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But Friedman reports that desk jobs in the fields of customer/technical support, computer programming, medical technician diagnostics, tax preparation, and legal research are now migrating abroad as well. Youll need to do a little research on this one! Doug Johnson.

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9 Related FAQs/Wiki Pages. 11 Original Author and Subsequent Contributors of this FAQ. 13 FAQ KM4Dev Source Materials. Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a method for visualizing our people and connection power, leading us to identify how we can best interact to share knowledge. At this point it is research software. I used it for my research to map concept networks in policy documents. Related FAQs/Wiki Pages. Wikis main page.


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New Communication Tech and Work Literacy Presentation

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This was a presentation to instructional design researchers advocating for more research and coordination in developing skills for the 21st century at all levels of schooling. This was a presentation to instructional design researchers advoca more. Recruit researchers and educators into Work Literacy Group ï?® collaboration (wikis, groupware) Slide 4: Affect on Organizations (Society and Education?) (beta). Browse. My Slidespace. Upload.

A Seismic Shift in Epistemology (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT

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Given these shifts driven by emerging interactive media, how might we reconceptualize “education&# ? Interactive media that facilitate these Web 2.0 purposes include social bookmarking, wikis, podcasts, blogs, and software for personal expression and sharing (e.g., In the Classical perspective, “knowledge&# consists of accurate interrelationships among facts, based on unbiased research that produces compelling evidence about systemic causes.

PKM and the Organization - Pollard

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Customers, outside the corporate firewalls and disinclined to participate in technology initiatives designed for the suppliers needs rather than theirs (as most e-newsletters, e-rooms and Extranets are), continue to interact, information-wise, with suppliers the same way they always have -- receive (and usually turf) the marketing mail, put in their orders and rely on their relationship manager to decipher the former and process the latter effectively.