Optimizing Event Planning: 7 Ways Event Technology Eases The Process

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Whether virtual or in-person, event planning is a painstaking process. Planners oversee countless details and put in place many event aspects to ensure that events turn out great. Event Budget Management. Event Registration, Marketing, and Promotion.

The 22 Best Virtual Event Platforms


All types of events, including trade shows and industry conferences, can now be produced and attended remotely. That’s especially true in the realm of virtual events that go beyond traditional webinars and webcasts. Leading Edge Virtual Event Platforms. Virtway Events.


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Post-Event Follow-Up: Tips for Nurturing Virtual Event Leads

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Hosting attendees at your virtual event takes hard work, and crafting a memorable event experience takes top-notch planning and logistics. But when it comes to ensuring maximum ROI for your event , what you do after is what matters most. Be Swift with Post-Event Communication.

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How to Create a COVID-era Event Marketing Plan


As event professionals know, even the best-planned gathering can fall flat without the right marketing. Here’s an effective eight-step approach to creating a marketing plan for your event. Prepare to Advertise Your Event’s Mission, Speakers and Partnerships.

4 Pro Sales Tips for Virtual Networking at Events


Whether you’re new to sales, or a seasoned sales professional, one thing that we all look forward to is sales conferences, trade shows, and events. The Shift to Virtual Events and Conferences 2. The Best Virtual Event Platforms for Networking 3.

7 Tips for Creating Sponsorship Packages for Virtual Events

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Event sponsorship is one of the most effective ways of monetizing events and delivering marketing ROI. However, when it comes to virtual event sponsorship, additional considerations are needed to create packages that can be used to attract the best sponsors. Event microsite.

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Why you need a strategic approach to your LinkedIn network


The power of your LinkedIn network is not just about how many connections you have. The power is more about who is in your network–both individually and collectively. How your LinkedIn network affects social media efforts. There are three key benefits your network can provide you: access, visibility, and credibility. Adding 1 st degree connections rapidly expands your overall network and the number of people who can see you and your activity.

Virtual Events & Webinars: What Are The Key Differences?

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When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and in-person events were canceled , virtual events and webinars came to the rescue. While online events were held before the pandemic, the current situation has made them more popular. Attendee Event Experience. Attendee Event Experience.

The Biggest Event Trends for 2020

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2019 has seen some exciting developments in the events industry and there’s a lot to look forward to over the coming months. By keeping an eye on some of the top event trends expected for 2020, you can make sure you plan an event to remember. Sustainability and corporate responsibility will be key for events run in 2020 and the foreseeable future. Emerging technology including augmented reality and AI will continue to offer more opportunities for event planning.

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What is Event Marketing And Why Your Company Should Host an Event


For this, it is essential to consider Event Marketing as an option. In this strategy, events are the main focus. In general, Event Marketing is an important tool to achieve objectives, such as engagement and conversions. What are the main types of Event Marketing?

7 Best Event Registration Tools


When it comes to event marketing , there are many tasks that need to be completed prior to (as well as during and after) your event. The good news is that there are a variety of event marketing tools available to help with all aspects of your event, including event registration.

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Beyond COVID-19: 10 Benefits of Hybrid & Virtual Events

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If there is any positive trend the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the events industry, it is the adoption of virtual event platforms as a viable alternative to in-person events. This adoption has helped many event organizers to prevent event cancellation, thereby minimizing their revenue loss. But in a pandemic-free world, are there particular benefits that hosting a virtual or hybrid event (a blend of live and virtual) can bring to a business?

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Google+ is an antisocial network


Summary: While there may be a subculture of Google+ zealots who treat Google+ like a forum instead of a social network, the majority of people who love Plus are using it, according to Michael Reynolds , as a “source of content, inspiration, and communication” – more like a reader, a place to keep up with mentors, creators, influencers, and thought leaders. For most, Google+ is an antisocial network. Antisocial Networking Service. Classic antisocial networking!

Exploring Virtual Event Content Types & Best Practices

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Content is the rallying point of every great event, and a top-notch assembly of great content and presenters is essential to delivering and amplifying the core message of your event. However, putting together great content for sessions at your event won’t come easily.

What To Do When Your Marketing Event Is Canceled

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Marketing events are one of the best ways to connect with your prospects and close deals. So, what should you do if your event is canceled? The Event Industry Is Seeing a Massive Impact Due to the Disease Outbreak. The coronavirus and fears of it spreading have already greatly affected the events industry. Those hosting the event are trying to balance the threat to public health and the huge investment that goes into these shows. Event Marketing

How to Create Exhibitor & Sponsor Value In Virtual or Hybrid Events

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The value of your event revolves around creating an organic environment (virtual or hybrid) where exhibitors and sponsors can meet prospective clients, and attendees can find insights, discover opportunities, build relationships, and acquire solutions for their businesses. Before the Event.

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Ruckus Networks


One key is being able to speak their language, which is what we discussed with our latest guest, Mary Peterson , Vice President of Marketing at Ruckus Networks. About Ruckus Network s. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Ruckus Networks, also known as Ruckus Wireless, Inc., She said that they do a lot with events, and that a key to being successful in event marketing is having a digital strategy built around the event.

The Best 2017 Networking Events for Marketers


At some point in one's life and career, it seems that networking events have earned a bit of a shabby image. The truth is, not all events fit that stereotype. The thing is, we've been to enough -- to put it kindly -- less-than-stellar events to know what a remarkable one looks like. Whether you're a content marketer looking to enhance what you're creating, or want to learn SEO on a borderline-obsessive level, there's an event out there for you.

Expanded Roster Of Workshops, Case Studies And Networking Driving Growth Of B2BMX Event


Since its launch in 2012, #B2BMX has become a staple event for B2B Marketers. The organizers (parent of Demand Gen Report ) expect a similar outcome of attendees at this year’s event. DemandGen has been involved with the event since the very first one in NYC, where I taught Neuromarketing techniques for content marketers that was very well received,” said Lewis. Gee also noted that the size and quality of the conference make it ideal for networking and learning. “I

Networked Lifestyles

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Current Events Marketing APAC Asia Pacific consumer electronics Consumer Insights Internet of things IoTConsumer Electronics, APAC, Asia-Pacific, Internet of Things, IoT, Consumer Insights One of the hottest topics in consumer electronics is the Internet of Things (IoT). This grand yet vague-sounding term encompasses an ever-growing range of products, from fitness trackers to voice-activated home appliances, and even self-driving cars – once science fiction! .

4 Digital Networking Faux Pas That Will Cost You Leads

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In a time when in-person networking events are being canceled, marketers and sales professionals are focusing on engaging with prospects digitally to sustain lead nurture and generation.

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How to Keep Your Digital Event Engaging

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In-person events have been put on pause; therefore, digital networking tactics are the new go-to. This means that if networking events and conferences are a part of your brand and marketing strategy, it’s time to rethink your approach.

The Best Ice Breaker Ideas to Drive Engagement at Your Next Event

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Ice breakers have earned themselves a bit of a negative reputation in corporate events but they serve an important purpose. The best ice breaker ideas help your event attendees to warm up, network with each other, get to know the event facilitators, and they can create a memorable experience for everyone involved. The post The Best Ice Breaker Ideas to Drive Engagement at Your Next Event appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Event Marketing

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How One Event Company Transformed in the Face of COVID-19

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Events like exhibitions and summits play an important role in connecting businesses with their customers as well as providing a platform for people to learn, share and gain new connections. With the ongoing pandemic and social distancing rules in place, the event industry has been hit hard. Physical events are being postponed and cancelled and people that looked to this channel as a source for meeting valuable connections and gaining insight are pivoting to digital alternatives.

A Step-By-Step on How To Plan an Event


Plan an event is a challenging task and requires weeks or months of preparation. An event needs to be based on a goal. From the main objective, it is time to think about how to give life to this event. Set the goals for the event. Create a brand for your event.

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Three predictions about the future of virtual & hybrid events


30-second summary: Even when in-person events resume, virtual and hybrid formats will remain a go-to. Attendees may be given the choice between attending in-person or virtually, making every event experience and community a hybrid.

The Pros and Cons of Virtual B2B Events

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The State of B2B Events. Since March 2020, the in-person event playbook has been thrown out the window – along with most other ideas of predictability and normalcy. But in the absence of physical events, virtual events have risen to fill the void. Cue virtual events.

Is Your Event Canceled Due To Coronavirus?


Large and even smaller events are not immune (no pun intended) to this and no one can predict when this situation will recover. Some of the notable large events that were canceled this quarter include MWC, HiMSS, and Adobe Summit. The amount invested by companies on events shows its impact and importance to the business. Keynotes, demos, sessions, tours, and meetings with prospects, press, analysts, and partners are among the most critical activities that drive events.

Event Content Ideas: How to Choose the Best Topics that Resonate with Your Audience

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Content can be effective for event marketing, but to get the best results, choose topics that will drive engagement and attract social media shares. Content marketing should be an important part of any event marketing strategy. But, how do you narrow down your event content ideas to find the most effective topics? For content marketing for events to be effective, it’s important to plan properly. Is there a similar established event in your industry?

Must Attend Marketing Events In 2014


by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Marketing events are a trifecta benefit of being part of this exciting and evolving industry. Here is a compilation of events to inspire you in 2014. Get ready to pencil some travel in (or mine the marketing event gold in your own city’s backyard). This event promises results-oriented case studies from leading brands that understand how to manage online presence, as well as implement measures to take action based on data and analytics.

The Best Jacksonville Marketing & Business Networking Groups

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That’s why we’re always on the lookout for business and marketing networking events throughout the First Coast. While we’re primarily a local SEO and internet marketing services agency, we consider networking with all sorts of Jacksonville companies and individuals important to our success. But finding a great networking event isn’t the easiest thing around Jacksonville. But you’d be missing out on the number one benefit of these events: making new friends.

The Top 9 Social Networks For Businesses

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Are you always wondering which social network is hot and which is not? And how many social networks can your business really continue to pay attention to? Well here you will see the search growth rates of the 9 major social networks that I think are most important to businesses and our social media marketing efforts. In their research, Ignite documents the growth rates, demographics and top countries of 59 social media networks. Watch this network…Very closely.

My marketing resolution for 2016: network, network, network

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But what particularly resonated for me was her challenge to us around networking. Yetunde asked the B2B marketers in the room to rank themselves on 2 questions: how often do you network and how good do you feel you are at networking? In discussions afterwards, the overwhelming sentiment was that networking is a chore, it’s time-consuming, and doesn’t really have anything to do with a marketer’s ‘day job’. Then a few years ago I attended my first B2B Marketing event.

5 Ways to Increase Event Engagement

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Over the last decade, marketers’ opinions of events have gone up and down. To some, events can be a monumental waste of money. It’s what happens at the event that matters. In fact, according to Event Manager Blog , 91% of event organizers and marketers believe that increasing engagement is an important priority during events. In this blog, I’ll outline five strategies to boost event engagement. Your event marketing strategy is no exception.

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How to Measure Event Marketing Performance and ROI

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Events are often one of the biggest marketing expenses. According to Event MB , 85% of event planners use event registration software, 61% use event marketing tools, and 54% use survey tools. While this is promising, these tech stacks can often lead to uncertain attribution models that fail to calculate the true ROI of events. In this article, I’ll share an ROI attribution model that will help you accurately measure the results from your events.

4 Key Strategies to Have Great Turnout For Your First Virtual Event

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Within the SaaS industry, trade shows and conferences have consistently been an integral part of business development and networking. These events help to gain valuable customers and establish strong industry partnerships. Obviously, you will need a place to host your virtual event.

13 Events You Should Attend In 2013


As 2012 comes to a close and you gear up for 2013 event budgeting, think about your company’s overall objectives, and don’t be afraid to step outside the traditional demand gen-oriented event box. From the standard revenue-driven topical conferences, to the newer kids on the event block, the following are 15 can’t-miss events and conferences to kick start your business in 2013: 1. GAUGE (Google Analytics Users Great Event).