• EMEDIA  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Which B2B Media Platform Matches Your Mission?
    Assuming your mission is to push leads through the sales funnel, what channels should you be using and when? Perhaps your mission is for the bottom-of-the-funnel leads who are converting or are loyal clients who can advocate for you. Digital marketing can include display ads, sponsored content, native ads, blogs/website/SEO, live online events, social media (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.),
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 10 B2B Marketing Presentations to Favorite on Slideshare
    Slideshare can also be an underrated social media platform for SEO and lead nurturing as well. Moz’s Surviving Google: SEO in 2020. Surviving Google: SEO in 2020 from Peter “Dr. Pete” Meyer , Marketing Scientist at Moz , further dissects the organic results in Google and provides insight into Knowledge Graph, direct answers, new ad hybrids, and more.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The Eight Best Online Tools for Sales Professionals
    And it’s not just arguments over lead quality. The eight tools here deliver a range of functionality such as email automation, automatic email and call logging, workflow scheduling, lead qualification, sales enablement, and personalized direct mail. Google Review Count: 233. Google Review Count: 162. Sample review: “These top sales tools will help you grow…(use) ToutApp for automating and scaling your lead nurturing and sales processes.”
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Top 5 Demand Generation Strategies
    Creating demand within the target audience is so important because both quality and quantity of the leads are critical factors. How can a company ensure a steady supply of quality leads? Email lead generation works particularly well because it is a close connection with the potential client. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most valuable long-term strategies for generating B2B leads. Lead Generation
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 3 Paid Media Tactics Designed To Aid B2B Account Based Marketing Efforts
    However, marketing platforms and tactics continually evolve to provide new ways to nurture customers. Contact and lead nurturing; moving top of the funnel leads down the sales pipeline. So while it’s important to refresh and generate new leads at the top of the marketing funnel, it’s also crucial to be able to continually interact and nurture high value potential customers through any means necessary.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] A Website Design Process that Works: How to Get the Professional Services Website You Want
    If you build a website that clearly lays out your value proposition and leverages that position to generate high-quality leads, you can dramatically improve your firm’s fortunes. In between, a lot of nurturing goes on. If, however, your agency is more concerned with pleasing you than leading your firm through a time-tested process, you are in for a wild ride. Generate leads? Expert content is the engine that drives new traffic and leads.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] THE HACKIES: Pairing multi-channel attribution with lead scoring to improve marketing ROI
    Grew high-quality leads by 80%. Through the strategic allocation of advertising resources, we reduced our cost per lead to almost half the industry average ($35 per acquisition versus the industry average of $60 per acquisition) with a very lean marketing team. Google Analytics , a tracking and analytics solution. This combination allowed us to collaborate more effectively, to conduct data analysis, to measure advertising, and to nurture our potential customers.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] What is the Number One Strategy for Effective B2B Lead Generation?
    When we examine the results from companies that make their living selling Inbound Marketing services , then the answer is that inbound marketing generates the most leads. When we study the results from businesses that create email marketing programs, the answer is that email marketing draws the most leads. When researching organizations from different industries, the answer depends on the lead generation strategies they implemented that year. Google, 2015).
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 5 Website Best Practices that Produce More Leads and Faster Growth
    The first type plays an active role in business development, attracting a steady stream of quality leads, nurturing them over time and contributing materially to your firm’s growth. It requires a wide range of skills, such as researching keyword phrases, writing, and building your pages to meet the increasingly high standards of Google’s search algorithm, among many others. Google sees high-quality links back to your site as “votes” for your content.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] What Is B2B Social Media Marketing?
    The goal of social media marketing is to build relationships and connections with target audiences, that lead to improvements marketing performance (such as brand awareness, website traffic, leads, etc), in defined social media platforms. Not only does social media serves as a key driver of link acquisition, but with more social elements being displayed in top search results on Google, it can help support your organic efforts as well.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2017
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 12 Ways to Boost Your Website’s Lead Generation Performance
    If you’re in digital marketing, there’s probably one metric you’re more focused on than anything else: leads. Your goal might be to get more leads, or maybe better leads, or leads that convert faster, or leads that give a higher value. But any way you cut it, it’s still all about lead generation. The question is, how do you get those leads? There’s no shortage of lead generation tactics. That means turning them into a lead.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 21 Stats You Need to Know About Marketing Automation
    Leveraging automation, we’re now able to send relevant, personalized email campaigns that are time or behavior-triggered, while integrations between tools allow us to improve lead scoring efforts and deliver appropriate content based on where a buyer is at in the conversion funnel. The most commonly used marketing automation features are email marketing (89%), lead nurturing (84%), integrations with other software (CRM, mobile, social media, etc.) Google Trends. .
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 5, 2017
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 10 B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2017
    We’re well into the New Year, and most companies are revamping their lead generation strategies to meet its demands. There is also no single lead generation strategy that works for all businesses and industries, so it helps to know which ones are the best to implement. Keeping up-to-date with the latest insights and technology will help you optimize your funnel for generating and converting leads. Is your website on the first page of Google?
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Five Reasons Why Sales Strategy Doesn’t Work for Many Small Businesses
    Although each one of them faces unique challenges, the following are some common pitfalls that eventually lead to the failure despite a sound sales strategy. For example, many businesses spend thousands of advertising dollars on Google Adwords. Bing commands a market share of 21.6% , and its ad platform can improve ROI dramatically and can generate more leads. According to one study, only 2% of the first time visitors become customers or leads.
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2017
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Tips for Using Video to Increase Social Media ROI
    For those reasons and more, B2B marketers need to employ video marketing if they want to stay on the cutting edge of lead generation and brand evangelism. YouTube, owned and operated by search giant Google, is the behemoth of social video, with billions of users and hundreds of millions of hours spent on the site every day. For example, a lead who clicks a tweet, is then redirected to watch a YouTube video and eventually comes back to your website and converts.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Why You Need Inbound Marketing Experts vs. Doing it Yourself
    Inbound marketing is one of the most effective means of lead generation in the online world. It is a strategic method of drawing customers to a company’s products and services through providing content where and when the prospects want it and then nurturing them through the sales process. It is a complete integrated method of outreach, nurturing and follow-up that works with the prospects and how they search for products and services.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 30 SEO Best Practices for B2B Organizations in 2017
    By successfully implementing these best practices, B2B organizations can improve lead quality, build valuable relationships to support link building efforts, gain brand exposure through online communication, and better understand their target audience. However, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of a well-constructed landing page to improve conversions and generate leads. Make Sure You’re Aware of Google Changes. Increase Accuracy in Google Analytics.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 5 Insane Advantages of an Inbound Website Redesign
    My website isn't really benefiting my marketing/lead generation strategy. If your website isn't selling around the clock, you're missing out on leads and revenue. Here’s are the advantages of an inbound website redesign: How it can grow leads and conversions, trade cost for value, and improve ROI for your business. Download the free eBook, "Grow Leads and Revenue With an Inbound Website Redesign.". 2) You’ll generate leads by showing up earlier in the buying cycle.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to simultaneously attract new prospects and retain loyal customers
    Figure out ways to nurture them and to appreciate them, just as you would nurture a relationship with someone you care about. It’s no wonder many businesses and consumers are hoping for Google Fiber to come to a city near them. One of the challenges business owners face is attracting new customers while trying to retain current customers. Choosing where to spend your energy and how to divvy up your time between the two can be challenging.
  • THE POINT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Expand your Offer Strategy to Increase SEM Performance
    Smart technology marketers look to capture buyers early on in the sales cycle, then engage them in a consistent nurture campaign to build credibility, trust, and to position their solution favorably for when the buyers are ready to engage with sales. But the second reason is because technology marketers (and their sales counterparts) are impatient, have short term business horizons, and don’t want to “wait around” for leads to be qualified.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2017
    Automating the previously hands-on processes of lead-scoring, analytics, lead-nurturing, customer relationship management and sales enablement has produced significant results in B2B companies. 80 percent of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase and 77 percent saw the number of conversions increase. As prospective customers demand more authentic content and real-time information, Google will stretch to provide links to it.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 10 Trends for B2B Marketing in 2017
    When it comes to lead nurturing, look beyond the funnel and see it in segments. To play on its information gathering abilities, this trend will move towards multi-step landing pages and welcome features that help nurture a lead, while profiling the customer into a buyer persona. Google does a great job of breaking down the details. .
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 139 Content Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2017 (Broken Down By Category)
    Demand Gen / Lead Gen. Recommended reading: How to Build a Steady Stream of Leads for Less Than $100/mo. #8. Recommended reading: How to Anchor Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy With Proactive Social Outreach. #14. Michael Brenner and his team hold nothing back, revealing actionable strategies you can use to drive more traffic across the B2B buyer journey, convert readers into leads and close more business. Recommended reading: 21 Free Tutorials for Google Analytics.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How SMBs can get more leads through marketing automation
    In this post, I’ll be talking about the importance of marketing automation and how small and medium businesses can use it to their advantage and get more leads. In this blog post, we’re going to focus on marketing automation for email marketing, as that is where you can really improve your lead generation and conversion rates. Lead type : another way of segmenting your audience is by what type of lead they are. How marketing automation can help you get more leads.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017
    Leading marketers in 2017 will strive to create a culture focused on delivering valuable content to their customers that translates into better marketing results. It's hard to define what makes "high-quality" content, but Google uses a number of indicators to help decide whether a piece of content is high-quality or not. If you have a Facebook fan base or a big enough email list of leads or buyers you can use Facebook audience insights to see what they like on Facebook.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 10 Most Popular B2B Lead Blog Posts of 2016
    I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular and shared posts on the B2B Lead Blog, chosen by marketers, just like you, to help you get ready to have a great 2017. My methodology was compiling the aggregate social shares across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. For the majority of B2B companies with complex sales, marketing-generated leads rarely account for 50% of revenue and often it’s often much less. Tips On How to Use LinkedIn for Better Lead Generation.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 25 Content Marketing Stats to Guide Your 2017 Strategy
    Because interactive content , a highly engaging form of content, is helping teams gather more audience insight and transform leads into customers. 29% of leading marketers systematically reuse and repurpose content. Long-form blog posts generate 9x more leads than short-form blog posts. Top three B2B goals of content marketing: Lead Generation (85%); Sales (84%); Lead Nurturing (78%). - Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Why Business Development Begins with Your B2B Website
    In the traditional sales and marketing model, people build relationships by interacting on a personal level, and prospects are qualified and nurtured through a series of meetings and presentations. More and more, B2B buyers use Google to first identify firms, and then use those firms’ websites to vet as a potential partner in business. A B2B Website is Easy to Find and Generates Leads. The lead-generating B2B website is a complex organism.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Why Business Development Begins with Your B2B Website
    In the traditional sales and marketing model, people build relationships by interacting on a personal level, and prospects are qualified and nurtured through a series of meetings and presentations. More and more, B2B buyers use Google to first identify firms, and then use those firms’ websites to vet as a potential partner in business. A B2B Website is Easy to Find and Generates Leads. The lead-generating B2B website is a complex organism.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] What is the role of content marketing in an ad-free world?
    That is the core idea behind content marketing today — use content to nurture customer relationships that eventually leads to action. “Lead nurturing” is a kind way to say we’re going to keep bugging you until you tell us to go away. Pop-up ads are so annoying that Google is taking action to penalize sites that use them. By Mark Schaefer. Here’s the current state of my advertising consumption.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Herding cats? The Hidden Costs of Multiple Marketing Tools
    How do you reconcile the data different tools produce, so that you can accurately visualize where a lead is in the sales cycle? How many of you are looking at your Google Analytics and wondering who those people are? The whole point of lead generation is to find highly qualified leads, nurture them to the point where they’re ready to talk to sales, and then hand them over into sales’ tender care for timely follow-up.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to Fix a Broken Lead-Nurturing Strategy
    Here’s where my marketing brain kicks in: The way a glacier moves feels a bit like lead nurturing. (Or Or at least, lead nurturing in a perfect world.) In this metaphor, the ice serves as our nurturing efforts, pushing leads along with the overwhelming weight of our email prowess. Nurture emails that are barely distinguishable from seedy spam messages stuff our inboxes. So what does a successful nurture program look like? Lead scoring.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The Anatomy of a Lead-Generating Website
    There are plenty of ways to increase the number of people visiting your site, but unless you convert these visitors into leads, you won't be able to ultimately get new customers. That's why it's so important to design your website with lead generation top-of-mind. Do you have lead generation CTAs on each of your blog posts? (Do In this post, we'll cover the most critical components of a website optimized for lead generation. The Anatomy of a Lead-Generating Website.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The 7 Marketing Skills Every Professional Services Leader Should Have on their Recruiting Radar
    Simply getting enough leads in to fuel the business. They also must keep up with the frequent — and often significant — updates to Google algorithm. Our Lead Nurturing Guide for Professional Services explains how you can craft a powerful lead nurturing strategy for your firm, so you can turn leads into clients. It is the leading marketing program for delivering greater visibility, growth and profits.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] In Direct Response, All Roads Still Lead to the Offer
    You’ve been running search ads on Google Adwords. You get plenty of clicks (sometimes expensive clicks), but your conversion of clicks-to-leads is very disappointing. The post In Direct Response, All Roads Still Lead to the Offer appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing. Copywriting Direct Mail Direct Marketing Email Marketing General Lead Generation Lead Nurturing Print Advertising Survey Marketing Web Marketing
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How Building Tools Can Generate New Leads for your Agency
    When you think of driving leads for your agency or business online, what comes to mind? Building your own tools can help bring in a serious influx of leads for your agency. These tools offer prospects a free service, and in return, your agency identifies qualified leads. Don't forget the aim of your tool is to drive leads. Right from the start, you should be thinking about the end goal of generating new business leads for your agency.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] What is Nurture Marketing? Pt. 1 – The High Level
    Now, it’s time to talk about Nurture Marketing. For the sake of clarity, let’s delve into Integrated Marketing and Nurture Marketing. What is Nurture Marketing? Fathom’s own VP of Nurture Marketing Stephen Epple defines nurture as such: “Nurture is the end to end customer experience, across all facets of the relationship.”. Of course, as the leader of the marketing automation space, Marketo has its own definition of nurture marketing.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Discover Where Your Competitors Are Beating You Online
    Since Google controls about 85% of all search traffic, we recommend using Google to evaluate your competitors’ websites, blog articles, social media articles, press releases, etc. Inbound links are a key component of Google’s assessment of your website’s authority and popularity. 3) Assess Your Ability to Convert Website Visitors to Leads. Missed opportunities leads to your competitors winning over your potential customers. 2] Google ZMOT. [3]
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Everything You Need To Know About Marketing Attribution
    Lauren didn’t visit the site directly, but instead searched for it on Google, which linked her to the product page. If a person searches on Google and then clicks on one of your articles, the marketing channel for that touchpoint would be Organic Search. In the example, the landing page would be whatever article they clicked on from the Google SERP (e.g. Alternatively, it could also just be a simple web visit, where no lead stage transition occurred. leads.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How Higher Education Marketing has Changed
    This more personal approach is necessary to attract quality leads to your institution. Once you know who you're trying to reach, follow the inbound methodology to get quality leads into your database and nurture them through to application and enrollment. Google documented back in 2012 that 90% of students research higher learning institutions online. The education industry is going through a major disruption, facing pressures in demand, supply, and delivery.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 5 Ways to Immediately Boost Account Based Marketing (ABM)
    I recently did an interview on CRMRadio.today with Jim Obermayer founder of Sales Lead Management Association and Funnel Media Group. It’s a live streaming weekly program right here on the Funnel Radio Channel for at work listeners brought to you by the Sales Lead Management Association and many others with your host Jim Obermayer, hey Jim! He is an evangelist, speaker, author who wrote the best-selling book – Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. So nurturing?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] CRO for Inbound Marketing: 6 Conversion Optimization Initiatives to Implement Today
    As you build out your headline options, a quick Google search will reveal countless headline formulas that you can take for a test drive. e.g. “Get more leads faster with Inbound Marketing”. In addition to translating learnings from earlier tests into your new design, consider taking this opportunity to answer additional key questions that leads might have, or testing a new conversion-focused design element (like, say, the old directional photo looking at the CTA button trick).
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to Use Trigger Events for More and Better Leads
    This common statement has big implications if you’re doing account-based marketing (ABM) and lead generation. Why doing more lead generation activity doesn’t help . Marketers often believe they solve the issue of clients being further in their purchase process by driving more early-stage leads to sales. This approach helped their lead generation generate more and better leads because their focus was on accounts where change probably mattered. Lead Generation
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools
    Marketing automation software tools can be very helpful in making lead nurturing and sales acceleration efforts more effective—even if the category is badly misnamed. Google Review Count: 93,900. An enterprise-grade marketing automation and analytics platform with solutions for lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, customer base marketing, and mobile marketing. Google Review Count: 85,400. Google Review Count: 62,200.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Busted! 23 Marketing Myths Held By (Some) Industries
    The inbound strategy also consists of marketing automation software integration, website design, SEO, social media, email marketing, and lead nurturing, among others. In 2015 Google made this myth so very false. Google will not even show your website in their mobile search results if your site is not mobile-enabled. Google will not have much information to pull from in order to get your company on the first page of the search results.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 7 Tips to Supercharge Your Content on LinkedIn Pulse
    B2B marketers are charged with creating massive amounts of content, primarily to fuel inbound marketing, social media, lead nurturing, and pipeline acceleration. Some marketers report there aren’t consequences for using your corporate blog content on LinkedIn Pulse (read a discussion on Search Engine Journal ), but only Google knows for sure, and Google isn’t telling. LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful lead generation tool for many businesses.
  • OPENTOPIC  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Lead Nurturing Etiquette: Have Your Leads and Convert Them Too
    I did some quick Google searches, settled on a company that looked like the top option, checked out the pricing page, and requested a demo. Opentopic blog >> semrush.com This morning I decided it was time to look into upping our company’s brand monitoring game. I received an email immediately, thanking me for my interest and asking me to choose. Marketing ROI Cmo marketing roi
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 13 Key Website Design and Development Areas to Bring in Business
    Most hosting services offer at least a rudimentary package, and several excellent web-based services are available for free, including the ubiquitous Google Analytics. SEE ALSO: Top B2B Website Metrics to Monitor Using Google Analytics. Even if you don’t generate a lot of business directly from your website, prospective customers and recruits need to be able to find you through Google and other search engines.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to Recruit Top Talent Using an Inbound Framework
    With inbound, companies earn consumer attention through great content, and as a result, it's easier for them to move leads through the customer lifecycle towards a purchase. Sales teams are fed by a steady stream of leads from marketing. For sales teams to be successful they need that influx of leads. Instead, try inviting candidates to schedule a Google Hangout with members of your team. 4) Start turning those leads into applicants.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 5 Ways to Expand Lead Nurturing Beyond the Inbox
    Email may still be the workhorse in how B2B companies build relationships, maintain awareness, qualify leads and nudge prospects along the sales cycle, but these days, it pays to think about “lead nurturing” as more just an email campaign. If nothing else, integrating other channels into your lead nurturing mix reduces a 100% reliance on email and improves your chances for lead nurturing success.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How To Measure A B2B Social Media Program
    How can B2B marketers demonstrate that social media helps satisfy broader business objectives for lead generation and lead nurturing? The answer lies in a combination of performance benchmarks that connect the dots between discovery, acquisition, and quality lead generation. Lead Nurturing: Greater visibility (and communication of this visibility) into how social media impacts lead nurturing activities with prospects.
  • LEADERSHIP  |  FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 7 Steps to Brilliant B2B Marketing [Part 2]
    57% of inbound marketers report obtaining leads from LinkedIn, while 52% earned leads from Facebook and 44% from Twitter. Use assisted conversion in Google Analytics to show what works: Refining your marketing strategy on an ongoing basis is very important. Step 6: Lead Generation and eCRM. Just as with traditional marketing, lead nurturing is essential to digital marketing. How can you effectively engage with your audience and nurture those leads?
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] B2B Social Media: An Underutilized Method for Improving SEO Performance
    Instead, marketers need to consider how social media may impact organic search visibility, as well as become more of a lead nurturing tool. Since that time, every company, teacher, mom, and so on has wanted to develop new content as soon as possible because that’s what Google wanted. As a Millennial, or digital native as some will put it, I grew up immersed in social media.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 10 Online Lead Generation Techniques for Professional Services
    Professional services firms have been relatively slow to adopt online lead generation techniques. It’s not surprising given that many commonly used online lead strategies such as contests or sweepstakes are simply inappropriate for many professional services firms and their clients. Further, many professionals still hold the mistaken belief that the only way to generate new client leads is through referrals and networking. Online Lead Generation Techniques that Work.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to Upgrade Your B2B Marketing Strategy with AdWords
    Smart marketers know Google AdWords is an essential part of a strong B2B marketing strategy. Since Google searchers are actively looking for either pertinent answers or solutions, marketers can quickly capture their attention and convert them to leads with search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns—as long as they take the right approach, of course. However, the actual best practice is to use paid search together with content marketing to start the lead nurturing process.
  • BIZIBLE  |  MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Core Competencies of the Marketing Operations Leader: Setting Up The Marketing & Sales Technology Core [PART 1 of 4]
    While they’re not the ones writing the lead nurturing sequences or designing landing pages and lead forms, they’re the behind-the-scenes operators who have mastered the setup, organization, and flow around marketing lead data. But today, marketers are being tasked with and being held accountable to more than just attracting visitors and nurturing leads. Lead Nurturing / Automation.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] An A to Z of Content Marketing Best Practices
    Also make sure you’ve got your blog set up for maximum lead generation. Using the call to action to lead people to another piece of content works well, too. Recent research showed Facebook drives more referral traffic than even Google for the top 400 digital publishers. Google. Google’s a pretty big deal for content marketers. Sure, the Google+ thing isn’t going so well. We also love our free Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] An A to Z of Content Marketing Best Practices
    Also make sure you’ve got your blog set up for maximum lead generation. Using the call to action to lead people to another piece of content works well, too. Recent research showed Facebook drives more referral traffic than even Google for the top 400 digital publishers. Google. Google’s a pretty big deal for content marketers. Sure, the Google+ thing isn’t going so well. We also love our free Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Are you using the wrong lead-gen model?
    To put it another way, content consumption equals digital conversations A conversation is a two-way street, and it doesn’t matter if you start the conversation from a phone call, voice mail, or email, or if a prospect finds you through Google, social media or a referral. For example, someone searches Google about a problem they’re having, and they find one of your white papers. It’s time to face some hard truths about B2B sales.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The Evolution of the B2B Marketer
    While lead generation has always fallen to marketing, leads now transfer to sales at a much later stage, as lead nurturing becomes ever more important. It’s essential for marketing to supply sales with warm, qualified leads–and a reason for the prospect to accept the outreach. When every lead, and win or loss can be accounted for, the expectation of marketers to be able to demonstrate the ROI of the marketing investment increases.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How One Company's New Blog Strategy Increased Lead Flow by 700% in One Year
    Then consider this: 16% to 20% of searches people ask in Google have never been searched for before. Not only that, but they saw the number of quality leads increase by 700%. So I caught up with SmartBug Media's founder and CEO Ryan Malone to get the inside scoop on how they approached Conversant Bio's blogging strategy and what they did to impact lead flow so dramatically. Step 3: Solving for Leads With Gated Content.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to grow a software startup without marketing
    The one hire I recommend you make is a Digital Marketer who gets how to build a lead converting website, understands SEO and SEM. Make sure your Digital Marketer is Google certified and knows their stuff, then turn them loose. Vendors would have you believe that you need marketing automation as soon as you start generating leads. Lead nurturing with email is starting to become an outdated practice as prospects are filtering and ignoring vendor emails as a standard.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to grow a software startup without marketing
    The one hire I recommend you make is a Digital Marketer who gets how to build a lead converting website, understands SEO and SEM. Make sure your Digital Marketer is Google certified and knows their stuff, then turn them loose. Vendors would have you believe that you need marketing automation as soon as you start generating leads. Lead nurturing with email is starting to become an outdated practice as prospects are filtering and ignoring vendor emails as a standard.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 13 Valuable Skills You Can Teach Yourself for Free
    Read through these 17 tips for taking great photos with your smartphone to learn more about how to line up your shots, find interesting perspectives, and take advantage of symmetry, patterns, "leading lines," and more. The inbound marketing certification course , for example, is a free marketing training course that covers how SEO, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis, and reporting come together to form a modern inbound marketing strategy.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Content Marketing: A Key Component of Professional Services Marketing Plans
    The key to building these virtual relationships is content marketing, an online strategy that elevates thought leadership through the routine publication of free, valuable, educational content and using that content to attract new leads, nurture existing leads and build preference for the firm. In many cases, leads that are nurtured through content marketing become “converts” to a particular firm's approach or way of thinking.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know
    For example, Google and Oracle are primarily B2B companies. Blogging is a core component of inbound marketing, as it can accomplish several initiatives simultaneously -- like website traffic growth, thought leadership, and lead generation. It helps marketers drive traffic to their website, convert that traffic into leads, establish authority on certain topics, and drive long-term results. A conversion path is a series of website-based events that facilitate lead capture.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Quick Wins to Help Your School's Website Convert Better
    First, Google keeps getting better at understanding how people actually talk. The more you know about a lead, the better you can personalize the content you deliver to them. Personalization: Lead Nurturing Gold. Your school's website is your largest online asset. For most prospects, it's their first stop along your digital highway. But it's a two-way street.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 17 Ways to Promote Your White Paper for Lead Generation
    Your objective was likely to establish thought leadership, generate leads and perhaps use it to nurture existing leads until they’re ready to buy. There is a myriad of methods to promote your white paper, generate interest, and help it climb Google’s search engine rankings. Consider using a subdomain, and make sure the words in your URL are separated by dashes so Google can read it better. Post it out on LinkedIn groups, Facebook, and Google+.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to Stretch Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Resources
    There are plenty of copyright and SEO friendly ways to do this as well—after all, you can’t just re-publish someone else’s content word for word on your own site: even if you cite the original author, you still risk copyright infringement (and getting dinged for duplicate content in Google Search). You can also repurpose your content across different marketing channels: in lead nurturing campaigns, through PPC ads, and even top-of-funnel on your blog.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Matching the Offer with Buyer Mindset: The Website Dilemma
    They are qualified leads, actively seeking solutions and have likely narrowed down their search to a few possible alternatives. Rather, the goal is to get qualified leads, and move them to the point where they will make the first contact by filling out the contact form or picking up the phone. You know that to collect leads effectively on the site you should have at least one offer per page and several on the home page.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats
    Lead generation is still a challenge. 68% of B2B marketers rank “generating high-quality leads” as their top priority for this year. But nearly 60% also rank this as their biggest challenge, and just 16% of marketers rate their lead generation efforts as “very” or “extremely” effective. The top three responsibilities (in order of importance) of B2B marketers are brand and positioning, lead generation, and brand communications followed.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2016
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Why You Shouldn’t Fear Producing Your Videos In-House
    Here are a couple reasons why you should and how to do it with Act-On: How to Use Google Analytics to Create More Effective Content. Learn more about easing those prospects down the long road to a sale, with our free eBook, “ 10 Ways to Nurture the Buyer’s Journey.” ” Content Marketing Lead Nurturing videoMarketing videos can be a key part of your content marketing library.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Bringing Back the Old School: Why Phone Conversations are the Missing Link in Personalization
    Fix out-of-touch nurturing. Lead nurturing is a great way to educate your prospects and keep them engaged with your business. However, without personalization, nurturing can come across more like spam than a thoughtful way to educate and engage your prospects. The next thing you know, your leads get an email talking about irrelevant use cases. Author: Amber Tiffany The most personal conversations happen offline.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 11 Intelligent Examples of Inbound-y Ads in the Real World
    To find this inbound-y ad, the user searched the term 'blogging', into Google. This is a great example of bottom of the funnel lead nurturing as this inbound-y ad attempts to close the deal and does so in a relevant format, at the right time. How are your paid ad campaigns? Are you impressed or do you wish you could give them a shot of espresso? If it’s the latter then you should consider making your paid ads inbound-y. Wait, did you ask, what are inbound-y ads?
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 5 Ways AEC Marketing Professionals Can Make an Impact on an Organization’s Bottom Line
    Traditional thinking leads even more priority and support placed on an organization’s technical and operations professionals: the ones that traditionally get the acclaim for doing and delivering the work. Google Analytics or other similar software can help you understand how visitors interact with your firm’s website and social media channels. It is the leading marketing program for delivering greater visibility, growth, and profits.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Your Website is the Hub of Your Firm’s Online Presence
    You can choose to build a great looking website that appeals to your audiences, but wouldn’t it be nice if your website also brought in qualified leads? With some careful planning in your analytics and CRM setup, then you can connect the dots between social media driven traffic and leads for new business or recruiting. Email is often forgotten or underutilized as a tool to nurture and bring audiences back to your website.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Pros Reveal Automation Tips and Other Marketing Automation News
    What business doesn’t want to reach tons more prospects with minimal effort and automate the lead nurturing process as much as possible? These are not just a brand promise and not only singular interactions, but a combination of several relevant moments of truth (or MOTs) - the kinds of engaging moments of truth popularized by Google in 2011. Welcome back to The Friday Five , otherwise known as the curation station.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 5 Tips to Revamp Your 2016 Email Marketing Strategy
    Email marketing consistently has one of the highest ROIs and when done properly, is a powerful lead nurturing tool. Increase percentage of qualified leads from X% to Y%. ” Much like any other marketing effort, your email campaigns will need ongoing nurturing and refinement. Hinge has developed a comprehensive plan, The Visible Firm℠ to help clients develop strategies for email marketing, lead nurturing and more.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 10 Reasons to Develop a B2B Blogging Strategy
    Provide an opportunity to support lead nurturing campaigns. Many B2B organizations require a greater number of touch points to close leads. An organization’s blog is a place to aid in lead nurturing initiatives by providing ongoing communication designed to establish credibility and support efforts in driving attendance to webinars, tradeshows, events, etc.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to Create a Holiday Marketing Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide
    Here's an example of how to structure this type of goal: Generate [number] leads focused on [topic/product] by [date]. Depending on what you want to get out of your campaign, your goals might look something like this: Generate 1,000 leads who are interested in our annual holiday sale by December 5, 2015. Interested in Google AdWords? Step 3: Create Lead Nurturing Paths. What will happen to your leads once you've generated them? Email Nurturing.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Old School, Meet New School: Lead Generation for the Next Generation
    The new sales director said something that made me cringe: “We’re hiring an additional business developer and stopping all of our marketing efforts because our owner says business development is our lead generation.". I cringed because it was an “old school,” dated way of thinking about lead generation and firm growth. When having a pure business development approach, you lack easy-to-close leads generated by your website. Lead Generation Strategy
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Direct Traffic Isn’t A Channel, It’s The Lack Of Proper Attribution
    As a B2B marketer myself, I personally understand the frustrations of going into your analytics dashboard and seeing that “direct traffic” makes up a substantial portion -- it may even be the primary channel source -- of your visits and leads. Fortunately, there’s a few things B2B marketers can do to decrease their oversized direct traffic and correctly assign visitors and leads to their true channel sources. Leads: Hubspot: 9.3%
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] There is No Such Thing As an Offline Business Anymore
    Rather than reading ads, calling information lines, or speaking to sales reps, Google has become the research tool of choice. We ask our questions on Google, and spend a few minutes checking out the results before we start evaluating solutions to our problem. I went to Google Keyword Planner and started looking up some statistics. It was not a surprise to learn well over 200 people are searching for a plumber in Douglasville every month on Google.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Oracle Named Leader in SiriusDecisions Marketing Automation 2015 SiriusView Report
    This sudden rise of new marketing technology is little wonder given the dramatic change that has occurred in buying processes: "Buyers are 60% through their decision process before engaging with a sales person" according to research by Google and Executive Board. Their 2015 SiriusView Report compares the leading vendors of B2B Marketing Automation Platforms.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to gain a competitive advantage through your content
    When marketing provided “air cover”, sales reps used to be able to generate their own leads. I think that an awful lot of us growing up in sales probably just thought we were awesome at prospecting, but in reality it was the buyers who needed information from us and that was the real reason we were successful generating our own leads. But as most of you know, the world has changed, and the internet is crushing a sales rep’s ability to generate their own leads.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 7 Hidden Opportunities to Increase Your Company’s Value
    If you aren’t publishing valuable information on your website and making it easy to find on Google, you are missing a huge opportunity. Check out our free research-based book Inside the Buyer’s Brain to learn how your business development team can close more leads by understanding what the buyer really wants. Our Lead Nurturing Guide for Professional Services explains how you can craft a powerful lead nurturing strategy for your firm, so you can turn leads into clients.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The Relationship between Social Influence and Customer Experience
    More and more brands are finding out that social media is more about building influence than harvesting leads. If you Google the word “Influence,” this information pops up: We all influence someone in one way or another. Were you compelled to buy, or did it lead you deeper into more of their content? Building influence is really all about nurturing your customers’ relationships and experiences with your brand, and being consistent in your actions.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] What Makes Effective B2B Content Marketing? [Research]
    Google+, SlideShare and Pinterest usage all decreased compared to last year’s numbers, leaving Slideshare still one of the biggest opportunities in B2B content marketing. 85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is the most important goal for their organizations, followed by sales (84%) and lead nurturing (78%). Sales lead quality (87%), sales (84%), and higher conversion rates (82%) are the three most important metrics organizations use.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The 50 Best Startup Tools For 2016
    These top marketing tools will help you grow your startup in 2016: SumoMe – For capturing and nurturing website leads, boosting traffic, and increasing brand awareness. Adwords – For spreading the word about your business on Google through advertising. ToutApp – For automating and scaling your lead nurturing & sales processes. HelpScout – For nurturing and improving relationships with customers. Help.com – For customer support and lead management.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to Define The Content Marketing Metrics that Matter
    For example, increase web visits by 20% in Q4 to address the top of the funnel and generate 50 marketing qualified leads in Q4 to address the middle of the funnel. If your goals in the examples above are to increase web visits or generate a certain number of leads, then those are the specific KPIs to track. Lead nurturing activities can generate demos or free trials as you move into the middle of the funnel. Create more content. Create better content.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How to Assess Your B2B Website to Increase Lead Conversions
    Newsletter leads are good. With gates, you’ll capture leads. These top-funnel leads should go into marketing automation workflows for nurturing. You’ll see many of these promotions featured in pop-up boxes (as they can be tested for lead capture). More for industrial or product-based B2B firms, offers to provide quotes obviously capture bottom funnel leads ready to buy. B2B Lead to Sale Process Conversion Tactics
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] What Every Managing Partner Needs to Know About Content Marketing
    Google it. Content Can Attract, Nurture and Qualify Prospects. Some goes deeper to educate and engage people and nurture relationships. While you may be familiar with these two roles of content, what may be less obvious is how content acts to qualify leads. Also, content marketing should be supported with analytics and testing, SEO, lead nurturing, social media, pay-per-click advertising and more.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] A 10-Point SLA for Sales and Marketing
    We have previously analyzed why sales people don’t follow up on the leads provided by marketing. But it doesn’t prove anything and these numbers don’t translate into leads!”. They don’t follow up on the leads we generate – they lose time and don’t convert. Sales complains that Marketing does not generate enough volume of leads and many of the leads they are given are not properly qualified; hence they cannot close. Some things just don’t change.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Prove It: Building Credibility and Increasing Clarity in AEC Marketing
    The world of lead generation and business growth extends well beyond RFPs and networking events. Google Analytics or another similar system can help you understand how visitors interact with your firm’s website and social media channels. Direct feedback from clients about how they found your firm is another great way to collect information on the unseen interactions that helped move the lead from a prospect to a client.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] Why Professional Photography Matters On Your Website
    Just take a look at The Beck Group ’s professional portfolio on their website: Use compelling imagery to tell your firm’s story and help guide potential clients in the right direction, increasing your conversions and leads. Our Lead Generating Website Guide details how your firm can generate qualified leads with its website. And our free Lead Nurturing Guide will show you how to nurture those leads through the sales cycle.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] AEC Firms: Your Website is One of the Most Important Things You’ll Build
    Now, buyers turn to your website, Google, and social media for answers. One way might be to look at leading research on professional services marketing so you can quantify the opportunity before you. The data shows that firms that generate leads online both grow more quickly and are more profitable. Online Lead Generation and Firm Profitability. How do you stack up in Google searches for relevant industry terms and keyword phrases relative to your competitors?
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] How To Illustrate Popular B2B PPC Performance Metrics
    Not only will we often uncover several different conversion “actions” on a website, but it is not unusual for several to function more closely towards lead nurturing objectives instead of generating direct sales action. Even though lead generation and conversion performance will often be the ultimate goal of a paid search campaign, the confusion arises from having various conversion types and the potential business impact that each might have.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The 5 “Must-Do’s” For A Profitable B2B Social Media Strategy
    Would you like your social media strategy to help increase website traffic, leads and sales? Most of those companies want to do more, but haven’t had the time or are uncertain of how best to get started to use social media to increase traffic, convert leads, nurture those leads toward a sale and delight their customers. Google+ – Google plus is great for posting images, video and educational content. How many leads are you generating from social media?
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] The Top 11 Mistakes Your B2B Website Should Avoid
    Google's most recent algorithm update acknowledges this fact, making mobile-friendliness now a greater ranking signal in mobile search results. Make sure you’ve indexed your site on Google by submitting an XML Sitemap , that you’re optimizing your webpages for relevant keywords or keyword phrases, and keep an eye on any Google updates which may affect your search rankings. 55 percent of readers stay on a web page for less than 15 seconds.
    [Google, Lead Nurturing] 11 Key Factors In Building Landing Pages for B2B Search Engine Marketing Initiatives
    One of the most direct ways B2B marketers can improve SEO, PPC, and ultimately lead generation initiatives is through the development of landing pages, designed to showcase individual content marketing assets. As such, they need a unique place online, through the B2B organization’s website, to serve as a “home base” for lead generation and search visibility. A mechanism for collecting form submissions and / or nurturing existing prospects and customers.
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