9 Stellar Referral Program Examples

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Where do you begin when you’re working with a small team or budget? You just need to find one that works for your business. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite referral program examples and what makes them effective so you can apply these ideas to your own program.

10 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


Sure, you can throw money at your efforts to drive people to your Facebook Page and send them to your website, but that only works if you're smart about it. If you're looking for some great examples, you've come to the right place. The 3 Primary Formats for Facebook Ads (With Examples).

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11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


Sure, you can throw money at your efforts to drive people to your Facebook Page and send them to your website, but that only works if you're smart about it. If you're looking for some great examples, you've come to the right place. The 3 Primary Formats for Facebook Ads (With Examples).

10 Examples of Highly Impactful LinkedIn Profiles

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While I detailed several key LinkedIn profile elements that help convey trust, the objective of this post is to provide even more examples through exemplary LinkedIn user profiles found online. Here is that list in summary: A Professional Profile Photo (Headshot).

10 Impressive Examples of Influencer Marketing Campaigns


10 Influencer Marketing Examples. To give you an idea of how brands -- both big and small -- are leveraging the power of influencers in their marketing efforts, we've put together a list of ten influencer-driven campaigns.

Managing Your Newsletter Email List:5 Must-Do’s

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When it comes to creating or growing your newsletter email list , you need to stay on top of managing it so it brings you clients. Creating a newsletter email list is no exception. List the equipment and software you are using.

Ultimate List of 22 Account-Based Marketing Tactics


Here’s a list of 22 tactics account-based marketers can use to reach and engage their target companies, expand the funnel, and create advocates for their product or service offering. If you’ve been looking for a long list of ABM strategies, you’ve found it.

40 Brilliant-but-Easy Ways to Build Your Email List

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Email marketing is a high-impact, low-cost way of delivering your marketing message to current customers and prospects — if, that is, you have a great email list. Read on for the most effective and creative ways to build your email list. If your email list is short, scant on information, full or errors and redundancies, or just not on-track with your targeting, that poor-quality data can be worse than having no data at all! Build your email list the right way.

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20 Amazing Examples Of Brand Content Marketing Hubs

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I have a running list of about 10 sites that I typically use as examples. The criteria I used was pretty simple: They had to be examples of a brand-owned content hub. But here is the complete list, separated by B2B and B2C, in no particular order.

11 Actionable Writing Tips [+Examples]


Example: It’s a good idea to blog often since 92% of businesses that blog multiple times daily has acquired customers through their blog ( HubSpot ). Example: When writing, shut yourself up in a soundproof room that has good lighting. Image source.

The 2016 Complete Guide to List Segmentation

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When it comes to email marketing, list segmentation is the best tool for dissecting your consumer base. A 2015 case study by MarketingSherpa found that proper list segmentation increased open rates by 20 to 40 percent, with a subsequent rise in click-through rates.

15 Best Practices for Email Unsubscribes – With Examples


The unsubscribe process you use for your email list might not be the most scintillating topic for conversation. Especially if you believe a certain number of people are always going to fall off your list, no matter what you do. Why would lists be shrinking?

13 Examples of Super Skimmable Content


One of the barriers to getting your work read and widely shared in the age of information overload is time. 13 Examples of Super Skimmable Content. EST with the intent of allowing readers to skim the news prior to arriving at work.

12 Great Examples That Prove the Power of Repurposing Content


So to inspire your repurposing efforts, I put together some benefits and examples below. You just have to work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more people,” Halpern explains. This works great if you’re starting with high-value, authoritative content.

12 Noteworthy Examples of B2B Companies on Instagram

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For this reason, I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of B2B companies managing noteworthy Instagram accounts, each utilizing the social media platform to tell their brand’s story in unique ways. Instagram is a social media platform unlike any other.

8 Examples of B2B Businesses Managing Powerful LinkedIn Pages

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To help establish some commonalities between successful LinkedIn Company Pages, I’ve compiled a list of B2B business examples getting some pretty impressive engagement on the platform. Why would someone want to work with your company?

15 Examples of Great Mobile Website Design


To help inspire any mobile website design changes you''ll be making to prepare for the impending algorithm update, here''s a list of 15 companies who really nailed their mobile web experience. 15 Examples of Great Mobile Websites.

10 Examples of Highly Effective Welcome Emails

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When new contacts subscribe to your list you want to welcome them to the group with an inviting email. To help you create an effective welcome email , we’ll highlight ten effective examples. Write a welcoming note Our first example highlights the importance of a friendly greeting.

3 Steps to Building a Better B2B Target Account List

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Back when direct mail was a staple of B2B marketing, everyone involved knew your list could make or break your marketing. Yes, your offer, creative and message mattered too, but the list was the biggie. Yes, your offer, creative and message mattered too, but the list was the biggie.

A Deep Dive Into Two Examples Of Predictive Marketing


We’ll use two examples of how predictive marketing assists decision-making related to demand generation and account-based marketing. Example 1: Using Predictive Marketing To Decide Who To Target. Example 2: Using Predictive Marketing To Decide When To Target.

6 of the Best Professional Bio Examples We've Ever Seen


Previously, Rodney worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. That means dropping that traditional format of listing your accomplishments like a robot and cramming as much professional-sounding jargon in there as you can. Let's take a look at some great examples.

New developments in B2B marketing list acquisition


To reach cold prospects among business audiences, sales and marketing teams often begin by developing a list of prospective targets. Marketers can find just about every target company, title and job function they need from traditional list suppliers. A new direction in B2B lists.

9 Genius Examples of Empathetic Content Marketing in Action


9 Genius Examples of Empathetic Content Marketing in Action. How it shows empathy: Their customers dream of being skilled DIYers, but need a bit of help working through the unknown, as well as some encouragement. What's the best example of empathetic marketing you've ever seen?

17 Inspiring Instagram Video Examples From Oreo, Spotify, BuzzFeed & More


Check out the examples below. 17 Inspiring Instagram Video Examples. The video below is a great example of a fun, creative video that works perfectly for the platform. This video is clearly the work of professionals, which not every brand has the resources for.

The Funny and Fabulous: 10 Best Video Marketing Examples of 2016


If you’ve ever worked in, worked with someone who worked in, or heard anything about content or SEO, you’ll understand this video. The video below shows an example of what a YouTube viewer would experience. Want more video examples?

11 Testimonial Page Examples You'll Want to Copy


What are some examples of great testimonial pages? Here are 11 of the best examples out there to inspire you. 11 Examples of Awesome Testimonial Pages. For example, in some cases, they included the evolution of the logo during the design process.

UPDATE 16 Examples of Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns


So to ensure you're sending modern emails that warrant some of your recipient's precious time and attention, we've compiled a list of effective email examples to inspire your next campaign. 16 of the Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples.

The Perils of Email List Buying – Rookie Mistakes 101


And sometimes, on occasion, a politician hands you a wonderful example that underscores what NOT to do. You know this means those email addresses had foreign email domain names (such as.uk), so it’s unlikely that anyone cleaned those lists with an eye to how the lists would be used.

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12 Examples of B2B Companies Managing Impactful Twitter Profiles

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As a matter of fact, an estimated 310 million active users per month have propelled Twitter to number two on the list of most popular social networks, behind Facebook. Nowadays, Twitter, its tweets, and hashtags seem to be everywhere around us.

29+ Actionable Content Writing Tips [+Examples]


To do this, working on improving your writing is an important step. Here are 29+ actionable content writing tips to help you, along with examples, statistics, and quotes. Example: Don’t just tell your readers about that easy-to-make vegan cake that you made.

How to Write a Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide (With Examples)


Take my friend Eric, for example, who had the idea of a cell phone that doubles as a taser. This post covers tips for writing a business plan, followed by an outline of what to include and business plan examples. The following is a list of those available presently.

21 Interactive Marketing Examples to Inspire 2017


Together we’ve compiled a list of 21 interactive marketing examples to inspire and motivate you to conquer 2017 with great content. 21 Content Examples to Inspire Your 2017 Campaigns. The new year is fast upon us …. Is interactive content part of your 2017 marketing plans?

15 Examples of Brilliant Homepage Design


Well, it's really about more than looks along -- it also has to work well. That's why the most brilliant homepages on this list don't just score high in beauty, but also in brains. Get ready to learn about excellent homepage design through these 15 real-life examples!

15 Creative Examples of Branded Pop-Up Shops


To inspire your next branded experience, we've curated a list of 15 innovative and visually stunning pop-up events. 1 5 Examples of Next-Level Pop-Up Events. 6 ) Real Life At Work. For a few weeks, real agency employees took turns "working" in the window.

11 Practical Tips for Finishing Your To-Do List Faster


"Work smarter, not harder.". The philosophy behind working "smart" is to maximize your productivity when you are working so that you can get more stuff done in shorter periods of time. Most of us use to-do lists to keep track of what we need to do and how much we've gotten done.

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Bizible’s Ultimate List of Paid Media Resources


Six Awesome Examples of LinkedIn Ads that Convert. What better way to get inspired than to look at great examples? This post takes a closer look at what makes them work. Craft Smarter Adwords: 22 Smart (and Lazy) B2B Competitor Keyword Targeting Examples.

An Example of Twitter’s Real-Life ROI

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So I want to provide an example of Twitter facilitating important connections between people in the real world (it even involves Mark). Mark liked her work, and he asked if she would be willing to create a video for his business.

7 Must-Know Writing Tips [+Examples]


Following is a list of effective writing tips that can help you create standout content more efficiently. This tops the list of writing tips for a reason. Any modern list of writing tips would be incomplete if it didn’t tell you to steer clear of the rabbit hole which is the internet.

Holiday Homepage Designs: 12 Cheerful Examples From Real Businesses


The examples below may not be current. 12 Examples of Holiday-Themed Homepage Design. IRONMAN's homepage redesign is a great example of small changes going a long way. Again, this webpage is an example of a business staying true-to-brand with an added holiday touch.

How To Integrate Direct Mail Into ABM (With Real-World Examples)


Now, direct mail is programmatic, scalable, and works with digital channels, building a true multi-channel experience that’s triggered by user behavior and fits neatly into your existing tech stack. 1) Create a targeted account list for your direct mail send.

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