Unified Integration in Action: How to Enhance Data Flow and Fortify Governance

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A comprehensive data integration strategy complete with strong governance and oversight is more important than ever — especially in times of uncertainty. 3 Ways to Improve Your Data and Governance.

CRM for Government Agencies


CRM for Government Agencies. From local government to state and federal agencies, CRM can improve governance by empowering organizations with the right digital tools. This blog post is going to outline how government departments can streamline operations, improve communications, and automate when necessary, using a complete CRM! Government agencies who fail to communicate effectively with their constituents can appear cold, imposing, and monolithic.

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Weak Governance Wastes Intent Data

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Data governance has never been the highest priority on any tech leaders’ to-do lists. Analytics User Satisfaction Hinges on Data Governance. Challenges abound in the modern data environment, for both the line-of-business end users who need greater access to organizational data and the data professionals fielding the requests for faster information delivery. However, it also amplifies the necessity to do so in a responsibly governed way.

Government Marketing: Reaching the Agency Audience


Government marketing, whether to the federal government and the public sector or to state and local agencies, poses a whole set of challenges for brands and organizations not familiar with the government sector. One of the immediate and most apparent challenges is that the customers of a government contractor are wide-ranging and not easily defined, including Federal, state and local decision-makers responsible for purchasing technology products and services.

Government Marketing: Reaching the Agency Audience


Government marketing, whether to the federal government or to state and local agencies, poses a whole set of challenges for brands and organizations not familiar with the government sector. One of the immediate and most apparent challenges is that the customers of a government contractor are wide-ranging and not easily defined, including Federal, state and local decision-makers responsible for purchasing technology products and services. Government Marketing

5 MarTech takeaways: teams, product management, decentralization, marketing leadership, IT governance


Katie’s sketch notes captured her five principles that transcend marketing and martech as solid advice for anyone who is pulling together a team in an ever-shifting environment: Establish a winning vision with joint brainstorming — and secure early wins. ” As with other kinds of product managers, martech product managers often find that this environment is ideal for agile management. Principles of IT Governance for Martech.

How customer values are transforming brands today


The controversies evolving from Trumpism on such issues like immigration, the environment and sustainability, health, partisanship, etc. have further galvanized consumer demands for brands to take a position on such issues, aggravated by an existing, ubiquitous lack of trust in corporate and government institutions. Brands are under attack today from many sources, most often triggered by activists on social media.

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Take back advertising revenues: digital boundaries can serve millions and earn billions


This will not change: government intelligence agencies find vulnerabilities and keep them secret so they can access everyone. With widespread corporate tax avoidance, governments are less able to provide safety nets, retirement, healthcare, quality public education, and much less universal basic income (UBI). People take control of the online environment the same way. Lesson for leaders.

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7 key roles in digital marketing


In our organization, for example, we are conducting user research on our content authoring environment to make it easier to use for content creators. I recently had the opportunity to speak at a Fairfield County, CT, AMA event. It was a lot of fun presenting Outside-In Marketing to local executives and students at UConn Stamford, which hosted the event. In the lively discussion that followed, the best question was about talent.

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What is a keyword ontology?


If everyone in your company is using the same keyword data model, you can govern keyword usage across all the teams vying for shelf space in Google and attention in social media. Assuming it is built in standard formats governed by W3C Semantic Web standards , it will be able to handle the complex relationships between the nodes in the database. When you have your environment set up, you’re ready to start building associations between keyword clusters and product families.

The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2017


So that sales people can operate in an environment where prospects say, “Oh yes, I’ve heard of you.” She’s now COO of Kyndi , a startup AI platform focused on government, healthcare, and financial services. Top 10 lists are everywhere this year. I even ran across a top 10 list of top 10 lists — hilarious! My list is about the most interesting people that I came across in B2B marketing during 2017.

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Renewable Energy: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

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Governments around the world are investing heavily in developing technologies to harness the power of clean, renewable energy sources due to their potential to produce large quantities of energy without generating greenhouse gases, which can contribute to climate change. Involvement in that campaign opened my eyes to the health and environmental damage caused by coal and the enormous health, environment, investment and employment upside of a move to 100% renewable energy.

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The state of B2B marketing in Asia—moving toward digital


That’s good governance, but it lengthens and complicates sales. On the other hand, B2B in Asia operates within a strong tradition of family and government business relationships. But they still govern many markets and business interactions. For example, B2B in China is influenced by government policy and macro-economic factors. In Taiwan and South Korea, the environment is more liberal and Western-minded.

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DMEXCO 2018 review: AI becomes the new digital buzzword


Key conversations focused around automation in the industry, how current legislation impacts advancement, and what governance needs to be introduced to keep pace with the ever-changing ecosystem and ensure innovations in tech are ethical in their application. It became clear from our discussions that each marketer has a different view of what constitutes a brand-safe environment – something reflected in our day-to-day experiences at ADmantX. It’s September. It must be DMEXCO.

Data Privacy Day 2020: How to Safeguard Customer Data to Build Trust & Loyalty

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Learn More: The 2020 Data Governance Guide for Beginners. As a result, marketers will need to broaden their lens for alternative globally compliant solutions to help sharpen their understanding of the advertising environment, which can provide the required scale and granularity for performance.". Data GovernanceJanuary 28 is celebrated as Data Privacy Day to raise awareness about the importance of data privacy and security.

What’s 1st Party Private Data Exchange and Why Should Marketers Care

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FPD and its exchange reduce reliance on third-party cookies to fuel advertising in brand-safe environments. Data GovernanceThe FPD is the customers' information that a company collects from its own sources (both online and offline) — like website of the firm, app, social media sites, CRM, or surveys.

Lead exponential digital growth through publishing and advertising


Technology eliminates jobs , and many people who lose their job to new technology don’t have the new skills to fit the new work environment, so they fall out of the middle class. Regulatory agencies, politicians, and governments are captured by super-wealthy elites, to serve their business, regulatory, and tax reduction needs. Even the early shocks of potential cataclysms may exceed the abilities of today’s governments and institutions. Lesson for Leaders.

Measurement: The Oft-Forgotten Component of a Campaign

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Today’s data-driven environment has put more power into the hands of the marketer. Today’s data-driven environment has put more power into the hands of the marketer. Data GovernanceThey can create relevant messages and identify the most appropriate channels to reach their customers.

How Trump’s unpopular decisions can strengthen brand engagement


We are living in a new world today, where contentious decisions by Trump are creating unexpected ripple effects throughout society, government, and the business community. However, when the public response to issues like climate change is so one-sided, the opportunity for companies to re-enforce their commitment for a better environment outweighs the risks of offending a smaller group of consumers.

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Oracle’s Social Media Policy

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Chris Boudreaux has assembled an amazing database of 167 social media policies from businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations that you may also find useful. Don’t use company resources to set-up your own blogging environment, even if you are blogging about matters related to Oracle. Please contact blogs_us@oracle.com if you have questions regarding setting-up authorized blogging environments.

How social media is changing what brands stand for


However, the trust for many brands (and government) has declined precipitously, causing a rise in protests and even boycotting certain brands. environmental, social and corporate governance) features for rating the investment risks and upside potential for many corporate stocks/brands. Re-defining shareholder value, especially in today’s politicized environment, could have a major impact on the business strategy and personality of corporate brands.

Which Way is Up? Selling in an Uncertain Market


Q2 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the most challenging environments for B2B sales. There is not even agreement on the shape of the recession as it is tied to public health, government policies, economic factors, fear, and the ongoing willingness to social distance. Not only was there a mass migration of employees from the office to home, but there were massive layoffs, halted projects, and considerable uncertainty around how long and deep the recession will be.

3 Leadership Takeaways from My First 30 Days at Oracle During the COVID-19 Crisis

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These first 30 days at Oracle in a virtual work environment have changed, or reaffirmed, many values I’ve held as a leader for a long time—for the better. This new virtual work environment has changed the location perception for everybody, for two key reasons: A. In the virtual work environment, everyone's more equal. The virtual environment has leveled the playing field and made us all more accessible, regardless of location or hierarchy.

Why Millennials Are Resistant to Advertising and Politics


Their potential role in politics was recognized by my classmates, but the panelists (all educators) offered another insight based on their close experience with these younger students – most simply do not trust the government, especially Congress, and are very frustrated as they have lost faith in electoral politics as a way of tackling society’s problems. Consistent with this negativity, government officials score the lowest for trusted leadership (38%), with CEO’s next at 43%.

Wanted: Innovation Gridlock Buster

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This term is defined as “a situation where the IT organization is blocked from driving new business innovation because the majority of funding is consumed in operating the current environment.” ROI IT Economics IT Budgets TCO HP Pisello IT Governance Alinean InnovationIT "Keeping the Lights on" Spending creates Innovation Gridlock Each year Alinean examines the delicate balance in IT budgets between on-going operations, migrations and upgrades, and innovative investments.

What is DNS Hijacking and how to prevent it from happening on your website


They happen because the attacker takes advantage of the victim’s “digital identity” to turn them into an audience for websites with ads , who pay owners dearly for the clicks obtained in these environments. Do you know how DNS hijacking can harm your brand?

How Agile Marketing Boosts Morale and Employee Satisfaction

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Not only is this approach low-risk from the perspective of cost, it also creates a “safe-to-fail” environment. In this type of environment, teams are encouraged to look at the best approach to achieve business outcomes, instead of just going with the status quo. This philosophy is at the core of all the values and principles that govern the structure of Agile frameworks.

How Millennial Skepticism Will Shape Brands In The Future


They have also experienced significant social and economic changes – e.g. rise in economic inequality, a reduction in societal safety nets, dysfunctional government, increased tribalism and polarization fueled by social media, and less trustful relationships between employees and employers. Millennials and Generation Z are becoming increasingly unsettled about their lives, their careers and the world around them. Their trust in traditional institutions (e.g.

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Understanding Professional Services Buyers: Inside the Buyers Brain

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Buyers need to know how to assess products, services and providers in today’s environment. Government Contractors. And, of course the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many firms into a virtual environment where digital interactions are now routine. These are unprecedented times.

Executive Insights: Navigating Digital Transformation and Virtual Events

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Q: Agile marketing key is a to accelerate marketing transformation and keep up with ubiquitous change in a challenging and constantly changing environment.

What Marketers Can Learn From Facebook’s Privacy Mess


Zuckerberg talked about Facebook’s challenges, and to address these asked for government regulation in a number of areas: “But if we were starting from scratch, we wouldn’t ask companies to make these judgments alone…From what I’ve learned, I believe we need new regulation in four areas: harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not opposed to government regulating customer privacy, election integrity, or use of customer data.

Capitalize on Success with Change

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As a corollary to that, we also believe that innovation can only happen when superior technology is governed by superior intellect. If you are a service provider, you want to help your customers create the right environment in which to design optimal processes that leverage the most appropriate features of the invested technology. While the Michlen level fine dining scene continues to evolve, so do worlds of commerce and government.

When segmenting customers, don’t forget your silent majority

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Companies are too despite the preponderance of processes, governance, and standards. Extending the life of your customers is vital in today's hypercompetitive business environment where your customers have plenty of alternatives and the cost of switching is so low. Richard Nixon popularized the expression, the silent majority , when he used it to label the broad swath of Middle Americans who are reticent to publicly declare their opinions.

Digital Display Advertising in the Data Analytics Age (with Jennifer Davis, VP Marketing and Product Strategy at Planar Systems)

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Planar provides premier solutions for the world’s most demanding environments. Retailers, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, utilities and energy firms, and home theater enthusiasts all depend on Planar to provide superior performance when image experience is of the highest importance.

How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Australian Stimulus Package


In light of the evolving situation around the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Government has released a number of economic responses to support individuals, households and businesses and improve stability in this particularly volatile environment. With so much information being circulated, updated and changed so frequently, we wanted to provide a summary of the government’s response in a more easily digestible format.

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Should Marketing Take On Culture and Employee Engagement

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We’re more connected, have easier access to information, and are more in tune to what’s going on in business and government. No department understands the need for change like marketing does.

Study: 88% of Creative Freelancers Oppose AB5. It’s Easy to See Why


While the government needs to do a better job of protecting freelancers in the gig economy, AB5 falls woefully short. Seventy-eight percent of our respondents said there were more pressing matters at hand that the government could address, such as affordable healthcare options, access to affordable insurance including disability coverage, and the ability to recoup or contest unpaid wages. 2020 was projected to be the start of a creative renaissance.