Content Frequency is Important But Don’t Rush Your Writers


Here are some tips to help your content marketing teams deliver world-class quality while maintaining optimum content frequency. For marketing leaders, the desire to just crank up the volume when certain activities are working if all too tempting.

Why keyword frequency matters in every content?

Excelsior Research

Why keyword frequency matters in every content? We have made a note to Why keyword frequency matters in every content? Why keyword frequency matters in every content? But a secret remains in keyword frequency. Do you know why keyword frequency matters in every content?


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Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Frequency


Email Marketing Frequency Best Practices. Email marketing frequency requires a delicate balance, as your audience will quickly unsubscribe if they don’t find your emails valuable. Read on to learn email marketing frequency best practices and how to optimize your email calendar.

How Often Should You Blog? [Blog Post Frequency RESEARCH]

Marketing Insider Group

Frequency really does matter. Blog Post Frequency RESEARCH] appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. In the world of content marketing, the lifeblood of your program is content. Much of that content is in blog form. Blogs help you attract new clients by answering questions and providing insights on their challenges. We believe strongly that blogging with consistency is necessary for content marketing to work. But, […]. The post How Often Should You Blog?

Outbound Prospecting – Filling Your Sales Pipeline

Speaker: Mark Hunter, CSP, “The Sales Hunter”

Join Mark Hunter, CSP, “The Sales Hunter”, as he shares insights and information about the importance of knowing your market and how that dictates who you should be prospecting. He will also discuss how to find great leads and turn them into great customers.

The Need for Speed: What is the Ideal Blog Publishing Frequency?


Is there an ideal blog publishing frequency? Without getting into the quantity vs. quality debate, let's just say that you should strive to do the highest frequency possible while not sacrificing quality. Here's a deep dive to help you determine your ideal blog publishing frequency.

Fine-Tune Your Reach and Frequency for Modern Marketing [Video Series Debut]

Content Marketing Institute

Reach and frequency. Continue reading → The post Fine-Tune Your Reach and Frequency for Modern Marketing [Video Series Debut] appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. Catch the first episode of CMI’s new video and blog series – Marketing Makers.

Choosing the Right Frequency for Email Marketing Campaigns


One of the biggest challenges when it comes to deciding upon frequency for your email marketing campaigns is striking the right balance between too many emails and too few. Once your email campaigns start gaining traction, it’s tempting to boost the frequency.

The Importance of Quantity and Frequency in Content Marketing


There’s always been debate about content quality vs. quantity and frequency in content marketing practitioner circles. Content Marketing Content Planning blog blogging content frequency leads marketing quality quantity results strategy traffic website

The Importance of Quantity and Frequency in Content Marketing


There’s always been debate about content quality vs. quantity and frequency in content marketing practitioner circles. Content Marketing Content Planning blog blogging content frequency leads marketing quality quantity results strategy traffic website

6 Best Practices When Scheduling Your LinkedIn Posts: Frequency, Best Time to Post, and More


Content Analytics Content Automation Social Media Marketing Tips & How-Tos automation best practices content engagement frequency linkedin marketing promotion scheduling social media social publishing

Understanding Connected TV Measurement: The impact of reach, frequency & ROI


The post Understanding Connected TV Measurement: The impact of reach, frequency & ROI appeared first on Choozle: Digital Advertising Made Easy.

How the Right Advertising Frequency Can Improve Your Campaign Performance?

Smarty Ads

Among these, advertising frequency can often be overlooked, but in fact, it is often. Every advertiser knows there are numerous factors that define the success of your programmatic marketing efforts.

Publishing Frequency: Why (and How) We’re Changing Things Up

Content Marketing Institute

Our new publishing frequency. For years, Joe has encouraged companies to get strategic about their publishing frequency decisions. Be strategic about the frequency of publishing your content, says @JoePulizzi. And just a few weeks ago, in PNR Episode 207 , Joe and Robert talked about the latest research from Orbit Media, which shows a decline in publishing frequency (and an increase in post length) among individual bloggers.

Black Friday 2013: which toy retailers topped the rank vs. frequency chart in SEM?


The Search Monitor decided to look closely at one interesting vertical – toy retailers – and two important search marketing metrics in that vertical: ad rank and ad frequency. Other than Kohl’s, the other 6 retailers fell into an approximately linear relationship where higher frequency led to better rankings. Their ad frequency over this period was around 70% and their average ad rank was 4%. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Blog Post Frequency: Best Day and Time to Post a Blog


Blogging frequency basics. Also, be sure that frequency won’t diminish quality. Now, when it comes to something a little less transitory, like a website, frequency might not be as much of an issue, though the challenge here involves driving traffic to your content.

Using a Content Operations Maturity Model: How Mature is Your Operation?


On a 1-to-5 scale, how mature are your content operations today? Are you still working towards that utopia of content process perfection? Most of us are.

Never Miss a Content Publishing Deadline Again!


Consistency and sustainability are key factors to content marketing success. So missing deadlines could be costing you. Are you tracking your team's on-time completion rate? Have you looked into why your team may struggle to hit deadlines?

Solving the Email Frequency Debate: How Much is Too Much?


Four considerations to help you find the right balance in frequency for your email marketing campaigns. Finding a Balance: Top Considerations for Email Frequency. As you evaluate your various email programs in light of frequency, keep these four considerations in mind: Audience. Second, you need to look at frequency in light of the type of emails you’re sending. The Email Frequency Sweet Spot. The post Solving the Email Frequency Debate: How Much is Too Much?

How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy


Do you have a social media content strategy? Most companies would answer "yes" to that question, but is it documented somewhere? And has it been updated since the pandemic? Spoiler alert: things have changed.

How To Create Lead Nurturing Campaigns With Content Marketing in 4 Simple Steps


In a perfect world, the moment a new prospect hops on your email list, they would be ready to buy. But that hardly ever happens. Consumers need to be nurtured over time to nudge them along their journey.

How Content Briefs Can Dramatically Improve Your Content Marketing Productivity


Question: What's one thing you can do to improve the productivity of your content creators AND get better quality content out of them? Answer: Start creating and using content briefs. They're a game changer and today's post from guest contributor Jenna Bunnell covers the topic in depth. Read on!

How Can You Improve Content Engagement for Your Business?


Content Marketing Tips & How-Tos comments consistency content content calendar data email newsletters engagement examples explainer videos frequency headlines keyword research keywords publishing questions SEO social social media social sharing target audience video

Intentional inventing: own the intellectual property that leads the future


Research: Pick one metric like the number of people impacted (scale), frequency (rate of occurrence), or cost (losses or direct costs). Lesson for leaders. Innovations rule today’s world, so everyone wants to innovate. Innovations are filed for patenting and claimed as property before they are launched. If someone else had your idea first and patented it, you might not be able to use it.

Intent 293

Need for Speed: How to Increase and Maintain Content Velocity


Content Analytics Content Marketing Content Operations & Governance Tips & How-Tos collaboration content content production content strategy digital asset management frequency metadata metadata management quality revenue traditional advertising trust velocity volume

Advanced Blogging Panel: How to Create Content That Drives Traffic and Engagement


Is there an ideal frequency and word count for a blog to drive traffic, or it doesn’t matter? How can businesses use blogging effectively to increase online visibility and build relationships with their target audiences?

How Much Content Do You Really Need?


Today's marketing engine needs a steady stream of fuel: content. But how much content do you really need? In this post, we’ll look at a variety of channels and discuss how you can align your content production volume with your objectives and audience demands.

The Five Realities of Publishing Frequency That May Keep You Up at Night


Others don’t stand a chance since they haven’t defined any sort of publishing frequency or schedule in the first place. The road to consistency begins with an identification of a publishing frequency that you can sustain. You also need to set expectations on the quality of the content, as high-quality content typically takes longer to produce and thus may require a lower frequency. Today’s marketers have a lot going on.

5 Reasons No One Cares About Your Latest Blog Post


Why should your audience care about your latest blog post? While blogging is a core tenet of content marketing and something that your content team is probably focused on heavily, all that energy won’t matter if no one’s paying attention.

6 Fixes to the Most Pressing Content Creation Challenges


What are the biggest challenges in the content creation process? Have new challenges arisen since the pandemic? In this post, we’re going to define the most common issues and provide you with proven fixes. Let's go!

Press 86

Have We Chosen a Content Topic or Area of Focus We Can Sustain?


It may seem easy to define the content topics you want to cover for a new content initiative. But how long are you planning for that content initiative to run? Are you choosing topic clusters that are sustainable for the life of the initiative?

Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement for Online Businesses


Purchase frequency (PF). Customer Experience chatbots customer engagement CX Hall and Partners purchase frequency repeat purchase rate RPRContributed post. Customer engagement has become a hot topic, with average daily searches doubling in the past five years.

The 5-Step Test to Determine Optimal Email Frequency


Maybe you're interested in ramping up your email marketing in 2012 but don't want to see all your hard lead generation work go to waste by increasing your sending frequency. How do you know what email sending frequency is the right frequency for your subscriber list? So how do you get started with an email send frequency test? Once you've created the emails, schedule them for the sending frequency you outlined in your hypothesis.

Content Calendar Examples from Brands that are Killing It in Content Marketing


Content Marketing Content Planning Tips & How-Tos brands calendar channels coca-cola content customer employee-generated engagement examples frequency glossier ideas ideation marketing passion planning platform publishing software starbucks strategy texas instruments user-generated content voic

Digital Content Strategy: How to Create a Strategy That Drives Results


Content marketing has proven its ability to drive traffic and attract buyers. But not on its own. Publishing content with no strategic roadmap is a waste of time and effort. Here are 7 steps to follow to ensure your digital content strategy is solid (and documented).

A Marketer's Guide to Nailing the Timing & Frequency of Social Media Updates


He examined a database of more than 100,000 accounts to determine what timing and frequency resulted in the greatest outcomes for social shares. Determining Your Optimal Frequency. Getting frequency right is an important achievement in marketing, whether you're talking email strategy or social updates. The right frequency for you depends a lot on the concentration of content in your audience's stream. Here's the thing: Social media timing matters.

How to Create a Content Calendar: A Step-by-step Guide for New Content Marketers


Content Marketing Content Marketing Toolbox Content Planning blogging calendar content copywriting Deadlines editorial calendar format frequency how to ideas ideation marketing publishing schedule scheduling topics writing

How to Create a Style Guide for Your Blog Content


Content Marketing Content Planning Content Strategy Tips & How-Tos analysis analytics blog blog posts blogging brand brand personality consistency content content audit copywriting frequency grammar process quality quality control style guide syntax template tone voice writing

Ten tips for customer reactivation


For example, if purchase frequency slows, or order size shrinks, inactivity is likely to follow. Once the customer is reactivated, test to find the optimal the cadence and frequency of ongoing communications that will keep them engaged. Are you looking for the best ways to reactivate dormant customers and reduce churn? Here’s a roundup of the ten most effective practices today, in both business and consumer markets.

The Smart Marketer’s Black Book of Content Operations


The content operations ecosystem includes more than just your content team. It impacts all enterprise areas involved in planning, creating, analyzing, promoting, and sharing content. It’s a key area of your organization that you’ll want to invest in to streamline production and ensure consistency.