[Email, Linkedin] Do I need JavaScript tags in my website
    Well, if you saw that the engagement levels were differing across the different accounts that you are targeting, you might go ahead and target this individual or this account for more phone calls and increased email campaigns. I encourage you to ask questions and share the knowledge over on LinkedIn. New video coming, we are going to cover a question that comes up every now and again, and it is do I need JavaScript tags in order to work with ListenLoop?
    [Email, Linkedin] How do I stop and start my campaigns – Drip Campaigns
    I encourage you to leave any questions or comments below or email me rod@listenloop.com and share the knowledge on LinkedIn. In this video, you will get to know how to stop and start your drip campaigns. What’re the main differentiations when preparing a campaign? What kinds of qualified accounts we will recoginze for the drip campaigns? Discover more in the video series below. The quantity restriction of campaigns. Hey everyone!
    [Email, Linkedin] Michael Brenner in the Spotlight
    According to LinkedIn, just 3% of employees generate 30% of all the clicks on brand-produced content. According to LinkedIn, just 3% of employees generate 30% of all the clicks on brand-produced content. Shifting gears a little, outside of Twitter and LinkedIn, what other social media networks should B2B marketers utilize? But for leads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. I read a recent LinkedIn post you wrote about making the marketing discipline disruptive.
    [Email, Linkedin] A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist
    As of today, 40,427 people have the title of content strategist on LinkedIn. I take some time after our standup to answer high-priority emails, but I also have to review a competitive analysis deck I created for a B2B technology client. At home, I’ll answer some emails that I missed during the day, sign off, then get ready to do it all again tomorrow. Another 1,389 open roles await the right candidate.
    [Email, Linkedin] Interview with Ann Handley
    Ann is a speaker, author, and member of the LinkedIn Influencer program. Email is always good: ann@marketingprofs.com. Email is fine.). Ann Handley – Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. Key Topics: Digital Marketing, Strategy, Content, Social, Demand Gen. Location: Boston, USA. Bio: As the world’s first Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley speaks and writes about how you can rethink the way your business markets.
    [Email, Linkedin] 10 of LinkedIn’s welcome new features
    In the past few months, LinkedIn has added quite a few new features that add more functionality and better usability both on desktop and the mobile application. Preset replies: If you use messaging in LinkedIn often then you probably have already seen the preset replies setup for you to click on. Conversation-starters: This is a new function in the updated LinkedIn mobile application. Sign up for our emails here.
    [Email, Linkedin] What is The Difference Between Retargeting and Account Based Advertising
    The CRM retargeting usually takes a list of contacts, maybe a CSV file or some kind of connection to your sales force and it provides email addresses (let us call it john@city.com ). Then typically it will run through what we call the ‘hashing function’ that will turn this email in to a cryptographically secure set of characters. And this is then matched against another table provide by people like Facebook, LinkedIn, and LiveRamp.
    [Email, Linkedin] Influencer Marketing: How to Identify Your Target Influencers
    Angela Lipscomb highlights the idea in her LinkedIn post that utlimately, every brand’s end goal is to evoke action- whether that’s downloaded content, visiting a webpage or considering your software. ” Jason Miller , Global Content Marketing Leader, LinkedIn. “As an industry we have to be careful not to mistake people who RT content on a number of topics for influencers as some of them are gaming the system and treating social like a video game.”
    [Email, Linkedin] 5 Important LinkedIn Updates for Marketing Professionals
    LinkedIn , as many of you know, is the world’s largest professional network on the internet, and is striving to keep it that way. To stay the course, LinkedIn has been quickly improving its product and adding new features. In August, I received a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions email update about some “big new features” that were added to the platform. I think this change is huge, not only for LinkedIn but for B2B marketers everywhere!
    [Email, Linkedin] Nailing Down Target Account Selection: How Chorus.ai Informs Their ABM Strategy
    You can also use manual research via channels like LinkedIn and even phone verification, but because this is very time consuming, save it for only your top accounts and outsource this when it makes sense. She could now look at a target company in Salesforce and get a holistic view of all the relevant individuals to market to; their key contact information included business email, phone lines, and social media handles.
    [Email, Linkedin] The Best Content Marketing of August: Generic Millennials Will Love This List
    LinkedIn and salary data? LinkedIn: State of Salary Report 2017. One of the main reasons Microsoft acquired LinkedIn last June for $26 billion was data. And LinkedIn’s new State of Salary is the perfect vehicle for that data. You can email me at jordan@contently.com or reach me on Twitter @JordanTeicher on Twitter. Brands best content marketing LinkedIn Millennials newsjacking
    [Email, Linkedin] How Does Social Selling Tie Into B2B Marketing?
    However, they may be more active on LinkedIn and would be more likely to respond to a message on that platform. That being said, not all B2B buyers are going to be active on LinkedIn (or Twitter). When it comes to social selling, broaden your horizons to think past LinkedIn, even for B2B. However, if they maintain profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other places for business reasons, sending out a weekly or monthly email with new blog posts or pieces of content (e.g.
    [Email, Linkedin] Should businesses use LinkedIn groups or Slack for prospecting? Part 2
    In my previous article, I introduced the up and coming Slack tool and how it serves as an alternative for LinkedIn , which is closing its groups. COULD LINKEDIN GROUPS MAKE A COMEBACK? I don’t see LinkedIn groups making a comeback when it comes to cutting-edge technology communities or sales and marketing communities. These communities are beginning to look for alternatives and perceive LinkedIn groups as a necessary evil, something they must “work into their day.”
    [Email, Linkedin] Traditional Video Hosting Versus New Gen Video Platforms
    Now, imagine getting a video with your name on it or that includes your email or company right inside. New generation video platforms make it easy to publish, update, and manage your content across multiple channels all at the same time like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, and more, all from one single spot, makes it super easy. Using video is more than just a great way to help you tell your story and engage your audience.
    [Email, Linkedin] Do B2B Industries Need to Worry About Social Media in 2017?
    In the United States, it is no longer socially acceptable for a viable business to consider email as a primary source of outreach. Your landing page should move nicely into your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Converting your social leads will only become more important as email and other mass forms of outreach become less effective.
    [Email, Linkedin] Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies
    Many B2B technology decision-makers use LinkedIn as a primary social media platform. If you create a significant piece of content, like a white paper or guide, consider requiring an email address in exchange for the download. Leverage eMail Marketing. Savvy marketing professionals understand email remains a top strategy for technology companies. Compared to other options, managing email marketing campaigns requires one of the lowest financial investments.
    [Email, Linkedin] Best Practices for Technology Marketing
    It simplifies processes involving email marketing, CRM, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and contact management. According to the LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, the top three content marketing tactics include blogs (65%), social media (64%), and case studies (64%). Leverage LinkedIn for sharing business content. In a recent survey, 84% of buyers prefer LinkedIn as the top social network for sharing business related content.
    [Email, Linkedin] Have you started thinking about your 2018 content marketing strategy?
    For example, a new year might prompt a content marketing leader to decide on the following priorities: focus more on email marketing. Related: Should we be doing native video on LinkedIn? Content marketing strategy is certainly an ongoing and evolving project. But when it comes down to it, there are 5 basic steps that I apply: Here’s our high-level strategy. Goals. Topical niche. Workflows. Tools.
    [Email, Linkedin] Interview with Michael Brenner
    Connect with me on LinkedIn , Twitter , or email me on michael@marketinginsidergroup.com. Michael Brenner – CEO at Marketing Insider Group – Keynote Speaker, Author, Leadership and Marketing Consultant. Key Topics: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Leadership. Location: West Chester, PA USA (near Philadelphia). Bio: Michael Brenner is a globally-recognized keynote speaker, author of The Content Formula and the CEO of Marketing Insider Group.
    [Email, Linkedin] Interview with Lee Odden
    Most of all, I enjoy learning from my team of content marketing professionals at TopRank Marketing and our amazing portfolio of clients that includes companies like LinkedIn, Dell, SAP and McKesson – a Fortune 5 company that we’ve worked with for 10 years. Connect with me on LinkedIn , Twitter or via email: lee.odden@toprankmarketing.com. Lee Odden – CEO at TopRank Marketing – Digital Marketing Strategist, Author, & Speaker.
    [Email, Linkedin] 5 blog post ideas that take less than two hours to write
    Here’s how: Tip #1: Repurpose an email response. Do you write long, detailed emails? Why not make your LinkedIn or Quora comments do double-duty? Just like with repurposing an email response, you’d just need to write a couple of introductory paragraphs and paste in your response. Here’s a rant I originally posted on LinkedIn that I repurposed on my blog (and yes, being able to repurpose a rant feels great). Sign up for our emails here.
    [Email, Linkedin] What the History of Copywriting Teaches Us About Content Marketing Today
    Before Seth Godin was doing speaking tours or Gary Vaynerchuk was flooding your LinkedIn feed with videos, the head honchos of the advertising business wrote books. But out of the other side of marketer’s mouths we have an industry that birthed the term “clickbait” and that more than happily guides people to articles, videos, and email newsletters only to slap them with a sales pitch or lead gen form in the most inauthentic ways.
  • THE POINT  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 22 Potential Touchpoints for Your Next ABM Sales Play
    Touchpoints in an ABM sales play can be almost any form of communication: email, phone, social media, direct mail, even in-person outreach. Just as with integrated demand generation programs , a combination of different channels, deployed in a prescribed sequence, is more likely to bring about success compared to relying on one channel alone (for example, email). Email to prospect. Email from your boss. Email from the CEO. View the prospect’s LinkedIn profile.
    [Email, Linkedin] Why Your Company’s Blog Doesn’t Make the Phone Ring
    For starters, they should be published on LinkedIn, both on your personal profile (as a long-form blog post like this one), and as an “Update” on your firm’s corporate LinkedIn page. As a first step, every quarter send your database of contacts (hopefully you have this) a nicely designed email featuring 2 or 3 of your best recent blog posts, with an “In case you missed this” cover note.
  • ENGAGIO  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] Introducing Deal Nurturing: The Next Big Idea in B2B Nurturing
    Unfortunately, automation can result in accidents as well — every sales rep has a horror story of Marketing sending a promotional, generic discount email to a large deal they are about to close. In Deal Nurturing, Marketing defines and coordinates the process, including personalized emails, direct mail touches, advertising, social, event invitations, and so on. Ten years ago, Marketing would generate an inquiry and pass it to Sales.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 12 Free Social Media and Brand Monitoring Tools We Love (and Why)
    SumAll connects to a variety of different social accounts -- including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn -- to provide you with insights about your followers, interactions, and engagements. Hootsuite integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+, and although it's free for individuals' accounts, businesses and enterprises have to purchase paid versions. Reputation is everything. And on the internet, that couldn't be more true.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] The Importance of B2B Storytelling
    There are various channels you can use to research your audiences such as social media, surveys, phone calls, or even a simple email questionnaire. LinkedIn. LinkedIn, known as the job hosting website, used the power of storytelling in their “ Picture Yourself ” campaign to create inspiring stories about some of their members. What they managed to do was build a portal of quality business insights that increased the trust and relevance of the LinkedIn brand. .
    [Email, Linkedin] 6 Gamification Strategy Tips for Your Company
    The best gamification rewards we’ve seen are those that are connected with professional recognition and advancement: a Linkedin recommendation from a VP, a shout-out at an all-hands meeting, an invitation to guest blog on the company blog, etc. We recommend putting a tool or solution in place like EveryoneSocial , which allows you to easily share results with users either through the web or mobile app, or an email newsletter and track overall program performance.
    [Email, Linkedin] How and When to Use Direct Mail as Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy
    But in the right situations, direct mail could be a crucial differentiator in a world where 78% of consumers have unsubscribed from a company’s email list because the company was sending too many emails. Classic digital marketing tactics like email have become so overcrowded that approaching inbound creatively is crucial to standing out from your competition. Keep in mind that all your prospect did was subscribe to an email list.
    [Email, Linkedin] More LinkedIn leads can destroy your revenue performance: an interview with Ian Addison from GetLinkedInHelp.com
    Because we find that sales and marketing leaders focus on lead generation instead of demand generation and full funnel marketing, I have interviewed our resident challenger social selling expert, Ian Addison , on how more LinkedIn leads can be bad for your organization. Why do you say that organizations should shift their LinkedIn Marketing and social selling focus from lead gen to demand gen? But how does focusing on LinkedIn lead gen hurt revenue performance?
    [Email, Linkedin] Have You Exhausted The Low Hanging Fruit in Your B2B SEO Strategy?
    Email Newsletters. Email marketing can be incredibly valuable tactic for B2B marketers. Consider opportunities to support SEO programs through email communication, as well as incorporate email list growth as a SEO performance benchmark. For example, we discussed generating greater visibility in their email to newly created content marketing assets meant to acquire links or social shares.
    [Email, Linkedin] Ann Handley in the Spotlight
    You posted something on LinkedIn recently that talked about the value of rewarding productivity, t business. Last week in Finland I was answering an important internal email at 1 AM local time. Email me with your suggestions! A conversation with B2B content marketing extraordinaire, Ann Handley . Televerde is a global sales & marketing solutions company.
    [Email, Linkedin] Five Brand Building Tips for B2B Businesses
    Here are some ways you can position your brand: Target a niche group of people —The email marketing space is crowded with more than a dozen similar platforms like MailChimp , Aweber , and more. Still, the folks at Campaign Monitor built their own email marketing tool targeted specifically at designers. Once you have great content, you can amplify it across social networks like Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Guest post by Sreeram Sreenivasan.
    [Email, Linkedin] Does Your Technology Marketing Program Create Results?
    Try capturing the email addresses of your customers and prospects. Encourage visitors to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another favorite social media site. Specialties: B2B marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales strategy, marketing strategy, competitive marketing strategy, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), mobile marketing,, email marketing, website design, marketing plans.
    [Email, Linkedin] How can you outperform the winners-eat-everything digital economy?
    Then Amazon leaped ahead with Alexa, Google declared AI will be its future, chatbots rose, Pokemon Go triggered Apple’s addition of the ARKit platform, the cloud services war erupted, and Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion and re-focused on the cloud. Sign up for our emails here. Lesson for leaders. How will you exceed the new winners-eat-everything digital economy?
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 29 LinkedIn Tips for Professional Networking, Business & Marketing
    In April, LinkedIn announced it had reached 500 million members, making it one of the most popular social networks for professionals and one of the top social networks overall. But are you using LinkedIn to its fullest potential? With new social networks sprouting up constantly, LinkedIn is a platform that often gets underutilized or put on the back burner. So to help you learn how to use LinkedIn effectively, this post is chock full of LinkedIn tips you may be overlooking.
    [Email, Linkedin] B2B marketing lessons from Michael Brenner
    Your employees have ten times the number of connections on Facebook and LinkedIn that your company has. Brenner shared an example from LinkedIn itself, where three employees do eight posts a day, reaching 63 million connections, and driving 167,000 clicks. Sign up for our emails here.
    [Email, Linkedin] Should Marketing Automation Customers be Pre-Qualified?
    In a nutshell: legacy sales management software (CRM systems), combined with the emergence of email and social media platforms, have provided marketers with new ways to reach and influence target audiences directly and indirectly.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 10 Ways to Distribute One Piece of Content (Besides Social Shares)
    So before you toast to your status as a progressive marketer who also publishes on LinkedIn and posts on Reddit, consider this: There are dozens, if not hundreds , of methods for content distribution beyond social that you might be overlooking. 1) Personalized emails. Segment your email list down to the exact audience that would benefit most from your piece of content. Write a custom email to each of these audience members to add a level of personalization to your message.
    [Email, Linkedin] How to Automate Your Client KPI Reporting Process: The 11 Step Guide
    Or you could display follower and comment counts from different social services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube in another dashboard. Most tools allow you to set up different reporting timeframes: Real-time or Daily : In addition to reviewing your data on your desktop or wall-mounted TVs, if your reporting tool has a mobile app, email or Slack notifications, you can send automated updates more frequently to internal team members and/or clients.
    [Email, Linkedin] Top Five Content Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies
    Email and nurture prospects. Email is another popular marketing strategy for tech companies. Many tech marketers use email to thank visitors for subscribing to a newsletter. The key to email marketing is to be able to segment your list and custom-tailor emails to particular segments of subscribers that you want to contact. . Did you know that content marketing could help your technology company reach both current and prospective customers?
    [Email, Linkedin] Why CMOs Should Engage With Niche Bloggers
    Networking is About More than a LinkedIn Profile. A friend of mine pulled out his phone and bragged about his 20,000 LinkedIn connections. When I talk about getting out from behind the trenches, LinkedIn doesn’t count. But CMOs need to do more than create a popular post on LinkedIn – although hats off to those that get the job done in this arena, especially if you’re working with a B2B brand.
    [Email, Linkedin] How to flesh out your B2B buyer personas
    If you’re just starting out and you have no current customers to interview, look for friends and associates in the industry, or search for job titles on LinkedIn that you have a connection with and send out a few instant messages. A best practice is to send an email first, then follow up with a phone call. Buyer personas have been used for years to help marketers hone in on what causes purchasers to make positive buying decisions.
    [Email, Linkedin] What Do Great Outbound and Inbound Marketing Programs Include?
    Outbound emails. Outbound LinkedIn outreach. The great thing about marketing today is that there are a variety of options for outbound and inbound lead generation. Leveraging outbound and inbound marketing will give your brand visibility against your competition, and position you in front of prospects who are looking for your services, or who need you but are not yet aware of how you will help them. What are the most successful inbound marketing channels?
    [Email, Linkedin] Should businesses use LinkedIn groups or Slack for prospecting? Part 1
    If you’ve checked out your LinkedIn groups lately, you may notice that LinkedIn groups are not what they used to be. As much as I had hoped that LinkedIn’s changes to groups would have a positive effect, not much has changed in the user experience. LinkedIn is no longer prioritizing its investment in LinkedIn groups and has even closed down the LinkedIn Group Moderators Community, a nail in the coffin for many LinkedIn group managers and owners.
    [Email, Linkedin] 4 Tools to Make You a Content Curating Master
    I’d finish reading an interesting article, then head to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and share it. In addition to surfacing content via its algorithms, Flipboard produces “10 for Today,” a daily email and Magazine of 10 featured articles that are curated (7 days a week!) Content curation provides a direct path to thought leadership for brands and individuals. As you curate and share high-quality content , you’ll generate awareness and gain credibility.
    [Email, Linkedin] Why you need a strategic approach to your LinkedIn network
    Have you ever really stopped to think about who you are–or should be–connected to on LinkedIn and why? The power of your LinkedIn network is not just about how many connections you have. How your LinkedIn network affects social media efforts. As you may have noticed, LinkedIn does not allow everyone to find and potentially communicate with all 400+ million members, which is probably a good thing. At the end of 2014, the average LinkedIn member has 930 connections.
    [Email, Linkedin] How to Build a Remarkable 21st Century Brand
    The production of corporate communications has now gone from being a professional operation to a free-for-all in which everyone, at all levels, communicates internally and externally via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms.
    [Email, Linkedin] The 'Golden Path': What We Learned From All Customers' Web Session Data
    web visit, form fill, and email), and piece together the entire customer journey at a highly granular view, would they discover the Golden Path? So Social.LinkedIn, Direct means that LinkedIn was the FT channel and direct web visit was the LC channel. We can see LinkedIn Social and Direct web visit is a popular path. This doesn’t necessarily mean shift all your budget to AdWords and LinkedIn. We are committed to better understanding the customer journey through data.
    [Email, Linkedin] Every Minute, the Internet Goes Through an Incredible Amount of Content
    When I’m really in the zone, I can post on Facebook, shoot a text to my friend, like some Instagram photos, and maybe even go through some of my LinkedIn feed. For marketers, this chart is a good reminder that nobody wants to be bombarded with senseless advertisements, promotional emails, and generic LinkedIn messages. Media Content Strategy distribution Email facebook Instagram LinkedIn TwitterHow many apps can you scroll through in 60 seconds?
    [Email, Linkedin] 8 Essential B2B Sales Tools Everyone Should Be Using
    Personalized sales communications with a modern email touch that connects to Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce. Clearslide is a sales engagement platform that lets users share content and sales materials via email links or their viewer’s link in a ‘Live Pitch’. Email tracking for campaigns from whatever email platform you are on. LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Out of all the social networks, one platform that should be in your B2B sales process is the use of LinkedIn.
    [Email, Linkedin] Marketing Minds: Tom Bukevicius – Principal @ SCUBE Marketing, Inc.
    What’s great about them is you can target a very specific audience by uploading an email list with key data points. I encourage you to follow him on LinkedIn and his company blog. One of the best ways to evolve as a marketing professional is to generate, collaborate, and nurture ideas among like-minded peers.
    [Email, Linkedin] Essential LinkedIn Guides and Resources for B2B Marketers
    LinkedIn recently launched it’s second annual “ State of Sales 2017 ” report. LinkedIn for B2B Digital Marketing. Resources like LinkedIn’s State of Sales 2017 report further support why this social media network can be so impactful for B2B marketers. That said, my experience has shown that many B2B marketers focus in specific aspects of LinkedIn’s offerings. LinkedIn Platform-Specific Resources. The Definitive Guide for Marketing on LinkedIn.
    [Email, Linkedin] Make your tweets beautiful with the help of the Twitter Cards Validator Tool
    I cross-posted the article onto LinkedIn and the lovely Beth Farris chimed in with some Twitter Cards Validator Tool school : So, yes, there is a Twitter validator , the Twitter Cards Validator Tool. I guess I assume that Tweets are ephemeral and textual but, today, all the best tweets are as rich, visual, graphical, video, and photographic as are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Sign up for our emails here.
    [Email, Linkedin] Six Keys to Make It With Influencer Marketing
    Beginning an outreach email with “Hi there” is possibly the fastest path to getting it deleted. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn, like and share their content, maybe comment on their blog or social posts. Give them a reason to open your email. Nothing wrong with that, except…the email then listed seven questions! All the recipient needs to do is copy the pre-written tweet or update and paste it into Twitter or LinkedIn.
    [Email, Linkedin] Best Practices for Digital Marketing for Technology Companies
    Once they have downloaded your free trial, send follow-up emails to ensure they are trying it out. Utilize LinkedIn , because it is one of the most prevalent sites for sharing business content, according to DemandGenReport. Also, according to Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs, LinkedIn is the top platform for B2B content marketing. The technology industry worldwide is expanding at a rapid pace.
    [Email, Linkedin] The relational power of Facebook for business networking
    Normally social media + business means “LinkedIn,” but today I want to give you something to think about in terms of Facebook’s role in building business relationships. Even when all other communication channels failed — the union was not even returning email — Facebook worked. The next step in the social business hierarchy is LinkedIn. Getting a return follow on LinkedIn is a little more difficult. By Mark Schaefer.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] The Future of Social Media Is Here: These Are the Trends You Need to Know
    In 2012 Social Media was the big three, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. That probably includes Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, but it’s now expanded to new networks like SnapChat, Reddit, YouTube, WhatsApp, and more. No landing pages, no emails. You may have noticed how much more video you’re seeing in your Facebook and LinkedIn feeds, expect more. Facebook and LinkedIn both now have great lead generation solutions that are built for a mobile audience.
    [Email, Linkedin] 3 Reasons To Get Familiar With Marketing Storefronts
    Sam specializes in copywriting, email, pay-per-click and inbound digital marketing. He also loves meeting new people – connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter. Direct sellers today face many challenges. One major challenge is having complete control over a local sales force and how they represent the corporate brand. When local distributors create and print their own marketing materials, it can lead to critical branding errors and operational inefficiencies.
    [Email, Linkedin] Too many messaging systems creates personal confusion
    Was it in an email? Finally I found the request on LinkedIn. I’m not getting overwhelmed by email, I’m getting overwhelmed by the email replacements. On any given day, people send me important business information and requests through messaging systems like: Email (four options). LinkedIn. Since my email and calendar are integrated, there is a high likelihood that a request for a meeting through good old email will make it to my calendar.
    [Email, Linkedin] The End of Net Neutrality: Should Marketers Be Worried?
    Instead, those companies might shift their marketing dollars toward channels where they have greater control over their speeds and their experience, which likely means bolstering their websites, filling them with published content, and leaning on other digital channels less affected by the end of net neutrality, such as email.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 4 Tips for Creating a Top-Notch Sales Enablement Strategy
     For example, browser extensions that can pull information while reps prospect on LinkedIn. Or a link they can pop directly into an email to minimize the back and forth of scheduling, like Calendly. If reps are using video in their prospecting emails, they can use a CTA button with a Calendly link embedded at the end of the video to capture new leads and quickly convert them.
    [Email, Linkedin] How You Could Benefit from B2B Outbound Marketing
    The methods for reaching these potential clients include cold calls, emails, LinkedIn outreach, retargeting ads, and direct mail. B2B outbound marketing tactics like calling and emailing are going to take a prospect from the marketing-qualified lead stage to the sales-qualified lead part of the pipeline. Making phone calls and sending emails are two B2B outbound marketing tactics that will help you establish personal relationships with your buyers.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 20 Signup Form Optimization Techniques for More Sales Leads
    Marketers and entrepreneurs focus much of their time and energy on growing their email list and generating leads. For any email marketer, the success of this strategy is determined by the number of subscribers and how well these subscribers are converted into actual sales. There’s a lot of emphasis placed on crafting seamless email sequences, valuable content, and a great landing page. If your signup form copy is creative, your emails can be all the more interesting.
    [Email, Linkedin] Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: Which Should You Choose
    Some of the most effective types of Inbound marketing that B2B companies utilize include search engine optimization , sharing content (blogs, case studies, e-books, whitepapers) on their own website and with other sites, posting on social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, and holding webinars. Some of the most effective outbound marketing tactics include Account Based Marketing , email marketing, LinkedIn outreach, advertisements on social media sites, and phone calls.
    [Email, Linkedin] Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing? What You Should Know
    They watch television commercials, pass by billboards, look at banner ads, read branded blogs, receive email newsletters, and more. Traditional marketing companies use include television commercials, telephone calls and emails, press releases, radio spots, banner ads, and direct mail. LinkedIn posts. LinkedIn is the top social media site for B2B lead generation. Every day, potential buyers see more than 5,000 advertisements and brand exposures.
    [Email, Linkedin] Trends in Outbound and Inbound Marketing for 2017
    With marketing automation, you can automatically retarget potential customers through display ads, timely emails at certain points of the sales process, and get in contact with prospects as soon as they download a case study, white paper, or e-book. It allows you to sequence your outbound touches through email, LinkedIn, sales calls and even direct mail to provide more meaningful interactions and faster sales velocity.
    [Email, Linkedin] Account-Based Marketing Without a Budget
    That outreach then was personalized by the SDRs to assure that emails didn’t sound generic. They also designed a cadence of outreach such as follow-up phone calls and social media touches like LinkedIn and Twitter. Each time we sent out an email, we would wait a few hours and then collect a set of quick-hit data points for the SDRs. Who opened the email, but did nothing. Who ignored the email.
  • SNAPAPP  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 27 Seriously Impactful Event Hacks Every B2B Marketer Should Know
    Put the event in your email signature and/or your marketing email post-script. Mention the occasion and why you’re going to be there in your email signature and/or the PS after a marketing email. . If you add a lead form right before the results, this can be a great way to convert users into email subscribers while also providing them with a valuable service. . Connect with other attendees on LinkedIn. I didn’t have to search my email for the agenda.
    [Email, Linkedin] How to build your social selling system with LinkedIn and Twitter
    In this Biznology webinar video with Mindi Rosser, you’ll find out how to: Design a compelling personal brand on LinkedIn and Twitter. In this 30-minute video, Mindi explores how to create your social selling system using LinkedIn and Twitter to build relationships with your prospects, listen to their dilemmas, and solve their problems. Sign up for our emails here. The post How to build your social selling system with LinkedIn and Twitter appeared first on Biznology.
  • VIDYARD  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] Surpassing 100,000 Users, ViewedIt by Vidyard Leads the Way as Top Video Messaging App for Business
    ” ViewedIt by Vidyard offers a seamless experience for recording custom videos from within the Google Chrome browser and instantly sharing via Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other online channels. Emails with personal video messages generate higher engagement and response rates than those with long-form text, with the most dramatic impact surfacing with sales professionals.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] Welcome to the Business-to-Human (B2H) Movement
    This allowed a single marketer to reach hundreds of thousands of people through email, and the power shift of growth moved from sales to marketing. What’s happened, however, is we’re all onto the trick, and we’re tired of getting emails. If you’re like me, you spend the first hour or so of every day deleting emails that are obviously sent via some type of marketing automation platform. This post was originally published on Upshot.
    [Email, Linkedin] 4 landing pages every smart retailer uses
    Email marketing is a powerful tool for driving customers to your website. The company sent an email to its subscribers announcing the new product, with a call to action button that brings readers to this page. Post about the event on social media, send emails about it to your various contact lists and put it on your online calendar. Building an email list can be challenging at times.
    [Email, Linkedin] What is Outbound Marketing?
    ABM may involve sending outbound emails, LinkedIn messages and sales calls to specific decision makers at companies. Outbound marketing is the process of pushing marketing messages to people where they are, as opposed to Inbound marketing which is about creating content to pull prospects towards you.
    [Email, Linkedin] 5 Marketing Trends and How Technology is Helping Marketers Address Them
    Marketo Predictive Content can recommend content across your web, mobile and email channels, and in multiple languages. Marketers have started to adapt their websites, blogs, and emails to cater specifically to a mobile device experience, but not everyone has adapted their digital ads. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, for example, improves the member experience and conversion rates on the Linkedin mobile app with a form that pre-populates with contact and professional details.
    [Email, Linkedin] The ultimate list of 20 worthy social media rants
    Faux Pro — If you send me an email asking for advice on setting up a blog or how to start a podcast, it is probably inappropriate for you to claim a title of “social media expert.” ” Fifty times a week I get some message on LinkedIn or Twitter saying “hello” and “let me know if I can help you …” Will that EVER result in a phone call? By Mark Schaefer.
  • BUZZSUMO  |  THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] How to Write Engaging B2B Headlines: Analysis of 10 Million Articles Shared on LinkedIn
    The research is based on an analysis of 10 million articles shared on LinkedIn. The two word phrases starting headlines that gained the most LinkedIn shares on average were as follows (x represents a number). The most shared single words that start headlines were as follows: Headlines starting with ‘The’ were the most shared on LinkedIn. In a B2B context on LinkedIn it seems ‘how to’ posts outperform numbers. . ” LinkedIn Webinar.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] How to Do ABM Without Selling Your Soul
    Email, ads, popup forms, video, and all the rest. Use tactics like cold email and calls, direct mail, and live events to engage the key stakeholders at those accounts that you found in your research. We see examples of soul-less ABM emails all the time. Rather than call any one company out -- here's a compiled fictional example of the types of targeted outbound emails we get. Now, technically this is an account-based email. Mayo on a sandwich.
    [Email, Linkedin] Ask a Content Strategist: How Do You Create Data-Driven Content?
    I spend a fair amount of time checking content marketing and content strategy questions on Quora, inbound.org, and content marketing groups on LinkedIn. Sites like Inbound and LinkedIn are great because their professional information is front and center, so you can even track questions by persona. Ask him your most pressing content strategy questions here , or email him at lazer@contently.com.
    [Email, Linkedin] How to get 67% more revenue opportunities using LinkedIn and not just leads that go nowhere
    When it comes to LinkedIn marketing and social selling, where do you think everyone’s focus is? LinkedIn marketing and social selling has become a volume play. The focus is on how many connections are being made, how many prospects are joining the LinkedIn community, how many views the content is generating, how much website traffic are they getting, how many people are being reached with messages. And your efforts on LinkedIn are nothing more than a cost center.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] Patchwork quilt stitch your marketing website tightly together using internal links and navigation (every page is sacred, every page is great, if a page is wasted, Google gets quite irate)
    Sign up for our emails here. Google handles every internet page separately. Every page has its own unique PageRank and you can’t tell the success of a website based only the PR of it’s Default Index Landing Page. A page that’s deep and abandoned in your website may very well be the most important page on your site. While Google does understand the concept of Site and Domain, every page is scrutinized on its own merits. Every page is sacred. Every page is great.
    [Email, Linkedin] What is Business to Business Digital Marketing?
    Digital marketing leverages the internet and mobile devices and includes tactics like social media, video, email, content, mobile, search engine optimization, and account-based marketing. B2B digital marketers use platforms like social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare), video sharing sites (YouTube, Vimeo), email delivery platforms (MailChimp, HubSpot, GetResponse), blogs, industry forums, live chat, SMS, and Google search to reach their prospects and buyers.
  • NUSPARK  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] How to Build Remarkable B2B Influence Online by Guest Blogging Successfully
    To try to find editors, go to LinkedIn and type in keywords. NinjaOutreach and tools like that also provide some of the editors’ names and email addresses. Then write a short and simple pitch email. To grow your business today, you must build your online influence by creating insightful content that helps your target audience. But let’s suppose you’re already churning out blogs, e-books, videos and more. Why are you not getting the results you had anticipated?
  • VIDYARD  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 4 Tips for Creating A Killer Video Voicemail
    Using video in email outreach is something that we’ve seen a lot of success with. For example, in the video above, I mentioned their title and some of their responsibilities that I found on LinkedIn. Whether you’re in sales trying to book more meetings, in marketing communications trying to convey your message, or even in higher education trying to connect with your students, people enjoy something that has been crafted and personalized for them.
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 42 Experts Explain How to Get Better Qualified Leads with Interactive Content
    It’s difficult to convince readers to shell out their email address, let alone enough information to adequately qualify prospects for sales teams. At Workzone, we have a project management software ROI calculator that helps us collect emails and qualify many prospects each month. Linkedin has been a primary focus with thousands of insurance agents connected to us. The video was distributed via email, as YouTube was still a seven years from existence.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] Best Practices for Prospecting with Video
    ” Simply having a human talking on camera as opposed to a long text-based email can help you boost response rates. This works because it can create a thumbnail image for your video that gives that person a visual cue that this message is just for them, and it hasn’t come from some automated email marketing blast. ” That can be a great way to visually get Karen to click, because when she sees her own LinkedIn profile she’s going to be curious.
    [Email, Linkedin] Learn How To Use Quora Ads for B2B User Acquisition
    Jaime: Our marketing team is made up of a combination of email marketing, ops, analytics, and then, as I mentioned, what I focus on is the paid user acquisition. Let’s say, on the right hand of this spectrum, targeting business users — LinkedIn targeting parameters and sponsored update ad network — seems to be very squarely on targeting business users.
  • EMEDIA  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] How to Select Your B2B Channel Mix
    LinkedIn. Nurture Emails. Nurture emails comes in second, at $576,000, followed by targeted calling campaigns at $540,000. Tip: Do not neglect comparing your nurture email efforts with your externally-focused campaigns, with a caveat, of course. You deploy nurture emails to prospects already in your system. Marketing budgets are always tight. Competition for prospects’ attention and engagement is unrelenting.
    [Email, Linkedin] Ask a Content Strategist: How Do You Use Articles to Influence B2B Leads?
    And instead of answering a series of reader questions like usual, I’m going to share an exchange I had over email with one of my good friends, who recently took over a B2B content operation. LinkedIn is more expensive, but delivers content in an environment where folks are looking for work-related content. while also nurturing them via email now that you have their email address.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 5 Personalized Prospecting Ideas You Can Use Today
    embed that video thumbnail in your email, include “video” in your subject line, and you are off to the races! After you’ve spent time connecting with your prospect over email or on the phone, it’s always a smart idea to thank them. But sometimes a generic, quickly written email doesn’t cut it. Connecting with your prospects on LinkedIn is one thing, but you can’t just go straight in for the hard sell without expecting to be rejected.
    [Email, Linkedin] How can you start using hashtags effectively on LinkedIn?
    Using hashtags on LinkedIn is one of those trends, and here’s how you can use them to your advantage. Weave hashtags into your LinkedIn profile, especially your summary and/or headline. The easiest way to make this change is to turn the keywords in your LinkedIn summary into hashtags. The hashtags are to help you get found in LinkedIn’s search engine when prospects or buyers are looking for someone who does what you do. Add hashtags to your LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • EXO B2B  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] How to build an editorial line
    In B2B, 91% of companies use LinkedIn, 65% say they’ve acquired at least 1 customer there. Those most frequently used are: Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…. Emailing. Content marketing is really at the crux of setting up an inbound marketing strategy with the objective of “attracting” your customer. That’s why it’s essential to define an editorial strategy. The first step is to define your goals and identify your readership.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] Slow and steady content-creation wins the Google Search race
    Sign up for our emails here. Blogging Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization Search Marketing Advertising agency Android (operating system) Facebook Google Google Search linkedin social media social media marketing Social networkFully, generously, and even a little verbosely populating your website, your blog, your social media profiles, and your social media content is 100x more important to your success than “optimizing for search.” ” Morning Runs.
    [Email, Linkedin] How to Qualify Opportunities with Lead Scoring
    On the other hand, a lead that has opened an email and browsed your site may be ready in a few months if nurtured properly. Some rules might include: Email clickthrough. LinkedIn click. All businesses need leads, but one of the primary problems is the pressure to generate qualified leads and route the right ones to sales. Perhaps your inbound marketing strategy has helped generate a database full of leads, through varying campaigns.
    [Email, Linkedin] How Account-Based Marketing Changes the Business Developer’s Role
    Also, your business developers can do some sleuthing by using online platforms such as LinkedIn. Reps can communicate initially via the phone , social media or personal emails. For instance, pick up the phone, leave a voicemail and follow up with an email. Once they know where it is, they should use the phone, email and social media to contact key account buying teams.
  • VIDYARD  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] 4 Easy and Effective Ways League Integrates Video Into Their Sales Strategy
    We create innovative personalized video emails in an instant. Easy Email Sharing: Once our sales rep has recorded a message, they drop the link into an email and shoot it to the recipient. The inbox of most company executives is constantly getting pounded with sales emails all day every day. Even on LinkedIn and on Twitter, there’s almost no reprieve. One of the biggest benefits to ViewedIt is the instant connection your video emails make with the client.
    [Email, Linkedin] A guide to getting started on using hashtags on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn wants you to start using hashtags and I think it’s about time. Up until recently, hashtags were frowned upon when used on LinkedIn because they were a telltale sign of cross-posting content from Twitter (a big no-no). Since LinkedIn is hell-bent on becoming the premier social network for professionals and the LinkedIn database has become enormous, they realized the need to better categorize, organize and filter content. How do hashtags work on LinkedIn?
    [Email, Linkedin] How to Improve Your Business Branding with Content
    This content needs to be seen by the world of course, which you use SEO, email blasts, and your social media business accounts to promote. You may think your employees are doing so and because you send emails asking them to that this is happening. Yet, those shares are responsible for driving a 30% increase in the total engagement a company sees ( LinkedIn ). Business Branding + Content.
  • EMEDIA  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] Which B2B Media Platform Matches Your Mission?
    Digital marketing can include display ads, sponsored content, native ads, blogs/website/SEO, live online events, social media (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.), Under this broad umbrella you will find email or newsletters, direct mailers, targeted calling, and sponsored email deployment/list purchase for lead nurture or acquisition campaigns.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017
    [Email, Linkedin] Your online reputation on Google is the direct result of the content you write on your website, your blogs, and on social media, over time
    Sign up for our emails here. How (and, to be honest, if) you, your brand, your business, and services, your products, and your colleagues are portrayed in a simple Google search is the most important personal and professional reputation there is. Your Google SERP is who you are, and you need to take control of it. Google relies on global online content to come up with its search results. This is the truth. Unlike reddit or Wikipedia, Google isn’t micromanaged.
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