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  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2012
    [Facebook] 7 Inspiring Examples of Real-Time Marketing in Action
    They updated their Facebook page, Twitter account, and relevant LinkedIn groups with useful information for travelers. Real-time marketing means reacting in real, or near-real time. It’s about relevant messaging, and it's achieved in social channels by listening to and anticipating customer needs. Paid media (advertising), earned media (content), and owned media (social and PR) are rapidly converging into just … media.
    [Facebook] New Social Media Features for Marketers to Be Aware Of [Marketing Update]
    Facebook Launches the Subscribe Button. This past week, Facebook launched a subscribe button , which allows you to choose on a user by user basis "whether you'd like to see all updates, most updates, or just important updates from another user." It also allows you to open up your profile to subscribers who are not your friends on Facebook. By opening up more of its content to the public, Facebook is increasing your content's chances of showing up in search engine results.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015
    [Facebook] Four Strategies for Matching Gift Success for Your School or Nonprofit
    There may be more social networks than characters in this article, so we’re going to focus on the channels with the greatest reach: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook. With no character limitations, Facebook provides the versatility to provide in-depth explanations of matching gifts and how to submit them, as well as the ability to include conspicuous images or relevant videos. Everyone notices that ill-advised tattoo you got in high school for your nonprofit-obsessed girlfriend.
    [Facebook] Don’t Run Your Twitter Marketing Like Starbucks [Study]
    It is important to note that this is much easier to do on Twitter , where second-to-second interaction is the norm, as opposed to a platform like Facebook, which is more about broadcasting a singular message or piece of content. For many marketers, Twitter marketing is a balanced mix of intuition, personableness, data analysis, and good content to share. It’s a formula that works for the majority of brands, providing the sincere-feeling interactions users seek through social media.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016
    [Facebook] How Should Publishers Deal with Platform Overload?
    From SnapChat to Instagram and even classics like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, you have a wealth of available options to bring into your distribution strategy. Turn to classics like Facebook and Twitter. If you do have a small ad budget, you consider running campaigns on channels like Facebook , which has been increasing its attention to its paid media business. As a marketer for a media company, the world is your oyster.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2013
    [Facebook] 28 Free Fonts to Beautify Your Content
    It’s kind of trippy with all the three parallel lines in each letter, but it could look great on a Facebook cover photo or Pinterest pin. You don''t always need graphics, photos, or images to make your design pop -- sometimes the right font does the trick. But going to every corner of the internet isn''t feasible for most designers and marketers. You''ve got projects to create, often on deadlines that are way too tight.
    [Facebook] A Marketer’s Guide to CrossFit Digital Channels
    From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest, all employees are online. Like a competitive athlete trains to win by perfecting a balance of the optimum diet, exercise regime and mental focus, a CMO’s task is to develop a winning marketing machine. By coordinating every element to work together, the marketing machine will deliver short-term wins and outperform and outpace tough competitors.
    [Facebook] Survey Shows Customers Value Honest, Friendly Social Media Marketing
    Approximately 83 percent of customers claim that they are “eager” to see characteristics of brands’ personalities come to life via social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to provide unique, memorable customer experiences, but does it pay to be “cool” or funny? Sprout Social recently conducted a survey in Q2 2017 to determine how customers view brands that want to be perceived as “cool,” specifically via social media.
    [Facebook] The 24 Best Online Writing Tools and Apps
    3: The Nine Best Facebook Marketing Tools. #4: The top challenge identified by marketers in the recent B2B Marketing Trends study was “producing better content.” ” With more than 90% of both B2B and B2C marketers now using content marketing, success is no longer about simply creating more content, but about developing higher-quality output: more targeted, more relevant, more personal.
    [Facebook] How to Build Marketing Accountability From the Lead Up
    Facebook – Paid. In a previous blog post (On the Road to Marketing Accountability: Five KPIs You Should Start Tracking Today), we discussed how to evaluate marketing performance from a macro perspective. In this post we will look at evaluating marketing performance from a micro perspective – specifically, at the lead level. There are three key variables that ideally should be associated with every new lead: Lead Source. Marketing Channel. Marketing Campaign.
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 2014
    [Facebook] International Search Is Not All About Google
    Other built in features allow users to check traffic reports, locate a taxi and Facebook posts are also being indexed by Yandex so that popular posts will appear in SERPs. Expanding your search marketing into international waters? Believe it or not, it’s not all about Google. I recently attended an International Search Summit as part of SMX Advanced.
  • SNAPAPP  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2016
    [Facebook] “Your Content Can Change People’s Lives” – Neil Patel on the Power of Interactive Content
    Think about Facebook. You go on Facebook, they’re only showing you what they think you’ll want to see. Successful content campaigns increasingly have a common element: engagement. The more engaging your content, the more stimulated your audience. The more stimulated and engaged your audience, the faster you’ll reach your marketing goals. Easy, right?
    [Facebook] Want to Create Awesome Content? Try These Seven Tools!
    You’ll get a list of popular posts that got shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. Guest post by Linda Craig. Bloggers, website owners, marketers, and article writers have one main concern on their minds: how can they create more content in a shorter period of time? It’s not only about quantity, though. We do want more content, but content quality matters —we also want to make a greater impact with a single piece. Not to worry; technology has your back.
    [Facebook] How HubSpot Customers Grow: The Key Technologies Used by 19,000 Marketers
    For those efforts, 71% of customers use Facebook, with Google Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing rounding out the top three tools. Here at HubSpot, we've been giving a lot of thought to the concept of a growth stack -- the set of tools that marketers and sales teams use to drive growth. As you might imagine, we're working to build our products to serve as a strong foundation for your growth stack. But what does that look like?
    [Facebook] Going Big on Small: Joe Payne on HubSpot’s $32M Round
    Facebook. by Joe Payne | Tweet this. Much will be said over the next few days about HubSpot’s $32M Series D round. The pattern of conversations will look something like this: First there will be a burst of emotion (observers will shout congratulations from the rooftops and laud HubSpot for attracting Google Ventures and as investors). Second there’ll be a wave of sober dialogue about what this investment means for HubSpot’s business.
    [Facebook] 8 Essential B2B Sales Tools Everyone Should Be Using
    Some of the well-known companies that use this tool include Facebook, Namely, Cisco, and Dell. That “Applet” is then triggered based on changes or updates that happen in other platforms like your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Essential Tools for Your B2B Sales Process. In order to succeed in B2B sales (or sales in general), there are a few tools that are necessary to generate more qualified prospects and in closing more deals successfully.
    [Facebook] Dreamforce: Ending the “Accidental Revenue” Myth
    Facebook. by Joe Payne | Tweet this There’s a mythology that surrounds the entrepreneur. Too often, we buy into the story that some genius rolls out of bed, has an epiphany and – Wham! Google, or Apple or even is born.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016
    [Facebook] How to Use Twitter Retargeting Ads to Generate More Customers
    GoChime automatically syncs HubSpot lists to Twitter and Facebook to make retargeting your database simple. Instead, this experiment is meant to help you take a step back and make an educated assumption of whether or not Twitter Ads (or any other social ad platform, like Facebook) can be used to influence your overall lead-to-customer rate. When you think of lead nurturing, do you think of a series of well-timed, relevant emails to a perfectly segmented audience? Of course you do.
    [Facebook] Social Media Needs Its Own Team and Tech—Here’s Why
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have become natural extensions of human relationships. The power of digital is impossible to dispute. We rely on social to share resources that make our lives. The post Social Media Needs Its Own Team and Tech—Here’s Why appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy
    [Facebook] Repurpose Like a Pro: 3 Ways to Extend Your Long-Form Content
    For better or worse, we live in a slightly ADD society – all of us suffer from keeping multiple tabs open, with Tweets and Facebook posts scrolling by on our screens. Repurposing is a common best practice among the most effective content creators: you can be much more efficient and prolific if you take a single idea and turn it 15 different ways rather than trying to come up with 15 brand new ideas.
    [Facebook] How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles for Search
    However, you may want to consider optimizing other accounts such as Google+ , Facebook, or Pinterest, particularly if your firm uses one of these social media sites to frequently engage with its clients. When people think of search engine optimization (SEO) , they often think about ensuring that their website or their key content words will rank well.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Facebook] Are Ads Worth the Investment? [Free ROI Calculator]
    Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have good solutions for this. Marketers considering ads always ask me the same thing: “How much should I spend?”. It’s a good question -- an important question -- but it’s the wrong question. The right question is: “For every dollar I spend on ads, how much will I get back?”. If you know the answer to that question, or at least have an educated guess, it matters less how much or little you can spend.
    [Facebook] UX vs. Marketing: Can These Opposites Attract?
    One major cause of the app’s failure was it required a connection to Facebook, an attempt to create social value. This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. The first volume of The SoDA Report revealed a disturbing survey result earlier this year. When asked about talent gaps, and 77%of agency respondents identified user experience (UX) as the biggest shortfall on the client side.
    [Facebook] Part 2: 10-Point Checklist: Getting C-Suite Buy In for Social Media
    You have written a blog post, you have interacted with key audiences on LinkedIn, you have an interactive group rather than just a fan following on Facebook, and so on. Continuing this from my last piece, let’s look at: The Next 5 Steps to Help You Get C-Suite Buy In for B2B Social Media. SPEAK FROM A POSITION OF “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”. For all the talk about “digital age” and “smart phone era”, many companies are still headed by honchos who are wary of new technologies.
    [Facebook] Prove Your Worth:10 KPIs for Marketers
    How many customers are you acquiring with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.? Author: Frank Passantino Imagine this scenario: First thing tomorrow morning, your executive team calls you into an impromptu meeting, and asks for a report on your marketing efforts. What numbers would you give them? What key performance indicators (KPIs) would you use? No need to panic – just be prepared. Here are 10 KPIs that every marketer should be measuring: 1. Sales Revenue.
    [Facebook] The Keys to a Five Star Review Program
    Create your company profile: For consumer marketers, you can start small by managing a Yelp page or Facebook page and driving your top customers to post a review for your company. Author: Katie Pope There’s really nothing like the smell of the ocean breeze—except maybe the ocean breeze and the perfect meal. Recently, on a trip to Monterey, CA, I started craving some fresh seafood. Naturally, I opened up my Yelp! app and searched for “seafood” near Monterey within the “$$” range.
    [Facebook] A Go-To Guide to Screwing Up Your Landing Pages
    Social following icons (different from social sharing icons) are buttons that send visitors to your company''s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages. You can also try embedding tweets and Facebook social plugins to show feedback in real time, or include the number of people who have downloaded the offer so far. Landing pages are the core of the conversion process. They are one of the best ways you can convert website visitors into leads and leads into customers.
    [Facebook] "The End of Big": Nicco Mele on the Rise of Small Businesses
    Another twist is that while technology is empowering small organizations, it is “paradoxically creating some things that are Even Bigger,” Mele writes, referring to all-powerful technology like Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Google, Skype/Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook. Scan the headlines every morning -- through your Facebook and Twitter feeds -- and you can feel history shifting under your feet.
    [Facebook] 6 Ways Social Data Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy
    You can export that data into an excel spreadsheet and sort by the different networks to see what content resonated best on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media has historically been a great conversational tool for businesses. It has enabled engagement and interaction between the brand and the consumer -- but as marketers, we crave more. We want to impact the bottom line, enable our sales team to be successful, and be an integral part of achieving the overall company goals.
    [Facebook] 5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Marketing Rock
    billion monthly active users on Facebook, 313M active monthly users on Twitter, and over 450 million registered users on LinkedIn—all with different demographics and preferences. Author: Lisa Marcyes Have you ever looked around during a rock concert? It may have seemed like utter madness. You’ve got roadies in the back setting up, technicians working on the sound systems, the stars on stage putting on a performance, and people in the crowd from all walks of life.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 2017
    [Facebook] 29 LinkedIn Tips for Professional Networking, Business & Marketing
    Found on your LinkedIn homepage, Network Updates are essentially LinkedIn's version of the Facebook News Feed. In 2013, LinkedIn rolled out the ability to tag or @mention other users and companies in status updates -- much like the way it works on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In April, LinkedIn announced it had reached 500 million members, making it one of the most popular social networks for professionals and one of the top social networks overall.
    [Facebook] 5 things I learned from my month off social media
    Particularly because some – not all, but some – of the people I was with were constantly on their phones, looking at their emails and catching up on their Twitter or Facebook feeds. September has come. The nights are noticeably cooler and each day is darkening that much earlier. Summer is over. Credit: Terry Rodham. Which means I’m home from my summer holidays and my search for serendipity – back online, back blogging and engaging once more with my social media feeds.
    [Facebook] Learn How To Use Quora Ads for B2B User Acquisition
    One is you made an interesting distinction between topics versus Facebook interested in categories, let’s call them — Facebook and a few other social media networks. And let’s say on the left hand of the spectrum, we’ve got advertisers like maybe Instagram through Facebook, very squarely B2C, business-to-consumer type targeting and advertising.
    [Facebook] Bizo and DemandBase Lead B2B Marketing Automation to Web Advertising and Beyond
    These now extend beyond display ads to social media advertising through Facebook and LinkedIn, Web site personalization through Adobe, Web analytics through Google Analytics and Adobe, and integration with CRM, BlueKai DMP, and Eloqua marketing automation.
    [Facebook] A ScribbleLive Stocking Stuffer
    The Discovery Hub is also where you can find content using the Getty Image Search tool, the ScribbleLive Marketplace syndicated stream feed, and various social network integrations, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. As with our social media integrations for Twitter, Facebook, etc., ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas… Twas the Week Before Christmas, and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring — except for a few trendy engineers!
    [Facebook] How to Sell, Even if You Hate Selling
    LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, webinars, podcasts, blogs…didn’t even exist. Share this on Facebook. Most people hate the idea of “selling&# themselves, whether a job seeker vying for a new corporate role or an independent consultant looking to develop business for his or her services. It’s not comfortable. Doesn’t seem natural.
    [Facebook] 35 of the Best Free Fonts You Should Download
    It’s kind of trippy with all the three parallel lines in each letter, but it could look great on a Facebook cover photo or Pinterest pin. You don't always need graphics, photos, or images to make your design pop -- sometimes the right font does the trick. But going to every corner of the internet isn't feasible for most designers and marketers. You've got projects to create, often on deadlines that are way too tight.
    [Facebook] Business Blogging as an Equalizer for Small and Medium Businesses
    Instead, they use a multi-channel distribution approach, including: Aligning strategies with their social media teams to ensure a smooth hand-off of content for promotion to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Being the small kid on the block is never easy. Especially when you have a much smaller marketing budget than larger companies. The good news is that content marketing offers smaller companies a great opportunity to market against their large competitors at a fraction of the investment.
    [Facebook] [Ebook] Why Omni-Channel Marketing Is the Key to Winning Consumers
    For example, a consumer visits your website, adds an item to their cart, but then leaves to read customer reviews on Facebook. Author: Kristen Kaighn Back in the day, omni-channel marketing was really easy. It was a simpler time when people didn’t have “nomophobia” ( google it ), and the number of channels marketers had to interact with consumers on was limited.
    [Facebook] The State of Native Advertising: Are Pinterest’s Paid Promotions a Bad Idea?
    Author: Maggie Jones Last Thursday, Pinterest announced it would follow in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter, experimenting with paid promotions from a “select group of businesses.” Facebook, for example, allows companies to “promote” their posts on my Facebook feed, but it also offers sponsored banner ads. Promoted ads on Facebook are fully integrated into my feed, just like promoted posts on Twitter.
    [Facebook] Where Content Marketing Meets Customer Experience, Part 2: Relevancy
    We all have that friend who posts those kind of snooty statuses on Facebook. So image posts are definitely something that are more attractive and more appealing, especially in the Facebook realm. So whenever possible try to be less text heavy, more visual, especially in the social realm, Facebook specifically, and Instagram and Pinterest of course.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 6, 2015
    [Facebook] 7 Quick Ways to Free Up More Time in Your Day
    It's like your brain is ready to do work, but then your hand hits the mouse and before you know it you're five scrolls down your Facebook News Feed. When life gets stressful, there's one quote that I always like to remember: "You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé.". As true as that saying may be, most of us still come up short in terms of the time and resources we need to cross tasks off our list.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 2014
    [Facebook] 11 Things You Didn't Know You Were Doing Wrong on Twitter
    Much like the "Like" button on Facebook, favoriting is an easy way to show appreciation for shared content on Twitter. Are you trying to amass a large following on Twitter? Want to increase your engagement and have meaningful conversations? Or maybe even drive more traffic to your website? These are great goals to set for yourself, but there are some mistakes you might be making on Twitter that are likely hindering your efforts, and you''re not even aware of it.
  • LEADSPACE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Facebook] B2B Marketing News Roundup – June 24, 2016
    Did Facebook just kill native advertising? Pretty much any change Facebook makes is big news, and their latest is being discussed under headlines dire enough to tear B2B demand-gen marketers away from the cat videos. Joe Lazauskas , Editor-in-Chief at Contently (and a fine example of a brand journalist), asks the WWFish question, Did Facebook Just Deliver a Crushing Blow to Native Advertising? IN THIS ISSUE: Why exactly did Microsoft acquire LinkedIn?
    [Facebook] 7 Ways to Generate Leads on Social Media
    You want to ensure those seeing your ad have something to click on, similar to what we’ve done with our recent Facebook ad promoting our new Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing. Author: Lisa Marcyes When you hear the term lead generation, social media probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind…but maybe it should be.
    [Facebook] What B2B Tech Companies Can Expect From Search Marketing in 2017
    You can follow Chris on Twitter and Facebook. We recently sat down for a Q&A with search engine marketing expert, Chris Turner of ChocolateSEO. Below, Chris discusses the reasons that B2B technology companies should make SEO & SEM part of their strategy in the coming year. Chris, now that we’re starting a new year, why should B2B technology companies add SEM/SEO to their marketing mix?
    [Facebook] 9 Quick Tips for B2B Lead Generation to Implement Today
    Take key statistics from a report or whitepaper, and design an infographic for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or SlideShare to expand your audience and draw new attention to existing work. . Author: Sesame Mish B2B lead generation is a huge topic. Every marketer has favorite strategies and top tips, as well as stories about huge wins and equally epic fails. L eads are the lifeblood of your business.
    [Facebook] How to Build an Email Newsletter that Wins Business
    With all the other fancy marketing channels to choose from — LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, pay-per-click ads, etc — email sounds old and washed up. But according to a study by McKinsey & Company , email was nearly 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. Email is dead, right?
    [Facebook] How Brands are Using Twitch Live Streaming, i.e. the Biggest Social Channel You’ve Never Heard of
    This was a time, remember, before Facebook Live and Periscope—even before Meerkat’s short-lived time at the top. Unlike, say, Facebook and its steady march towards dominating literally everything, Twitch is content to stick to what it’s good at. Yes, here’s another article espousing the virtues of live video for your content strategy—but we promise this one is different.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014
    [Facebook] 14 Ways to Get More Use Out of Your Buyer Personas
    “Turns out, Sample Sally checks her Facebook religiously, but isn’t too keen on using Twitter,” you explain to your team, who are visibly dumbfounded by your amazing insights. on Facebook ads, retargeting, etc.) Ah yes, the excitement of creating your company’s first buyer persona. The interviews, the surveys, the extensive research … the PowerPoint presentation you put together so you can properly unveil your personas in all their persona-y glory.
    [Facebook] Nine Variables To Consider When Creating Remarkable Content
    Follow Michael Brenner on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook or Subscribe to the B2B Marketing Insider Blog. Today’s post is a guest contribution by Craig Rosenberg, Leader of the Focus Expert Network on If you spend time in the marketing blogosphere, then you know one thing for sure: The content marketing revolution is upon us.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013
    [Facebook] 8 Ways to Instantly Improve the Quality of Your Marketing Content
    It's no wonder photos on Facebook generate 53% more Likes than the average post -- we're visual creatures after all! Last week, we published a post written by a HubSpot partner, Velocity Partners, that discussed the importance of creating high-quality content. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend you do. You can view it here.
    [Facebook] How Mobile App Marketers Can Attain a 360-Degree View of Their Audience
    For example, if a high number of users found out about your app via social media, you could allocate more funds to run paid campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, scaling back on other tactics that don’t quite work as well. Author: Koustubha Deshpande These are exciting times in the mobile app industry. Marketers have never had such an abundance of data and insights available to them–mountains of information to help support strategy and deliver success.
    [Facebook] No Leads from Social Media? No Excuses.
    The blog generated more than 500 leads in its first 9 months alone, and this from a target audience (billing managers at small- to mid-sized medical practices) that can hardly be described as the Facebook crowd. Are there multiple options to subscribe, via email, RSS, Twitter, and Facebook?
    [Facebook] Zaius Offers Mid-Market Customer Data Platform Plus Analytics and Campaigns
    Users can export segments to other systems, including a two-way audience synchronization with Facebook and Google. It wasn’t until the end of a long demonstration that I finally understood what Zaius is. Which is pretty ironic, since they’re an almost perfect example of a Customer Data Platform – that is, a system that assembles customer data from multiple systems and makes it available for marketing and analytics. If anyone should recognize a CDP when they see one, it’s me.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014
    [Facebook] The Essential Ebook Creation Methodology for New Inbound Marketers
    By way of example, if I knew I had to create an ebook about how to generate leads from social media, the next 5 blog posts I''d write would be: How to Generate Leads From Facebook. If I had curated a bunch of existing site content about how to generate leads from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. When your inbound machine has been chugging along for a while, the prospect of creating the content you need to keep feeding that machine isn''t so scary.
    [Facebook] The Relationship between Social Influence and Customer Experience
    It’s up to you to provide something more compelling than a corporate Facebook page or Twitter profile and throwing up a few posts. Who influences you, and whom do you influence? For years there’s been talk about creating “brand advocates” with social media. Everybody wants thousands of raving fans singing their praises on social channels, but few are willing to do the real work that advocacy (and influence) requires—relationship building.
    [Facebook] 11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks
    This a huge missed opportunity for businesses, especially given that because many businesses aren't leveraging features likes company updates, the clutter on LinkedIn is significantly less dense than on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. You're Not Leveraging Opportunities for Creativity: While a LinkedIn Company Page may not be as customizable as, say, a Facebook Page , there are a few things you can do to make your page more engaging for your followers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015
    [Facebook] Practical Advice From Rand Fishkin on 9 Common Marketing Problems
    That said, the biggest threat to SEO in the future might be closed-network sites, like Facebook. Even if you don''t know Rand Fishkin by name, you probably have heard about some of the organizations he''s co-founded (Moz, or seen his Whiteboard Friday lectures. Or maybe you''ve heard of the acronym "TAGFEE," one he and Moz cohorts created to explain their code of conduct: Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, and Exceptional.
    [Facebook] 7 Key Insights from LinkedIn’s Study ‘The State of Sales in 2016’
    Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great equalizers where prospects and companies can communicate in the same way you might talk to a friend and there’s plenty of evidence to show this approach works. Approximately 70% of sales pros use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, making these 3 platforms the most widely used sales technology. LinkedIn is one of the must online tools for a B2B sales person. It is a lead generator, email, CRM and a knowledge base in one place.
    [Facebook] Overcoming Sales Objections With Content Marketing
    For all intents and purposes, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ are where the rubber of your product meets the road of the market. As sales reps, we’re constantly leaning on marketing’s resources to create sales enablement tools. But today’s marketers are talking about content marketing. The typical purpose of a content marketing approach is to generate leads, so how can you use it to overcome sales objections?
    [Facebook] Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Make Your Job Robot-Proof
    Voice-recognition, like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, and image recognition in our Facebook and Google accounts are just two mainstream applications that leverage artificial intelligence (AI)—one of the newest technologies gaining widespread momentum today. Author: Jacob Shama “Hey, Siri! Find the nearest sushi restaurant.”. New technologies are emerging and showing up in our everyday lives at a rapid rate.
    [Facebook] 4 Holiday Social Campaigns That Win & Why
    Interestingly enough, I heard about this campaign first through social media coverage of it (thank you, Facebook newsfeed), before I actually received the official promotion from Kate Spade via email. Author: Shanna Cook It’s that time of year again — when all is merry and bright on social media, full of good hashtag tidings from your favorite brands.
    [Facebook] Industry Benchmarks for Social Media Engagement: How Much Should Your Posts Receive?
    They have the advantage of getting new inventory on a regular basis, and one piece of inventory can spur Facebook albums, Pinterest posts, and quick one-liners with a link for tweets. It''s most important that you''ve got a solid hold on where that one post a week should go -- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn? One of the best feelings as a marketer is when you spend time crafting the perfect message for your social accounts and then your audience actually engages with that post.
    [Facebook] 40 (of the) Best SEO Guide, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)
    and) all major search engines take data feeds from Twitter and Facebook,” Lee Odden provides two tactical approaches (nicely illustrated with diagrams) for incorporating social media efforts into SEO processes. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key component in designing and developing an effective website , as well as the core of web presence optimization (WPO).
    [Facebook] Vulnerability is essential to your social media marketing success
    In order to succeed in social media, be it as a tool to build your own personal brand or as part of a marketing strategy for your own interest or for your employer, you will need to get over yourself and deal with some very primal fears you may have that feel a lot like your fear of public speaking.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017
    [Facebook] 50 Ways to Use Video Messaging to Make Business Personal Again
    Now accounting for 73% of all Internet traffic and more than 25 billion daily views on Facebook, SnapChat and YouTube alone, the pace at which we’re devouring video is staggering. The rise of video as the king of content has been quite the sight to behold. And in the wake of its rise to stardom in our personal lives comes a fascinating shift in how video is impacting the way we communicate as businesses and professionals.
    [Facebook] THE HACKIES: How leading marketing executives tackle martech
    You can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on social media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. If you liked it, you can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This article is a guest post by Liam O’Connor of Lenati. It was entered into The Hackies essay contest for the upcoming MarTech conference. Like it?
    [Facebook] How To Get Started On Twitter
    Let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter , LinkedIn , or Facebook. ———-. With Twitter’s Fifth Birthday now behind us, there are still plenty of B2B Marketers considering whether Twitter is a place to engage with customers, prospects, partners and future employers. People are always asking me “why tweet, who to follow and how to get started on Twitter?&#
    [Facebook] How New Technology Is Changing the Way We Earn (And Retain) Customers Online
    For example, social media is an incredibly valuable way to communicate with customers who have already signaled their devotion by liking your Facebook Page or following you on Twitter. Did you know that Twitter was launched less than 10 years ago? Or that Instagram is only five years old? One of the most exciting things about the internet is the pace at which innovation happens.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2016
    [Facebook] 7 Classic Email Marketing Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them
    Your Facebook page. Everybody makes mistakes. Some are big. Some are little. Many are avoidable. In email, there are so many mistakes you can make that to list them all would turn this blog post into a short book. To help you avoid the worst of the worst email marketing mistakes, we’ve decided to call them out. We’re just listing the worst offenders – and what to do to prevent them… and how to recover if you make them.
    [Facebook] 3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Make You a Better Marketer
    Monitor your competition and benchmark your Facebook and LinkedIn traffic, tweets, and video views – as well as your web traffic and keywords – against your competitors. Many aspects of marketing require a careful hands-on approach to ensure proper application, timely scheduling, and successful implementation. However, as technology has advanced, tapping into the power and sophistication of marketing automation has shifted from being a nice-to-have to being an essential reality.
    [Facebook] Social media and the tragedy in Boston
    I first learned about the bombing on Facebook. Yesterday, two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Then Twitter, then NPR, and then TV. Strangely enough, my television experience is markedly influenced by ubiquitous computing, Internet, networked cameras and video — even Vine ! I don’t have a lot to add to the conversation except that we at Biznology are shocked and appalled–our thoughts go out to everyone affected.
    [Facebook] In search of serendipity: why I’m signing off social media for the summer
    It’s hard to believe that social media is such a relatively recent phenomenon; for context, LinkedIn launched in 2003, Facebook in 2004, YouTube in 2005, Twitter in 2006, and Instagram and Pinterest in 2010. I don’t get paid holiday leave anymore. I work for myself and every day I don’t work I’m not earning. I don’t have a steady pay check and, having spent the bulk of my career in a corporate environment, that can be uncomfortable for me.
    [Facebook] How Social Media Capitalism Will Affect Your Future Marketing Strategy
    In the early days of Facebook and Twitter, there were no monetization methods in place. Now, Facebook and Twitter both have strong and growing advertising platforms. As Facebook prepares for its initial public offering and LinkedIn continues to battle the pressure of Wall Street, the only real certainty is that social media capitalism is here to stay. Facebook could decide tomorrow that it wants you to pay a monthly fee to have a business page.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014
    [Facebook] Got a Trade Show Coming Up? How to Use Instagram While You're There
    Sharing to a Facebook Page rather than an individual profile takes one extra step, too. Think about the last time you put together a booth for a trade show or conference. You probably made sure your signage was noticeable, brochures were printed far ahead of time, and you had enough people to staff your area during the entire conference. You checked off every item on your to-do list so you could have a flawless booth. Hate to break it to you, but you still forgot something.
    [Facebook] Leadership Secrets of the CMOs: Get Uncomfortable and Start Connecting the Dots
    GE, for example, effectively uses channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube to engage with audiences interested in scientific and technological innovation. Beth Comstock, CMO GE. A few weeks ago, I shared some valuable lessons B2B marketers can learn from SAS CMO, Jim Davis. Continuing the series, I’m happy to share with you this useful advice from GE CMO, Beth Comstock. On her Twitter profile, Beth describes herself as a “marketer on a mission”.
    [Facebook] Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018
    billion on Facebook, 330 million on Twitter, and 800 million on Instagram, successful marketers will turn their marketing strategies to where their target audience hangs out. For example, Facebook reported they see 100,000 active bots each month on Facebook Messenger. Consider stories on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook that are widely popular. With 467 million users on LinkedIn, 2.07
    [Facebook] The New LinkedIn Encourages B2B Marketing to Embrace Its Human Side
    Sure, your company might offer an innovative solution that helps streamline work for other businesses, but that doesn’t mean your target audience is interested in seeing those solutions sandwiched between photos from your brother’s trip to the Caribbean and your friend’s latest Facebook political treatise. Find for me the marketer who, at a young age, proudly declared, “I want to grow up to market IT solutions for manufacturing brands at scale.”
    [Facebook] 7 of the Best Email Marketing Campaigns of 2016
    A message is 5x more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook. Author: Ellen Gomes Email marketing remains a force to be reckoned with and there is no shortage of statistics to reinforce the point: 72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email. Email has the highest conversion rate (66%) when compared to social, direct mail and more. Email’s long-standing success, however, means that everyone is using it and inboxes are packed.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017
    [Facebook] what Tony Orlando & Dawn taught me about online marketing (or knock three times on the ceiling if you want me)
    They also posted a couple supporting Facebook posts also sharing the JULY4THAGANZA discount code. I’m feeling nostalgic today so I decided to name today’s blog post Knock Three Times on the Ceiling if You Want Me , after Tony Orlando & Dawn ‘s super single that sold six million copies. But this is about marketing and not about adult contemporary pop songs (I was recently reminded that this is a marketing blog and not an American pop music of the 1970s blog).
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 29, 2016
    [Facebook] How to Tie Your Content Marketing into Your Account-Based Marketing
    For social media advertising: You know Facebook advertising has killer targeting abilities. Account-based marketing is having quite the run lately. It’s not hard to see why. Who doesn’t want to improve their close rates by 300%? Who doesn’t want to finally get sales and marketing and other departments to work together like a finely-tuned orchestra? So ABM is thriving, being adopted by B2B companies left and right.
    [Facebook] Mobile Marketing Is A Strategy Not A Tactic
    Please follow along on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook or Subscribe to the B2B Marketing Insider Blog. What has more users than all the TVs, PCs and landlines in the whole world combined ? What is a bigger channel than the 1.7 billion people surfing the internet worldwide? The answer is Mobile. Our world now includes 5 Billion mobile subscribers! That is nearly half of the entire planet.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2012
    [Facebook] Foursquare Launches 'Promoted Updates,' PPC for Local Businesses
    Today, the location-based social network is launching 'Promoted Updates ,' similar in nature to the "Promoted" features we've seen from Facebook and Twitter. Looks like Foursquare has been a busy bee lately, announcing the second of two new features in just one week's time. But because we never covered Foursquare's other launch of 'Local Updates' last week, let's do a quick summary before we move onto Foursquare's latest announcement. What Are Local Updates?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2014
    [Facebook] 11 Twitter "Tips" and "Tricks" That Don't Actually Work
    We''ve already debunked some of the biggest "tips" and "tricks" folks will tell you about Facebook , so we figured we''d move onto another social network and do some more. One of the hardest parts about learning something new is that you have little ability to distinguish fact from fluff. You want to soak up as much information as possible without having to fact check every blog post you read on something new.
  • B2B MEMES  |  TUESDAY, JULY 3, 2012
    [Facebook] Are You Highly Digital? Try This Test
    You manage your CMS yourself, you are equally comfortable tweeting and posting on Facebook, you even adjust code occasionally. In a Harvard Business Review blog post discussed last week by Mark Schaefer , authors Jeffrey Rayport and Tuck Rickards asserted that most big companies are too far behind the digital curve. By their standards, only nine of the Fortune 500 corporations are highly digital. That’s no surprise. But what interests me is the four-part test they use to assess companies.
    [Facebook] Using Content to Build Trust in B2B Marketing
    Share this on Facebook. In the recent Edelman Trust Barometer report they detail out how trust is rebounding in a handful of Western countries especially in the United States where trust in business jumped 18 points to 54 percent. Which was an interesting statistic no doubt for many of us in business today. But for me – the real story was buried on page 7 of the report (see graphic) which talks about the number of times your message needs to hit target in order for it to resonate!
    [Facebook] 11 Tactics B2B Marketers Should Be Thankful for
    This could be traced back to the growing popularity of video-friendly social media features like Facebook Video and Instagram Live. It’s worth noting that Facebook is widely viewed as the most effective social media platform, with 62 percent of respondents saying it drives the best results. Being the week of Thanksgiving, it’s only right that we take the time to think about some of the tactics that we’re most thankful for within the B2B industry.
    [Facebook] 4 AdWeek marketing lessons for small businesses
    Representatives from Facebook, Yahoo, and major-media publisher Condé Nast were all on hand to talk about upcoming initiatives and success stories at their companies. Mercedes-Benz reported at AdWeek that its cross-platform campaigns between Instagram and Facebook had generated 54 percent higher click-through rates – and these are both platforms that small businesses can use too.
    [Facebook] 10 Amazing Interactive Videos
    Over 8 billion Facebook videos are played each day. Marketers continue to rank video as one of the most effective content types. Cisco predicts that 80% of all internet traffic will be streaming video content by 2019. Demand Metric reports that video now converts better than other content types. Interactive videos, however, make an even greater impression on viewers because viewers do more than watch – they listen, read, write, and click.
    [Facebook] My Stolen Car, A Sleazy Salesman and 5 Marketing Lessons for Business Owners
    Please follow along on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook or Subscribe to the B2B Marketing Insider Blog. Two weeks ago my wife’s car was stolen. She was upset…I was not. . The car that was stolen was large, practical, paid off and ran pretty well. But folks, it was a minivan! So while she labored over “who would steal a car with child car seats and kid’s DVDs in it?&# I was scanning websites of car dealers for the hottest deals in anything BUT a minivan.
    [Facebook] Spur Your Social Results: Customize Images in Canva
    And it’s good for more than just creating images on Twitter… you can use it for Facebook, Pinterest, and much more. What does it take to get better results on Twitter? Improve your images! Twitter posts that include pictures are twice as likely to be shared. Images can offset that stringent 140-character limit, giving you additional ways to engage with your audience and get your point across. This can boost engagement for both organic and inorganic posts.
  • PUREB2B  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016
    [Facebook] How to Master Local Lead Generation
    You can also use Facebook Local Ads to market within a specific radius around your business. This feature lets you localize your ads, so your promotions are more visible to Facebook users who live in that particular area. Facebook and Twitter are usually safe bets, whereas LinkedIn works better for B2B businesses and Instagram is effective for younger audiences. Local communities are the first customers of almost every business, regardless of what industry they may be in.
    [Facebook] How to Build Your Brand With Instagram: 4 Tried-and-True Tips
    After all, networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are simply feeds: the newer the content (with some exceptions), the higher up it will be in your followers' feeds. Instagram is a platform that has demonstrated tremendous growth. In fact, the Instagram community grew to over 400 million users this past year. Despite its impressive reach, many business owners are still overlooking its marketing potential.
    [Facebook] 11 tips and tools to jump-start your SEO
    GENERATE OUTREACH AND VISIBILITY WITH SOCIAL MEDIA: Your social network pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ not only provide outreach but additional ranking on search pages so your business can appear multiple times on a search page. Photo credit: Sean MacEntee.
    [Facebook] Digital Marketing Strategy for Launching New Products & Services
    Social Media Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+). Businesses launch exciting new products and services every day, but not all of them succeed. One of the many unfortunate facts of life is that some investments simply fail to generate a positive ROI despite the amount of effort put in. Ironically, the difference between a successful and failed launch often has absolutely nothing to do with the new offering itself.
    [Facebook] Offers A Customer Data Platform for B2B Marketers
    How it works is this: Hull has connectors for major customer-facing SaaS systems, such as Salesforce , Optimizely , HubSpot , Mailchimp , Facebook custom audiences, Slack , and Zendesk. The need for a Customer Data Platform – a marketer-controlled, unified, persistent, accessible customer database – applies equally to business and consumer marketing.
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2016
    [Facebook] Agency Focus: How Content Marketing is Changing, & How to Measure It
    Neil Patel , co-founder of Crazy Egg, explains that peak time for sharing on Facebook is at 1:00 p.m. When it comes to content marketing, art + science = measurable success. Since you’re reading this blog post, you probably know the importance of content marketing, and getting the right content to the right person at exactly the right time. Apparently, though, few of us are very good at content marketing yet.
    [Facebook] Delivering Return On Marketing – What’s Your ROI?
    Follow Michael Brenner on Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook or Subscribe to the B2B Marketing Insider Blog. What's Your ROI? What is your return on marketing? This question can come up when you least expect it: while presenting your annual plan, while speaking to the CEO in the hallway, or maybe as one of those emails that lands in your inbox with a huge “thud!”. This question can come from sales, company leadership or even be debated within marketing. Many marketers cringe.
    [Facebook] Digital Storytelling In 162 Games: How Major League Baseball Keeps Its Story Fresh
    Facebook and Twitter have long been mainstays of digital fan engagement, but newer forms like Snapchat are helping tell behind-the-scenes stories, covering everything from the locker room to the facilities management and even featuring the people who take care of the grass. Opening Day is its own holiday for Major League Baseball fans. With most home openers taking place during the middle of the workday, stadiums fill up with fans cutting out on an afternoon in the office.
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