What is a Marketing-Qualified Lead? What MQL Really Means


Marketing teams are judged by the numbers of MQLs they generate. How about a Sales Qualified Opportunity (SQO)? Let’s define aspects of the terms MQL, SAL, and SQO in a way that allows you and your team the best chance for success. The good news is, it works and generates ROI.

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Everything You Need to Generate, Score, and Nurture Leads with Video


Did you know that marketers who use video for lead generation see 19% lower cost per lead than those who don’t? For demand generation and content marketers alike, more quality leads for less cost is the consistent, ever-present struggle.

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A Painless Guide to Planning a Marketing Budget

Modern Marketing

o SAL to SQO 75% (Sales Qualified Opportunity). o SQO to Win 25%. o Inquiry to SQO 120 days. o SQO to Win 90 days. To get those 20 closed deals I need to generate 80 SQOs (because my SQO to close rate is 25%). To get those 80 SQOs, I need 100 Sales Accepted Leads (because I have a 75% SAL to SQO rate); to get those 100 SALs I need 500 Marketing Qualified Leads; to get those 500 MQLs I need 5,000 inquiries.

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5 Companies that are Rocking Revenue with SDRs


Be honest, is your strategy for generating revenue more of a one-hit wonder or a legendary rock prodigy? Results: SAP generated about 3,500 sales-ready opportunities (SQL/SQO), $960 million in pipeline, and $95 million in closed revenue – in just one year.

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Survey Finds Growth in Pipelines and Sales Cycles for B2B Lead.

Industrial Marketing Today

A vast majority of the survey respondents reported that outbound tactics outperformed inbound initiatives for generating qualified leads. So the waterfall concept is Inquiry > MQL > SAL > SQO > Close.

How To Enable B2B Content Bingeing


We consistently end up way ahead of our Marketing-driven SQO goals. Best Practices Content Marketing Demand Generation Lead Nurturing Uncategorized content bingeing content consumption content engagement demand gen sales and marketing alignmentHello, fellow B2B marketing nerds!

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4 Bad B2B Content Experiences And How To Avoid Them


As a result, a whopping 20% of visitors presented with forms filled them out and Nimble was increased their MQL-to-SQO conversion rate by 30%. Shouldn’t you try to generate more value from all of those paid clicks?

Production-Marketing-Sales: Alignment 4.0

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SQL/SQO: Sales Qualified Lead-Opportunity: The SAL has reached the “closing” stage. Lead Generation: What strategies and tactics are being used to attract prospects to us? The (often) missing link in Industry 4.0. Let’s start by talking about marketing-sales alignment.