6 Tips to Scale Knowledge Base Content That Truly Helps Customers


A well-conceived knowledge base can act as a useful virtual self-service portal for your customers. Research by Social Media Today predicts that an overwhelming 91% of customers would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs.

A Knowledge Base: The Sales Enablement Tool Your Business Needs


A strong knowledge base tells your customers, your industry, and the search engines that you’re an authority in your field. Keep reading to learn more about what constitutes an effective knowledge base, how it can help your prospects, and your sales team.


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Here’s the Answer: The SnapApp Knowledge Base


This week we want to highlight one of our favorite resources: the SnapApp Knowledge Base. Thus, we do our best to ensure the Knowledge Base is your go-to spot for help. Read on to find out how to access the Knowledge Base, its sections, and what to do if you still can’t find an answer. Where’s this knowledge? When you’re logged into SnapApp, the Knowledge Base can always be accessed by clicking the question mark in the top right corner.

Knowledge management in the age of social media


Realizing that user or customer engagement can ensure success, businesses worldwide recognized it as a lucrative opportunity to extend reach and clientele base. Understanding the relevance of knowledge management. The use of information, operational knowledge, and their distribution are able to lead an organization towards success. Efficient handling of these resources within an organization can be ensure by the use of knowledge base.

Connecting 2 the World: Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work literacy skill?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work literacy skill? The idea came to me, as I was reading, that I could use the framework presented in the book to help develop analytical skills in my students and to help them to learn to construct knowledge from data by: learning how to collect relevant data. Imagine giving workers this tool in knowledge work. Is constructing knowledge based on analysis a work. Knowledge and Meaning Making.

Gmail Not Accepting Email Sent from Gmail Addresses


You can then set the Reply-To address of the email campaign to be the original Gmail address that previously was used in the From field. You will need to adjust your From address field settings, and then try resending. Email Deliverability Knowledge Base

Sales Experts and Communities to Follow in 2022


Not only does she run Avenue Talent Partners, but she’s also the host of the Tales from the Field podcast and the Co-Founder of Thursday Night Sales (TNS), a weekly virtual sales happy hour, alongside Scott Leese. Blog Field Sales Inside Sales Sales Sales Leadership

Introducing a More Powerful Salesforce Integration


Instead of adding new members to Salesforce Campaigns based on social conversions via tracked forms, Oktopost will now do it based on social media activities such as click, reactions, comments and shares. Update Source Fields.

Field 83

SmartTake: What’s New with HubSpot’s Service Hub

SmartBug Media

With the update, custom questions such as star ratings, radio selects, and single-line text fields are available. Multi-Language Knowledge Base. For this reason, HubSpot’s recent Knowledge Base update is something to get excited about.

SearchWP Review: Is It the Best WordPress Search Plugin?


Other information such as custom fields or product details are completely ignored. This includes product details, custom fields, shortcode output, documents, forum posts, and more. For example, on this site, a user can search the knowledge base by the plugin that they’re using.

AWeber vs Mailchimp - It's time for the heavyweight fight


By using triggers, custom fields or even behavior you can set up powerful automation and let it work by itself. They have a great knowledge base, and they try to tackle every single question a customer might have. Besides the knowledge base, Mailchimp offers support via email and chat, although the chat support is limited to business hours. Maybe it is to compensate for their knowledge base, the info is there but is not that easy to be found like on Mailchimp.

Cintell and Salutary Data announce a partnership that brings customer intelligence and B2B data together to deliver high quality leads


These offerings are based on the customer intelligence created by Cintell platform, help identify best prospects and fill data gaps to deliver an optimum buying journey. The contact records originate from a variety of compilers, who use various data collection practices such as collecting data from directories, conference and related events, Web-based sources, newsletter audiences, email signatures, human researchers and more.

HubSpot Custom Properties Every HubSpot User Should Track in Their CRM

SmartBug Media

HubSpot’s custom properties feature allows users to define custom properties or “fields” outside of HubSpot’s default contact properties within their customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Ontraport Empowers Entrepreneurs to Create Web Apps Without Code


As the first no-code web app builder that is truly meant for non-technical users, Ontraport is opening up a world of opportunity for small businesses to offer experiences on a level playing field with enterprises. SANTA BARBARA, Calif.

WordPress for small business: benefits and how to get the most out of the platform


Having an online presence for your company is essential to operate in any field nowadays. There is no technical knowledge required to install and use it. It also has a vast knowledge base wiki with multiple subjects and guides on how to use WordPress’s various features.

Ontraport Empowers Entrepreneurs to Create Web Apps Without Code


As the first no-code web app builder that is truly meant for non-technical users, Ontraport is opening up a world of opportunity for small businesses to offer experiences on a level playing field with enterprises. SANTA BARBARA, Calif.

Huge Thumbs Up: Hubspot has Changed the Way Offline Events are Reported

Marketing Envy

When a contact is added to HubSpot, there are three fields that get populated automatically. Or, in the poetic words of the HubSpot Knowledge Base : *OPEN YOUR EYES, SHEEPLE. **Or For a long time, HubSpot treated offline events like Bigfoot.

5 smart ways to use social media for knowledge sharing


T he last decade in the business world has brought out knowledge management as one of the burning concepts among both small and large sized enterprises. In the era of millennials and skyrocketing development of mind-blowing technological solutions, all serious businesses and organizations have realized that the employees’ knowledge, reflected in their expertise, has become their crucial asset. rewarding the most active and knowledgeable people in the community.

5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Marketing Strategy

Circle Studio

Content marketing, account-based marketing , programmatic buying, and customer analytics are just a few of the many newer tactics that are worthy of consideration. Despite the all-you-can-eat buffet of information available online, customers are starving for knowledge.

Getting Started with HubSpot: A 4-Step HubSpot Setup Plan

SmartBug Media

This includes when you publish HubSpot pages, blog posts, knowledge base articles, and web versions of emails. How many custom fields do you have? What is the field type of each? What are the field options? For those creating a new CRM: Beyond standard fields (e.g.,

Video Calls to Action: What They Are and How to Use Them


You can pre-populate the to: field, the default subject line, and the body text. Check out the Vidyard Knowledge Base to learn how. “Sign Up for an Account.” Download the eBook.” Book a Demo.” You probably already know all about the call to action.

Banner 128

Guidelines & Best Practices For Managing Successful MDF Programs

Computer Market Research

MDF programs may also be “knowledge-based” allocations, where vendors provide those resources or materials directly. Leverage partner knowledge. Target funds based on growth. MDFs are generally structured based on vendor-partner relationships, Often providing more funds to top performers with greater sales potentials. This form of MDF is generally based on campaign performance and reaching specific goals. .

How to Use Snippets in Marketo

SmartBug Media

Anyone evaluating marketing automation tools knows that Marketo has a wide range of options for personalizing content: Tokens pull in fields from specific records. Your snippets will often be different based on audience segment.

Introducing the Single Page Calculator: SnapApp September Release


Back Button: one of the most commonly requested features from SnapApp customers, this button allows users in Canvas or Question-based content types to navigate back through any page of the app with the click of a button. Pre-Filled Write-In Answers: another popular customer request, this new feature allows you to pre-fill write-in fields for any question with text content.

How to Add Video Chapters to YouTube and Vidyard


Here’s how video chapters look for one of our Vidyard videos (in this case, a webinar recording): For more info, check out our Knowledge Base article on how to add chapters to Vidyard videos. If you’ve watched a video on YouTube recently, you’ve probably seen video chapters at work.

Highly Recommended HubSpot Certifications for Marketers

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Part of every marketing position is a commitment to ongoing training to ensure you’re staying up to date with industry trends and growing your marketing knowledge. Through HubSpot Academy , businesses can advance their knowledge of digital inbound marketing and sales methods.

How Thought Leadership Can Help B2B Companies Avoid The RFP Process

The Forward Observer

We are transitioning from a knowledge-based economy to a wisdom-based economy. Magazine interview , Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen describes thought leadership this way: "I would define a thought leader as someone who stands above subject-matter expertise and is an authority in their field. The body of knowledge from your writing will be distributed in a variety of formats such as blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, articles, webinars and speeches.

RFP 207

Social Media Engagement: How to Pick and Use The Right Networks

The Forward Observer

Another research approach is to field a survey and ask. In a 2012 LinkedIn study " The Mindset Divide ," it was found that people gravitate to different social media networks based on what frame of mind they''re in. On LinkedIn you can focus more on building their knowledge base.

When & How to Use HubSpot’s Multi-Language Features

SmartBug Media

With HubSpot’s multi-language features, you can create knowledge base articles, landing pages, website pages, forms, blogs, and so forth. All you need to do is translate all form fields and values into your language choice.

What Every Creative Advertising Agency Needs To Know To Endure The Digital Transformation

Stevens & Tate

If you are seeking to improve your craft and entice your clients, continue to expand your field of knowledge and gain perspective on the world around you. I recently re-upped certification by Google in Analytics and filled in some of the holes in my knowledge base.

8 Reasons Your Landing Pages Aren’t Converting +How to Fix Them

Directive Agency

Solution: There are some general accessibility rules to consider, such as keeping field labels outside of the form field, but ultimately it boils down to “what information does our sales team 100% need to know in order to qualify this lead?” Ahh… B2B landing page mistakes.

Social Media Usage Statistics for Digital Marketers in 2022


On Twitter, companies such as PayPal have set up dedicated accounts to field questions. Overall, TikTok has solidified the digital world’s shift toward video-based content. Quora is a question-and-answer platform that’s emerging as an overall brand knowledge base.

4 Ways To Rethink Your Customer Service Model for Fast, Quality Support


Seventy-one percent of customers have made purchase decisions based on the quality of customer service, according to Salesforce’s “ State of the Connected Customer ” report. Companies with a loyal customer base grow revenue more than twice as fast as their industry peers, Bain research shows.

Introducing SnapApp’s September Release


Te field size and spacing on lead forms and age gate can be adjusted to better fit one Display vs. another. With this release you can now use alternative data for answers, results, and custom lead form fields in your lead data. Check out the Knowledge Base! For a more in-depth look at our release, check out our Knowledge Base. SnapApp’s next release will launch this Monday, September 14th.

Top 21 Cyber Security Tradeshows in 2022 Worth Taking a PCR Test For

Marketing Envy

Join with thousands of cybersecurity professionals worldwide to gain new perspectives and expand your knowledge base. We’ve all missed travel these last two years, but the good news is that in person conferences are finally coming back on-line.

Test 75

Brighter, Shinier: Get To Know SnapApp's 3.8 Release


For this release, we’ve made updates to the menus to streamline workflow, improved existing functionality, and provided easier access to our knowledge base. For question-based SnapApps, you can also now style questions and results independently of one another. are now placeholder text within the fields that will disappear when a user clicks in to type. New Knowledge Base. release includes an overhaul to our Knowledge Base.

Social Media Usage Statistics Digital Marketers Need in 2022


On Twitter, companies such as PayPal have set up dedicated accounts to field questions. Overall, TikTok has solidified the digital world’s shift toward video-based content. Quora is a question-and-answer platform that’s emerging as an overall brand knowledge base.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Relationships Quickly


Self-service support is a quick and easy way to improve relationships with your customer base. Build an online knowledge base: A Forrester Research study shows customers make the most frequent use of knowledge bases compared to other self-service channels ( source ). But what is a knowledge base, exactly? An online knowledge base is a resource center where customers can find answers to more in-depth questions on their own.

5 Content Curation Strategies for 2022


Look for shifts in the industry, news stories, scientific advances in your field, or opinion pieces from industry leaders. For example, you could send them a gift basket of free products, give them a discount coupon, or comp services (if you are a service-based business).

Never Stop Nurturing: 6 Tips to Keep Your SaaS Customers Coming Back


You must create a long-term relationship based on brand trust. Helping them build their knowledge base over time can ensure they take advantage of a broader range of the features and benefits that will deepen their satisfaction with your solution.