The way we engage with technology has changed—from the way we watch TV (Netflix), to the way we consume music (Spotify), to the way we exercise (Peloton). We have tuned out on old one-dimensional experiences. Your buyer expects each stage of the journey to be curated so they can stream away!

This has a major implication for the accountability of the modern demand and digital marketer. Your buyers now expect a personalized content experience to guide them through their buying process before they make a decision to buy. And you, not just the content marketer, need to be able to deliver this at scale.

Join Randy as he presents an actionable framework for creating experiences that will engage your buyers to stream through more of your content so they don’t tune out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover a 5-step framework that offers a concise way for marketers to create, manage, and optimize personalized content experiences at scale.
  • Learn how content fuels personalization and how to approach developing and organizing it across all marketing strategies.
  • Find out how to deliver truly relevant content to prospects and customers across different channels, formats, and touchpoints.

April 16th, 2020 12:30 PM PDT, 3:30 PM EDT, 8:30 PM BST

Use B2B Marketing Zone's webinars to earn continuing education credits! Our CEUs count toward the American Marketing Association's Professional Certified Marketer (AMA PCM®) program. Attendance of this webinar will earn one CEU toward your PCM® Digital Marketing, PCM® Sales Management, PCM® Content Marketing, and PCM® Marketing Management recertifications.

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