What Are Psychographics? [FAQs]


What kind of values and opinions do they have? The answers to these questions are the psychographics of your customer base, and you need to know this information to truly understand who’s buying what you’re selling. How to Find Psychographic Data.

Target Market Research for the Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

Our focus will be on the professional services, but the principals apply more broadly to B2B marketing. A target market is a group of potential clients that you wish to sell your services to. Let’s start with the scenario where you already have a group of clients. Psychographic.

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10 Unintentional Intent Signal Mistakes to Avoid, Part One


Savvy B2B sales and marketing teams must put Intent Signals in relative context by using other data factors that may or may not include psychographic, geographic, and firmographic information. In this instance, are the opinions of potential prospects indicative of intent?

An Introduction to Social Media for Business

Sprout Social

Knowing the age, gender and psychographics of your audience allows you to create and share more targeted content. Before social media you’d have to pay thousands of dollars to put together focus groups and send surveys.

An Uncomplicated Approach to Conducting Solid Market Research


Do we round up Don Draper and set up an expensive, time-intensive focus group behind two way mirrors? Demographic and psychographic information. 3) Find the right group of people for your market research.