5 Reasons to use Emotional Analytics in B2B Marketing


Focus on Building Strong Brand Equity & on Positive Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM): The marketers can evoke positive sentiments in the minds of their prospects by positive word of mouth marketing (WOMM). Introduction.


How to Optimize the Cost of B2B Marketing


Client retention helps in forming the loyalty loop for bringing in new customers by positive WOMM, as well as in pitching new supplementary products to the existing customers. Embracing the digital transformation, the B2B industry has changed a lot over the course of the past five years.

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How to Maximize Online Reviews for Your SaaS Company

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Consumers used to rely on W.O.M.M. Like G2 Crowd, the free version allows you to collect reviews and generate meaningful insights from your community. When is the last time you made a decision about a product, restaurant, vacation destination, or gift, without first reading the reviews?

Why Visual Storytelling is Imperative for B2B Content Marketing


Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is an indispensable advertising tool for optimizing conversions. Beyond technology, rationality & facts & figures, B2B marketing is also about establishing genuine connections with the prospects & the existing customers alike.

Inbound Marketers & Growth Hackers: A B2B Enterprise Needs Both


Modern B2B marketers need to have omnichannel marketing strategies- to attract, engage & convert buyers and also require staying focused on demand generation technics & on building growing lead pools. While integrating the inbound marketing endeavors across the various departments in a company is important, it is also important for businesses to have growth hackers to enhance their lead generation efforts. Prologue.


10 tips to Architect Prevalent B2B Marketing Strategies for Optimized Sales Conversions in 2019


To curate a high-quality ABM strategy in 2019, ABM-ers should remember that it’s easier & cheaper to generate meetings when users are targeting current & previous accounts than the budget spent on targeting the entirely new ones. Prelude: B2B marketing is an ever-evolving field.