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50 Facts about online consumer behavior not to ignore


eMarketer ). Forrester ). Forrester ). 81% of consumers research online before buying. ( GE Capitol ). If the goal of marketing is to reach the consumer at moments that most influence their buying decision, then understanding online consumer behavior is key for any business.

Why You Should Question Most Video Marketing Stats You See


That claim, attributed to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, gets cited by marketers all over the globe. Nevertheless, given the nature of the study and caliber of Forrester, it’s safe to assume that the 1.8 Brands Voices data eMarketer facebook video

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It’s Time For CMOs To Tap Into The Power Of Personalization

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According to Forrester Research , U.S. According to eMarketer, 15 percent of online retail sales this year will take place via mobile devices, which is up from 11 percent in 2012. eCommerce Optimization Personalization CMOs Customer Experience ecommerce Forrester

Why Your B2B Team Is Investing Too Much in Mobile


Mobile ad spending has surpassed $58 billion this year, accounting for 70 percent of all digital spend, per eMarketer. Forrester found that only 20 percent of B2B web traffic originated from mobile devices, per the Internet Retailer Q2 2016 B2B Sell-Side Online Survey.

Think Beyond Mobile-First and Consider Mobile Experiences Like These Brands

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Fast forward to the present, and mobile is the alpha dog of the pack: Two-thirds of marketing emails are opened on mobile devices ( eMarketer ). 60% of Google’s ad revenue comes from the mobile web ( eMarketer ).

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9 Highly Reputable Resources for Compelling Marketing Stats


Self-described as a “research discovery engine,” Factbrowser compiles the latest power stats on business and technology from reputable sources, like Nielsen, Forrester, Gartner, Google, and more. 7) eMarketer.

Banners Have 99 Problems And A Click Ain’t One

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Forrester ). eMarketer ). eMarketer ). A couple of years ago, when he was still with WPP’s Mindshare, I heard Scott Sorokin explain how 99.99% of people who see a banner ad will ignore it.

17 Compelling Stats That Make the Case for Smarter Site Design


Source: Forrester Research ) ( Tweet This Stat! ). Source: eMarketer ) ( Tweet This Stat! ). Source: eMarketer ) ( Tweet This Stat! ). As marketers, we''re constantly thinking about our company''s website and coming up with ways to improve it.

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Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

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ForresterForrester Research, Inc – An independent research company that provides pragmatic advice to global leaders in business and technology. Who are the top B2B Marketing influencers on twitter?

87 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

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You can find it in the Q2 2011 Forrester Wave™ report.). Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014 , Jan 2014 ). Forrester Research, Gauging Your Progress and Success , Dec 2013).

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48 Instagram Stats That'll Help You Improve Your Posting Strategy


5) Between 2016 and 2020, eMarketer predicts Instagram will add 26.9 Image Credit: eMarketer. Image Credit: Forrester Research. With over 400 million active users , brands are quickly recognizing the need to have a presence on Instagram.

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Your Timetable For Winning at Content Marketing From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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eMarketer , Adweek , and eC onsultancy publish regular mobile-friendly articles. According to Forrester, 85% of marketers find it hard to connect content marketing to its actual business value. Great content marketing is as much about structure as content - so here’s your personal plan for doing it right. Content marketing is a huge field, with over $100 billion spent on it each year , so inevitably, it makes the Content Marketer’s day a busy one.

10 Amazing Email Marketing Statistics for 2014

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Mobile is making up a lot of that volume: A whopping 72% of US online adults send or receive personal emails via smartphone at least weekly, says Forrester. According to recent figures from eMarketer on mobile usage, by the end of 2014, 1.76

70 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

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You can find it in the Q2 2011 Forrester Wave™ report.). Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014 , Jan 2014 ). Forrester Research, Gauging Your Progress and Success , Dec 2013). They’re getting old.

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You May Be Surprised At The Biggest B2B Marketing Responsibility Of 2016

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All survey data is open to some interpretation (see this eMarketer writeup , and this coverage in MediaPost ) but from where I sit, this research is an encouraging indication of where B2B marketing is headed. You May Be Surprised at the # 1 B2B Marketing Responsibility of 2016.

How Technology Is Revolutionizing B2B Events


In total, events make up about a fifth of marketing spend at B2B companies, according to Forrester Research and Boston Consulting Group. A recent study from eMarketer shows that a new events technology stack makes all those conferences and salons more effective than ever.

Work Horse Vs. Show Horse — Is Email Marketing Being Undermined by the Lure of Social Media?


More details and statistics are available in this eMarketer article: Are Social Media Marketers Losing Confidence? According to this CMO.com article , Forrester Research states that for every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return is over $44.

Why Your Content Lacks Substance (and How to Fix It)

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For example, you could create an account on eMarketer to find briefs, reports, and interviews on topics like marketing, advertising, retail, social media, and media and device usage. Author: Kylie Ora Lobell Anybody can go on Google, research a topic, and come up with content.

5 Marketing Stats for New Business in 2014


population, or 143 million mobile Internet users (eMarketer 2013). 89% of marketers say email is their primary channel for lead-generation (Forrester Research). OK, so I’m a liar.

Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 2


Executives Fail to Focus on Social Media Marketing Strategy by eMarketer. SEO Underused, Forrester Report Suggests by MediaPost Search Blog. Reports, surveys, studies and infographics are among the most popular content posted and shared across social networks.

11 Must-Subscribe Marketing News Blogs and Websites


eMarketer ( Subscribe via RSS | Subscribe via Email ): eMarketer offers data, statistics and analysis on digital marketing, media and commerce by weighing and analyzing information from various sources.

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What You Need to Know This Morning: June 5, 2013


Amazon is anticipated to generate $835 million in ad revenue this year, eMarketer reports. eMarketer just slashed its Microsoft ad revenue estimates in half. Happy Wednesday, marketers.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


by eMarketer. You’ll learn from this fascinating infographic that Forrester Research estimates that $716 million was spent on social media marketing in 2010, and the figure will reach $3.1 Social Media Is Greater Marketing Priority for Small Businesses by eMarketer.

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Keeping Up With The Joneses: 8 Ways to Stay on the Cutting Edge of Your Industry


I also enjoy news websites like eMarketer , Business Insider , Mashable and research papers put out by institutions like Gartner and Forrester.

70 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

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You can find it in the Q2 2011 Forrester Wave™ report.). Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014 , Jan 2014 ). Forrester Research, Gauging Your Progress and Success , Dec 2013). They’re getting old.

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54 Content Marketing Stats to Guide Your 2018 Strategy


eMarketer. 87% of B2B marketers struggle to produce content that truly engages their buyers - Forrester. . . With 2017 coming to a close, now is the time to look ahead and start planning for the lap around the sun. .

8 Key Mobile Marketing Trends


According to Forrester, mobile advertising in the U.S. eMarketer calculated that U.S. eMarketer projects that 24 million tablets will sell in 2011, with the iPad's overall share of the market dropping to 80%.

9 Awful Ways We Push Customers Away


According to a study by Forrester Research , 44% of online shoppers considered live chat one of the most important features of ecommerce sites. An eMarketer study shows that most buyers who use live chat -- a whopping 63% -- were likely to return to the site for a repeat purchase.

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Book Your Plane Ticket Now: Must-Attend International Marketing Events of 2014

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eMarketing Paris (April 8-10) – Paris, France. Forrester’s Forum for Marketing Leaders EMEA (May 13) – London, UK. Author: Aine Dundas Last month, we published a list of 2014′s Must-Attend Marketing Events in the United States.

Upcoming Marketing Conferences « The Effective Marketer

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P.S.: I’ll be presenting at the upcoming The Power of eMarketing Conference, so if you plan on going to that one let me know so we can meetup. The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Upcoming Marketing Conferences It’s February already and you keep thinking “what the heck happened to January&# ? You’re note alone.

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The Rise of the Content Marketer « The Effective Marketer

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The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking The Rise of the Content Marketer Content Needs a King I know I don’t have to argue the value of content to readers of this blog.

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17 Compelling and Highly Usable B2B Marketing Statistics

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billion this year Source : eMarketer B2B interactive marketing spending will climb to nearly $4.8

Mobility and why it matters


Data from eMarketer shows that mobile ad spend is on track to rise 75.1%, reaching $31.45 Forrester. Mobile is primarily about the devices and platforms, but mobility is a bigger idea. Mobility is very much at the heart of culture right now.

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Top 25 Articles and 8 Topics in B2B Marketing for March 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

It pays to provide Support with Social Media - Buzz Marketing for Technology , March 23, 2010 In a recent Forrester Report on “ Customer Experience Pays Off as Social Media reduces Obstacles for Real Change ” they have really nailed down the argument I have been making over the last year about why Support is the single best place to build your business case for Social Media. B2B Online Marketers Focus on Lead Gen - eMarketer , March 4, 2010 Lead generation for B2B Marketing.

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B2B Lead Generation without Lead Nurturing is Doomed to Fail

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Additional research from Forrester , CSO Insights , Brian Carroll and Marketo demonstrates that lead nurturing does produce measurable results as follows: Reduced the number of marketing-generated leads ignored by sales to as low as 25%. and the author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale , in one of her blog posts wrote, “Sending an Email Is NOT Nurturing.” Here’s the shocking reality of B2B lead generation – 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales opportunities.

12 Ways to Create a User-Friendly Website Registration Process


Turns out 11% of US adults have abandoned an online purchase because they didn't want to register online or the site was asking for too much information, according to Forrester Research. "To Even more startling, eMarketer reports that 88% of people have intentionally left website registration information blank or inserted false information. As a user, registering for websites is no fun.

Top 32 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics of Social Media Forecast

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In the end, you knew if you had briefings with Yankee Group, Gartner, Forrester, Jupiter and Meta Group, you had your bases covered. 7 “Rs&# for B2B Marketing Content Planning - Marketing Interactions , April 24, 2010 Content is the fuel for eMarketing. Best of B2B Marketing. April 2010. Great stuff this month in the world of B2B Marketing. The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals.

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The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today

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6 Content Marketing Trends to Help Plan Your 2016 Budget

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A report from eMarketer forecasts Instagram will have nearly $600 million in advertising revenue in 2015, rising to $2.81 I’ve been so focused on becoming a better writer lately that I spent about 30 minutes over lunch thinking of the most creative way to start this post.

B2B Social Media Strategy and Executive Buy-in

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I link to some of the latest research from firms like emarketer, Forrester, Morgan Stanley and the Altimeter Group and cite popular social media experts like Charlene Li, Shannon Paul, Jay Baer and Jason Falls.