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The Nine Best Reputation Management, RSS, and Social Search Tools


Here are nine of the best tools for monitoring your brand, key topics, influential bloggers, focused news sites, and obscure social media networks. RSS Readers. Organize content into collections, search within your feeds, and share selected posts to major social networks.


Integrating RSS Feeds, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, a Primer for Managing your Social Media Time Efficiently


First, my toolset: RSS Reader from Google. Accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Search and install the following extensions: Gooce+ that lets you view your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter feeds from Google+. RSS Share for Google Plus and Google Reader. Facebook and Twitter. From your Google Reader, at the bottom of your feeds, click Manage Subscriptions , then click Send To , then check Facebook, Twitter.

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Integrating RSS Feeds, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, a Primer for Managing your Social Media Time Efficiently


First, my toolset: RSS Reader from Google. Accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Search and install the following extensions: Gooce+ that lets you view your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter feeds from Google+. RSS Share for Google Plus and Google Reader. Facebook and Twitter. From your Google Reader, at the bottom of your feeds, click Manage Subscriptions , then click Send To , then check Facebook, Twitter.

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Search isn’t about search anymore, it’s about social


Google is severely penalizing sites that are buying links or are invested in private blog networks. Using platforms like Pinterest , Google+, Facebook , Instagram, and other sites, are essential. Facebookers : Everyone in the entire world is on Facebook.

100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Computer Networking & Programming. 100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS. 100 Cool Things You Can Do With RSS. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to get information sent directly to you, eliminating the need for you to that information individually. Using a reader will allow all the RSS feeds to come to one spot for you to read at your leisure. They will send sections to you each day via RSS feed. Dating and Social Networking. Facebook.

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Tools I use to amplify social campaigns


When people join my Gaggle, they’re signing up to retweet and share some or all of what I share and post to GaggleAMP onto one or all of their social media platforms, either automatically via AutoAMP through Twitter and LinkedIn or moderated in a queue to Facebook and Google+.

How the Big Social Networks Use Email to Increase Engagement


And it's critical that social networks are doing this, because like you (you awesome inbound marketer!), Facebook. You're probably used to getting plenty of Facebook alerts in your inbox -- you know, when someone comments, likes, tags, what have you.

26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics


Indisputably the largest business-oriented social network, LinkedIn has emerged as a crucial site for professional networking, B2B marketing, hiring and job seeking. How can individuals use LinkedIn most effectively, whether for personal branding, job seeking or networking?

The 17 Best Social Media Management Tools


The number of people using social media continues to grow, usage is increasing, and more networks require attention. Post to multiple social media networks, from multiple accounts, from a single dashboard. Schedule posts and updates across social networks, from multiple accounts.

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Best LinkedIn Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2011


While B2C marketers focus on Facebook, LinkedIn is consistently cited as the top social network for B2B marketing. 10 Tips for LinkedIn Social Networking by Online Social Networking. Try monitoring the company name or keywords for a day or two and see what comes up.”

Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011


Twitter users are twice as likely to purchase from companies they follow than are Facebook users. Twitter gets new, Facebook-like feeds & features by DevBeat. Twitter Just Announced Brand Pages and a Redesign – What are all the details and why does it look like Facebook?

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010


Supplement your email list with your contacts’ social network info? Display a feed of brand-related comments from a variety of social networks on your website? Search for a brand name or keyword across all of the most popular social networks at once?

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The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


Connect your site to various social networking services. Using this plugin you specify the focus keywords you want Google to rank you on and then it then gives an indicator where these keywords are mentioned in the post in areas that are relevant for Google.” — {grow}.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


A hybrid curation app and social network—grab any content from the web and save it to your own Flipboard magazine. A social network / curation tool for images. Search by keyword, choose content, drag and drop, add commentary, and post. 19) Ctrlq RSS Search.

Are you a social media marketing trapper?


They do things such as mis-tagging their social content via mis-categorization or by using hashtags or keywords that are much more popular and timely than they are accurate.

Seven Essential Mobile Apps for Marketers

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Pocket replaced my old RSS readers. You can tag assets by topic or keyword for ease of reference. You can cross-post between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest—even Google+. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist.

Social Media Automation? Here’s a rational plan!

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

To provide the most value to your network, you should share “source-neutral” content, or content that you didn’t create. Twitter lists can help group tweets to discover the best content amongst your network, but tools like By Eric T. Tung, {grow} Community Member.

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24 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides, Tips and Tools of 2011


Noting that will well over 100 million blogs on the web now it can be challenging to stand out, the effervescent Diana Adams shares a list of common mistakes to avoid such as making your RSS button hard to find, posting inconsistently, and failing to respond to reader comments.

How To Turn Your B2B Blog Into a Golden Egg-Laying Goose

The Forward Observer

Optimization: To be found via search, your blog needs to be optimized for keywords that your buyer persona will be using to solve a problem. Add a blog link to your main website navigation, and add a blog RSS feed to your home page and any other pages that make sense (like on your blog page).

Essential 5 Step BuzzSumo Process For Social Media Agencies


For any given social network, it’s important to find role models who are already accomplishing what you would like to accomplish. This is even more critical if you are beginning a campaign that targets a network where you have little or no experience.

The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Just this year we witnessed the debut of Google+ and the introduction of Facebook Timeline. AddThis - AddThis is a social bookmarking service that provides a code users can put on their websites so that when people visit that site, they have the option to share via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The 15 Best Content Distribution and Amplification Tools


You need an active social media network, possibly some influencer outreach, and perhaps even paid promotion, in order to get noticed. Collect and curate content from across your social networks; Sample review: “Zemanta promotes your content through a variety of networks.

How to Launch a Successful Blog in 12 Weeks: Lessons from Webbiquity


Link to the new blog from your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, other social networking and social bookmarking profiles, comments you leave on other blogs—anywhere you can create a link. Add your blog and feed links to blog directories and RSS syndication sites.

33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

has four Facebook pages, four Twitter feeds and two LinkedIn accounts. It listens to more than 5000 social mentions a day on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels.

8 Reasons Your B2B Website Is Ready For A Redesign!

EMagine B2B Blog

New designs that offer an RSS feed on your homepage can help make it easier for visitors to view your content, Is your website missing a blog? Identify your keywords or keyphrases and include them in your site. By Dawn Gadless | Business Development Director.

Upgrade your lame agency website into your social media brand HQ


At the end of the day, none of us own anything we do on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest, Google +. So, there’s a built-in aggregator that I can set up to suck in all the RSS feeds of all the blogs to which I contribute, including Twitter. Image via CrunchBase.

Using Content to Move Prospects Forward in the Sales Cycle

Industrial Marketing Today

The focus there is to optimize it for keywords or phrases for people to find your website when searching for relevant terms. Sign up now » | Read current issue » Subscribe via RSS Be the first to know about a new post.

5 Steps for Crafting an Effective B2B SEO Blogging Strategy

delicious b2bmarketing

Consider what is taking the place of the blog: social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Keyword referral reports can be a fantastic asset for overcoming this obstacle. Even if SEO isnt a priority of a B2B blogging strategy, keyword research may still provide a depth of opportunities.

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90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock

delicious b2bmarketing

Provide “share this” buttons to Facebook and Twitter as a minimum 22. Implement “subscribe” buttons via RSS and Email 23. Promote and distribute your posts on to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 29.

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Why the volume and quality of interactions with customers has to pass for social media ROI

Chris Koch

Connect to your most important keywords. If the intention of your blog is to drive traffic to your main website for lead generation, then you should be using the keywords on your blog that matter most on your website. RSS+comments=VIP. Image by LollyKnit via Flickr.

60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know


Internet hosting that provides computer-based services to customers over a network. Some systems also incorporate feeds from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. FB: Facebook. RSS: Rich Site Summary.

20 Simple Ways to Boost Blog Subscribers


The people who consistently read and share your content with their networks? Display a clear call-to-action module to subscribe to your blog, along with an RSS subscription button and a simple, one-field email opt-in form near the top of your blog -- above the fold.

Why the Blog Post Is the New Ad Unit


Then -- somewhere around 2008 -- blogging took a back seat to social media, and all anyone could talk about was platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and, yes, even MySpace. By adding social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

The Content Creator's Master List of Commonly Troublesome Words


Two words when used as a verb (usually refers to the social network Foursquare). Facebook: Capitalize. Facebook Fan: One who “likes” something on Facebook; capitalize (Exception: lowercase when saying “fans on Facebook”). keyword, key word (n.):

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5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

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6 Tips for Creating Content That Spreads Naturally


I mean, think about how often content is shared across the web -- there are one billion Facebook users, and according to Twitter itself , there are about one billion tweets sent every two and a half days.


13 Widgets, Plugins, and Add-Ons to Enhance Your Blog's Performance


Not only that, they''ll likely share your content with other people in their networks through email and social media, exposing you and your blog to brand new audiences. 2) RSS Feed (Must-Have).

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