How To Create An Interactive Content Funnel That Segments & Converts


One of the best ways to do this is by creating an interactive content funnel that segments prospects while turning them into customers. From quizzes and calculators to polls and many other options, interactive content requires people to become more than passive viewers.

Examples of Tech Companies Using Interactive Content to Drive Leads


By investing in Interactive Marketing. The production of interactive content offers the consumer an extremely engaging environment, making them a part of their own experience. . The interaction results in several benefits, which we will address in this text.


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Tips To Power Your Sales Funnel With Video Content


Buyer Personas. If you’re looking to start building out buyer personas for your customers, check out this guide by the team at Eloqua. Top Of Funnel. Middle of Funnel. Mid-funnel prospects want content that helps them evaluate your product’s fit for their organization, and help bring others onboard. Effective mid-funnel video content can be gated, as prospects this far in the sales cycle have already put up their hand.

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How to Power Your Sales Funnel With Video Content


The Importance of Buyer Personas. If you’re looking to start building out buyer personas for your customers, check out this guide by the team at Eloqua. Top Of Funnel Video Content. Mid-funnel prospects want content that helps them evaluate your product’s fit for their organization, and help bring others onboard. Effective mid-funnel video content can be gated, as prospects this far in the sales cycle have already put up their hand.

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5 Tips to Easily Develop Your B2B Buyer Persona

KoMarketing Associates

While your team may have all types of strategies in place to carry out marketing messages, without B2B buyer personas, you could be missing the mark when it comes to getting your efforts consumed by target audiences. B2B buyer personas are fictional representations of your target audience members, which help to better align campaigns all along the buying journey. While all of the above may sound great in theory, the truth is, there is an art to creating effective B2B buyer personas.

What is interactive marketing?


This understanding guides most Content Marketing strategies, which aim to establish a relationship of trust with the buyer persona , first attracting visitors and then converting them into leads. This is where Interactive Marketing comes in. What is Interactive Marketing?

Marketing Funnel Management Walkthrough


The marketing funnel is what most marketers live and die by. Questions like: “How can we shorten the funnel?” “Can Can we accelerate this through the funnel?” Increase marketing funnel velocity” are thrown around constantly- but what does it mean? The Bottom of the Funnel.

Ion Interactive Guide: Rock Content’s Interactive Marketing tool


Interactive content is the next stage of this journey, remarkable in the extremely engaging experience it offers users. The platform allows you to create content for all stages of the sales funnel , meeting all demands of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

5 ways interactive content improves customer engagement


Content marketers increasingly understand that interactive content can help them stand out in the sea of content. However, interactive content, which requires buyers to click or touch and make decisions about what to view, is valuable in the latter stages of the buyer journey, too.

How interactive case studies can leverage your conversions


By creating engaging experiences, you optimize the buyer’s journey along the sales funnel and boost your conversion rate. The answers to this question may vary, but the fact is that investing in interactive content is currently the most effective way to engage the buyer.

Discover 6 interactive content metrics you should be tracking today


Interactive content is a marketing trend that has grown considerably in recent years. Interactive content metrics are part of the process of evaluating the results from implementing this strategy. We will cover: Why use an interactive content strategy?

Drive more sales using interactive content for sales enablement


Interactive content is an excellent resource to empower a company’s sales enablement department, resulting in higher revenues and better training sessions for sales teams. We’ll talk about the following items: What is interactive content? What is interactive content?

What is an interactive quiz and how to make one


The quiz, interactive or static, is a content format with huge power to engage the reader. Interactive quizzes have everything that it takes to increase customers and revenue. Interactive materials, in fact, have already reached good results for companies that bet on them.

How to Collect First-Party Data with Interactive Content


With varied information about the behavior, preferences, and other characteristics of the public, it is possible to set up increasingly personalized actions to attract and convert the buyer persona. In this process, there is nothing more powerful than the proper use of interactive content.

Using Interactive Content Insights to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle


By adopting interactive content to accelerate the sales cycle, companies are nurturing their businesses’ roots with fertile soil. So, how can interactive content be used to empower your sales strategy and accelerate its cycle? But what exactly does your buyer persona care about?

Ultimate Guide to the Data-Driven Sales Funnel


Does your (sales) funnel have flow? Learn data-driven strategies that support each stage of the sales funnel, along with key performance indicators (KPIs). Contents What is a Sales Funnel? What Tools Do People Use for Sales Funnels? What is a Sales Funnel?

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How to Create Buyer Personas to Boost Your B2B Marketing

The Lead Agency

This can be done by building buyer personas. A buyer persona is a research-based profile that depicts a target customer. Buyer personas describe who your ideal customers are, what their days are like, the challenges they face, and how they make decisions.

How to Improve Full Funnel Conversion Rates


The main goal of marketing is to get prospects to find you, and then convert through every stage of the funnel on their way to becoming a customer. This post will walk marketers through multiple steps they can take to improve full funnel conversion rates. As the age old story goes, marketers fill the funnel with tons of leads and it’s Sales’ job to close them. Tracking Notables: What interactions deem a lead as “qualified”? are you feeding to the middle of the funnel?

How to Create a Demand Generation Funnel – Strategy+Examples


How to Create a Demand Generation Funnel - Strategy+Examples. The ultimate goal of a marketing strategy is to make the buyer’s journey and the demand generation funnel smooth. But, you’d ask, what actually happens in the funnel? This blog will take you on a ride down the funnel.

The Ultimate Guide to Developing Buyer Personas (with Templates!)

Single Grain

This post was updated with more in-depth content, templates and examples on how to craft the perfect buyer persona. If you want to have the best chance of getting the attention of prospects in an ad-heavy world — and, more importantly, convince them to buy from your company — you’ll need to build buyer personas. What Is a Buyer Persona? First up, let’s discuss exactly what a buyer persona is. The Science of Building Buyer Personas (infographic). NOW UPDATED!

How Interactive Content Is Improving Tech Companies Content


For a long time, Content Marketing has been proving to be one of the main allies of companies that want to reach and delight their buyer persona. It is necessary to create an interactive environment. In this text, you will find out: What type of interactive content is more effective?

How Social Data Can Help You Develop Buyer Personas


I speak daily with product, marketing, and sales professionals about the impact that social media can have on developing buyer personas, launching a product, building a brand, or even on individuals standing in their respective marketplace. Developing Your Buyer Personas.

Can an interactive calculator help you sell more?


And one of these options is to create an interactive calculator. This means putting aside the production of static content and investing in interactive content, which provides a much more complete experience for the consumer. Why does your company need to produce interactive content?

How to gather data through interactive content


Interactive content plays an important role in achieving this. If you are familiar with Content Marketing , you can grasp the increased value that interactive content offers. In this article, we will cover: What’s the role of interactive content in gathering data?

Interactive Content Ideas For The Construction Sector


Interactive Content Ideas For The Construction Sector. And guess what, there’s another similarity between the two – interactive content ! Whether it’s the construction sector or a marketing strategy, you can use interactive content to help you with both! Top Of The Funnel.

How to calculate the ROI of interactive content


Interactive content is a marketing bet to generate more leads and customers. Interactive content attracts the prospects’ attention and engages them. One advantage of this format is its attractiveness, which can take the lead to other stages of the funnel and increase the ROI.

How interactive landing pages will increase your conversions in 2020


By adding interactive content to enrichen the visitor experience. Want to know more about interactive landing pages? What is the role of interactive content in the growth of the conversion rate? That’s where interactive content comes in.

How To Map Content To Your Conversion Funnel


For marketers, the conversion funnel is one of the best tools for understanding consumer behavior and building long-term relationships. The top of the funnel is wide, representing early-stage contact with a large audience. As the funnel narrows, each band represents a point of contact that’s one step closer to your goal. Prospects reach the end of the funnel when they make a purchase. The best place to start is with your customer personas.

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Why your SaaS needs interactive content


SaaS companies found out that interactive content can be a powerful ally to accelerate their sales cycle. In this article, you’ll find: Why you need interactive content for your SaaS company How to use interactive content for SaaS Best examples of interactive content for SaaS.

Interactive Content Guide: how to bring life to your Content Marketing strategy


It’s undeniable: interactive content like those really grabs our attention! People like creative and stimulant content, which escapes from the ordinary and lets them interact. Interactive content is the new strength of Content Marketing. How to produce interactive content?

Leverage your marketing automation efforts using interactive content data


The good news is that gathering data can be easier with interactive content. If you are wondering how you can extract data from interactive content and put it to work in your favor, you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn: How to gather data from interactive content?

Boost Audience Engagement With These 21 Types of Interactive Content


Boost Audience Engagement With These 21 Types of Interactive Content. And when it comes to engagement, interactive content is the boss! In this blog, we will walk you through 21 interactive content types that will boost your engagement through the roof! Interactive Blogs.

The Stages Of Building an Email Marketing Sales Funnel 


This goal is the reason you need to work on building a sales funnel that brings the best results. . With this increasing number, you have to come up with a strategic plan to stay relevant and an email marketing sales funnel is the solution. Let’s start with the marketing funnels.

How to increase your CTR with interactive content


But did you also know that interactive content and CTR are in a very close relationship? Interactive content is an approach that will allow you to gain your buyer persona’s attention. The main topics will be: How are interactive content and CTR related?

CTR 164

Interactive CTAs: An Introduction


Interactive CTAs (calls-to-action) or ‘events’ are one great way to drive specific, desired outcomes from your viewers and encourage them to step further down the funnel. What are interactive events and why should I care? “In a nutshell, interactive events are areas of the player that have been created specifically to actively engage your viewers,” says Stephanie Yi, Solutions Consultant at Vidyard. What role does it play in your funnel?

How interactive content will increase your visitor’s time on page


The answer comes in two words: interactive content. In this article, we’ll go deeper into how you can use interactive content to increase your visitor’s time on page. How to use interactive content to increase your visitor’s time on page? Interactive calculator.

Make chatbot-ready videos for account-based marketing


Did you know that Facebook thinks that most online interactions between businesses and their customers will soon be mediated by chatbots ? This is the “flipped funnel” ABM model devised by Sangram Vajre , CMO of Terminus and founder of the #FlipMyFunnel community. While there are four discrete phases in each funnel, the stages of the “flipped” ABM funnel all depend on increasing engagement. Short and to the point, like an SMS message, and persona-based.