The Cloud Must Go On – How to Catalyze a PR Win into Revenue with Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

Here’s an amazing example of how you can transform press into celebrity with effective, multi-channel marketing. More than 40K attend this software technology conference, and many expect to hear each year from Marc Benioff, CEO and chairman of Event Marketing.

B2B Prospecting Data Just Keeps Getting Better


B2B marketers typically select targets from prospecting lists based on such traditional variables as industry, company size and job role, or title. In fact, you might say that business marketers now have access to prospecting data as rich and varied as that available in consumer markets.

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Create, Engage, Convert: Achieving Success with AMA’s Virtual Xchange

Modern B2B Marketing

by Rick Siegfried Yesterday Marketo took part in the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Virtual Xchange, and what an Xperience! This particular virtual event was based on just that – virtual events. This will keep the event top-of-mind for registrants.

Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller A common question I hear from marketers is “I already have a CRM system (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics CRM), so why do I need marketing automation ”? Many CRM systems have a module for marketing. Architecture of Marketing Automation versus CRM.

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