A Guide to Social Listening: The Key to an Effective Social Media Strategy

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Perhaps you’ve conducted some focus groups and you try to stay up-to-date on industry journals, but the best way to find out what consumers really think about your industry — what they love, where their pain points are — is by engaging in social listening.

The Ultimate Guide to Emotional Marketing


Annoyed could be grouped under angry, and excited could be considered happy … but their definitions aren’t quite the same. Sure, you compared prices and spent time reading about each product, but when it came time to make a decision, I’m betting you relied on your heart over your head.

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15 Creative Examples of Branded Pop-Up Shops


They're tasked with turning brainstorming sessions and comments sourced during focus groups into campaigns that sum up everything about a brand's identity in a neat, tidy, and most importantly, interesting way. Marketers spend a lot of time trying to nail down abstract concepts.

11 Ways to Give and Get Customer Love


Grandfather Them: If you charge your customers on a recurring basis for your product or service and your business makes pricing changes, grandfather your loyal, existing customers in so the price they pay gets locked in at the rate they started paying when they first became customers.