Expert Q&A: Transform Marketing With A Revenue-Relevant Customer Experience Strategy


So the most critical need for B2B marketers to understand is that their awareness/discovery content must be in the language of the buyer; it must answer the immediate question being posed and not more (certainly no selling or even gatekeeping contact data gathering); and it should accelerate the buyer along their journey.

How to Foster Harmony During the Content Review Process


When content gatekeepers are productive and motivated, they feel inspired and engaged. Say to your SME: “You recently mentioned that we’re missing content around this topic. Say to your SME: “We really appreciate all of your feedback on the ebook.


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6 Tips for Scaling Up Content Production without Sacrificing Quality

Single Grain

They’re the gatekeeper for outsourced content, ensuring that it meets the brand's high standards. Here are three models that work: Internal Brand Editors, Outsourced SME Copywriters. Consider contracting out content projects to Subject-Matter Expert (SME) copywriters. If you’ve already hired an intra-organization SME editor but they’re often time constrained to write promotional content, consider partnering with a content agency.

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In fact, they now train their subject matter experts (SME) to use the tools. The SME are highly skilled and work in a very fast-paced environment. Talk to the template gatekeepers and see if they can arrange a meeting for you with the Illuminati (or whomever it is that creates these rules). The Rapid Elearning Blog. 3 Simple Steps to Create Background Images for Your Next E-Learning Scenario. June 24th, 2008. 15 comments.