The role of recency use in digital marketing


Despite being one of the most effective levers you can pull in a campaign, recency is often overlooked. In 2019, 74 percent of all ad groups in Choozle included an audience, but only 17 percent of these ad groups had a recency adjustment applied. What is recency? Recency FTW ??.

Why Annual Planning In B2B Marketing Is Seriously Flawed, And How To Fix It


Rather than think about average conversion rates for each stage, marketing leaders can adopt a simpler view of the funnel, a view that more accurately reflects the reality that every lead has it’s own probability of converting and that each of these probabilities are taken into account for a more accurate forecast of opportunities and revenue. The funnel no longer needs to be a rough estimate of revenue based on average conversion rates across many stages.

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27 B2B Marketing Measurement Reports in Google Analytics

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Behavior >> Frequency & Recency >> Count of Sessions. Goals >> Funnel Visualization. Pro Tip: Do not include your “thank you” page as the final step in the Funnel definition, this is automatically added by Google Analytics. Multi-Channel Funnels -> Assisted Conversions. Multi-Channel Funnels -> Top Conversion Paths. Multi-Channel Funnels -> Time Lag. Multi-Channel Funnels -> Path Length.

A Deep Dive Into Two Examples Of Predictive Marketing


If you are focused on long term goals then identify accounts that require more nurturing and begin planning how you will move them through the funnel. The score is based on the quantity and quality of touchpoints. Account-engagement scoring is an algorithm built with touchpoints data. A touchpoint is simply a marketing interaction like a web visit, form fill, phone conversation, or email click. Marketing Touchpoints Are The Building Blocks For Predictive Marketing.

6 Questions About Marketing Attribution That You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask


Attribution, on the other hand, is specifically tracking how marketing impacts down-funnel metrics -- ideally revenue. The benefit of multi touch attribution is that it makes it possible to give credit to all marketing touchpoints, regardless of where they happen in the buyer journey. Therefore, certain marketing efforts aren’t overlooked simply because they are top-of-the-funnel or bottom-of-the-funnel.

6 Tips to Unify Sales and Marketing: Nail Your B2B Go-to-Market


Forget about top-of-funnel leads and start using stronger intent signals (e.g., keywords, recency, and sustained interest) to prioritize activities and identify your top accounts. Offer “extreme value” at every touchpoint, per TOPO’s guidance, that prospects can’t resist.

What is Account-Based Marketing? Everything You Need to Know


When sales cycles are long, like in B2B, they typically include touchpoints from multiple stakeholders within a single organization. The long B2B sales cycle typically includes touchpoints from multiple stakeholders within a single account. If we treated them as individuals, multiple salespeople would be trying to nurture each one through the funnel. Why are we losing so many at the top of the funnel? How many touchpoints typically happen before a deal closes?

Understanding intent in the era of work-at-home B2B purchase research


I particularly like this one at adExchanger that provides examples of how B2B marketing teams have modified their campaigns to generate interest at the top of the funnel in a time when you’re not likely to get your foot in the door at a more advanced funnel stage.

Managing Sales Activity Effectively in Salesforce


Your buyer is receiving different touchpoints, at different times, from different people in your organization – not to mention the sales activity they are receiving from your competitors. Manage Sales Rep Activity to Build Healthy Habits That Last Bringing visibility to sales activity and making it actionable for the sales reps over time will help them to build healthy habits that will help them manage their funnel better and win more deals.

Better ABM from Better Data: Using Data to Build a Propensity to Buy Model

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What is the recency, the velocity and how widespread is their activity? In this way, they will save their teams hours of time and effort, they’ll deliver better conversion rates across the funnel, and they’ll be on their way to breakthrough ROI. We provide very specific guidance on how to construct hyper-specific micro-messaging to make the most of every touchpoint.

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