50 Facts about online consumer behavior not to ignore


eMarketer ). Forrester ). Forrester ). 81% of consumers research online before buying. ( GE Capitol ). If the goal of marketing is to reach the consumer at moments that most influence their buying decision, then understanding online consumer behavior is key for any business. Here are 50 facts about online consumer behavior not to ignore. They start from finding your audience and selling to them to satisfying them and keeping them satisfied. FINDING YOUR AUDIENCE.

Social media in B2B: from platforms to content… Ten years later.

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We were asking ourselves this question almost ten years ago in this blog post , with statistics from eMarketer dating back to 2009. Here is one of the graphs from the eMarketer study. Although these figures have been compiled by LinkedIn, they come from studies made by other sources, including once again, HubSpot, Forrester and CMI, the latter being the most prolific in terms of studies. Above, the maturity according to CMI and below, according to Forrester.


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Why Your B2B Team Is Investing Too Much in Mobile


Mobile ad spending has surpassed $58 billion this year, accounting for 70 percent of all digital spend, per eMarketer. Forrester found that only 20 percent of B2B web traffic originated from mobile devices, per the Internet Retailer Q2 2016 B2B Sell-Side Online Survey. B2B Brands desktop Email eMarketer mobileJudging by the headlines, the mobile revolution is well underway.

Why You Should Question Most Video Marketing Stats You See


That claim, attributed to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, gets cited by marketers all over the globe. ” I’ve been told that the statement originates from a 2008 Forrester report titled “ How Video Will Take Over The World ,” but the full text is behind a paywall. Nevertheless, given the nature of the study and caliber of Forrester, it’s safe to assume that the 1.8 Brands Voices data eMarketer facebook video

Stats 94

It’s Time For CMOs To Tap Into The Power Of Personalization

Buzz Marketing for Technology

According to Forrester Research , U.S. According to Forrester’s 2012 North American Brand Performance Study, being indispensable commands greater preference, and that means a higher likelihood that customers are going to keep spending their hard-earned dollars with your brand across multiple channels. According to eMarketer, 15 percent of online retail sales this year will take place via mobile devices, which is up from 11 percent in 2012.

Buzz 178

Digital Ads Don’t Work And Everyone Knows It

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As of 2021, eMarketer estimates worldwide digital ad spending sits at $389.29 eMarketer. Back in 2018, Adweek quoted a Forrester report predicting venture capital would scatter from ad tech within the next few years. Do Digital Ads work?

How Technology Is Revolutionizing B2B Events


In total, events make up about a fifth of marketing spend at B2B companies, according to Forrester Research and Boston Consulting Group. A recent study from eMarketer shows that a new events technology stack makes all those conferences and salons more effective than ever. When you’re inundated with the glories of digital marketing every day, we can start to forget that in-person events still make up such an important part of the marketing stack.

You May Be Surprised At The Biggest B2B Marketing Responsibility Of 2016

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All survey data is open to some interpretation (see this eMarketer writeup , and this coverage in MediaPost ) but from where I sit, this research is an encouraging indication of where B2B marketing is headed. Forrester and Gartner support the notion that today’s buyer embarks on an increasingly digital, empowered, and complex buyers journey. You May Be Surprised at the # 1 B2B Marketing Responsibility of 2016.

B2B Lead Generation without Lead Nurturing is Doomed to Fail

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Additional research from Forrester , CSO Insights , Brian Carroll and Marketo demonstrates that lead nurturing does produce measurable results as follows: Reduced the number of marketing-generated leads ignored by sales to as low as 25%. and the author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale , in one of her blog posts wrote, “Sending an Email Is NOT Nurturing.” Here’s the shocking reality of B2B lead generation – 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales opportunities.

What does Ricky Bobby know about SEO? 31 stats


source: eMarketer ). source: Forrester ). “If you ain’t first you’re last” said Ricky Bobby. What’s true for race car drivers with NASCAR is true for businesses online with search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ongoing process of uncovering and discovering non-branded keywords that are driving organic search traffic and conversions, then publishing content optimized for those keywords. What makes SEO worth the effort?

Stats 141

Digital Marketing Trends: 11 Must-Follow Marketing Trends In 2022


According to Forrester , in 2021, the customer service interactions via digital avenues are projected to increase by 40%. Forrester also anticipates that, on average, the digital brand channels numbers will surge from 8 to 11.

17 Compelling And Highly Usable B2B Marketing Statistics


Source : eMarketer. Source : Forrester Research. Source : eMarketer. Knowing what’s happening in the B2B marketing industry is key to understanding current and future trends. One of the best sources of information is industry statistics. For your use in PowerPoints, to share with associates or just to get up to date, below are 17 usable and compelling B2B Marketing stats collected from various sources around the B2B industry: B2B Social Spending.

Tech Talk with Jivox: Personalization and ecommerce marketing


Jivox has been recognized by Forrester as a leader in creative advertising technologies. Research from eMarketer predicts consumers will spend $709 billion on ecommerce sales in 2020 for a total increase of 19%, the highest spike since 2008.

5 Marketing Stats for New Business in 2014


population, or 143 million mobile Internet users (eMarketer 2013). 89% of marketers say email is their primary channel for lead-generation (Forrester Research). OK, so I’m a liar. You will actually find 7 stats below, but 2 of them are closely related to the 5 main ones, and 5 seems like a tidier (if not cooler) number for this list. Please forgive me.

Stats 93

Does 'Being Findable' mean 'Being Everywhere'?

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Ardath’s book, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale is now shipping! Create a buyer synopsis as I outline in my book, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale. Ardath Albee's book eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale. Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing Professionals. "Being findable" is very important in marketing today.

Upcoming Marketing Conferences « The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer

P.S.: I’ll be presenting at the upcoming The Power of eMarketing Conference, so if you plan on going to that one let me know so we can meetup. The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Upcoming Marketing Conferences It’s February already and you keep thinking “what the heck happened to January&# ? You’re note alone.

45 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2019

Hubspot Marketing

Emarketer ). eMarketer ). Forrester ). Social media is everywhere. For many people, social media is used daily for entertainment, socialization, and even news consumption -- myself included.

What is: audio advertising?


According to an eMarketer study , more than three-quarters of US internet users will listen to digital audio formats like podcasts and streaming music at least once a month this year. According to a Forrester Research study, 28 percent of U.S.

Do you think you really know your customers?

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eMarketer reports that 90.7% eMarketer also reports that 92.3% Forrester) To deliver on their customer experience management goals, 55% of marketers are prioritizing more effective audience segmentation and targeting. The relationship between brands and customers has changed radically over the past few decades. Not long ago, consumers cared more about price and quality than any other factor.

4 Exciting Ways Influencers Can Turbocharge Your Marketing


According to eMarketer, this year alone, 69.8 85% of B2B decision-makers rely on trusted online communities when buying, according to Forrester’s 2013 report, “The Social Behaviors Of Your B2B Customers.” This is the real attention grabber and the easy one: according to eMarketer, influencer marketing returns $6.50 Author: Eric Lam Influencer marketing is exploding onto the scene. It’s the hottest topic—all the rage—we need to be doing it now!

11 Must-Subscribe Marketing News Blogs and Websites


eMarketer ( Subscribe via RSS | Subscribe via Email ): eMarketer offers data, statistics and analysis on digital marketing, media and commerce by weighing and analyzing information from various sources. The Forrester Blog - Market Insights ( Subscribe via RSS ): Geared toward market research, this Forrester blog features a roll-up of posts from analysts serving market insights professionals.

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Book Your Plane Ticket Now: Must-Attend International Marketing Events of 2014


eMarketing Paris (April 8-10) – Paris, France. Forrester’s Forum for Marketing Leaders EMEA (May 13) – London, UK. Author: Aine Dundas Last month, we published a list of 2014′s Must-Attend Marketing Events in the United States. Now, in response to overwhelming demand, we’ve prepared a list of international marketing events. Regardless of where you live (or do business), these events are worth traveling for. Marketing advances quickly.

11 Must-Follow Digital Marketing Trends In 2021


According to Forrester , in 2021, the customer service interactions via digital avenues are projected to increase by 40%. According to eMarketer , in 2020, 30% of the users interacted with AR on social channels content monthly.

Mobility and why it matters


Data from eMarketer shows that mobile ad spend is on track to rise 75.1%, reaching $31.45 Forrester. Mobile is primarily about the devices and platforms, but mobility is a bigger idea. Mobility is very much at the heart of culture right now. It is about fulfilling consumers’ desire to stay constantly connected and helping people to get tasks done on the move. Mobility in advertising and media is going beyond mobile advertising, to adding mobile functionality and targeting.

Mobile 137

Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

Marketing Insider Group

ForresterForrester Research, Inc – An independent research company that provides pragmatic advice to global leaders in business and technology. Ardath421 – Ardath Albee – B2B Marketer, Content Strategist, Writer, Storyteller and Author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale. Who are the top B2B Marketing influencers on twitter?

ClickInsights: Biggest roadblock to converting marketing leads

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Ardath’s book, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale is now shipping! Ardath Albee's book eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale. Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing Professionals. One of the goals of marketing is to generate leads. What is the next logical step once you have managed to get high quality leads? Yes, getting those leads into the sale pipeline.

B2B Social Media Strategy and Executive Buy-in

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I link to some of the latest research from firms like emarketer, Forrester, Morgan Stanley and the Altimeter Group and cite popular social media experts like Charlene Li, Shannon Paul, Jay Baer and Jason Falls.

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Banners Have 99 Problems And A Click Ain’t One

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Forrester ). eMarketer ). eMarketer ). A couple of years ago, when he was still with WPP’s Mindshare, I heard Scott Sorokin explain how 99.99% of people who see a banner ad will ignore it. This has become one of my favorite content marketing quotes and I use it in almost every presentation: Banners have 99 problems and a click ain’t one! Tweet This ]. But clicks aren’t the only problem that banners face.

Banner 215

Why Video is the Key to Happier Customers


According to Forrester , 77% of US adults online say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. According to eMarketer , customers rated the phone as the most frustrating form of customer service, followed by digging around the website, live chat, and email. Which of your customers are the happiest? The answer is simple: it’s the successful ones.

9 Highly Reputable Resources for Compelling Marketing Stats


Self-described as a “research discovery engine,” Factbrowser compiles the latest power stats on business and technology from reputable sources, like Nielsen, Forrester, Gartner, Google, and more. 7) eMarketer. eMarketer operates by compiling data from “thousands of sources” into super-accurate, easy-to-consume reports, dashboards, and insights. If you’re in the business of content marketing, there is a 100% chance you need marketing statistics.

5 Social Media Strategy Questions Every CMO Needs to Answer in 2021


Forrester predicts that spending on loyalty and retention marketing will increase by 30% in 2021 as CMOs assert control over the full customer lifecycle. In fact, eMarketer is forecasting that households without cable TV will outnumber those with it by 2024.

Show Me the Numbers: Hard Data on Internet Use and Media Spend

Customer Experience Matrix

Forrester’s just-published The Broad Reach Of Social Technologies contains a table, available in Josh Bernoff’s Groundswell blog , shows that social media “joiners” rose from 25% to 51% of the online population in the past two years, while content “spectators” (which includes blog readers) grow from 48% to 73%. A Forrester chart, posted on CNET shows five years of data on time spent per week with major media.

11 Ways to Jumpstart Your Instagram Branding

Sprout Social

In fact, eMarketer discovered less than 50% of brands are actively on Instagram. Additional data from eMarketer showed 35% of social media users trust brands and are influenced by retailers. In fact, a Forrester report stated engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook and 84 times more than Twitter. Starting your Instagram branding from scratch can seem like a tall order task.

Conversational Content: How to Market Through Text Messaging and Chatbots

Content Marketing Institute

Other indicators come from the likes of Buffer , Gartner , eMarketer , Dell , Neil Patel , and this awesome resource from TOPBOTS (some of these bots are glorified “repeat past order” buttons, but some represent content delivery mechanisms). Last year, Forrester wrote an article on messaging apps published in Forbes, which includes a quote that should resonate with all of us who subscribe to CMI’s content marketing methodology: .

How to measure ROI on creating and marketing content?

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Ardath’s book, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale is now shipping! Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing Professionals. Measuring ROI on content marketing is not straightforward; that is why most firms put measurement on the back burner. But measuring doesn't have to be difficult.

Amazing YouTube statistics for B2B Marketers


According to eMarketer , 93% of video watchers in India watch Youtube. A combined study by Forrester Research & Think With Google predicts that by the year 2025, half of the viewers (50%) under the age of 32, will not subscribe to a traditional cable-TV service & would prefer YouTube.

Digilant Announces MAIA: Programmatic Power With Human Insights


According to a recent report by Forrester , no one DSP or ad-tech platform exists that addresses the full range of omni-channel buying needs. According to eMarketer , 73% of U.S. Marketing, Artificial Intelligence & Analytics for the Modern Marketer. Boston — December 18, 2018 Today, Digilant — a programmatic media buying services company — introduced MAIA : Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics.

The Rise of the Content Marketer « The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer

According to a recent report from Forrester Research titled “B2B Marketers Must Better Prepare for Marketing Automation &# ( get it from Marketo for free ), marketers have to really focus their efforts on content creation if they are to succeed: “If they only push this type of content out in campaigns, they push their audiences away, since business buyers have a low tolerance for commercial messages.

Does your B2B Marketing have Consistent Messages?

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Ardath’s book, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale is now shipping! Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing Professionals. B2B Marketing has become multi-faceted in this digital era. We asked our panel of B2B marketing experts " How can companies maintain branding and messaging consistency across various marketing vehicles that they use? For example, how can trade show marketing strategy be consistent with blogging and other social media strategy?

The Future of Advertising [Expert Predictions & Data]


Digital advertisers believe automation would have an impact on achieving their goals ( Forrester ). Nearly 80% of programmatic ad spend will go to mobile—rather than desktop—ads ( eMarketer ). In a world of banner blindness , I'm sure you're concerned about the future of advertising.