10 – 15 leads a day using game theory

Sales Intelligence View

To avoid raising the hackles of gatekeepers, let alone decision makers, and undermining the morale of your sales force, you need to learn a little game theory. Game theory is no game – it is advanced mathematics designed to predict behavior, developed for the U.S,

Creative Marketing in a Data-Driven Culture

Modern Marketing

Our models need to acknowledge this – and marketing needs to push back sometimes against the constant demands for more “accountability” Can you speak to the “game theory” as it relates to the notion of customer loyalty? .

SMX East 2017 Day 3 – Attribution, Video and Analytics


QuanticMind is capping off day 3 of SMX East 2017 with even more tips and tactics from thought leaders in the search engine marketing industry. Poulton compares the concept of DDA to Lloyd Shapely’s cooperative game theory, which attempts to assign “credit” for different players on a team for contributing to a game outcome. Day 3 of #SMX East wraps up with insights on attribution, video ads and more discussion of analytics. SMX East 2017, Day 3.