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B2B Marketing: Know the Trends, Pick the Right Strategy

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In working with leading global B2B companies, our Fusion Marketing team is extremely familiar with the cost/benefits of various lead generation programs. With that in mind, we examined the recorded effectiveness of the many online lead generation options.

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Attracting More B2B Buyers by Focusing on Their Interests

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B2B Buyer Demand Generation Marketing FocusWhat problems are your buyers looking to solve? Like you, I’m frequently bombarded by online ads and self-promoting emails […]. The post Attracting More B2B Buyers by Focusing on Their Interests appeared first on Great B2B Marketing.

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Fast Lead Response Keeps B2B Leads from Going Stale

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Earlier in my career, I had a sales development team that was qualifying 4,000 inbound inquiries per quarter and generating over 380 sales-ready leads. Last month, I spoke about lead metrics and ROI at the B2B Leads Conference in New York.

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B2B Content Marketing That Drives Results

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Whether your goals are to increase market awareness, drive website traffic, build lead generation, or improve sales funnel conversion, understanding how to create copy that delivers results is fundamental to achieving success. There is a lot of buzz in the air about content marketing.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure

Product Marketing’s Role in Driving B2B Revenue

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Many B2B companies underappreciate the impact of quality product marketing and its critical role in helping to generate revenue. Perhaps […]. Product Marketer Product Marketing product marketer product marketing

Why You Need to Be Hooked on Your Customers

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As a marketer, my job is to help organizations with the front parts of the process: establishing brand awareness, generating inquiries, turning raw leads into qualified opportunities, and so forth.

Marketing Analytics – Measuring What Matters in B2B

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For example, research from our friends at MarketingSherpa shows that only about one quarter of B2B companies have a lead generation and follow-up process that is routinely followed. If you are a marketer and have promised specific performance in terms of generating awareness, inquiries and qualified leads, then make sure the sales department acknowledges what they will achieve in terms of closing deals.

Important Lessons for Working with Channel Partners

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I have seen companies create greed-driven scenarios – such as offering low margins, or charging high registration fees – in order to generate short-term revenue or higher profit margins for themselves. First, the better they know the specifics of your offering and how to sell it, the more effective they will be at generating initial deals.

Empathy: Your Lead Generation Superpower

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO & Founder of markempa

The single biggest issue for B2B growth is effective lead generation: increasing lead quality and quantity. Attend this webinar with Brian Carroll, author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale , and learn the following: How to understand customer motivation and increase conversion.

5 Characteristics of a Winning B2B Marketer

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Lead generation programs that are not followed up by sales. There are a few characteristics that will help you not only survive, but thrive—regardless of any shifts in the changing marketing landscape. Following are five key characteristics that will separate you, as a winning B2B marketer, from the has-beens and also-rans. A Winning B2B Marketer Stops What is Hurting.

How to Use B2B Marketing to Propel Rapid Sales Growth

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A steady but cautious approach to demand generation has some benefits (e.g. The best way to act quickly while minimizing risks is to work with B2B marketers (internal or external) who have a strong batting average with demand generation in your specific industry. B2B Marketing Demand Generation Sales Growth Sales I just listened to an interesting podcast featuring my old colleague Heidi Melin. Heidi is CMO of Plex Systems and is a well-respected marketer.

Sales and Marketing Plans Need to be Aligned

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As an example of why this is important, imagine two very different sales models: In the first example, awareness is created and generated leads are fed to a business development function.

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Do You Need to Recombobulate Your B2B Marketing?

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If you are not using pull marketing, social media and/or content marketing, you may want to investigate how these strategies are generating awareness, leads and revenue. Bear with me a bit and I will explain the odd title of this post.

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10 Critical B2B Sales and Marketing Metrics

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This number is calculated by dividing the total marketing and sales budget by the number of new customers generated in a given time period (usually monthly or quarterly). Let’s face it.

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9 Experts Rethinking Demand Generation

How to strategically target your content and lead generation campaigns to disrupt the status quo and facilitate the sale

B2B Marketing: Six Need-to-Know Nuggets

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As an example, we had a client that was blissfully generating quality leads for their enterprise software (average sales price over $100K) at a cost of under $100 each. Bob is as good as it gets when it comes to driving response, whether for lead generation or direct sales.

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B2B Appeals that Motivate Action

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If you have the task of generating leads for a new product or service, create the curiosity in your advertising by withholding a little information. Generate Leads Inbound Marketing Marketing Motivation

B2B Marketing Leaders: 3 Things that Can Hurt You (And Your Company) in 2015

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A lack of accountability can produce issues like that reported by John Staples in his blog post titled Why Don’t We Just Cut the Marketing Budget? : “Lead Generation does not produce quality leads – marketing continues to take the blame for a lack of evolution in many sales forces. “It’s

Would Writing a Book Help You and Your Business?

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You will generate lots of material that you can use for other purposes. I just published my fifth book, Winning B2B Marketing. Being a glutton for punishment, I seem to get the urge to do this every five years or so.

Why B2B Content Strategies Are Paramount for Generating Quality Leads

Generating demand and ensuring the consistent flow of high-quality, actionable leads is what makes B2B marketers successful

B2B Marketing: Do This, Don’t Do That

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Put a lead generation plan in place with firm goals like: number of inquiries, number of qualified B2B leads, cost per lead, and sales conversion ratios. By this I mean that if you are going to generate leads, make sure you get full value for them.

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B2B Lead Management – 6 Best Practices

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Some companies are good at generating B2B sales leads , others are good at qualifying and closing those leads, but the top performing companies, are those that leverage B2B lead management techniques and can do both. Don’t forget that lead nurturing is as valuable as lead generation.

B2B Pull Marketing Takes the Guesswork Out of Timing

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In other words, you increase your marketing and sales efficiency in a way that generates more revenue at less cost and effort. One of my favorite bloggers, Paul Castain, posted an excellent article titled The Patience/Urgency Conundrum in Sales on his Sales Playbook website.

BANT: Is it Still a Useful Tool for B2B lead Qualification?

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BANT has another virtue in that it gives the marketing and sales departments a good way to measure their B2B lead generation success. I just read, and commented on, a thought-provoking article titled Lead Gen: A proposed replacement for BANT. Written by David Green, the premise of the piece is that the BANT formula, for the most part, is no longer relevant. Green’s article has some great advice on how to apply a new model with courtesy and relevance.


8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

Explore key areas you should focus on with your content syndication strategy in order to help you get the attention of your target audience and build trust

Marketing Resolutions for 2014

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Calculate exactly how many sales leads you will need to generate in the first quarter. Someone sent me a list of “unusual New Year’s resolutions” and I found two to be particularly interesting: I will not bore my boss with the same old excuses for taking leave.

Marketing and Sales – How to Achieve a Healthy Balance

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Marketing not only has to support the current revenue targets but has to generate awareness and leads to fuel the sales engine in subsequent quarters. By this I mean the part of the revenue pie that is not generated through customer up-sell, existing service contracts and so forth.

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Creating an Effective B2B Marketing Machine

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A marketing machine falters when it is idle and the pump must be primed constantly with awareness building, social media, web content and lead generation activities.

Criteria of a Powerful B2B Lead Generation Engine

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My team and I are always preaching the doctrine the consistent and predictable lead generation “engine.” But like everything else in marketing, you can’t improve what you don’t measure, and you need to continually evaluate your lead generation program to ensure that it meets seven important criteria: You use conversion ratios to monitor results at every step of the process and you utilize this data to consistently produce greater results. B2B Leads Lead Generation Leads

Developing a Conversational Approach

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Founder of VisumCx

Join Carlos Hidalgo for a candid and in-depth conversation about: Developing a conversational approach to demand generation. B2B buyers are more sophisticated than ever before, from the customers’ initial discovery, to the moment they commit to buy.

B2B Marketing Strategy: Inform and Educate

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The more relevant content you generate the better chance you have of being found via search engines and talked about in social network channels. David Meerman Scott, a prominent author and speaker in marketing and leadership, recently posted a blog entry with some valuable information on how companies ought to be reshaping their web strategy. The title of the article was Educate and Inform Instead of Interrupt and Sell.

Making the Transition from Push Marketing to Pull Marketing

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Generates leads at 1/3 the cost of push marketing. For example, if a company is generating 200 leads per month through push marketing programs, we don’t try to replicate these results with pull marketing campaigns. A reasonable would be to generate 10 percent of the push marketing total as additional leads within 90 days – growing the monthly total to 220. You have no doubt heard of the many benefits of pull marketing, also called inbound marketing.

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Social Media – Can It Be Used to Generate Leads and Revenue?

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In the past few months, I’ve seen a number of interesting articles, blog posts and LinkedIn discussions lately that explore the question of whether social media is a good vehicle to generate leads and revenue. Some people say it is worthless as a lead generation tool and others say it works great. The correct answer is that while it depends on the company, target audience, and product or service, most of the time you can generate leads and revenue through social media.

Is Social Media a Marathon or a Sprint? – by Christopher Ryan

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This goes on for a few weeks or months until the person quits when they figure out the social media didn’t produce much results in terms of generating awareness, leads and revenue. As you gain more experience with social media, you will find that you are able to generate more activity with less time. As I talked about in an earlier blog post , you can definitely generate awareness, leads and revenue with social media.

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company's product or service. One of the biggest responsibilities and challenges for marketers is generating leads.

How to Shorten the B2B Sales Cycle

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A good offer is the fuel that can not only shorten your sales cycle but also turbo charge your entire revenue generating machine. If there is one thing that aggravates the modern B2B company, it is the constantly lengthening sales cycle.

How To Protect Your B2B Marketing Budget

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For example, if you can generate more leads at less cost, why wouldn’t the company take advantage of your efficiency? In a recent discussion on the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) LinkedIn network, Art Hyde asked this question: How do you keep your marketing budget from being cut by the CFO while every other line-item is untouched? There is a lot of interest about this issue in the B2B marketing community, for good reason.

Social Media Marketing: What Not to Do

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Don’t lose your momentum by incorrectly utilizing social media and don’t waste precious time generating trivial, mundane, or superfluous material. I’ve written a lot about the subject of what you need to do to be successful in social media and pull marketing. The other side of this coin is a list of things that are harmful or counterproductive – in other words, stuff you should refrain from doing. Don’t become a nuisance.

How Marketing Can Double the Effectiveness of Your Sales Force

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Step 2: Generate a bunch of leads. Taking these five steps can have a profound impact on your company’s sales revenue and your marketing department will be viewed as a key partner in the revenue generation process. I was talking to a former colleague yesterday and she made the claim that as a marketer, she had no control over the sales process and little or any impact on revenue.