Publishing’s revolutionary breakout: always-on, multi-way connections in shared life spaces


Government statistics. For the first time, everyone in the company is above average, with next year’s performance target raised to 75%. It’s a people-first re-invention of living, learning, and the economy, with people and people-first companies at the top.

7 AEC Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2019. #2 Might Come as a Surprise.

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The service providers and teaming partners with the most visible expertise will have the advantage of first impression. The ones that are able to demonstrate results, and clearly market these integrated tools will have a significant first-mover advantage.

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1 Billion Facebook Users in 2012? Not So Fast


It’s a first mover that is eventually going to run up against its limits. Image via CrunchBase. A report has been released by interactive agency icrossing. We reported on it over at Marketing Pilgrim. The gist?



Be the First Mover. There are an increasing number of externalities – such as government regulation and patent strategies (both NPEs/trolls and big company patent thickets) that occasionally get focused on but in my experience are not what actually matters. Instead, I’ll focus on the things that I think really matter and can make or break a company in the first five years of its life. I think about competition all the time.

Healthcare Marketing Is Pioneering Value-Based Content, and the Rest of the World Should Pay Attention

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Let’s take a step back and look at what gets organizations jumping into content waters in the first place. The most common reason I see organizations moving to create meaningful content is that the competition is moving on to content first. I’m a healthcare native.

Competitive Strategy for Professional Services

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For example, you could become the leading specialist in 401k programs for government contractors or the leading expert in marketing automation for real estate firms. First, the culture must provide an actual benefit — it must be something that clients recognize and appreciate. However, many firms are reluctant to explore new or exotic business models, so you will have a significant first mover advantage. First consider your business situation.