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Intent Data Basics: Make The Content + Data Connection


Content4Demand assembled an expert panel of thought leaders and power users in the intent data arena to delve into intent-based marketing in our session at the Buyer Insights & Intelligence webinar series hosted by Demand Gen Report. Intent Data Do's and Don'ts.

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Five Ways to Change Your Sales Strategy After COVID


Many, if not most, of the new companies created last year don’t know about your products, so intent signals can be a powerful tool to detect when they have interest. Research analyst firm Forrester pegged increased use of videos by sales teams as a trend for 2021. Call mobile numbers as prospects enter hybrid work schedules.

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Content + Intent Data: The Rise of First-Party Data


How are B2B companies using intent data to inform the content they’re creating in terms of topics and formats? Intent helps define that granularity. Intent signals emanate from buyers’ interactions with content. How can intent data help marketers build content that's customized for unique accounts and target buyers?

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Marketers Focus on Buyer Intent Data as Privacy Undermines Targeting


Gartner found prospects spend 50% of their time getting information from third-party sources, and sales teams can use buyer intent signals to learn about that activity and act on it. Marketers need to go beyond basic intent, though. Buyer intent is increasingly demonstrating its potential for B2B marketers.

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Simplify Lead Scoring with AI


This includes improving filtration capabilities to prevent unqualified leads from slipping through the cracks, as well as identifying intent signals and refining insights into the likelihood of lead action. Interest, which leads to intent signaling and identifies if a company’s in-market and looking for new solutions.

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As B2B Customer Data Platforms Come of Age, an Exciting Opportunity for Marketers Everywhere


The release of The Forrester New Wave: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q2 2019 this week is the clearest sign yet that B2B businesses see CDPs as the solution to their data challenges. We’re proud to see Leadspace recognized by Forrester as one of only two leaders in this highly competitive, emerging market. Read the full report here.

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Key Takeaways That Marketers Should Know From “The State of Multi-Channel ABM” Event

Madison Logic

To help marketers better understand this concept, we brought on guest speaker Robert Peterson, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester, to share the latest research on the state of data-driven multi-channel ABM and how these findings will impact future B2B marketing strategies. . Forrester finds that B2B organizations are investing in data.