Perfect Your Inbound Marketing Strategy With Lead Nurturing

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However, it’s crucial that you don’t skip a step when it comes to generating leads. Just because your marketing efforts have successfully attracted new leads doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically convert into sales. What Is Lead Nurturing?

The Right Lead Nurturing Strategy Can Help You Stay Top of Mind

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Just as you put thoughtfully planned initiatives in place to help with new lead generation, you must also think about how you will then nurture these prospects through the sales cycle once you obtain the lead. Successful attraction marketing is having leads.


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Marketo’s Lead Nurturing in Less Than 5 Minutes


For those of you who don’t know what a Brainshark is, it’s a cloud-based presentation I did on our lead nurturing process, conveniently segmented into eight pieces. Within the space of five minutes, it provides a useful introduction to the hows and whys of Marketo’s lead nurturing. Check out the Brainshark , and when you’re done, don’t forget to download our Lead Nurturing Cheat Sheet for more tips to get you started with lead nurturing.

Tailoring The B2B Sales Funnel To Meet Your Needs

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When it comes to the B2B sales funnel, there are three main stages : awareness, consideration and the decision stage. The funnel represents the journey that the customer takes from start to end. However, the B2B sales funnel isn’t necessarily set in stone.

How to Drive Website Conversions with the Buyer’s Journey

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Before any customer commits to purchasing a product, they will have to go through the sales funnel. The sales funnel is comprised of several stages that the buyer will go through, from identifying the problem they have to making a decision. Top of the Funnel: Awareness and Research.

Developing A Brand Marketing Strategy By Determining Your Company’s Make Or Break

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As a CEO or CMO, you must commit to leading and coaching; however, the best ROI comes with cooperation from all staff members, so empower them. Measure activities that lead to revenue and growth. Activities, future indicators and results all funnel down to achieve your goals.

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Marketing Leads: Quality Vs. Quantity

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Skip to content Home About Michael Brenner Appearances B2B Marketing Insider Michael Brenner's Blog on B2B Marketing Content Marketing Demand Generation Mobile Sales Alignment Search Marketing Social Media Strategy August 12, 2010 9 Subscribe Marketing Leads: Quality Vs. Quantity Share Last night I had the pleasure of dining with one of our media partners. We discussed the great lead quality vs. lead quantity debate. Sales says they want better leads.

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