The Only 2 Account-Based Sales Development Metrics You Need To Measure


Account-based selling is a coordinated strategy taken on mainly by Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to target a number of high-value accounts by using a multi-touch, multi-channel strategy approach. Account-Based Sales Development Metrics Account-based sales is on the rise.

Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)


You can test emails (subject lines, copy, graphics, calls to action, frequency, timing, etc.) Multi-touch Campaigns / Lead Nurturing This is the ability to automate “drip marketing” campaigns that send relevant messages over time, based on prospect behaviors and pre-defined campaign steps. Lead Scoring and Grading With lead scoring, you automatically qualify leads based on demographics and BANT criteria as well as specific prospect behaviors, including recency and frequency.

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Marketer Showcase: Nick Robinson of SAP North America


We have a growing body of technology that allows us to source signals of engagement from across the many touch points in marketing to route the most engaged contacts from target accounts to our business development team.