencasting tools are great for explaining how a software application works; demonstrating how to use it; or illustrating any online process. Google Review Count: 206. Google Review Count: 200. Google Review Count: 196. Google Review Count: 192. Google Review Count: 182. Google Review Count: 154. Google Review Count: 151. Google Review Count: 135. Google Review Count: 121. Google Review Count: 80.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017
    [Google, Process] Content Creation Workshop Roadshow | 7,000+ Miles in 100 Days
    Early on in my career – dating back to 2010 when Google Analytics still let you view keywords that led to organic website visits – I sold enterprise-level search engine marketing services for a small startup in my hometown of Charlottesville, VA. I had failures, I had successes, but most importantly, I learned a lot and developed an understanding of how to start and grow an efficient and effective content process.
    [Google, Process] THE HACKIES: Hacking a technology stack for local presence management
    Enterprise marketers who manage campaigns for hundreds or thousands of locations are presented with the unique challenge of juggling data from a plethora of sources, from social platforms such as Facebook and Yelp, to search giants such as Google and Bing, in addition to brand-owned properties like location-specific landing pages. He pulls out his smartphone in the first store and begins looking through product reviews to help the decision process.
    [Google, Process] A Website Design Process that Works: How to Get the Professional Services Website You Want
    You’ll need three things: 1) the will to make it happen; 2) a talented team to carry it out; and 3) a website design process that will get you to your goal. The third binds the first two together and drives the process forward. But with the right process in place, you can avoid the pitfalls and misadventures that plague so many web projects. Informed by research and validated by years of experience and analytics , this is a process that works.
    [Google, Process] The Future of Visual Content Explained: The Anatomy of an Interactive Infographic
    Snap judgement: It takes us just 150 milliseconds for a symbol to be processed and 100 milliseconds to attach a meaning to it. Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text. . Demand Metric’s content marketing research infographic utilizes a simple, flashcard-like flipping animation throughout the entire infographic to provide context for the presented data.
    [Google, Process] How to Make Highly Visual Content: The Anatomy of an Interactive Infographic
    Snap judgement: It takes us just 150 milliseconds for a symbol to be processed and 100 milliseconds to attach a meaning to it. Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text. . Demand Metric’s content marketing research infographic utilizes a simple, flashcard-like flipping animation throughout the entire infographic to provide context for the presented data.
    [Google, Process] The Eight Best Social CRM Tools
    According to Google Trends , the average number of monthly web searches for the phrase “social CRM” quadrupled from June 2009 to June 2011. ” Here are eight of the best social CRM tools for capturing and scoring leads, facilitating prospect and customer social media engagement, and managing sales processes, customer relationships, and marketing programs. Google Review Count: 242. Google Review Count: 209. Google Review Count: 191.
    [Google, Process] Are Agencies missing the inbound opportunity?
    However, for the time poor (and that’s half the problem), here’s my top five take-outs of the talk: Clients contact agency suppliers much later in the buying process, many are 50-60% of the way into the buying cycle before they will even make contact with an agency. Clients use Google and social media to self-educate and they buy from those that educated them. 50% of agency selection searches involve online research.
    [Google, Process] A B2B SEO Strategy to Attract the Right Prospects
    Google is constantly changing the way it indexes and ranks pages in search results.It seems so very covert how Google remains secretive about what works and what doesn’t work to improve those rankings. So take time to learn how to do keyword research effectively. These are usually the same folks that are in some way involved in the business development process. At this point, you’re ready to begin keyword research.
    [Google, Process] My unbeatable process for building links
    Yeah, I have gotten several emails lately trying to sell their unbeatable link-building process or asking me to reveal mine. Because my link-building process is not terribly exciting. Even calling it a process seems overblown. They’re still trying rank higher in Google with this venerated SEO technique. One of the folks that contacted me shared that he had built 70,000 links for a client but that a recent Google update “wiped out” 60,000 of them.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017
    [Google, Process] 22 Writing GIFs All Content Marketers Will Understand
    You may be capable of writing an ebook in two days (cue applause), but when you build more time into the process, you allow for greater creativity. But sometimes the title can feel like the hardest part of the process. If there’s truly nothing else out there, use the statistic but call out the date in your writing, suggest further research be done to validate the claim today, and let readers know why you think it’s still useful to note.
    [Google, Process] What is the Number One Strategy for Effective B2B Lead Generation?
    Research can be biased. When researching organizations from different industries, the answer depends on the lead generation strategies they implemented that year. Based on a wide variety of research data points, and what we know from working with successful B2B clients for many years, the digital strategies that consistently rank at the top for effective B2B lead generation are: Email marketing. Source: Forrester Research). Google, 2015).
    [Google, Process] 5 Website Best Practices that Produce More Leads and Faster Growth
    It requires a wide range of skills, such as researching keyword phrases, writing, and building your pages to meet the increasingly high standards of Google’s search algorithm, among many others. Google sees high-quality links back to your site as “votes” for your content. According to our latest research , the best performing firms monitor 22% more metrics than their low-growth peers.
    [Google, Process] What Is B2B Social Media Marketing?
    Increased Website Traffic: Sharing content on social should be a part of your content distribution process – not just to give your brand a chance to gain exposure, but to drive clicks back to your website. Not only does social media serves as a key driver of link acquisition, but with more social elements being displayed in top search results on Google, it can help support your organic efforts as well.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2017
    [Google, Process] 12 Ways to Boost Your Website’s Lead Generation Performance
    And basically, they introduce a huge dump of friction into the conversion process. White paper and research reports (not shown here) are the most common type of gated content. Maybe it’s a white paper or a research report. White paper and research reports (not shown here) are the most common type of gated content. But even a free Google Analytics account has a good basic tracking feature. This is one of the flags Google is looking for.
    [Google, Process] The potential of blockchain technology: what every marketer should know
    The network doesn’t take a commission at all, which is why these networks will be able to provide the same storage as Amazon or Google for a fraction of the cost, say 90% cheaper. There’s time, effort, and friction in that process. ” We might agree that we will use the.json feed from Google (called an “oracle”) to serve as the arbiter, and then we would both sign it with our unique cryptographic signatures.
  • PUREB2B  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017
    [Google, Process] Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven
    20 years later, direct marketing was used along with computer processing to target specific segments of the population through direct mail and telemarketing. Marketing today is driven by data-backed research and customer information that can be captured at every stage in the buying process. Leads generated through Facebook respond differently to leads generated from the Google Display Network (GDN).
    [Google, Process] 5 SEO Tips for Videos: How Google Ranks Them & How to Optimize
    We do know, however, that 90% of B2B decision-makers use search to research business decisions. How Does Google Rank Videos? In its general search and video search functions, Google ranks videos using the same ranking factors as written content—content quality, number of backlinks, and RankBrain are the most important signals. Additionally, Google displays a thumbnail for video results. Author: Nate Dame Videos are becoming increasingly important for B2B marketing.
    [Google, Process] How to Incorporate Webinar Promotion into Your Multi-channel Marketing Mix
    In fact, according to recent research by the Content Marketing Institute , 58% of content marketers said they use webinars as one of their key marketing tactics. A typical show rate for webinars is between 30-50%, depending on the quality of your registration process and periodical reminders as well as how compelling your webinar topic is. Place banner ads or bid on paid search terms using Google Adwords or Bing Ads. This process requires you to start early.
    [Google, Process] 5 steps to wrangling your most important social media channels
    Analytics — Google Analytics (free). You can use my social media management stack or research options on G2 Crowd to find tools that fit your specific needs. For those of you linear thinkers, checklists take the stress and guesswork out of the process. Use my Google Doc or pull out a piece of paper to start penning what you think should be on each checklist. Social media gurus make social media management sound so darn difficult.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017
    [Google, Process] How Will Google’s Latest AdWords Changes Affect You?
    Google is making a big change to exact match keyword targeting in AdWords. On Friday, Google announced an additional change in the way exact match keyword targeting will work for search ads. Google may now ignore word order and function words when determining whether an ad should trigger for an exact match keyword. This isn’t the first time Google has changed the scope of exact match, though. Google’s AdWords Update: The Details.
    [Google, Process] What Does a Content Marketer Do? Answered by a Content Marketer
    Researching. Figure out the tactics that have the best chance of achieving your goals and move on to the next step in the process. Researching. Use platforms like Google Sheets to log fields such as draft date, publish date, title, keyword focus, content type, author, and URL. Some of my favorite tools to use for reporting on content efforts include Google Analytics , SEMrush , and BuzzSumo.
    [Google, Process] The Six Best Accounting and Finance Tools for Small Business
    Google Review Count: 203. Google Review Count: 170. Google Review Count: 166. Google Review Count: 141. Create and send invoices, estimates and receipts; track the status of invoices and payments; process credit cards, scan receipts, manage payroll, and produce financial reports. Pricing: basic accounting app is free; payroll is $15 plus $4 per employee, per month; credit card processing is by transaction. Google Review Count: 183.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017
    [Google, Process] Customer Feedback Fundamentals: What Do Your Customers Really Think?
    Conducting market research for feedback. Another way to get to the heart of the customer is to conduct market research. A master market researcher will create a long list of open-ended questions (more on this in a second) and ask these across a carefully selected swath of customers that represent the myriad facets of your customer base. Set up a smart registration process so you know who is coming. Once you’ve conducted your research, it’s time to evaluate it.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017
    [Google, Process] How Redesigning HubSpot.com Doubled Conversion Rates
    This included CRO, SEO, copy, data analysis, design, development, product research, and project management. Research. Before designing anything, we dove deeper into research, expanding upon the insights that we already had. This gave an idea for how these conversion paths were playing out for actual users, and it helped shine a light on areas where the process was confusing. I didn't continue the process because your website is too damn cluttered.
    [Google, Process] Straight from the Champions’ Mouths: What to Look Forward to at Summit 2017
    After networking with the best-of-best at Summit, you will be able to quote users (aka Josh Hill) and well-known companies to justify your processes, budget, and even make a case for additional headcount.— This saves you hours of initial research online and discovery calls. From a non-publishing/media perspective, marketers are only focused on their digital advertising objectives which can include retargeting, Google AdWords, and Facebook.
    [Google, Process] Is your brand making maximizing interest from potential customers?
    This step in the sales funnel relies on consumer research and action to find you. Perhaps they clicked a sponsored Facebook post of yours, or visited your website after a Google search. This is an often overlooked step in the process but it’s the most important. Most prospects will do considerable research before purchasing. This can include researching competitors, reading reviews, and asking for current customer testimonials.
    [Google, Process] Good Bots vs. Bad Bots: How to Tell the Difference
    With that criteria, tools like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Siri could be classified as data bots -- especially since eZanga also calls these “media” bots. Google, for example, has its very own Googlebot , which uses the constantly-evolving Google algorithm to determine which sites to crawl. Siemens Research Scientist Hasan Sinan Bank explains: The robots use onboard cameras as well as a laser scanner to interpret their immediate environment.
    [Google, Process] 21 Stats You Need to Know About Marketing Automation
    Nucleus Research. . Searches for ‘marketing automation’ are at an all time high according to Google. Google Trends. . Finding the right automation tools requires research. Because automation can tie in with the sales team’s lead scoring efforts, both parties need to be part of the decision-making process when getting automated tools setup. Marketing automation is a topic we’re hearing a lot about in 2017.
    [Google, Process] Marketing’s Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Here
    According to research by the consulting firm Russell Reynolds, it’s only getting harder. After years of swift technological development disrupted marketing to its core, CMOs and their teams are now responsible for a bevy of critical company functions: optimizing the sales process, improving customer experience, and marketing the product across a complex array of channels. Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon all made significant investments in AI.
    [Google, Process] Top Four Web Design Trends for 2017
    48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine. In late 2016, Google implemented their “mobile first index” in which Google ranks mobile sites higher in the results than non-mobile sites. Most importantly, Google now crawls your website as a mobile user. If your website is not mobile-friendly Google will downgrade the site’s pages, and therefore the site’s rankings in its search results. As 2017 begins, a host of new web design trends appeared.
    [Google, Process] Mastering modern marketing technology leadership over 2 intense days
    The last double-header in this track will start with The Identity Resolution Imperative: Building the Foundation for Marketing in a Post-Digital World by Joe Stanhope , vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. ABM superstar Sangram Vajre , CMO of Terminus , and Michael Walsh , director of digital marketing at Rosetta Stone , will present Orchestrating an ABM Campaign: People, Process & Tools.
    [Google, Process] The 17 Best Photo Editing Tools
    Google Review Count: 423. Google Review Count: 419. Google Review Count: 371. Google Review Count: 330. Google Review Count: 325. Google Review Count: 318. Google Review Count: 246. Google Review Count: 191. Google Review Count: 189. Google Review Count: 187. Google Review Count: 186. Google Review Count: 180. Google Review Count: 179. Google Review Count: 172.
    [Google, Process] 7 Things You Can Learn from Influencers at Marketing Nation Summit
    In my career, anytime I wanted to learn about something or perfect my marketing practice, I’ve looked past a simple Google search and to influencers (and the many smart people who follow and interact with them) to coach me toward success. Martin Kihn , Research VP at Gartner for Marketing Leaders, will share his original market research on Taylor Swift and the success of her brand in his session, The Ultimate “UnBrand”: How Taylor Swift Changed Marketing Forever.
    [Google, Process] Drones, Bots and AI oh my. SXSW highlights
    Brands don’t want Google or Facebook negotiating the relationship with their customers. To get everything done, somehow you will need to link all the accounts — Amazon, Facebook, Google and more. Research breakthroughs in machine deep learning. The panel of AI researchers all agreed that the human race is facing a “significant problem” and that is right for the world to start addressing this now. Design is the first mover in the process.
    [Google, Process] 3 Simple Ways to Validate Your Content Ideas
    A scenario is outlined where a team had an awesome idea they thought would do wonders but when they embarked on the process and published the content, the target audience showed complete disinterest. The first part of an idea should involve validation, which is a step that most people fail to take seriously in their content creation process, as explained by Moz guru Rand Fishkin in his reply. Ask as many questions as possible and do thorough research on what has already been asked.
    [Google, Process] How to Overcome the Challenges of Managing a Remote Agency
    6 Tips for Resourcing a Remote Team: Do your research: Dig into the work history of the individual, ask for case studies of their previous roles, and do your due diligence checks before progressing. Check testimonials: If hiring via sites like Upwork or PPH , thoroughly research ratings, reviews, and testimonials from recent clients. Set processes : Read the next section for more information about processes. Processes.
    [Google, Process] Why mobile website design is no longer an option. It is required.
    According to Pew Research , 77% of Americans own a smartphone. People socialize, do research, read news, shop and buy with smartphones hundreds of times in 24-hour-a-day period. This is important for businesses because the smartphone and other mobile devices such as tablets have significantly transformed the process of buying. Research has shown that as many as 91% of small business websites are not mobile-compatible.
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 2017
    [Google, Process] How to Drive PPC Ads With Interactive Quizzes and Assessments
    You’ve seen a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad before: Maybe it was a sponsored post on Facebook or a promoted search result when you Googled something. In fact, Google data shows that businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 spent in PPC ads through their platform. Unbounce research indicates that the PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.
    [Google, Process] The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools
    Google Review Count: 449. Google Review Count: 320. Google Review Count: 295. Google Review Count: 250. Google Review Count: 224. SumAll enables agencies and consultants to connect unlimited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Analytics accounts for their own accounts and client reporting. Google Review Count: 202. Google Review Count: 181. Google Review Count: 155. Google Review Count: 98.
    [Google, Process] Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Make Your Job Robot-Proof
    Voice-recognition, like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, and image recognition in our Facebook and Google accounts are just two mainstream applications that leverage artificial intelligence (AI)—one of the newest technologies gaining widespread momentum today. Combining artificial intelligence with the advancements in natural language processing (NLP), social awareness algorithms, and big data enables its many applications. Author: Jacob Shama “Hey, Siri!
    [Google, Process] THE HACKIES: 5 tips and tricks for securing your marketing technology
    In fact, according to research from PSFK and MasterCard , 86% of people who completed a survey said “they would invest more time or energy into adopting new payment technologies if they promised greater security.” This plan should also include a process for assessing and implementing new technologies. Determining ownership of your data should also be process oriented. Governance/Process Management. Large organizations have many process documents.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 6, 2017
    [Google, Process] The Beginner's Guide to Small Business Marketing Online
    According to Forbes , 80-90% of consumers research purchases online before buying. Whether you're in the process of launching a new business or already have one, having an strong online presence for your brand is extremely important. Trellis reports that over 90% of people searching online will not go past the first page of results on Google. Why isn't my website appearing in Google? Why is my competitor above me in Google? Google Ranking and SEO.
    [Google, Process] Link Building and Mobile SEO in 2017
    Ideally, you’d like your website to be right at the top of the first page of Google, especially on mobile as these searches are typically less for general research and more to meet immediate needs. You should always ensure the website relates to your brand and what you offer as this will communicate to Google what and who you are as a brand. How is Google changing the way link building needs to work? Guest post by Molly Jones.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 2017
    [Google, Process] Rethink Podcast #13: What It Means To Become An Advocate Marketer
    Marketing plays a role in the entire process. And that’s what I get from social networks as a sales professional, because social selling is about using these networks to do research on your buyers, to be relevant to your buyers, to build relationships with your buyers. Jill: I go to my best friend Google. I do a ton of research at that individual Michelle Huff level so that I can really understand who you are and what you care about.
    [Google, Process] Marketing Research to Bookmark for Your Next Blog Post
    If you thought your research days were over when you graduated from high school or college, think again. Why is research so important? In fact, an analysis of over one million articles from Moz and BuzzSumo revealed that research-backed content generates more shares and more backlinks than other content types. The thing is, finding the research to cite is tough sometimes. For all of you content creators, bloggers, SEOs, and market researchers, we feel your pain.
    [Google, Process] Leveraging Video to Get More Sales Meetings [Podcast]
    After we started using video in our sales process, Scott Ingram, host of the Sales Success Stories Podcast took notice. There really are a ton of tools out there to help with research, and I think you really need to pick and choose which ones are going to benefit your style most. (Editor’s note: If you want to learn more about researching companies for prospecting with video, check out this post! ).
    [Google, Process] 9 Client Reporting Tools That Will Save Your Agency Time
    You'd save almost $5,000 per month if you automated this process. Megalytic provides templates so that you can easily import your data from sources such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, a CSV file, and others. Databox enables agencies automate the client reporting process by compiling data from many popular marketing software and services -- including HubSpot Marketing , HubSpot CRM , Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter, Linkedin Company Pages and Instagram.
    [Google, Process] The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools
    Despite the proliferation of “labor saving” devices and process automation software, marketers (along with their colleagues in pretty much every other business function) are busier than ever. Google Review Count: 355. Google Review Count: 183. Google Review Count: 170. Google Review Count: 363. Google Review Count: 297. Google Review Count: 295. Google Review Count: 272. 3) Google Keep. Google Review Count: 203.
    [Google, Process] An introduction to ecommerce APIs for non-developers
    Imagine you want to automate your marketing operations, one way to do this is to research off-the-shelf products. You clearly don’t want to change your process just because of the limitations of your tools. That’s where APIs jump in — they enable you to build software which fits into your process and whose development doesn’t take ages to complete. In this article, I want to guide you through the process of API provider drilldown.
    [Google, Process] Five Reasons Why Sales Strategy Doesn’t Work for Many Small Businesses
    For example, many businesses spend thousands of advertising dollars on Google Adwords. They might need to do more research and compare prices from various vendors before they make a purchase. Companies with an excellent lead nurturing strategy can generate 50% more hot leads at 33% lower cost than those who don’t have a right lead nurturing processes in place. If your customer acquisition strategy isn’t working, it may be time to research lead nurturing processes.
    [Google, Process] How to Craft a Successful Content Marketing Strategy
    As part of your initial program work, you would have (hopefully) already done your keyword research and identified which core keywords you’ll be targeting in your content. You can also simply type your keyword into a Google search and see what type of content is coming up for it, noting competitor ranking. But the fact of the matter is that many content marketers fail when it comes to the simple process of setting up goals.
    [Google, Process] Five levers of relevance for digital authors
    I call these levers because they make heavy topics easier to process. Either someone is intensely interested in something or it is really easy for them to process it. This is why I emphasize keyword research to understand topics of interest to our audience. Keyword research gets you in the game, cognitive levers help you win it. In my last article, Stop doing short-term campaigns , I said that cognitive effort was the “lever of relevance.”
    [Google, Process] The 26 Best WordPress Plugins
    Google Review Count: 312. Publicize for WordPress allows you to automatically share blogs to Google+ profiles and other platforms you may use.” — Express Writers. Google Review Count: 245. Google Review Count: 243. Supports iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn and Blubrry Podcasting directories, as well as all podcast applications and clients. Google Review Count: 195. Google Review Count: 192. Google Review Count: 179.
    [Google, Process] The ‘Less Is More’ Content Strategy
    The strategy involves: Original content from research to case studies. Researching and creating high quality content once a month can take a lot more time than writing say three short blog posts a week. Research from Hubspot to Neil Patel has also found that increasing content can increase both traffic and leads. Brian produces high quality, well researched and referenceable content every 4 weeks or so. Original content from research to case studies.
    [Google, Process] 75 Interactive Infographic Examples to Inspire 2017
    It is the result of more than seven years of research with over 200 listed sources and cross examination of many other visual genealogies. A breakdown of how Google brings you search results. This interactive webpage compares the acquisition strategies of 5 different tech giants - Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and Facebook - over the last 15 years. Learn about the story of market research from its earliest tabulations to the insight communities of today and beyond.
    [Google, Process] The 17 Best Project Management Tools
    Google Review Count: 317. Google Review Count: 267. Google Review Count: 264. Google Review Count: 245. Google Review Count: 231. Google Review Count: 210. Google Review Count: 188. Google Review Count: 180. Google Review Count: 170. Google Review Count: 139. Mavenlink integrates with platforms such as Google, Salesforce, JIRA, NetSuite, and more. Google Review Count: 137. Google Review Count: 115.
    [Google, Process] Apply Yourself: 28 Marketing Awards Worth Going For
    A Google search for the word “disruptive” yields, among many results, this definition -- “innovative or groundbreaking.” Enter the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards -- the product of Mobile Marketing magazine, “a specialist in the delivery of mobile marketing and tech news and research.” “Something that is conferred or bestowed especially on the basis of merit or need.”. That’s the Merriam-Webster definition of the word “award.”
    [Google, Process] Talking Domain Reputation And What Email Marketers Need To Know
    That’s a very interesting finding, and speaks to the sophistication of Google and other sophisticated receivers. It’s all about the practice folks, Google will hunt you down! The opposite also holds true in our research. The warm-up process begins even before you send that first email from your new home. Reputation is a word that means many different things to many different people in the world of Deliverability.
    [Google, Process] How to Build a Process for Growth Experiments
    While the idea of “growth” -- and all of the hacks, tips, and tricks that go along with the term -- can often feel a bit buzzy and overwhelming, real growth actually is actually the result of well-established processes and an internal emphasis on experimentation and testing. Brian Balfour , former VP of Product at HubSpot and a thought leader in the world of growth marketing, is an expert when it comes to building a process for experiments that enable growth overtime.
    [Google, Process] 18 Productivity-Boosting Bots for Marketers
    Meet GrowthBot, your personal sales and marketing research assistant. Integrating with both Slack and Messenger, this chatbot also connects with both Google Analytics and your HubSpot software to help you find the information you need in realtime -- traffic data, company information, or even prospecting. But interrupting an editor every time you need, say, an email to be looked over for typos isn't exactly an efficient process.
    [Google, Process] How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide
    If you're already using pay-per-click (PPC) techniques to power your presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, consider yourself lucky -- you can add LinkedIn to that list, too. This process is the same for both text ads and sponsored content. LinkedIn is a highly valuable tool to network with like-minded professionals. But here's something we don't talk about as much as we should -- it's also a highly useful marketing platform. It might seem a little bit intimidating.
    [Google, Process] The 24 Best Email Marketing Tools
    According to recent research from Radicati Group , worldwide email volume will reach 207 billion messages this year—more than half of those for business. Google Review Count: 446. Google Review Count: 349. Google Review Count: 332. Google Review Count: 285. Google Review Count: 270. Google Review Count: 261. Google Review Count: 250. Google Review Count: 231. Google Review Count: 212. Google Review Count: 210.
    [Google, Process] Content Operations: A Focus on Maturing Capabilities
    Establishing a content operations function requires process design and development. This function is built on the foundation of a documented strategy—which research shows isn’t the norm for a majority of B2B organizations. The content operations framework includes four capabilities: Alignment – strategy and prioritization processes. Execution – tactics and collaborative content production processes. Analysis – insights and performance evaluation processes.
    [Google, Process] Content Operations: A Focus on Maturing Capabilities
    Establishing a content operations function requires process design and development. This function is built on the foundation of a documented strategy—which research shows isn’t the norm for a majority of B2B organizations. The content operations framework includes four capabilities: Alignment – strategy and prioritization processes. Execution – tactics and collaborative content production processes. Analysis – insights and performance evaluation processes.
    [Google, Process] The Essential Artificial Intelligence Glossary for Marketers
    In fact, in our recent HubSpot Research Report on the adoption of artificial intelligence , we found that 63% of respondents are already using AI without realizing it. For example, GrowthBot -- a bot for marketing and sales professionals -- connects with HubSpot, Google Analytics, and more to deliver information on a company’s top-viewed blog post or the PPC keywords a competitor is buying. You can put Google’s Quick Draw to the test and see if it recognizes your doodles.
    [Google, Process] The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools
    1) Google Analytics. Google Review Count: 600. By far the most popular free web analytics tool, Google Analytics is used on more than half of the top one million websites. Sample review: “Google offers a ton of free tools on how to use its amazing platform so if you have the time, you can teach yourself all you need to know to manage your own analytics. Google Review Count: 353. Google Review Count: 295. Google Review Count: 292.
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2017
    [Google, Process] You Need to Define an Effective Criteria for Lead Scoring
    Your criteria should cover the measurable gains for individuals or organizations as they stand to benefit from your products or services, whether it be in the form of decreased costs or increased efficiency in their processes. Your buyer personas should be your main reference point in qualifying your prospects, assuming that you have identified who or what they are based on market research and customer data. Lead scoring for B2B businesses doesn’t have to be a complicated process.
    [Google, Process] 3 Ways Google Can Have More Credible Search Rankings
    Ask Google, however, and the answer is not so clear. We search Google for everything from cheap concert tickets to long-lost relatives. This reveal prompted many to ask: Should Google really give uncontested legitimacy to Holocaust deniers? Initially, Google did not want to alter its search rankings, which would require tweaking its notoriously secret proprietary algorithm. Google first refused requests then as well, only to later amend its algorithm.
    [Google, Process] 4 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017
    Over the past few years, Google has made a lot of changes that can be challenging for modern marketers and SEO experts to keep up with. Recently, Google started indexing according to mobile search results, cracked down on intrusive pop-up ads , and removed right-side ads. Google has been making changes to its algorithm, search engine results pages, and policies based on user behavior and preference. 1) Diversify your traffic sources to keep earning visits from Google.
    [Google, Process] From Idea to Execution: 5 ABM Tactics to Implement Today
    This can include any behavioral data that indicates the right activity, including: Topics people at this company are researching on 3rd party sites. Leverage services like Google Alerts, or even better Mention.com (much more powerful, and worth the price). However, you can have your ADR do the research and fill in the snippets so all your CEO has to do is approve and hit send. There are many arguments on blogs, podcasts, and talks declaring “Account Based Marketing isn’t new.”
    [Google, Process] 30 SEO Best Practices for B2B Organizations in 2017
    Each best practice is backed by supporting evidence from industry research, thought leaders and publications. It’s important to think about buyers’ needs throughout the keyword research process, as well as during content creation. Take a Topical Approach to Keyword Research. In recent years, we have seen Google become much more intelligent when it comes to the user intent behind search queries (related searches, for example).
    [Google, Process] Why a Negative B2B Customer Review Can Be an Opportunity for Growth
    Whether on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or another social media platform, many businesses—especially B2Bs—have learned to fear the negative online review. Rather than panicking at the news of a bad online review, B2B firms should view them as opportunities to get honest, real-time feedback, improve processes and products, engage clients, build trust, and create loyal, long-term clients. The change must be implemented and become part of the new process.
  • KAPOST  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2017
    [Google, Process] Hack Your Content Plan: Here’s How to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy
    You can simply store this information in Google Docs. When you create content, make sure that you’re keeping your interviews and research in a central place. For instance, you could create a Google Drive repository or Trello board where your content marketing team members can share resources and information. Times of change for organizations are times of celebration.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2017
    [Google, Process] Why Facebook Ads Will Make You Successful in 2017 & Beyond
    According to research from Google B2B buyers have increased the amount of mobile research they do by 91% year over year throughout the B2B purchase path. They now do more research , reading, and work on their phones -- and spend time on the Facebook app/Instagram/Messenger. If you have a longer sales cycle, you need to influence decision makers wherever and whenever they do research.
    [Google, Process] OhioHealth Paid Search Webinar: the Top 6 Takeaways
    Even if you missed our December 8th, 2016 healthcare webinar with OhioHealth and Google , you probably already know that healthcare paid search is complicated. Additionally, Jamie Blomquist of Google reported in the webinar that 88% of ‘near me’ searches, such as ‘Urgent care near me’, come from mobile. Internal Google Data from Google.com Searches.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2017
    [Google, Process] Your Role on the Customer Journey
    Fortunately, modern map makers – like Google maps, for example – have figured this out. The customer journey is the decision-making process through which customers take action. Forrester Research describes customer journey this way: “The customer journey spans a variety of touch points by which the customer moves from awareness to engagement and purchase. As a content marketer, you may also use the customer-journey mapping process in ideation phase. Do you get lost?
    [Google, Process] MarTech: Top 100 Influencers and Brands
    Martech is the blending of marketing and technology, with the aim of streamlining processes to achieve marketing goals and objectives. Recent CMO Council / Deloitte research shows that boards of 68% of companies expect marketing departments to have a measurable contribution to revenue of an organisation, and the way best of class marketing organisations will do this is through the various forms of MarTech.
    [Google, Process] 12 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company
    Accordingly, a modern keyword strategy needs user intent research, content marketing experience, and a working knowledge of Google’s ranking priorities. They will do all the research and strategy without being able to effectively implement any of it. Google announced last year that they were in the process of moving to a mobile-first ind e x , making mobile optimization more important than ever. How do you conduct keyword research?
    [Google, Process] 5 Insane Advantages of an Inbound Website Redesign
    This means that your buyers are already researching and deciding on solutions long before a sales call. That makes you present for that “zero moment of truth,” the critical moment when people are researching and deciding on where (and how) to purchase. They can use tools like Hotjar, implement user testing, and watch performance in Google Analytics or your CMS. What does your lead nurturing process look like now?
    [Google, Process] 11 Free Sales Tools to Pump Up Your Pipeline
    Integrating with our Google Apps email addresses, Rapportive shows LinkedIn profile data along side every email we send or receive just by hovering over a person’s email address. Rapportive is a free add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox, and works with Gmail or Google Apps email addresses. The setup process is super quick too, as illustrated by this hilarious video: Owler. ViewedIt currently works with all Gmail and Google Apps accounts.
  • VIDYARD  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2017
    [Google, Process] 3 Ways To Research Companies For Personalized Video Sales Outreach
    But when salespeople use video in lieu of properly researching their prospects, it runs into the same problems as cold emails or cold calls. When it comes to successful prospecting, here are three methods I’ve always found to be highly successful: 3×3 Research. Co-founder of the award-winning sales training firm Vorsight, Steve Richard coined this phrase, which refers a highly focused three-tiered research strategy. Google Alerts, Owler, and Glassdoor.
  • THE POINT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017
    [Google, Process] Expand your Offer Strategy to Increase SEM Performance
    In an era when the average business buyer only contacts a brand when he/she is 67 percent through the buying process , there’s every reason to make sure that you’re reaching prospective customers at every stage of their research, not just when they’re ready to buy. We know that they’re probably in the later stages of their research process, have identified the type of solution they need to buy, and in all likelihood are evaluating vendors.
  • BIZIBLE  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017
    [Google, Process] The Revenue Focused SEO Keyword Strategy For B2B Marketers
    Revenue information aids the content generation process by helping marketers create better articles and content downloads that resonate with target audiences. What true user intent is begins as a prediction during the keyword research phase. This kind of full funnel insight drives a process of constant improvement in the quality of content. Google’s search algorithm epitomizes the use of artificial intelligence to guess what users are searching for.
    [Google, Process] 8 Steps to Open a Baidu PPC Account
    Opening a Baidu PPC account is much more complicated than creating a Google Adwords account. Last year, the Chinese government announced increased regulation for online advertising , which led Baidu to develop a stricter and longer application process for PPC accounts. Alternatively, businesses can seek out agencies that have the capability to help set up a Baidu PPC account opening process and existing contacts with the overseas Baidu resellers.
    [Google, Process] 8 Steps to Open a Baidu PPC Account
    Opening a Baidu PPC account is much more complicated than creating a Google Adwords account. Last year, the Chinese government announced increased regulation for online advertising , which led Baidu to develop a stricter and longer application process for PPC accounts. Alternatively, businesses can seek out agencies that have the capability to help set up a Baidu PPC account opening process and existing contacts with the overseas Baidu resellers.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 2017
    [Google, Process] 16 Greats of ’16: The Year’s Best Business Books for Marketers
    In Pre-Suasion, Cialdini, a researcher in the application of psychology to sales and marketing, discusses the power of swaying consumers to act by capitalizing on the essential window of time before an important message is delivered. Ideally, this opening should be identified through comprehensive research and sound strategic thinking. Lindstrom argues that useful, insightful market research calls for a deeper understanding of individuals and how they behave in context.
    [Google, Process] 9 Key Steps When Going From Concept to Content
    Research. Will any research be necessary beyond the standard “do a Google search for related articles?” An experienced content writer knows that research can sometimes be more time-consuming than the writing itself. Pretty soon, your content creation process will be as easy as falling off a log. Coming up with an idea is the easy part. But it’s only one small piece of the pie.
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