In Content, Can We Trust? Revisiting Content Ethics + Policy

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Get the opinion of The Content Advantage author Colleen Jones on restoring trust in content through content ethics and policy. Article

The resurgence of values-based branding for restoring trust


The scary decline of trust in all facets of our society has created a new challenge for brands: how can brands overcome the growing skepticism and lack of credibility caused by this distrust to authentically relate to their customers?

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Is it ethical to keep selling right now?

Heinz Marketing

I’ve chosen the word “ethical” in this question intentionally because of its implied severity. This is good sales advice to build trust and credibility in all market conditions, and especially right now. Is it ethical to continue selling?

5 Ethical Ways to Get More Backlinks


The LAST thing you want to do is pay money to have your links included on websites or attempt other not-so-ethical practices. Provided it’s a quality, trusted and high-ranking site, directory listings remain one of the easiest and most impactful ways to increase your backlinks.

The Compelling Case for Ethical Leadership


The Great Recession sparked a movement in the business world to start placing ethics over profit. In fact, about 20% of Harvard Business School’s 2009 graduating class took an oath to pursue their work in an ethical manner. What is ethical leadership? Placing Ethics Over Profit.

Ethical Marketing & Your B2B Business

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Businesses who endorse and practice ethical marketing create a strong reputation of social responsibility and cultural sensitivity. As such, ethical marketing isn’t just a moral and legal necessity; it also makes good business sense. What is Ethical Marketing? Ethical marketing is simply the process of applying ethics to your marketing campaigns and strategies. Ethical marketing practices should be engrained into business processes and campaign strategies.

UK Government Releases Framework for Development of Ethical AI


UK Government Releases Framework for Development of Ethical AI. An ethical approach ensures the public trusts this technology and sees the benefits of using it. Without prescribing a specific regulatory regime, the report provides a broad ethical framework for AI development.

How to Maintain Ethical Boundaries in Sales

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If you’re not sure whether your behavior is ethical, or if a team member is acting within moral reason, it’s best to err on the side of caution so you don’t offend customers. Being ethical and being a salesperson are not mutually exclusive.

How to build brand trust – 4 essential steps


You just can’t trust anyone anymore!! Sadly the level of trust around the world has declined dramatically over the past few years – just look at the way people see the government, CEO’s, foreign countries with corruption, our Congress, and many brands (company and product/service).

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Zucked: When Algorithms Replace Ethics


Civility between us has deteriorated as has trust: We’re increasingly disinclined to find common ground with each other and we debate political and social issues with stridency and distrust: We feel that righteousness is on our side and this who disagree are evil, deranged, dangerous or all three.

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Do You Need a Personal Ethics Statement?

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In an age when transparency is becoming the accepted norm for ethical reporting, is it enough to disclose your potential conflicts of interest only when you think the need arises? Or should writers, whether journalists, bloggers, or content marketers, go on the record with a preemptive announcement of their ethical beliefs and possible biases? As she reports, each of them has included a personal ethics statement on an “about me” page. Ethics new media old-media transparency

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And on the Second Day of F8, Facebook Said, ‘Let There Be AI Ethics’


If there's one thing that Facebook wants everyone to know it's taking seriously, it's the topic of ethics. The general idea of an ethical approach to everything it does -- its innovations, initiatives, and new products -- is executed with and undercurrent of ethics, user control, and privacy.

Is Influencer Marketing Ethical?

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People are choosing to consume content from those they trust—digital influencers whom they follow or subscribe to. The post Is Influencer Marketing Ethical?

Data Monetization Step Three: Ethical use of data and building trust


Gaining trust. “We’re Once trust is broken, it can be very difficult to rebuild, so getting it right the first time is crucial. Do you have a framework for the ethical use of data to ensure permissible collection, use, and application of customer data? The post Data Monetization Step Three: Ethical use of data and building trust appeared first on LiveRamp [This blog is the third of our five-part series on data monetization.

Financial Brands Are Winning Millennial Audiences Through Ethics and Education

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Ethical” might not be the first word to come to mind when we think about investment brands, but if any industry should strive to establish a reputation of trust and confidence , it’s financial services. Growing Trust, Growing Accounts, Growing Audience.

How to Approach Demand Gen in Challenging Times

The Point

can reinforce your brand as a trusted partner for future needs.

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Brand Trust is a Driving Factor for Two-Thirds of Consumers

V12 Data

Brand Trust is a Driving Factor for Two-Thirds of Consumers. Brand trust is playing an increasingly important role. What attributes do brands prioritize for securing consumer trust? 62% – The brand has ethical values and demonstrates authenticity in everything it does.

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With AI and Workforce Automation Entering Brand Communications, How Do We Keep Content Ethical?

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There’s the whole area of white space around ethics , professional guidance around mentoring, negotiations, soft skills. Valin doubts an ethical AI tool would have helped Bell Pottinger make a different decision or avoided the resulting backlash.

Want to be Trusted? Here’s a Crash Course in Brand Journalism

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? If your company wants to be seen as a media outlet, your brand journalism can’t be light on ethics, riddled with errors, and sopping with self-interest that suffocates readers. Here are four ways your team – like real journalists – can earn readers’ trust. The post Want to be Trusted?

Only 7% of People Actually Trust Google's Featured Snippets


What is it, and can it be trusted? Do People Trust the Featured Snippet? we discovered that only 7% of respondents consistently trust featured snippet results. Compare that to the 21% who never trust them, and the 36% who are neutral about them.

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Why a Data Ethics Program is Critical for CCPA and Beyond


They must ensure ethical data use. An accountability-based data ethics program can build trust with customers, minimize risk, and future-proof the business. Here’s how you can operationally embed data ethics to build true competitive advantage, ensuring brand trustworthiness and enabling innovation, speed, and long-term success. Always Code Ethically. Ensure Ethical Sourcing and Vendor/Partner Accountability. You now have to think about ethical data use.

Why Digital Teams Risk Losing Empathy and Trust, and How to Fight It


Here, we'll explore how to build trust and empathy through digital channels, the biggest digital communication mistakes someone can make, and how to cultivate a sense of belonging even within virtual teams. Additionally, touch and physical proximity have been shown to increase trust.

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How to Gain Customer Loyalty and Trust Through Design


How do you feel about gaining the trust and confidence of your audiences? Top brands know trust to be a key component in any successful business model. What does trust mean for your brand? Simplicity is key and can help in establishing trust, whereas clutter creates more chaos.

What Can Brand Publishers Learn from the Trust Project?

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Only 32 percent of people trust the news. It’s also why award-winning journalist Sally Lehrman set up the Trust Project. Lehrman is also Senior Fellow on Journalism Ethics at Santa Clara University, so trust in the news is dear to her heart.

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New Year predictions: data security, trust and transparency dominate


Unless publishers and tech platforms can ensure data privacy, transparency, ethics and trust, 2019 could be the year that politics intervenes. Publishers that concentrate on improving transparency in how user data is collected, used, and stored, will enhance customer relationships built on a foundation of trust and choice.”. Brand safety, trust and transparency will continue to be the focus in 2019. It’s that time of year. Predictions.

Stuck on words: how can marketing connect with customers better?

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Because right now, the trust gap between marketers and customers has never been wider. For example, this recent Gallup Poll shows that confidence in the honesty and ethics of marketers and sellers isn’t much higher than Members of Congress. It’s no wonder the perception of marketers and sellers is negative, and we have a trust gap. Marketing Strategy b2b strategy empathetic marketing empathy sales and marketing trust

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Beware the Witch-Hunting Impulse

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My experience today reading Joe Konrath’s “ Writers Code of Ethics ” was probably exactly what he intended. Long before I got to his twenty-third and final point of ethics, I realized he had veered into satire. What spurred Konrath’s gradual escalation into ethical absurdity was a manifesto of sorts by a group of authors condemning other authors behind a recent rash of “ sock-puppet ,” or faked, and purchased book reviews.

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What CJR’s Study on Trust Tells Us About Content in 2016


According to a 2015 AP study , only 12 percent of Facebook news consumers have “a lot of trust” for “the news they see there.” For publishers, consumer trust is harder to come by than ever. But what, exactly, determines trust? ” CJR, citing a 2013 study by German researchers Wolfgang Schweiger and Juliane Urban, suggests that: Readers struggled to evaluate comprehensibility, ethics, and objectivity.

Why “Capitalism” must be re-branded – and how


The perception of “capitalism” as a branded system that benefits most of us has seriously declined recently, with a widespread, growing lack of trust and relevance, especially among Millennials. Integrity – improving the ethical, address issues/crises, transparency and openness.

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Beware the Witch-Hunting Impulse

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My experience today reading Joe Konrath’s “ Writers Code of Ethics ” was probably exactly what he intended. Long before I got to his twenty-third and final point of ethics, I realized he had veered into satire. What spurred Konrath’s gradual escalation into ethical absurdity was a manifesto of sorts by a group of authors condemning other authors behind a recent rash of “ sock-puppet ,” or faked, and purchased book reviews.

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Financial Services Can Earn Trust by Modeling Content After Customer Narratives

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Financial services marketing teams know this better than most marketers, as they work in a space where trust is earned at a premium. “Trust. The essence of the relationship between bankers and customers, however, has not: do the right thing and re-earn their trust today.”

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Content’s Evil Twin: Advertorial

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Corporate Responsibility in the Age of Content and Social Media


Trust is more valuable than ever. So how can interested brands use content to engender trust, and what can they do not to lose it? ” That commitment to envisioning a more ethical fashion industry is starting to pick up support. ” Like a non-profit, brands can engender support, trust, and loyalty by infusing their content and company vision with a progressive message. And brands are thinking outside the box to build trust.

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Editorial Wall, or Prison Wall?

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Is it really so difficult to honor editorial ethics and pursue business interests at the same time? My point is not to disparage editorial codes of ethics. When journalists have key business roles in their enterprises, he said, “they can and must navigate” ethical conflicts and “are in a better position to do so&# precisely because they are qualified in business. Tags: Ethics Entrepreneurism Jeff Jarvis new media old-media transparency trust

What brands and consumers get from long vs. short form content


Do we expect the consumers of product driven content to evaluate ethics and objectivity? When content is brief, even superficial brands make useful filters of facts, features and especially benefits from a trusted source.

Why Public Relations Does Not Sit at the Senior Management Table

Marketing Craftmanship

Remote Working 101 | Survival Kit Remote Employees Need to Succeed


Build Trust. Trust is absolutely key when you work with a remote team. If you opt to consider them as “local” rather than “remote” then you’ll soon see your virtual team in a new light and it’ll perhaps improve the general level of trust and strength in the relationship.

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