6 Video Podcasts B2B Businesses Can Learn From


Podcasts are nothing new. While the medium was invented somewhere around 2000, Apple’s decision to add podcasts to iTunes in 2005 thrust a new light, and new subscriber base, onto the concept of short-form audio content. TED Talks – Not Just a YouTube Phenomenon.

Add For Immediate Release to your podcast queue


A couple Sundays ago I met up with Joseph Thornley , Lynette Young , and Shel Holtz on video Skype to record episode 15 of Shel’s industry-trusted and industry-respected PR podcast, For Immediate Release , AKA the FIR Podcast.

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What are the best social media platforms for your business?

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If you are reading this post, you might have discovered it through Twitter or Facebook. However, if somebody subscribes to a blog or YouTube channel, they are asking for your content. Facebook is like a gambling addiction. You can’t ignore Facebook.

New research reveals Americans migrating to three social media platforms

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Surprising listener trends in podcasts (and why young people aren’t going there). The rise of YouTube as a music channel. Resources mentioned in this podcast: Edison’s Infinite Dial Report. Other ways to enjoy our podcast. Find the podcast on Stitcher.

Break the mold: Why content marketing needs to be like a chalupa

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If you were the first blog, video, or podcast channel in your vertical, it wasn’t difficult to get a following because in the early days, using corporate content as a widespread digital strategy was a novel idea. Streaming video + YouTube + Blog + Slideshare.

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Four marketing mega trends nobody’s talking about

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More podcasts! The social media dead-end — Facebook, LinkedIn and the others don’t want links any more. Now the good news: A lot of private information that used to be in text messaging is now in the hands of the Facebook overlords. facebookBy Mark Schaefer.

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Want to be a Better Social Media Marketer? Listen to These 10 Podcasts


The last time I went on vacation, Facebook and Instagram announced two big product changes that I was left scrambling to catch up on when I returned. Podcasts. 10 Amazing Podcasts About Social Media. Click here to listen to this podcast episode.

Why “rich content” is central to your social media strategy

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Would I have been found by the New York Times reporter if I had only posted my ideas about social scoring on Facebook? A podcast. A source of rich content provides something that is then shareable, conversational, and engaging for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.

The Future of Chatbots in Marketing [YouTube Live Event]


Picture yourself asking a chatbot on Facebook or Slack, "Remind me to schedule a tweet about our product launch" or "Tell me what keywords our #1 competitor is raking for.". Where: YouTube Live.

Social media giants tighten their grip on small content producers

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Start a podcast. Youtube’s your place to be. A few years ago, Facebook limited your business/fan page reach in exchange for payment. Within a couple of days of the announcement, many YouTube stars with millions of subscribers have lost the ability to monetize their videos.

Submitting to Facebook and other content adjustments you need to make today

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In a recent episode of his excellent Mad Marketing podcast , Marcus scalded me. The genesis of the controversial post was a conference I attended of industry thought leaders from the BBC , Public Broadcasting System , Facebook and other well-known media companies.

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Five stellar community engagement platforms that rock, and one to avoid!

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Originally an app to record and share short voice messages, Anchor has decided to pursue the podcasting segment. It now allows users to record full-length podcasts by stitching together shorter segments. Facebook Groups . Their advantage lies in Facebook’s ubiquity.

5 Reasons most content marketing is FAR behind where it needs to be

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Podcasts? Facebook is difficult for news. On Twitter, it’s there and breaking, but on Facebook it’s like, that’s nice guys, we’ll decide when to put it up. No industry has been under more attack from emerging technologies than the press.

A strategy to stay relevant in a tumultuous marketing world

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Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat? Now, on to the podcast — KNOWN, or “GNOME,” as Tom refers to it, lays out an actionable plan to develop a profound digital presence that is accessible and achievable. Other ways to enjoy our podcast. By Mark Schaefer.

This Week in Publish or Perish: Money or Engagement? YouTube vs. Facebook Live


In this week’s episode of Publish or Perish , podcast host Jeff Leo Herrmann discusses the pros and cons of using YouTube vs. Facebook Live for your video marketing efforts. Listen to the podcast above for the full details—or find an overview of the top 4 elements to consider when deciding between YouTube and Facebook Live below. Facebook and YouTube each offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Build your brand (for free)


Bonus: I have new content for my YouTube Channel and Slideshare collection every single time (and Slideshare is LinkedIn and YouTube is Google, right?). Do YouTube (for free). You want to treat your YouTube Channel like you would your blog. Do a Podcast (for free).

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Five new content forms rocking the marketing airwaves

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I shared a few of these stories on Facebook and I was amazed at how many people had already seen them and shared them. Text messaging service Purple allows you to choose new stories you want to follow and get Facebook Messenger alerts as the story breaks. By Mark Schaefer.

What is Social Media Marketing?


Some of the most influential people online live on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and—believe it or not—message boards, forums, email lists, and even community Listservs. For years, I struggled to explain to my mom what I do for a living.

Win lifestyle influencers over with generosity and attentiveness


YouTube calls all these people creators. They’re artists: screen-ready, podcast-ready, photo-ready, and are willing to put in the time in. Amazon Echo Amazoncom Influencer marketing internet List of YouTubers Patreon tutorial YouTube

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One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet


While there may well be 3,015,231,472 Internet users worldwide and over 150,000,000 blogs, almost 300,000,000 active Twitter users, and 1,230,000,000 active Facebook users, most of them are lurkers. From podcasters to people obsessed the No Agenda Show , Serial , and The Joe Rogan Experience.

Are there naked photos of you online?


Reputation Management Facebook Fappening Federal Bureau of Investigation Gerris Google Hoover Jennifer Lawrence Knowem Mardi Gras photograph Pornography reputation management Seth Price Spring Break US States YouTube

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The state of the blogger outreach union ten years on


Tell anyone that you’re a blogger or a podcaster and you’ll know what I mean. Or, just dropping blurbs here and there on Twitter , Facebook, Pinterest, and even Google+. Facebook Google Google Calendar ios linkedin twitter YouTube

Social Media Explained. Really.

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You don’t need to know the latest twist in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm or even how to set up a Twitter account. You don''t need to know the latest twist in Facebook''s EdgeRank algorithm or even how to set up a Twitter account. So I have this problem.

Google+ on its Third Birthday


The mazes serve a purpose in the research of rodents, but the purpose transcends the maze; the purpose of G+ has nothing to do with creating a lovely virtual commons where cool post-Twitter and post-Facebook techies and hipsters can hang out, it’s a mad olly olly oxen free.

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You can only win search by winning social


Robot armies of perfectly-tuned and websites, even if they control a zombie horde of blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ posts, don’t quite propagate the same way that true community and customer interest does. Show up on their webinar, their podcast, their YouTube.

Is Amazon Spark primed for new social network success?

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A new social platform needs to solve a unique customer problem or find an under-served niche and then avoid assassination by Facebook (by having intellectual property and a huge war chest to protect it). YouTube versus Netflix in the video wars. Other ways to enjoy our podcast. Find the podcast on Stitcher. Be sure to check out his amazing newsletter The Full Monty and his new podcast available here: fullmontyshow.com. By Mark Schaefer.

Remember to market to your own influencer network


So far, we have earned at least 218 earned media mentions across blogs, social media, YouTube, and even on Instagram, SnapChat , etc. Finally, I had the opportunity of being on the panel of Shel Holtz’s PR podcast, For Immediate Release, for a second time.

Five Mega-trends: How Social Media is Transforming Government

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A Facebook site for US government agencies. The government also uses podcasts to address foreign policy issues. Israel Defense Forces has a YouTube channel chronicling its activities. The debate is took place last week on the Presidency’s Facebook page.

How to Build the Ultimate Online Newsroom


Links to all of the company’s social media profiles (LinkedIn company page, Facebook, YouTube channel, Twitter etc.). • It almost goes without saying, but important news should be shared via the company’s Twitter feed, Facebook page and other important social media outlets.

Creating content? When is it time to pivot (or quit?)

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I recently had a conversation with pioneering blogger Chris Brogan and he mentioned that he had ended his latest podcast series and had begun a new one. Tom Webster and I have published more than 100 episodes of The Marketing Companion podcast over four years. By Mark Schaefer.

Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps


Don’t worry, passion-player: if you don’t like writing, maybe Video Blogging on YouTube is for you. Maybe SoundCloud or an audio podcast on Stitcher. Nerdy, nasally, awful voices are the new black when it comes to podcasting. Start a YouTube Channel today!

Mindfulness is close to godliness


Ever watch an ultramarathon on YouTube ? I never feel this way on my motorcycle because I am always overstimulated and engaged, but my car is warm, smooth, comfortable, easy, effortlessly fast, and there are infinite podcasts, audiobooks, and 80s New Wave.

8 Content Ideas for Your B2B Facebook Page Posts

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More businesses recognize a need to have a presence on Facebook, but a common question is, “What should we post on our Facebook wall?” The wall on your Facebook company page offers a lot of opportunity. You do have a YouTube channel, don’t you? Tweet.

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How to Promote an Event with Social Media

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Regardless of the size of the event, set up a Facebook page or create a dedicated event sub-page under your Facebook page. The average Facebook member has 130 Facebook friends. Create a couple of short messages for Twitter and, a longer one for a blog or Facebook.

Kiss your line-of-shame smack on its social media lips!


Well, I reconnected with Jason Konopinski at SXSW and started to listen to his podcast, Riffing on Writing. For most companies I have seen on YouTube doing the Harlem Shake, I don’t even know where that line is anymore.

Your team is the best content source for search


Listen to anyone’s early podcasts or watch anyone’s first vlog on their YouTube Channel and you’ll see how crap, raw, confused, unformed, immature, unprofessional and scattered their first attempts were.

What is the future of blogging?

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I recently posted a piece of long-form content on Facebook and Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner asked me, “is this a blog post?” ” Well … it started as a blog post but now it’s a Facebook post. I can’t do podcasts.”

Drones, Bots and AI oh my. SXSW highlights

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Representatives from ICANN, Facebook, and others talking about could the Internet be shut down … it already is in certain countries, for instance. Brands don’t want Google or Facebook negotiating the relationship with their customers. YouTube and influence.

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A course correction for influence marketing measurement

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” She gave the example of a woman she follows religiously who does demos on YouTube about applying make-up. Of course the same thing is happening on Periscope, YouTube and blogs. He is a pioneering podcaster and a prolific blogger.

Best blog posts of 2014

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It received nearly 900 comments, and more than 700 blog posts have been written on this subject, not to mention podcasts, books, white papers, and speeches. Five Reasons to be Freaked out By Facebook’s Experiment – I sincerely love Facebook.

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