Using Interactive Content Insights to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle


By adopting interactive content to accelerate the sales cycle, companies are nurturing their businesses’ roots with fertile soil. So, how can interactive content be used to empower your sales strategy and accelerate its cycle?

How To Speed Up Your Sales Cycle in 15 Simple Ways


Are you looking for ways to shorten your sales cycle and make people buy sooner? The less time a lead spends in your sales funnel, the more return on investment (ROI) for you! In fact, with all the resources that go into earning and nurturing leads, if you’re letting people take a long time to convert, you may find you’re spending more money to gain a sale than the sale itself is worth! First, let’s get to understand the sales cycle.


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3 Interactive Lead Qualification Tools for a Faster Sales Cycle


In the face of increasing goals and changing preferences of B2B buyers, sales and marketing teams alike are being forced to evolve in order to meet the needs of their prospects today. And on top of those changes, they’re being asked to hit lofty revenue-based KPIs, so it’s not shocking that ways to drive faster sales cycles are a hot topic today. Better Qualification, Shorter Sales Cycles. Tools for Interactive Lead Qualification. Interactive PDFs.

9 Tips for Connecting with Buyers and Closing Deals Faster in the Modern Sales Cycle


Today’s sales and marketing teams are operating in the age of the customer. Marketers are tasked with generating high-quality leads for the sales team. While marketing looks to improve the lead conversion process, sales looks to accelerate the sales cycle.

3 Ways Interactive Content Drives Shorter B2B Sales Cycles


Businesses today know that the longer it takes to close the sale, the greater the chance is of losing prospects to the competition. In addition, a longer sales cycle requires more time and resources. When digital content first started playing a serious role in modern marketing, the traditional formula marketers relied on was simple: Write quality content without getting too sales heavy, and you’ll drive engagement down the sales funnel.

5 ways that Conversational AI will shorten your sales cycle


A guest blog by Michael Hanson, VP of Marketing at CloudTask – CloudTask is a managed workforce provider for growing companies looking for B2B Sales, Sales Chat and Customer Support solutions. The length of a sales cycle, though it varies greatly by industry and whether your business is B2C or B2B, is a great indicator of the efficiency of your sales team. But it’s not just important to keep the length of your sales cycle tight.

5 Ways an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Shortens Your Sales Cycle


A collaborative blog post with contributions from Michael Hanson, VP of Marketing at CloudTask – CloudTask is a managed workforce provider for growing companies looking for B2B Sales, Sales Chat and Customer Support solutions. Artificial Intelligence Best Practices Blog Sales

5 Ways an Intelligent Virtual Assistant Shortens Your Sales Cycle


A collaborative blog post with contributions from Michael Hanson, VP of Marketing at CloudTask – CloudTask is a managed workforce provider for growing companies looking for B2B Sales, Sales Chat and Customer Support solutions. The length of a sales cycle, though it varies greatly by industry and whether your business is B2C or B2B, is a great indicator of the efficiency of your Sales team. When it comes to Sales, there’s nothing worse than a dead end.

New Data To Help You Break Buyer Silence in the Sales Cycle


Time is a sales leader’s most valuable commodity — especially now as massive global change disrupts well-established business norms. You’re likely experiencing challenges with building pipeline, onboarding reps, measuring performance, and coaching and motivating a newly remote sales team.

Different Stages of the B2B Sales Cycle

Directive Agency

B2B marketing timelines and sales cycles can be confusing. But depending on where they are in the B2B sales cycle, how you approach them will differ. ” To better accommodate the elongated B2B sales cycle, it’s important to distinguish between demand generate and lead generation campaigns. You should be tailoring dedicated campaigns to generate demand, nurture mid-level leads, and convert bottom-funnel users.

Tips To Power Your Sales Funnel With Video Content


Video can power your sales cycle at every step of the buying process, but it’s critical to remember that not all content is relevant to everyone. Top Of Funnel. Middle of Funnel. Mid-funnel prospects want content that helps them evaluate your product’s fit for their organization, and help bring others onboard. Effective mid-funnel video content can be gated, as prospects this far in the sales cycle have already put up their hand.

Funnel 200

How to Power Your Sales Funnel With Video Content


Video can power your sales cycle at every step of the buying process, but not all content is relevant to everyone. Top Of Funnel Video Content. Mid-funnel prospects want content that helps them evaluate your product’s fit for their organization, and help bring others onboard. Rarely will you be dealing with one decision maker, especially in B2B sales, so you’ll need to articulate your product’s features as they appeal to both decision makers and on-the-ground users.

Funnel 219

4 Points of Failure in the Typical Customer Acquisition Funnel


So, let’s go back to the basics, and deconstruct four common points of failure in the typical lead acquisition funnel and what organizations can do to succeed over them. Prospects are always cautious whenever dealing with an early-stage or a new sales professional at a Fortune 500 company.

5 ways interactive content improves customer engagement


Content marketers increasingly understand that interactive content can help them stand out in the sea of content. However, interactive content, which requires buyers to click or touch and make decisions about what to view, is valuable in the latter stages of the buyer journey, too.

How to Improve Full Funnel Conversion Rates


The main goal of marketing is to get prospects to find you, and then convert through every stage of the funnel on their way to becoming a customer. This post will walk marketers through multiple steps they can take to improve full funnel conversion rates. Listen to Your Sales Team. As the age old story goes, marketers fill the funnel with tons of leads and it’s Sales’ job to close them. Tracking Notables: What interactions deem a lead as “qualified”?

Ultimate Guide to the Data-Driven Sales Funnel


Does your (sales) funnel have flow? Learn data-driven strategies that support each stage of the sales funnel, along with key performance indicators (KPIs). Contents What is a Sales Funnel? What Tools Do People Use for Sales Funnels?

Funnel 173

How to Match Great Content to Your Sales Funnel


In the B2B marketing world, the buying cycle is long. Unlike in B2C marketing, your future customer doesn't simply walk up to your vending machine, make a purchase, and become a closed sale. There's a long cycle that has a lot of money and resources at stake, so you need to nurture your prospects all the way through the process. It's about driving them through to the sale by creating great content at each stage of their journey. Top of the Funnel.

Funnel 218

How to Use B2B Content Marketing for Each Stage of the Sales Cycle

Hinge Marketing

By catering your content to each stage of the sales funnel, you can demonstrate a specific understanding of individual client needs. Let’s take a look at the sales funnel and break down how you can leverage your B2B content marketing for each stage. Top of the Funnel. You want your top of the funnel prospects to get the highest ROI from reading your content as possible. Middle of the Funnel. Bottom of the Funnel.

How to Create the Ultimate Marketing Funnel (Templates Included)

Single Grain

Before reading on, check out this short video we made called How to Make a Sales Funnel that Converts Loyal Customers which shows you how to create an e-mail sales funnel in an automated sequence: If you want your business’ sales process to run as efficiently as possible, you absolutely must get your marketing funnel – the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying customer – right. What Is a Marketing Funnel? NOW WITH MORE!

How to Map Lead Nurturing Content to Each Stage in the Sales Cycle


Lead nurturing is a crucial part of your marketing and sales success. With lead nurturing , however, you can bring those leads through your sales funnel and garner 4-10 times the response rate compared to a regular email blast while doing it [Source: SilverPop/DemandGen Report]. To nurture those leads correctly, however, you need to somehow adjust your messaging based on their point in the sales cycle. Understanding the Buying Cycle.

Love Every Lead – 4 Ways Marketing Automation Benefits the Sales Cycle


The reason that many companies fail to exploit their demand generation success is that they fail to implement strong structures and process to manage the final piece of the marketing funnel. Lead scoring and nurturing tools ensure that a company can manage the top of the funnel through to marketing qualified leads (MQL). However the technology alone will not bring these leads through to Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) and into pipeline.

Why your SaaS needs interactive content


SaaS companies found out that interactive content can be a powerful ally to accelerate their sales cycle. Why you need interactive content for your SaaS company. Interactive content is all over the internet. How to use interactive content for SaaS.

Interactive Content Guide: how to bring life to your Content Marketing strategy


It’s undeniable: interactive content like those really grabs our attention! People like creative and stimulant content, which escapes from the ordinary and lets them interact. For brands, such materials are much more effective than traditional approaches to advertising and sales.

What’s the Right Content for Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel?

Single Grain

This post on discovering the right content for each stage of the marketing funnel has been updated for 2019. Not some day in the future after navigating your complex purchase funnel, but right then on their first visit. Today: The average customer engages with 3-5 pieces of content before talking to a sales rep. In this framework, every piece of content you create is an opportunity to bring a new lead closer to a sale or to inspire an existing customer to take action.

Video & Interactive Content: Fast-Tracking Buyer Engagement


The mass migration to video and interactive content was already under way, but the process sped up considerably as we watched live events disappear from our calendars in 2020. Research shows that 30% of Millennial buyers prefer interactive content.

How to Transform Your Sales Funnel to Improve Sales Performance and Sales Velocity


Sales can be a tough job in the best of times. This puts tremendous pressure on salespeople to perform well — and on sales leaders to maximize their team’s productivity and improve sales outcomes. How Sales Teams Perform Throughout the Sales Funnel.

Pipeline Velocity: Why It Matters, How To Measure It and How It Helps


Similarly, key components factor into one phenomenon that can show the health of your overall sales process. Within sales, moving plenty of high-value opportunities successfully through the pipeline is the goal of every sales VP. That movement is measured by pipeline velocity, a way for you to see exactly how you are succeeding in getting your prospects from one end of the funnel to the other. The overall win rate percentage for your sales team.

Customer Retention Through Interactive Content: A Guide 


Customer Retention Through Interactive Content: A Guide. Furthermore, we will tell you all about managing your customer retention through interactive content, our weapon in the sack! Customer retention through interactive content is far cheaper than customer acquisition.Just think about all the cost and effort that goes into acquisition - E-mail campaigns , social media , SEO, and whatnot. Interactive content is our go-to solution for everything.

7 Easy Steps to Align Sales and Marketing Throughout the Sales Funnel in 2020

Unbound B2B

Every year, companies lose $1 trillion in costs due to misalignment between sales teams and marketing teams. The flip side of this is that B2B companies that succeed in aligning their sales and marketing teams increase their revenue by up to 208% each year. The Sales Process.

Building a B2B Marketing Stack that Drives Full-Funnel Decision Making


This year, although the stack has remained relatively the same, Datapipe made one small change that is transforming its view of Marketing’s impact throughout the sales cycle. Datapipe, a cloud management provider with a longer sales cycle, was relying on first-touch attribution to make decisions, but they knew that their single-touch model was undervaluing the nurturing and remarketing tactics used to progress leads through their funnel.

Funnel 133

How to Use Personalized Content to Qualify Leads at Every Stage of the Funnel


Both sales and marketing want their pipelines to be overflowing with leads at all times, and more importantly, they want the right leads that are most likely to convert into revenue-generating customers. We like to see volume in our pipeline, but sometimes, we fail to look closer and examine how much of that pipeline is really worth your sales team’s time. So, how can your brand break through the noise and bring in those quality leads that sales wants? Top of the Funnel.

The Lead Generation-Inbound Marketing- Funnel Optimization Toolkit


Nowadays there are hundreds and hundreds of online tools and platforms that assist us in generating, converting, and nurturing leads into sales. Leads are now email addresses, conversation is written dialog and content, and the phone is saved until later in the sales process. Pre-Funnel: Attracting audiences before they have determined need. Funnel Entrance: Targeting audiences who are exploring solutions. Advertising B2B Lead to Sale Process Marketing Strategy

Funnel 156

Top Sales KPIs for Your B2B Sales Reps


Unclear sales goals are costly. These are metrics that prioritize and improve sales performance and yield valuable specifics like percent of team meeting quota, average on-target earnings, and sales cycle length. KPIs should match the specific needs of your sales team.

Sales 130

Interactive Tools Make “Boring” Products Cool!

The Mx Group

Interactive tools and content can transform a potentially “boring” product or service into something “cool” in the eyes of your prospects and buyers. It’s a fact of life that more and more of the B2B sales cycle is conducted online, and potential customers are putting off conversations with your sales team, distributors or channel partners until later in the buyer’s journey. Engaging with interactive content is more like having a conversation.

How to Measure and Optimize Your Entire ABM Funnel


If leads are now not the main goal for your marketing and sales team, what should you focus on instead to measure success? And how can you optimize your program to create more qualified sales opportunities, faster? Sales Velocity. Remember the Double Funnel.

The Funnel is Dead. Long Live the Funnel.


A common metaphor used to describe the relationship between sales and marketing teams at B2B companies is the relay race. The baton is passed to sales. Sales works them into closed deals. When we think about that process in terms of the traditional business funnel, marketing handles the top and sales controls the bottom. The interaction between the teams was typically limited — a single handoff. They work side-by-side throughout the entire funnel.

Using Interactive Content to Fuel Marketing and Sales Alignment


If you’ve read the SnapApp blog (or any marketing publication recently, for that matter) you’ve probably seen the increased importance of sales and marketing alignment. Buyers are increasingly demanding a world where marketing and sales is seamless – there is no handoff, it’s simply one engine that fuels your customer journey. Buyers today prefer to do their own due diligence before offering up an email address that basically guarantees them the sales call or email that follows.