Holiday Mailing Lessons for 2019

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The 2019 mailing year is already well underway. No matter where you find the current state of your own mailing program , our insights below will provide a foundation to improve your mailing practices in 2019. Email Marketing Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Loyalty Programs and Holiday Mailing

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But this should never act as justification for the “ends justifying the means” of a bad mailing practice. And when it comes to protecting your transactional mail, it is better to be safe than sorry. All inbound mail will be treated with the same scrutiny.

Direct Mail Tips That Deliver


As with Mark Twain, reports of the death of direct mail are greatly exaggerated. Remember what we all knew about direct mail? And email was cheap and fast. But, then, something very interesting began to happen… Direct mail suddenly looked attractive again.

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Direct Mail vs. Email

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Email is faster, easier and cheaper than direct mail. As long-time direct mail guy, I was not an early adopter [.]. Copywriting Direct Mail Direct Marketing Email Marketing General Lead GenerationOn the surface, this seems like a no-brainer.

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How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

for increased spending were social media, email marketing, and live events,followed by partner. advertising and outbound email marketing. Twice as many respondents (10) planned to spend more on email as those (5) who indicated they. marketing, live events, and email, are the.

10 Ways Email and Direct Mail Marketing Can Complement One Another

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Chances are you can benefit from integrating both email and direct mail marketing into your current marketing plan. Email […]. The post 10 Ways Email and Direct Mail Marketing Can Complement One Another appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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The Importance of Industrial Email Marketing for Targeting Engineers

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Industrial email marketing is and should be an important component of your content marketing strategy when targeting engineers and technical professionals. I’m sure you’ve heard or read about email marketing being replaced by social media.

Account-Based Marketing and Direct Mail

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The post Account-Based Marketing and Direct Mail appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing. Direct Mail Direct Marketing Email Marketing General Lead Generation Lead NurturingAre you familiar with Account-Based Marketing? It’s a hot new trend in marketing these days.

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Why Email Marketing for Manufacturers is the Cornerstone of Industrial Marketing

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The original post %Why Email Marketing for Manufacturers is the Cornerstone of Industrial Marketing% by %Achinta Mitra% appeared first on %Industrial Marketing Today%. Email marketing for manufacturers continues to perform well, but there are some serious challenges to overcome.

My new Kindle ebook on mailing list research

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Now available on Amazon Kindle … FINDING CUSTOMERS A Beginner’s Guide to Direct Mail & Email List Research Download it for FREE – until tomorrow (Friday, May 17) We all know the list is the most important part of any direct mail and email campaign.

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How to create a direct mail test matrix

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Testing is the path to success in direct mail. Generally, testing involves just two elements – testing one item against another … such as two different mailing lists, or two offers, or two formats or two messages or two of anything else.

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Mailing to New Customers and Managing Deliverability Risk

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As a result, the same question is often repeated to our deliverability operations team: How do we grow our list and mail to new users? Today, I want to focus on the second half of that question: How do we mail to new users. Learn how to achieve email deliverability that really delivers.

You’ve Got Mail!


You likely spend a lot of time and effort building your email list, writing emails, and sending them on a refined schedule as part of a well-orchestrated campaign. What’s often forgotten is what happens when your email is in sender purgatory, between when it’s fired off and when it reaches your recipient. Emails go through […]. The post You’ve Got Mail! Email Marketing

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Direct mail – an award-winning B2B channel

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We join video conferences from our phones, receive text messages on smart watches, and read emails on tablets – it couldn’t be more convenient. There’s a solution that not only achieves cut-through in a digital world, but has also been a mainstay for multiple decades – direct mail.

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Making Industrial E-mail Marketing More Relevant

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E-mail marketing to a house list continues to be the top marketing channel for many industrial companies and manufacturers according to Trends in Industrial Marketing 2011 from GlobalSpec. The biggest challenge in e-mail marketing faced by industrial marketers, besides not enough resources, is getting their subscribers to pay attention to their emails when everybody’s inboxes are already overflowing with messages. E-mail List Hygiene.

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Email Bots: What They Are, Why They Matter, and How to Stop Them

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Congratulations: your last email campaign generated a really high click-through rate. Email bots. Acting as a spam filter, email bots prevent malicious emails from infiltrating mail servers by auto-clicking the links in incoming emails.

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Direct Mail: Dead or Alive?


The post Direct Mail: Dead or Alive? Email Marketing appeared first on Salesfusion.

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How to Audit your Email Campaigns for Better Results


Are your your email campaigns effective? Perhaps it’s time to put your email marketing through an audit. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to conduct an email audit plus tips on how to improve your campaign results using your findings. Email Design.

The 24 Best Email Marketing Tools


While email is the most mature (that sounds better than “old,” right?) According to recent research from Radicati Group , worldwide email volume will reach 207 billion messages this year—more than half of those for business. Works with virtually any email platform.

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Industrial E-mail Marketing: Use Application Notes to Engage Engineers

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E-mail marketing to in-house lists is the most popular marketing channel for reaching engineers and industrial professionals. Notice how e-mail marketing using rented/purchased lists drops down significantly – it is third from the bottom! Email content that appeals to engineers.

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The 5 Types Of Direct Mail Campaigns In B2B Marketing


B2B direct mail seems to be the hottest marketing channel this year. Direct mail has been effective at Bizible and I suspect it will continue to be effective for a long time coming. Why is B2B Direct Mail so Effective? Sales teams love direct mail.

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Using E-mail Marketing for Lead Generation

Industrial Marketing Today

Most manufacturers and industrial companies use email marketing as a way to keep in touch with new leads and existing customers. This usually means sending out a bi-weekly or a monthly email newsletter. It has been my experience within the industrial sector that these companies rarely use email marketing proactively for lead generation. How to generate quality leads using email marketing. However, it does require you to think about emails somewhat differently.

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Email Marketing for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies

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Email marketing often gets a bad rap because most people are fed up with the deluge of promotional emails they receive every day. That is the same reaction I got from a client who is an industrial distributor when I spoke to him about email marketing.

Winning B2B Email Campaign Keeps it Simple

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In B2B email marketing , does short copy always win over long? You won’t see or find many shorter B2B emails than the one below from BounceX , a New York-based developer of “behavioral automation tools for digital marketers.” The email really is a masterpiece of brevity.

11 B2B telemarketing mail tips


Therefore, what follows are some guidelines and tips for leaving B2B voice mails that drive the desired behavior and/or a return phone call. . Voice mail messages should be no longer than 20 seconds. Sign up for our emails here.

Why Direct Mail Should Be Part Of Your Post-Event Marketing

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Now it’s time to leverage email, social media and content marketing. Why not use another channel that has proven to be very effective at post-event marketing: direct mail? Direct Mail Is Dead! I have a pretty good idea what you are thinking: “Direct mail?

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3 Creative Ideas for ABM Direct Mail

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I’m not here to extol the benefits of direct mail. And today I’m focusing on direct mail–because it's a particularly expensive place to suck. . Luckily, a separate trend is changing the way marketers think about direct mail. Fun direct mail doesn’t need to be expensive.

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How To Build A Mailing List For Marketing

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How to build a mailing list, especially an effective one, is a treasure hunt that marketers pursue on every basis. Adding, updating and editing an email list is all about. The post How To Build A Mailing List For Marketing appeared first on ONLY B2B. blogs

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Industrial Email Marketing for Targeting Engineers in Long and Complex Sales Cycles

Industrial Marketing Today

Industrial email marketing doesn’t get as much respect as it deserves. I’ve read articles where people have claimed that email marketing is dead thanks to social media. B2B E-Mail Marketing Content Marketing industrial email marketing Industrial Marketing

Key Things You Need to Know About Email Marketing Software


Many marketers underestimate the continuing power of email marketing. They may believe it’s no longer effective in the current environment of overloaded email inboxes and sophisticated filtering, or that it’s only useful for price discounting. Email Automation.

From Direct Mail to Predictive Intelligence: Riding the Technology Wave

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” It is no longer enough to just get prospects to click on an ad or email, they need to be given the option to engage immediately, then once they are customers they must be treated respectfully as an individual. Makers of Modern Marketing: Bence Gazdag.

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Infographic: 29 Tips to Improve B2B Email Campaign Performance

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An email campaign that fails to perform up to expectations could be failing on any number of fronts. The list could be bad (in which case, no attempted “fix” of the email itself will make that much of a difference.) The offer could be uninspiring, or buried deep in the email, or both.

Direct Mail Testing. Remove all the guesswork.

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The post Direct Mail Testing. Direct Mail Direct Marketing Email Marketing General Lead GenerationMany marketers like to go with their gut – and sometimes it works out. When it doesn’t (and that’s pretty often), they simply dismiss the marketing tactic as something that “doesn’t work for us.”. What they don’t understand or acknowledge is the enormous gray area that exists between what works and what doesn’t work for [.]. Remove all the guesswork.

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Making Email the Cornerstone of Industrial Content Marketing

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You may think email marketing is dead or passé with all the talk about social media. B2B E-Mail Marketing Content Marketing Industrial Marketing Industrial content marketing Manufacturing content marketing

Industrial Email Marketing for Engaging Engineers and Technical Professionals

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Do you think industrial email marketing is dead? It would be easy to jump to that conclusion given the declining click rates and the difficulties in getting past the sophisticated email spam-filtering methods. Engineers and technical professionals know how to opt out and have much higher expectations from vendor emails. B2B E-Mail Marketing Industrial Marketing email marketing for engineers industrial email marketing

Yahoo! Mail, AOL, and Verizon Now Support One-Click Unsubscribe


Mail, AOL, and Verizon now support one-click unsubscribe, also known as RFC8058. Previously only available in AOL Mail, the one-click unsubscribe standard is now supported by all email clients that are part of the Verizon Media brand umbrella. “It’s It’s our job to help consumers get the emails they want—and help them get rid of the messages they don’t want to receive any more,” says Marcel Becker, Director of Product Management at Verizon Media. .

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Snail Mail Isn't Dead - Here's How We Know


Your personal convictions may tell you that snail mail is obsolete in today's modern era of social media and mobile technology, and who acknowledges it anymore? Actually, snail mail is not dead, and direct mail is more effective than ever. Email Marketing Identity Resolution

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Infographic: Mobile-Friendly vs. Responsive Email Design

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It’s not hard to imagine a time, probably in the not too distant future, when all marketing emails will be responsive by default.

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Using Direct Mail to Win More Deals - An ABM Case Study


One of those ideas, a direct mail campaign to decision makers at open opportunities, paid off big. Additionally, our idea with planting the trees was to tap into emotion -- do good with very little effort -- and also make it something they might share out to their teams in an email or Slack.

5 Ways To Incorporate Direct Mail Into Your Marketing Mix

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Direct Mail is: a) more expensive than email. Yet many B2B marketers continue to be allergic to the idea of using direct mail, simply because it seems such a throwback in our mobile-social-online era. As with any marketing vehicle, testing direct mail is key. Pop Quiz!

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