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    [Generation, Marketing] List Segmentation By Campaign Activity: Why Do It and How to Get Started
    One of the benefits of email marketing is that it allows you to reach a lot of people at one time. Your success with email marketing lies in understanding as much as you can about your contacts so you can better communicate with the groups of people likely to find your message relevant. When you engage in email marketing, you primarily rely on the information you generate from email campaigns. Email Marketing email list email marketing list segmentation marketing
    [Generation, Marketing] Content Marketing Tips to Get More “Juice”
    Here are some content marketing tips to save you time and energy while getting more visibility on the Web. It can be a lead generator, delivered as a digital download or ebook. Be sure to deliver the report in exchange for email addresses so you can build up your marketing database list. 4 Time-Saving Tips for Social Media Marketing.
    [Generation, Marketing] Marketing Automation Monday is Here!
    The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Marketing Automation Monday is Here! On Monday I attended a Marketing Automation Monday event, put together by the Marketing Automation Association , a newly formed group of marketing professionals that discusses all things related to marketing automation and best practices.
    [Generation, Marketing] 64 B2B Marketing Tools and Resources
    There is an amazing amount of great content about B2B marketing out there, ranging from trends in demand generation to best practices in lead nurturing, lead scoring, and landing page optimization to how to buy and select marketing automation systems. Lead Scoring Best Practices (Buzz Marketing for Technology podcast). Nine Demand Generation Tools and Resources. Demand generation is the evolution of traditional lead generation.
    [Generation, Marketing] 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Advocacy
    Because of this, employee advocacy is now an essential part of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Marketers are rapidly working to tap into this new marketing channel. This approach can ultimately take longer to generate a positive ROI and also puts you at risk of losing control over your strategy and messaging. With any marketing campaign, it’s really important to understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Social Media Marketing b2b Consumer
    [Generation, Marketing] Panning For Gold: Capturing the Sales Leads You Really Want
    Today’s marketers are faced with similar challenges to California’s gold-seekers. Marketers need to be able to quickly sift through incoming leads, identify those ready for sales, and have a plan in place to nurture the rest. Also, marketers need to evaluate which techniques are producing the highest quality sales leads so they will know where to continue panning. Start by evaluating lead generation sources to ensure you’re looking for gold in the right place.
    [Generation, Marketing] 4 Steps to Create Awesome Interactive Content
    Author: Vanessa Porter People demand a lot from marketers these days. Marketers aren’t just expected to generate more leads, they’re also being asked to create more engaging experiences that convert visitors every time. Fortunately, interactive content makes a marketer’s job just a little easier. And, perhaps best of all, it can be fully integrated with your digital or engagement marketing platform. Connect to Your Marketing Platform.
    [Generation, Marketing] ABM Metrics Survey: A Sneak Peek At Some Early Responses
    Last week we, in partnership with Terminus , launched the ABM Metrics Survey to help the ABM community better understand the space, where the industry is as a whole, and to help B2B marketers who aren’t yet doing ABM understand if ABM is right for them. One of the best indicators of whether your marketing team should be investing in an ABM strategy is the length of your marketing and sales cycle. What metrics do B2B marketers who are doing ABM use to measure their success?
    [Generation, Marketing] Marketing to Millennials: Why We Should Stop Using Age to Define an Audience
    Marketers often employ targeting strategies that consider age and life phases, but that’s about to change. A new report suggests that the industry’s campaigns are about to turn “age-agnostic” where marketing to Millennials is concerned. The very scope of the Millennial generation lends itself to diversity, but there are other factors that inhibit the ability to effectively target based on age alone. Content Strategy Marketing
    [Generation, Marketing] 5 Goals for Your Blog & Website… and One Big Challenge
    Yet many professionals aren’t clear about their content marketing goals; their website and blog goals and expectations are vague. This builds a marketing database of people interested enough to leave their email with you. Generate new business from current clients: There are effective ways to use your blog or website to engage your clients, generate more traffic and encourage referrals and repeat business.
    [Generation, Marketing] High-Performance Email Marketing for Attracting and Engaging.
    Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website High-Performance Email Marketing for Attracting and Engaging Industrial Buyers by Achinta Mitra on October 2, 2010 in B2B E-Mail Marketing , B2B Lead Generation , Industrial Marketing Strategies In today’s “do more with less” industrial marketing environment, email marketing continues to be a productive marketing tool despite all the reports about its declining effectiveness.
    [Generation, Marketing] Does Renting Email Lists Make Sense Any More?
    I wrote recently in this space about the recent resurgence of direct mail as a viable outbound component to an integrated demand generation strategy. When the list industry “discovered” email in earnest back in the 90s, direct marketers like this blogger were enthralled with the potential of a new, hipper alternative to direct mail. Here was a way to reach targeted lists of B2B decision-makers and generate virtually instant results for our clients.
    [Generation, Marketing] Be Relevant or Die: The New Nature of Nurture
    Is your marketing department contributing to your prospects’ frustration and harming your pipeline – or even worse, your bottom line? Harnessing relevance in your marketing efforts involves engaging , relevant , personalized content – you’ve heard it all before. Many marketing organizations are struggling to differentiate segmentation from personalization ; others are still pushing out batch and blast email campaigns. Modern B2B Marketing
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    [Generation, Marketing] 20 Marketing Tricks to Get Your Kids to Simmer Down
    You're a marketer. Here's how you can use the marketing tactics you use every day to get yourself some much needed relaxation this 4th of July. Note: This post's photo and many of the tips are courtesy of HubSpot Inbound Marketing Specialist and father of 4, "though it feels like 8," Dan Sally. 20 Marketing Tactics to Get Your Kids to Simmer Down Now. We've written all about shameless marketing tactics that work on leads (and us).
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    [Generation, Marketing] Online Display & Social Media, Branding & Attribution- Affects on Conversions
    Marketers have for years been struggling to determine how online display campaigns contribute to sales, conversions, and branding. The industry has made great strides with research initiatives and attribution modeling to determine how online display, and also social media and other internet marketing channels, contribute to “lift.” The idea is that with better metrics, marketers will feel more comfortable allocating more of their money to online advertising. “We
    [Generation, Marketing] 7 Reasons Your Business Needs an Automated Welcome Email
    Generate some buzz. The Epsilon Email Marketing Research Center says triggered emails – which include welcome emails, shopping cart reminder emails and anniversary emails – have an open rate of 46-53% and clickthrough rates between 9-11%. Email Marketing automated emails automated welcome email Autoresponders email marketing Welcome Emails When someone signs up for your email list , it’s important to roll out the email red carpet and welcome them.
    [Generation, Marketing] marketing action plans
    The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Marketing Action Plans Effective Marketer Principle 3: Develop Action Plans Now that you have identified the most important thing to be done now and making sure it will contribute to the company’s goals (see previous post), is time to develop action plans. A great marketing plan is created!
    [Generation, Marketing] Attention B2B Marketers: Go Digital or Go Home
    As a 10 year veteran of Business Development at Fathom, I’ve had conversations with a wide-variety of B2B marketers. Let’s break it down: 2004/10 years ago: Manufacturers who engaged in digital marketing (namely search marketing) were true Innovators. While Google officially launched in 1998, search marketing was new to most manufacturers. The innovators who continued to invest in digital marketing continue to dominate the digital space to this day.
    [Generation, Marketing] Negative SEO: Does It Really Exist?
    As such, it’s a practice that most businesses and web marketers not only deem highly immoral but also a waste of investment and resources. If you have a manual spam action penalty, read the notice and then generate a list of the incoming links that you have, and conduct a proper audit on those links and any others you can pull from using tools such as Open Site Explorer or SEO Majestic. For more on SEO, check out this SEO cheatsheet or this ebook about SEO for lead generation.
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    [Generation, Marketing] Video Blog 1: An Introduction to the B2b Buying Funnel
    For those who follow our blog, you know we have a lot of great content, covering all aspects of digital media and lead generation topics. The focus of this first video blog is a tour of the funnel, from marketing inquiry to sale, and everything that occurs in between. Related Posts: You’re doing your Marketing Wrong if… New Twitter Chat Addresses Marketing and Lead Generation Issues Is Blogging Right for my Business?
    [Generation, Marketing] Industrial Blog Sites Revisited
    The idea of combining a website with the benefits of a blog is very appealing to many industrial marketers. Blog sites as inbound marketing hubs. Industrial companies have realized the importance of inbound marketing and its impact on lead generation. If you are still not convinced about the power of industrial blogs and inbound marketing, let me highlight some of the facts and findings that I have written about in the past.
    [Generation, Marketing] How to Optimize Google AdWords with Offline Conversion Tracking and Marketo
    Author: Jon Miller Google AdWords is one of the most important marketing channels for almost every company, and the ability to measure and optimize for conversions is one of its most powerful capabilities. This is very exciting news for B2B marketing professionals and any marketer with a complex sales cycle, especially since the offline conversion data will be incorporated into existing AdWords conversion data. Marketing Automation
    [Generation, Marketing] Do you still need to measure brand awareness?
    As a marketer, I am a late bloomer. I spent most of my career in technology, not doing any marketing at all until 20 years into my career, in 1998. Now I spend all of my time on marketing technology, so I have experience only in digital marketing–not with any traditional marketing tactics and techniques. The only way to tell if most TV ads are working is to survey your market to find out what they know about your brand.
    [Generation, Marketing] Seriously, Chill on the Cold Calling
    But the biggest change of all is marketing automation. If your product or service genuinely solves a problem or confers a longed-for benefit, and if your marketing department is doing the work to give your company authentic presence in the marketplace and applying SEO best principles, then potential buyers will find you and check out your website. What marketing does with marketing automation: generate and qualify leads.
    [Generation, Marketing] What’s Happening in the World of B2B Online Marketing?
    While we consider ourselves the B2B Online Marketing Experts (and we’re not not the only ones who think so ), we aren’t the only ones talking about it. Below is a list of thought-provoking articles on the subject of B2B Online Marketing: Making the Case for Unlocking Gated Content. Erica Bell’s blog post on provides an insightful discussion into steps that can lead to a better scoring system to make your marketing and sales efforts more efficient.
    [Generation, Marketing] Brand storytelling lessons from the Serial podcast
    It has generated discussion and debate. You might be wondering now how this might be applicable to digital marketing. If we all agree that modern marketing is less about the sound bite and more about the story, then digital marketers should pay attention to Koenig’s storytelling method. This controversy has captivated the attention of millions, generating a considerable force of armchair detectives keen on answering it.
    [Generation, Marketing] Taking Your Team to the SEO Super Bowl
    The off-season usually falls at the end of the year when you evaluate the past year’s efforts and start thinking about marketing budgets and goals for the next year. Set up a meeting that includes the entire marketing team: PR, SEO, content, paid, etc. Marketing efforts (Where are they spending their money?). The content team is busy writing, campaigns are being launched, landing pages are being tested, and you’re starting to generate buzz in various social networks.
    [Generation, Marketing] Marketers’ Impact on Sales Finally Getting Recognized
    In the traditional view of a company’s internal hierarchy and the income-generating contributions each department provided, the marketing team usually didn’t fare so well. To paraphrase an old saying, marketers got no respect. The common perception (and misconception) was often that marketers were busy spending money, as opposed to making it. This is why in the past, the marketing department was generally considered a cost center, and rarely viewed as a revenue center.
    [Generation, Marketing] All your best content may now be considered fake news
    Looking at it another way, this could be the beginning of a process of licensing and verification that will separate the proper journalists and reporters from the bloggers, propagandists, anarchists, marketers, and dirty, dirty affiliate marketers. In a few high-profile instances, consumer-generated media sites have been able to rise to become bona fide feared and respected news sites in their own right.
    [Generation, Marketing] 10 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Conversion Rate
    Tweet The ultimate goal of B2B marketing and lead generation is to help the sales team sell. Marketers spend a lot of time and effort creating inbound leads but struggle getting those leads to convert into customers after they hand them off to sales. The way you treat your leads tells them about how you’ll serve as customers (from generating interest, through nurturing and into your sales team). Improve Sales, marketing systems and process alignment.
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    [Generation, Marketing] How to Find The Best Influencers for Your Company
    What’s the hardest thing about influencer marketing? According to the study, 75% of marketers struggle with it. If you’re considering an influencer marketing campaign, or if you’re already underway with this tactic and want some help, you’re in the right place. Step 1: Figure out what you want to accomplish with your influencer marketing. Here are the results I got after searching for influencers in content marketing. Paid influencer marketing tools.
    [Generation, Marketing] 2015 Planning: 9 Webinars to Help
    Marketing Trends for 2015. Why You Need To Be a Modern Marketer. B2B Content Marketing Trends – Survey Results and Analysis. Marketing Big Data: The Approaching Tsunami – shameless promotion. B2B Lead Generation B2B Marketing Ideas Database Marketing Email Marketing Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring Marketing Automation Marketing Tips marketing insight webinar marketing Happy Friday!
    [Generation, Marketing] How to Tame Panda and Penguin with WPO
    In a WPO strategy , different disciplines like public relations (PR), SEO, social media, content development, online advertising, analyst relations, and even trade show marketing are managed in a coordinated manner to maximize the total online visibility of a brand for key phrases. The content has to be seen as helpful, compelling and share-worthy, not just rehashed news releases or marketing brochures. Industry marketing. Lagging in industry marketing efforts?
    [Generation, Marketing] Should LinkedIn Groups Be Part of Your Social Strategy?
    LinkedIn Groups are exactly what they sounds like, groups of people discussing a common subject such as social media, email marketing or advertising. But others, like my Digital Marketing group example below are closed. As with my example below, some of the larger groups (like Inbound Marketers with nearly 100,000 members) have people that come in and spam their wares and services. © 2013, VR Marketing Blog. appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.
    [Generation, Marketing] 60% of Facebook Users Will Discuss Brands That Offer Deals [Infographic]
    We've talked about a lot on this blog, but there are three things that just keep peeping up in our content -- the virtual ubiquity of social media , how mobile is transforming marketing , and the importance of user-generated content. But we've rarely written about how all three of these concepts are working together to change the world of marketing. Or at least, how it should be changing retail marketing!
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    [Generation, Marketing] 7 Tech Predictions That Totally Missed the Mark
    In 2007, Apple released the first generation of its iPhone. 6) "There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. He argued the iPhone might end up with "2% or 3%" of the market share, but no more. Apple ended 2015 claiming around 16% of the global smartphone market. that market share figure jumps to 40%. Inbound Marketing Business Pop Culture Daily TOFUHow far will technology advance in the next 20 years?
    [Generation, Marketing] Lead Scoring 101: How to Use Data to Calculate a Basic Lead Score
    When most people start implementing inbound marketing, they're primarily worried about getting enough new leads in the funnel. It helps sales and marketing teams prioritize leads and increase efficiency. They tend to have a pretty good idea of which pieces of marketing material helps encourage conversion. You should also complement all this in-person research with hard data from your marketing analytics.
    [Generation, Marketing] [Study] New-Age Digital Experiences Require Utility and Added Value
    Today’s mobile-savvy and connected consumers desire rewards for their attention—and they understand how valuable that attention is, according to Razorfish’s Digital Dopamine: 2015 Global Digital Marketing Report. The study took a look at the brand-consumer relationship in four international markets (United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, and China) and examined how digital experiences and interactions have changed. Want more content marketing news?
    [Generation, Marketing] 4 Ways to Free Your Sales Team
    But if you work in marketing, there’s a good chance sales enablement will cross your mind. That way, sales reps can send content to hot leads while in the field, track that interaction, and stay true to the messaging marketing has so painstakingly established. Create Marketing Campaigns In a Box. Marketers, particularly those in demand generation , tend to think of marketing campaigns in sweeping terms.
    [Generation, Marketing] Content Marketing Madness: The Battle for Content Supremacy--Vote Now!
    Common marketing objectives achieved with inforgraphics include top funnel awareness, social sharing, and establishing mid-funnel thought leadership positions. Guides are great sources for lead generation, thought leadership, top-funnel awareness, and mid-funnel evaluation. The 2013 Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl ad is a perfect example given how it generated exposure via emotion verses promotion. March Madness is hitting SnapApp.
    [Generation, Marketing] Why Marketing Automation is Floundering (Amen!)
    Trying to Get the Big Mo A recent post by Jeff Pedowitz argues that marketing automation vendors – selling tools that automatically send and track responses to marketing material to target prospects – are floundering, or at least not growing as quickly as they should. We can’t even agree on what to call this new market. Is it inbound marketing? Email marketing? Demand generation? Social media marketing? Content marketing?
    [Generation, Marketing] free stuff that sells. maybe.
    The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Free Stuff That Sells. Free Marketing Stuff Can Sell As marketers our job is to generate brand awareness, educate our prospective customers on the benefits of our products and get them to purchase. Effective marketing is about generating sales. Back to the free marketing stuff.
    [Generation, Marketing] 28 Simple Marketing Tests to Launch in 2012
    And can A/B testing extend beyond landing pages to other areas of your marketing? (It If you're creating landing pages with forms, then you already understand how important lead generation is to monetize your site traffic and meet your marketing and sales goals. In the lead generation game, your gut can only get you so far. A/B testing is a scientific approach to telling you whether your gut marketing instincts are correct, off base, or somewhere in between.
  • THE ROI GUY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2013
    [Generation, Marketing] Is All Content Created Equal?
    The importance of content marketing has increased dramatically, this according to a recent survey by the DemandGen Report that found 68% of B2B prospects rely more on content to make key purchase decisions than they did a year ago. Value Marketing Why Now? Pisello Alinean Frugalnomics DemandGen Report content marketing
  • TONY ZAMBITO  |  SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2010
    [Generation, Marketing] Buyer’s Goal Orientation Make Decisions More Than a Matter of Choice
      Fortunately, in B2B marketing and sales, we do not have to make such choices on this level or order of magnitude.    Gaining insight into how these choices are aligned with a buyer’s goal orientation becomes a marketing and selling imperative for high stakes business model shifts, strategies, and new initiatives.    What makes this complex in the B2B marketing space is that saucy mix of three ingredients: Identifying the buyer’s individual goals.
    [Generation, Marketing] What Hollywood Teaches us About Big Data Marketing
    Today they’re constantly coming up with new ways to analyze data so they can market entertainment successfully and actually generate that valuable social media […]. Database Marketing Marketing Tips Big Data Marketing Big data isn’t just for manufacturers and retailers. Even Hollywood is hopping on the big data bandwagon. Entertainment executives have long known that social media buzz can predict box office success.
    [Generation, Marketing] Is Anyone Actually Looking at Your Mobile Ads? And Other Mobile News
    The topics will include but not be limited to: - Mobile marketing. Social media marketing. Cross-channel marketing. Content marketing. Marketing automation. How Can Marketers Be Certain Their Mobile Ads Are Actually Getting Seen? Having addressed marketers' concerns about desktop viewability (ads that are actually seen by consumers) in 2014, the Media Rating Council is now in the hot seat to provide guidance on mobile advertising.
    [Generation, Marketing] Inbound in the Channel: 3 Ways to Help Channel Partners Make Money
    3 Helpful Tips on Inbound Marketing that Will Help your Channel Partners. The influence of inbound marketing in today’s digitally-driven world can be hard to fathom. With one in every three people in the world on social media and nearly 4 billion Google searches per day —you’d think marketers that fail to adopt inbound marketing have lost their minds. But, the truth is, outbound marketing tactics (e.g., Become social media marketing influencers.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 2016
    [Generation, Marketing] Why Making the Sale is Like a Wedding – But You Need to Think About the Marriage
    If you’ve got a long sales cycle, that probably means lead nurturing and a whole lot of content marketing. Consider your promotion and marketing efforts. In the meantime, you’re still working every day on your lead and demand generation, so you’ve got a steady stream of new customers incoming. Here’s a Honey-Do List, for Spouses or Marketers: Calculate customer metrics for your own business. Include marketing, promotion, advertising, events, sales expenditures, etc.
    [Generation, Marketing] Pick ‘n’ Mix for a Sweet Content Strategy [Infographic]
    1 in 5 recipients spend at least 1hr/week engaging with marketing emails . B2B marketers rank case studies the most effective method of marketing with content. 58% of B2B marketers rank whitepapers the most effective content marketing tactic. 1 in 3 marketers have generated leads through Twitter. Corporate Marketing Infographics Your Website. A website health check will show what needs to be fixed to get the most from your content.
    [Generation, Marketing] 7 Powerful Ways to Make Your Emails More Persuasive
    Communication is the lifeblood of sales and marketing. Yelp’s success is a result of its user-generated content: Crowdsourced reviews that leverage the power of social proof. Example: Instead of writing, "I'd like to set up a conversation so we can discuss your project management software strategies," try this instead: "I'd like to set up a conversation to discuss your marketing strategy because we've seen similar companies increase their lead generation by 40%.".
    [Generation, Marketing] The Truth about Social Media Leads
    by Jason Miller There are hundreds of differing opinions regarding the effectiveness of using social media for lead generation. This is my opinion and it comes from over two years of trial and error using what I consider to be the best tools available for the social media marketer. Social is an essential channel for the modern marketer to have a presence, but it can’t become the number one revenue driver all by itself. Modern B2B Marketing Social Media
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    [Generation, Marketing] What Does Your Email Writing Style Say About You? [New Data]
    Older generations want to be perceived as more authentic, while younger generations want to sound smarter. Email Marketing Office Life Daily Weekly Every day, humans make snap judgments. In one Princeton study , participants made assumptions within 100 milliseconds of being exposed to a portrait.
    [Generation, Marketing] Marketing Automation Rocks But Let’s Not Forget the Human Elements
    Marketing automation has been a game changer in terms of the time, money, and human error savings. And, with the movement toward machine learning and artificial intelligence adding another dimension to marketing automation, there’s even more possible. While this is really cool, we can’t forget why marketing is actually science and art -- and how art is something that requires the human element. Concentrate on one marketing campaign at a time.
    [Generation, Marketing] Measure the ROI of Digital Advertising Beyond Revenue Impact
    Author: Mike Tomita Return on investment (ROI) is an important part of digital marketing (and really, almost every part of marketing)—it tells you whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your marketing campaigns. Their paid content looks and feels like an article on the site, but it’s clear that it’s marketing content. Measuring the ROI of native advertising can be challenge for many marketers. Digital Marketing b2b Consumer
    [Generation, Marketing] Speaking Millennial: 6 Old, Trusted Brands Doing It Right
    The millennial generation and its language can be scary, or stimulating, depending on how your brand approaches different communication outlets. Are those enterprises honestly expected to learn the quirks of younger generations? Allstate’s snarky answer was a marketing transformation, indeed, when attention pivoted from Dennis Haysbert to Mayhem, the character who couldn’t hide his enjoyment of life’s mishaps. Content Strategy Marketing
    [Generation, Marketing] 3 Key Takeaways B2B Marketers Need to Know From the Campaign Confidence Gap Report
    You can go here to get the full story, but for the purposes of this survey, DGR defines a content-enabled campaign as a series of strategies to align content and demand generation that creates a dialogue with your audience. Here are the three biggest takeaways from the report , and what they mean for the future of content marketing. . Only 18 percent of B2B marketers are extremely confident in the effectiveness of their campaigns.
    [Generation, Marketing] The Six Best Screen Capture Tools
    Screen capture apps can be a simple yet valuable addition to any content marketer’s toolbox. Enter the address (URL) of any web page and the screen capture tool will generate a high-resolution screenshot of the full web page as a PNG image that you can download. 3: The Nine Best Facebook Marketing Tools. #4: 7: The Six Best Google+ Marketing Tools. #8: 9: The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools. #10: 13: The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools. #14:
  • THE ROI GUY  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 18, 2013
    [Generation, Marketing] It Just Takes Longer. Your Sales Cycle in 2013?
    Longer sales cycles are occurring despite some significant trends that should be generating much shorter decision timeframes: Today, buyers are more empowered with a wealth of online and social resources to better research you and your competition Many solutions are now sold as a service, making them easier and less risk to purchase and deploy Try before you buy is more common, making it easier to evaluate and compare competitive offerings.
    [Generation, Marketing] The Skinny on Lead Nurturing - 11 Experts Weigh In (part 2 of 2)
    The marketing word of the year is Nurture. Nurturing is one of the most effective, yet underutilized, activities in the sales and marketing process. Telemarketing jumped into the system when a large recession devastated their business model of lead generation, and appointment setting was not enough to keep them going. Marketing became further educated when they asked sales about the customer buying process and the sales selling process. It’s 2015.
    [Generation, Marketing] Marketing Big Data: Why Continuous Data Cleansing is Important
    The data used for marketing a generation ago, including information like point-of-sale transaction data, responses to direct mail campaigns, and coupon redemption numbers, was incredibly limited compared to the data available today. With big data, marketing has experienced tremendous innovation. But simply having and processing big data doesn’t automatically lead to better marketing. Database Marketing marketing big data
    [Generation, Marketing] 50 Unique Ideas for Your Next Email [Guide]
    Each month also contains a marketing tip to get your creative mojo flowing. Or, take a minute to compliment your staff by sending an email invitation to a team-building event like this marketing agency did. Generate more email interest. Valentine’s Day marketing doesn’t have to focus on flowers and champagne, the holiday comes with anxiety too. This month get in touch with your inner videographer and add videos to your email marketing.
    [Generation, Marketing] Afraid of Becoming a Brand Publisher? Let Disney Show You the Way
    By contrast, most brands see content as a tool for selling products or services, or simply generating interest among a consumer base. In fact, some marketing leaders remain hesitant to embrace the strategy of positioning their companies as thought leaders, even as mounting research calls for increased creation of blogs, videos, and other original content. They focus on their marketing efforts, knowing related sales and other ROI will eventually come.
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    [Generation, Marketing] 7 New Twitter Features You May Have Missed
    Not only is it facing stagnant monthly active user growth , but the revenue generated from those users has disappointed a market accustomed to steady tech progression. Marketers, take note. One of the ideas generated out of that invitation focused on making Twitter more accessible to users who are visually impaired. This feature expands the content types marketers and content creators have to play with.
    [Generation, Marketing] 8 Questions B2B SEO’s Should Ask In Buyer Persona Development
    In exploring the persona concept, it further supported my opinion that for SEO to truly be effective for the B2B organization, SEO needs to run hand-in-hand with traditional B2B marketing initiatives. B2B marketers realize organic search engine referrals are a critical component of the B2B website traffic mix. According to respondents of Optify’s B2B Marketing Benchmark Report , organic search is the #1 driver of traffic, accountable for 41% of all visits to B2B websites.
    [Generation, Marketing] Blogging vs. Journalism: Identifying the Fundamental Differences
    As a content marketer, I often times have to switch my brain from news writing (journalism) to blogging, and vice versa. News articles tend to appeal to broad audiences for a short amount of time to generate buzz within a given industry. Additionally, as I mentioned in a previous post , timing can be especially beneficial for online marketers as a relevant, well-timed piece could be featured in Google News. B2B Online Marketing Blog Content Marketing
    [Generation, Marketing] Hello News Releases; Good Bye Press Releases
    Intriguing Insight from The New Rules of Marketing & PR. The New Rules of Marketing & PR is full of the kind of insight that makes this B2B marketer’s toes tingle. ” With this in mind, B2B marketers don’t need to sit on pins and needles hoping that a journalist will pick up their news about a product or service launch. Don’t use flowery marketing “Gobbledygook.”
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    [Generation, Marketing] Improving Sales Efficiency Through Predictive-Driven Lead Routing
    To meet these goals, many are innovating both their inbound and outbound marketing techniques — both by generating quality inbound leads and targeting new outbound accounts that are highly likely to convert. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing companies like Booker , New Relic and ZenDesk that are part of the movement shaping the future of predictive for sales and marketing.
    [Generation, Marketing] 10 case studies show how web analytics prove ROI
    Through web analytics, BuildDirect finds home buyers who purchase a sample have a 60% likelihood of returning to the site within the next 30 days and placing a full order, BuildDirect uses GA’s A/B testing capabilities to perfect its marketing approach. This helps drive a higher volume of site traffic, holiday sales, and market share in the travel sector, which in turn led to a 25% increase in ROI. Web Metrics Digital marketing return on investment Web analytics
    [Generation, Marketing] New Year, New Audience: 10 Essential Social Media Tactics to Get Your Content Seen
    Author: Sarah Quinn Do you spend a lot of time crafting the perfect piece of content, only to find that it barely generates any shares, let alone drive leads? As a fellow content marketer at a B2B company, this is hands down one of the most challenging things about my job. We know that content marketing can generate more leads , but according to Content Marketing Institute, only 30% of marketers consider themselves to be effective. Content Marketing b2
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    [Generation, Marketing] Why We 'Overspent' on Our Website (And You Should, Too)
    It may lack a few must-have features, like a blog, landing pages with lead generation offers, or integration with your CRM or marketing automation software. What you need to know is when does the incremental investment no longer generate a positive return. According to Hinge’s recent Referral Marketing Study , more than 50% of people who are referred to a B2B services firm will rule out that provider because their website reflected poorly on them. Marketing Agency
    [Generation, Marketing] 6 Signs Your Email Newsletter is Failing (and How You Can Fix It)
    If I had to take a guess, I''d venture to say that 90% of marketers have been pressured at some point in their job to have an email newsletter. She says that email newsletters are a one-size-fits-all solution to your email marketing problem. Because of the way they are laid out, you can solve for lead generation, lead nurturing, sales, and customer " delightion " all in one swoop. 6) You''re not hitting your marketing goals. email marketing
    [Generation, Marketing] A Guide to Lead Qualification: The Basics
    That’s why the sales representatives that are truly successful know the difference between sales inquiries, sales leads, marketing and sales qualified leads, and how they relate to one another. The conversion of sales inquiries into actual sales is the key way to measure the effectiveness of a company’s marketing reach. Marketing and Sales qualified leads. The ideal goal is to have 100% of the marketing qualified leads translate directly into 100% sales qualified leads.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2016
    [Generation, Marketing] 17 Data Visualization Tools & Resources You Should Bookmark
    Whether you’re writing a blog post, putting together a presentation, or working on a full-length report, using data in your content marketing strategy is a must. Statista is a portal of statistics, studies, and forecasts focused on market research and opinion polling. Meant for businesses and academics, Statista makes it easy to find reliable market data based on industry, topic, or country. Marketing Data Design Daily Canonical
  • LEANDATA  |  SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2015
    [Generation, Marketing] A lasting impression
    And that’s why when you ask Vajre, co-founder of the B2B automation software company Terminus, to explain the growing buzz around Account-Based Marketing, he doesn’t launch into a jargon-filled monologue that could make eyes glaze over. And that is a prime example of Account-Based Marketing, or ABM for short. It’s no overstatement to say that ABM is turning the traditional marketing structure on its head — literally. We can track the leads that are generated.
  • WRITTENT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2013
    [Generation, Marketing] Google Changes, Rocking Marketers and Other Content of the Week
    Ladies and gentlemen, prick up your ears for some interesting reading on the marketing world. Epic Content Marketers: 20 More Women Who Rock. Although generating leads into customers is a highly valuable skill, sometimes content marketing just becomes a part of our professional or even personal life. The Marketer’s Go-To Guide for Creating Data-Based Content. Content Creation Marketing News
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 2, 2014
    [Generation, Marketing] How to Get More People to Open Your Emails [Video]
    For email marketers, there are few things more nerve-wracking than the anticipation you get after hitting send. Unlike other types of marketing, you''ve only got one chance with an email send to get someone to open your email. So in the third part of our email marketing series (you can check out part one here and part two here ), we''ll walk you through three essential tips to getting more people to open your emails. So as a marketer, you''ve got a lot to compete with.
    [Generation, Marketing] Social Works for B2B, So Get Over Yourself
    There are those that still don’t believe that social media is not an effective strategy for B2B marketers and probably never will be convinced. Those of us who do believe in social will keep pushing the boundaries of modern demand generation best practices while others will just continue to cry out in opposition until the last person listening turns out the light. I admit that I am in a unique position; I get to market to marketers. Modern B2B Marketing Social Media
    [Generation, Marketing] Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)
    by MediaPost Marketing Daily Commentary. Writing that “The most productive PR path…is a blended approach to social and traditional media,&# Len Stein offers a quick but valuable process for obtaining and promoting old and new media coverage using multiple tools like social bookmarking sites, internal company distribution, your own website, marketing emails and more. Pros & Cons of Applying Social Media to Traditional PR Campaigns by Howell Marketing Strategies.
    [Generation, Marketing] How to Optimize Your Promotion Channels & Increase Conversion Rates
    Written by Katherine Boyarksy, Lead Generation Specialist at HubSpot. The post How to Optimize Your Promotion Channels & Increase Conversion Rates appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content MarketingWhen it comes to promoting content, using your current channels can be tiring and can become tapped out pretty quickly.
    [Generation, Marketing] How Retailers Use Content to Tie Online And Offline Experiences
    Social campaigns, such as the # warbyparkerhometryon pulls in user-generated content from customers sharing their eyewear options and provides personalized feedback for every participant, boosting the customer’s confidence in his or her purchase. Our customers are always interested in learning more about products as well as shopping.” – Wanda Geirhart, Chief Marketing Officer, Neiman Marcus Group. Content MarketingPeople today don’t shop like they used to.
    [Generation, Marketing] Finding Untapped Revenue in Your Marketing Database
    In Manticore’s Quintessential Marketing Automation GuideBook I’ve written a chapter on how to find untapped revenue in your marketing database. Several of the leading marketing practitioners and consultants have written chapters on topics ranging from sales & marketing collaboration to conversion optimization and content marketing: Jill Konrath : Candid Letter from Sales to Marketing.
    [Generation, Marketing] The Secrets to Stellar Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation done right is a thing of beauty. Well, to marketers like me, anyway!) Marketing automation done wrong is just speeding up a broken process. “Companies rarely have enough of the right content to make marketing automation work,” Jeff Ernst, a principal analyst with Forrester Research , recently told BtoB, the magazine for marketing strategists. All too often, a company’s sales and marketing are out of alignment.
    [Generation, Marketing] How Responsive Web Design Works [Infographic]
    But what they''re doing on those mobile devices is even more compelling for marketers like us. As a result, companies who have responsive websites generate more leads and maintain a widening competitive advantage over companies that don''t. This infographic from Verve sets out to answer those questions, offer some compelling statistics, and teach you the key features of responsive design all marketers should know about.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 2017
    [Generation, Marketing] Maximize Success by Optimizing the Customer Lifecycle
    As marketers, we want to maximize our results at every step of the customer journey. At Act-On, we understand that marketing can be complicated and even confusing at times ‒ unless you have a comprehensive and easy-to-use system to help you stay focused, organized, productive, and effective. Our marketing automation platform enables you to run your programs smoothly in order to drive better business outcomes.
    [Generation, Marketing] Nine Variables To Consider When Creating Remarkable Content
    If you spend time in the marketing blogosphere, then you know one thing for sure: The content marketing revolution is upon us. Content, content, content and oh, by the way, the “inbound marketing” revolution that Hubspot is evangelizing is driven by content marketing; lead generation is driven by content marketing; you name it. Remember, the content marketing revolution is on, and that means you aren’t the only one creating content.
    [Generation, Marketing] What Product Lifecycle (PLC) Means for B2B Inbound Marketing
    One marketing tool to use in determining which marketing strategies and inbound marketing tactics will be most effective in B2B marketing planning is your product or service lifecycle stage. Here are some examples of marketing strategies and inbound marketing tactics that are best suited to each stage. Introduction Stage of Marketing Product Lifecycle. This is especially true for technology marketing. Tweet.
    [Generation, Marketing] Why Licensed and Curated Content Are Killing Your Content Strategy
    I feel bad for marketers who want to revitalize their team’s content marketing strategy but find themselves caught in traditional ad-centric environments. “We already do content,” the marketing director explains at every team meeting, referring to her team’s licensed and curated content engine. It’s not to hard to understand why so many marketers fall into the pitfall of curated and licensed content engines. Content Strategy Marketing
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2016
    [Generation, Marketing] Why Hasn’t the US Adopted Opt-In? It’s Time for a Rethink.
    I have been in the email marketing channel since 2003. In 2003 the CAN-SPAM act was passed, and with that law the building blocks were laid for “permission-based email marketing.” It’s just the minimum level of compliance that any legitimate company can (and must) adopt to ensure a legitimate basis for their marketing programs. I know every marketer reading this sends only interesting, wanted content, to only the people who want to receive it.
    [Generation, Marketing] Where Industrial Websites are Falling Short
    Nearly 9 out of 10 “Outperformers” credited their websites for helping them increase revenues, open new sources of business, compete more aggressively in core markets and serve customers better or more efficiently. Those are some of the findings from ThomasNet’s Industry Market Barometer™ (IMB) which is a semi-annual survey of buyers and sellers of industrial products and services.
    [Generation, Marketing] 9 Professional New Year's Resolutions You Should Actually Keep
    The next time you have to create a custom report based on two data sources, track the growth of your marketing, or make a chart to prove a point to your boss, you''re going to wish you knew how to use the program. Video Series: The Essential Microsoft Excel Skills Every Marketer Should Learn. I''d venture a guess that most marketers are strapped for time and resources -- which means you''ll be looking to hire new talent in the upcoming year. The Blog Topic Generator.
    [Generation, Marketing] LinkedIn Acquires Slideshare: Five Predictions for What’s to Follow
    by Jason Miller It’s like peanut butter and chocolate for the B2B Marketing professional. A combined estimated 136 million monthly unique visitors now aligning 9 million content uploads with 161 million members; this incredibly exciting news opens up a whole new world of possibilities for B2B marketers. Having LinkedIn verify your identity when downloading Slideshare presentations will greatly increase the quality and quantity of the leads generated from presentations.
    [Generation, Marketing] New Report: Alliance Marketing Trends 2014
    The results from our new study on Alliance Marketing are now available! Our 60,000 member B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn conducted the 2014 study on alliance marketing to better understand how B2B marketers are adjusting to new alliance marketing challenges, and to identify new trends and best practices. Lack of partner commitment is the greatest alliance marketing challenge (42 percent), followed by lack of resources (39 percent).
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
    [Generation, Marketing] 7 Ways to Create More Interesting Content for Your Blog
    Creating engaging, interesting content is a top priority for marketers, yet only 30 percent say they are effective at it. Marketers who produce blog content are landing 67 percent more leads for their organizations than those who don’t. Here are seven strategies for generating more engaging and effective content. The blog post captured large amounts of attention and generated high engagement, with 248 comments. Let’s assume their target audience is B2B marketers.
  • WRITTENT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 8, 2013
    [Generation, Marketing] 25 Newsletter Content Ideas + Bonus Newsletter Idea Resources
    Constantly generating newsletter content ideas is not. Success stories or customer spotlights: Customers want to know about each other and how your product helps them, especially if you serve a more technical market. Classic” reprints: Once you’ve published your newsletter for a while, or if you have a large company blog or article marketing campaign, you can reprint popular or valuable articles originally published elsewhere. Blogging Content Creation Email Marketing
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2013
    [Generation, Marketing] Book Review: Content Rules
    The phrase “content marketing” may well disappear at some point in the not-too-distant future. Not because the concept will fade away, but because it will be seen as redundant; there won’t be any marketing without content. According to recent research , nearly 80% of CMOs see custom content as the future of marketing. And it’s not only marketing executives who are excited about content. Book Reviews Content Marketing
    [Generation, Marketing] New White Paper and Eloqua Prospect Profiler
    Eloqua yesterday announced Eloqua Prospect Profiler , which makes it easier for salespeople to review prospect behaviors that are captured by the demand generation system. In honor of the event, they sponsored a white paper by Yours Truly on the general topic of, um, why it’s important to make it easier for salespeople to review prospect behaviors that are captured by the demand generation system.
    [Generation, Marketing] A Content Framework for Sales Enablement
    With all the hype around content marketing, all the attention is typically on the front-end, customer-facing content materials. That involves emails, eBooks, whitepapers, videos, and the myriad of other content deliverables that are focused on lead nurturing and demand generation. This is all well and good, but how about the “other” side of content marketing, the internal-facing content that marketers and especially product marketers have to create?
    [Generation, Marketing] Don’t Be a Victim of “Dirty Little Secrets of Search”
    As executives (whether we’re CEOs or Chief Marketing Officers/CMOs), when it comes to technology, we often don’t know what we don’t know. We may not be marketing technologists experienced in search engine marketing or optimization (SEO/SEM). His site had been coming up high in the results and generating potential client leads. Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization CMO marketing SEO websiteTweet.
    [Generation, Marketing] Walmart Defeats Target in Monumental Marketing Matchup
    To celebrate, we thought we’d take a look at how two of the biggest holiday retail outlets compare as inbound marketers. To do so, we used Marketing Grader , HubSpot's new free tool that evaluates businesses' full scope of marketing activities spanning from website quality and mobile readiness to middle of the funnel activities like lead nurturing efforts. Walmart and Target both generate an enormous amount of traffic. Curious about your own marketing grade?
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