These 7 Visual Tactics Can Boost Landing Page Conversions

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Creating visuals for a landing page is kind of like dressing for a job interview. You want the visuals on your landing pages to communicate to visitors that you’re delivering what they want in a manner that reflects your overall brand. Another similarity between dressing for a job interview and finding the best visuals for your landing page? Take Monotype ’s landing page for example: Its landing page cleverly shows visitors what Monotype is all about.

B2B Marketing Online Testing: Eye-tracking Research and CTAs

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The Research: Eye-tracking studies have found that when most people view websites, they start at the upper left corner and then rush over the prominent images. The B2B Test: The experiment used two versions of landing pages that had the same copy and were roughly similar in design. So if you’re to the right of an image, you may have a better chance of being noticed than if you are to the left of it.


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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Conversions by 40%

B2B Lead Generation

« Website Landing Pages impact Lead Generation results | Main | Lead generation modality map for complex sales » Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Conversions by 40% MarketingSherpa released their Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Conversions. The handbook provides lab-tested data, samples from real-life campaigns and step-by-step guidelines on how to improve landing pages and convert more visitors into leads.

Eye Tracking in B2B Marketing: Are You Catching Your Customers’ Attention?

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The Research: Eye-tracking studies have found that when most people view websites, they start at the upper left corner and then rush over the prominent images. The B2B company Openet tested two webinar sign-up pages, with exactly the same content, with the only difference being the banner design at the top. So if you’re to the right of an image, you may have a better chance of being noticed than if you are to the left of it.

The 7 Principles of Conversion-Centered Landing Page Design


Designing an optimized landing page isn''t exactly a cakewalk. Landing pages sit at the heart of CCD. A landing page is a standalone page that uses congruent design -- working toward a single collective purpose -- to usher your visitors toward the finish line, be it the collection of personal data or education about your product/service before passing the baton to the next phase of your conversion funnel. Landing Page Tip.

9 Best Practices for Creating a High Converting Pricing Page (With Examples)


Your pricing page is one of the most important parts of your website. But I've seen enough badly designed pricing pages to know that some businesses simply don't know how to sell their offer. They either get confused on how much to charge, especially if they offer services, or don't know how to demonstrate value on the price page. In this post, I'll share nine best practices to ensure your pricing page does what it's supposed to do, make sales happen.

Lead Generation

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At the core of a well-tuned marketing strategy lies one of the most powerful lead generation tools ever created: the landing page. . What is a landing page? A landing page is not just another web page on your advisor website. Landing pages are the foundations for specific campaigns, and they’re designed to get your page visitors to take a targeted action. There are two types of landing pages.

Top 6 Ways You Can Conduct User Research to Gather Optimization Ideas


But it also has its place for helping us come up with more ideas to test our product designs, website structure, and landing pages. Then ask them to sort different cards, each with specific names that correspond to different pages or subcategories in your site.

Neuromarketing + Inbound Marketing = Optimized Conversions for B2B Marketers


The process involves non-invasive psychoanalysis of the prospects’ brain activity using methods such as electroencephalography (EGC), magnetoencephalography (MEG) & functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), eye tracking & electrodermal response measures. Also, the brain is habituated to read information from left to right-hand side & hence it is advisable to place the CTAs on the right-hand side of a landing page.

Email Marketing Best Practices: How to Send Emails Your Subscribers Will Love


Closely Tie Emails to Landing Pages. Eye-tracking studies have found that people instinctively look for logos in the upper left-hand side of emails. Closely Tie Emails to Landing Pages. Your landing page should match the email in terms of headline, copy, and content. The look and feel of your landing page should also match the email -- consistency goes a long way toward a customer's trust in the content they're receiving.

You Are Not Your Audience: Why PPC Capabilities are Not Enough


We can reach students looking to travel abroad and visit a particular website page, serving an ad between 9am – 2pm, with the ability to bid up on Saturdays while they are searching at their highest amount of volume, for example. When a consumer reaches your landing page, your job is not done. There are plenty of data tools to quantify your landing page efforts and their usability. There’s something to be said about being at the right place, at the right time.

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17 Best Paid Media Tools for Marketers

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Users love how the tool drives phone calls via paid search by tracking calls back to the ads that triggered them in the first place. Marketers can use this analytics and call tracking solution for campaign attribution and conversion reporting from inbound phone calls. Top Features of Invoca: Use call-centric solutions like analytics and call tracking software to improve PPC and display ads. Crazy Egg can track a whopping 1,111 visitors for every dollar spent on it.

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Mobile Myth Busting: How to Write Great Content for Mobile


The Golden Triangle – During eye-tracking studies researchers learned that users focus primarily on the upper left corner of a website or search engine page results. This triangular region is where the majority of the eye movement was focused. Users were likely to read horizontally through the first line before moving down the page and reading across in a second horizontal movement that covered a shorter area than the previous line.

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7 Simple Steps to Super-Size SEO for Financial Advisors

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Now consider the fact that 75% of searches never go past the first page of search results. Optimize Your Landing Page. Google and other search engines consider your track record on searches when they are assigning your rank. Optimize Your Landing Page.

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9 Email Marketing Best Practices to Generate More Leads


Put Your Logo in the Upper Left-Hand Side of the Email: Eye tracking studies have found that people instinctively look for logos in the upper left-hand side of emails. Closely Tie Emails to Landing Pages: Your landing page should match the email in terms of headline, copy, and content. The look and feel of your landing page should also match the email.

How Peggy Olson Would Design for Interactive

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Designing web pages, landing pages and emails today is a lot more complicated than it was in the days of Mad Men. It is imperative that you understand these three concepts when you design an email, landing page or web page: How layout affects engagement: Learn how to layout elements on a page for maximum engagement. Read on for some very simple tips that will help you optimize your page layouts for engagement on any platform.

The Anatomy of a Lead-Generating Website


Are you creating custom landing pages for every single campaign that you run? Although landing pages are the most popular places to put lead generation forms , you can embed them anywhere you'd like on your site. Once you've created and embedded your forms , how are you going to collect and track submissions? 3) Primary and secondary calls-to-action on every page. 4) Gated offers on landing pages. How Long Should Your Landing Page Forms Be?

Hyperlocal Marketing: What You Need to Know

According to reports from Search Engine Land , adding multiple images to your GMB listing increases the chances of people calling or visiting your store. According to Tech Target , “above the fold is the portion of a web page that is visible in a browser window when the page first loads”.

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B2B Aware: This Week in B2B Marketing-Socialize, Mobilize & Familiarize

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The company home page and e-mail communications still lead B2B marketing efforts, but mobile and social media are poised to become the tools of the future, according to McKinsey Quarterly data. Catch your B2B customer's attention with eye tracking. According to MLT Creative's Director of Buyer Behavior, Vann Morris, eye-tracking studies have found that when most people view websites, they start at the upper left corner and then rush over the prominent images.

Best Website, UX and Mobile Design Guides and Tips of 2011


Any website element can be creatively designed and optimized, from navigation menus and forms to landing pages and 404 error pages. The “slide over” ads on this page get a tad annoying, but the fonts are beautiful and worth checking just for the lyrical names, like Niakania , CrimsonVermillion , Throw My Hands Up in the Air and Annie Use Your Telescope. Imaginative 404 Error Pages. 33 More Entertaining 404 Error Pages by Mashable.

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How to Use UX Testing to Improve Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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Eye tracking. Is it about uniformity with regards to navigation across all pages — including tabs, buttons, commands and menus? Is it about using eye-catching elements to draw attention? B) Eye Tracking. If you want to know how your customers think, you can use another UX testing method called eye tracking, which can give you details of what users think of the visual images or objects on your website. Jaguar Land Rover has done this.

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How to Convert With Psychology: 4 Design Levers To Pull


From the moment you set out to design any form of marketing collateral -- an ad, email, or landing page -- you’re cursed. Consider testing your ad, product listing, email, or landing page on members of your target audience who haven’t been exposed to your product yet. In regard to digital marketing, a similar process takes place when visitors consume a web page. So don’t over-complicate your web pages. Users, visitors, prospects, leads, and customers.

How to Design the UX of a Website or App to Increase Conversions

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Designing for conversions not only enhances the user experience of customers when they land on your website or use your mobile app, but it also boosts customer satisfaction, brings in more leads into your sales pipeline , generates more sales and results in higher profitability of your business venture. 47% of visitors expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Eye-tracking studies show that users follow F or Z patterns to scan the screen.

Proven Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts

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To give you an idea on what content types you should consider offering behind gated landing pages, a recent study from Curata reported the content types that B2B buyers would be most willing to provide their contact information for: Webinars (79%). Eye tracking studies show internet readers pay close attention to information-carrying- images. In fact, when the images are relevant, readers spend more time looking at the images than they do reading text on the page.

Doing More with Less: Conversion Rate Optimization Technology


In other words—CRO takes effort upfront, but once processes and pages are streamlined, your marketing team will find themselves able to kick back while conversions soar. While most people associate CRO with web pages, it is the process of optimizing overall web presence. This means it could include optimizing any of the following: websites, landing pages, image ads, email, and other design related elements of one’s online marketing efforts. Eye Tracking.

31 Spectacular Web Design Guides, Techniques and Resources


Peep Laja shares practical applications of 10 findings from eye-tracking studies, such as that the top left-corner of a site gets initial attention; that people read in F-patterns; that the most effective images are large, high-quality photos of people facing forward; and, most frighteningly, that “When viewing a website, it takes users less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression.” Landing Page and CTA Design Tips.

How Native Advertising Can Boost Signups (and Revenue!) for Your Mobile App


Native advertising is a type of online ad that fits in with the design and function of the web page. Native ads don’t really look like ads; they look like other editorial content featured on the page. A click on a native ad leads to advertiser content on a website or landing page – but it’s not a hard sell. Eye tracking research shows that display ads in the sidebar of a web page, and even ads at the top of the SERP, are mostly skipped over by viewers.

Tips and Tools For Improving Your Website UX

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optimize your page speed. Utilize the same color patterns for clickable buttons and links and limit the “ask” for each page. What pages are viewed the most? If you don't already have a web analytics tool or ability to track your performance in your marketing automation/CMS, that is first on the list.). Conversion funnels: A clear picture of the pages and page locations where most visitors are choosing to leave your site.

Neuromarketing 101: How Neuroscience Affects Customers’ Buying Behaviors

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In an early study from Temple University , scientists used eight methods to test this theory, including traditional surveys, eye tracking, heart rate, breathing, brain activity (with fMRI: functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and brain waves (with EEG: electroencephalography): fMRIs monitor brain activity by assessing blood flow as the subjects respond to audio and visual cues. 5 Important Landing Page Elements You Should Be A/B Testing.

AI and Big Data Are Changing Our Attention Spans


Thousands of algorithms on millions of servers auction off your every click and tap, anticipating which emails you'll open, which search results you'll read, even how your eye might dart around the page. Machines are starting to help optimize email subject lines and article titles based on what might catch your eye. Eye-tracking has long been used in psychology, marketing, and consumer research, in both academia and business. What catches your attention?

How to Generate Leads From the Most Popular Pages on Your Website


From blog posts to landing pages to job postings, your website may be made up of tens, hundreds; even thousands of individual pages. But regardless how many pages you have on your site, you'll find that the vast majority of your traffic comes in to a few, very specific pages -- often your homepage, your "About" page, your "Contact Us" page, and maybe one or two of your most popular blog posts. Which Pages Get the Most Traffic?

How to Improve Your Website Experience: 10 User Testing Tools to Try


With this tool, you can track multiple domains under one account and uncover insights about your site's performance using four different intelligence tools: Heat map: Uncover where people are clicking on your site to determine what elements are converting and which aren't. Overlay: See the number of clicks different elements on your page are receiving to evaluate performance. This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post.

Psychology in marketing – the ultimate weapon to supercharge your growth

The official Wikipedia page has more than 194 identified and researched biases. Eye tracking, EEG (Electroencephalography), GSR ( Electrodermal activity) IRT (Infrared thermography), and more. For example, below you can find an eye-tracking study, that helped to determine the best placement for Google Search Ads. Stop talking about feature and specifications in the most prominent places of your ad space/Landing Page.