29 Tips to Improve B2B Email Campaign Performance

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Email results not what they should be? Try these techniques to improve the performance of your next campaign: 1. Include a text link at the top of the email to give the recipient the option to view the email in their browser.

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A Look at Email Deliverability Across Industry Verticals

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Being a curious person by nature, I decided to do some data mining—some email deliverability data mining that is. I was interested in looking at different industry verticals and how they perform against some key benchmarks. Email Marketing

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2 Email Campaigns Show How (and How Not) to “Sell” Content

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Two email campaigns that arrived in my inbox recently serve as useful illustrations of how best to promote informational content. The other, from email marketing software provider ExactTarget , drives action by communicating the value of the content in concise, compelling language.

Set up your email campaign: VerticalResponse’s new editor makes it easy

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Our new email editor gives you more freedom to change the layout and individual design elements of your campaigns. To introduce all of the updates and help you start sending emails today, we’ve created a series of how-to guides. Creating an email list.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Campaigns for Nonprofits | Part 1 of 4

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Just like any other business, nonprofits can’t ignore the effectiveness of email marketing. And just like many small businesses, many nonprofits are short on time, cash, and resources – making email campaigns the perfect marketing solution. As one of the most important aspects of online fundraising, it’s necessary to optimize your email marketing efforts. Three emails you should send to new donors before asking for money.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Campaigns for Nonprofits | Part 4 of 4

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Last week we covered our the fundamentals of fundraising and the best emails to send to get your donors to take action. This week we’ll examine the right emails to send to maintain and engage your donor base. In this four-part guide you’ll find do’s and don’ts for every step of the email marketing process: Three tips for successful emails. Three emails you should send to new donors before asking for money. Useful news emails.

12 Months of Inspiration for Engaging with Your Email Subscribers

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Even the most capable, expert-at-their-business small business owner can feel like a rube when it comes to getting creative with email marketing ideas. Yet great email ideas get clicks, engage customers and can boost sales — so you know you need to send out as many winners as possible in 2016. So the next question you probably have is: How do I maximize the success of my marketing emails in the New Year? Put a fun spin on your emails in honor of your furry best friends.

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Why That Bargain Contact List You Bought is a Sales Dead End


Your Email Campaign is Bound to Get Shut Down. Email marketing providers take the quality of your contact lists seriously. Campaigns with high bounce rates or tarnished domain reputations get red flagged quick. When email deliverability is weakened , your whole sales funnel loses its impact and unverified contact lists get email campaigns off to a bad start. All that remains are people sick and tired of endless emails.

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Reasons to Ditch “Batch and Blast” and Get Started with Email Marketing Personalization

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” That belief (or state of denial) is why so-called “ batch and blast ” email is usually less effective than email campaigns customized to your unique market. Such emails have titles like “We miss you!” © 2015, Vertical Response Blog.

From Subject Lines to Email Lists, It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Email Marketing Efforts

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It’s also a good time to air out your subject lines and freshen your email campaigns with seasonal flare. Just as you’re ready to be done with being bundled up in a winter coat, hat, and scarf, the folks on your email list might be getting tired of the same old subject lines. They’re probably also ready for something light and refreshing in their email inboxes after the months of hard selling they endured during the lead-up to the end-of-year holidays.

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Adding Art to Words: How emojis can brighten up your emails

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We’ve all felt proud of email campaigns we’ve sent, whether because they’ve had phenomenal open rates, spurred strong sales, or simply looked great. What we’ve never considered, though, is that some of those campaigns may have actually contained works of art.

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Marketo Data Tells Us: Which Industry Has the Best Email Performance?

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While your email campaigns may be hitting all of your marks, you may want to set your goals higher for 2016 based on how other companies in your space are doing. Refresher on Email Types. These types of emails don’t have any “intelligence” built in. Triggered emails!

Top 10 Demand Generation Resolutions for 2014

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Improve campaign measurement. Measuring opens and clicks may tell you something about email performance, but it says nothing about the impact that email campaign had on qualified leads, or opportunities, or revenue. This year, test something in every campaign.

Sneak Peak: The New VerticalResponse Email Editor!

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Here at VerticalResponse, we’re committed to helping you create and send professional-looking email campaigns that reflect your business perfectly. To make that process faster and more intuitive than ever, we’ve launched a new, easy-to-use email editor.

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The Ultimate Holiday Marketing Giveaway [All Entries Receive a Free Domain]

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Email Marketing Email marketing is an effective and low-cost way to market your business. Get this important part of your marketing mix up and running with a VerticalResponse account, contact list management, assistance with an email campaign, and ongoing reporting.

Making Content Marketing, Email and Social Media Work in Harmony for Your Small Business

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While you may be familiar with certain ways to market your business online such as through content marketing, email and social media, you may be unsure of how they work together, or exactly how to integrate efforts to achieve maximum results. Email. Email campaigns.

Top 10 Tips for Better Email Templates

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The success of an email campaign depends on a number of variables, chief amongst them the quality of your list and the attractiveness of the offer. The growing adoption of marketing automation systems is empowering B2B marketers to develop, produce, and execute email campaigns more efficiently, and more effectively, than ever before. However, if the creative foundation for those campaigns is suspect, even the best technology simply results in a faster time to failure.

Three Data Opportunities B2B Marketers Are Missing Today

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Data from just your site or email is woefully incomplete. Your online ads are the banner equivalent of batch-and-blast email.

Improve your email marketing with automation [webinar]

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Email Automation, which VerticalResponse recently added to its powerful toolkit , increases the impact and reduces the costs of email marketing. Here are a few of his key takeaways: Email Automation is versatile. Email Automation nurtures trust and credibility.

Advanced Reporting Is Awesome: Part 1 — Device & Browser Breakdowns

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To showcase the unique edge Advanced Reporting brings to your email marketing, we’re examining each feature individually to highlight its advantages. It’s easy to see how this knowledge allows you to create even better emails. What does this mean for your emails?

Define Your Enterprise-wide Content Use Case Requirements


So too for new product introductions, marketing automation based nurturing campaigns, social selling and marketing initiatives, as well as support for channel content requirements. They represent each vertical you sell to.

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Looking Back: 2015 Holiday Email Volume

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If you think you get a lot of email each day, it’s because you do. Research shows that in 2016, an estimated 215 billion emails are sent daily, an increase of 5 percent over the previous year. On any given day, the average email user receives approximately 123 emails in his or her inbox. We love email, of course — no surprise there. In fact, VerticalResponse users contribute quite a bit to those emails flying around the cybersphere each day.

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Introducing Email Automation

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In the most current update to VerticalResponse we’re pleased to release our newest feature: Email Automation. What is Email Automation? Before we get started on putting Email Automation to use, let’s do a quick review. Onboarding campaign. Lifecycle emails.

Top Marketing Trends in 2016 and What They Mean for Your Small Business

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Sixty-six percent of all email in the U.S. Your email marketing campaigns must also be mobile-friendly. One of the greatest strengths of email automation tools has always been the amount of time it frees up for marketers. Pop-ups with purpose: Growing your email lists.

25 Proven Steps to Achieve Email Marketing Magic

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If you’ve left email marketing out of the promotional mix for your business, you’re missing out on a method that has been shown to generate as much in revenue as all other types of digital advertising combined. Just how much revenue does email drive? Personalize Your Emails.

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Everything a marketer needs to know about CDPs. Wait, what’s a CDP?


Key differences among CDP systems include the types of data they ingest, how they unify customer identities, support for real-time updates and queries, and ancillary capabilities such as machine learning, segmentation, message selection, and campaign management.

The results: What happened during the Subject Line Slam Dunk?

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Four weeks ago we kicked off our Subject Line Slam Dunk tournament — NCAA knockout style — to A/B test eight subject lines for an upcoming email campaign. Go Pro and send emails like a champ.” Send emails like a Pro.” Email Marketing Subject Lines

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Put a spring in your emails with 25 fresh subject line suggestions

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Last week we discussed some of the ways to spring clean your email marketing efforts. Whether you’re emailing customers with a seasonal offer, celebrating an event like the Kentucky Derby or the kick-off of the Cactus and Grapefruit Training Leagues, or simply saying “Hello,” it’s the perfect time of year to put a spring into the step of your email campaigns. Get expert tips and email inspiration biweekly. Email Marketing Subject Lines

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Introducing VerticalResponse en español

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With this update, Spanish speakers now have a leading platform to power their business’s email marketing programs. With VerticalResponse, business owners are reaching more people in less time through automation like automated follow-up emails. Email Marketing Product Updates

Chart Toppers 2016: Our 25 most popular blog posts of the year

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General Email Marketing. 15 Must-Haves for a Solid Email Marketing Program — How savvy is your email marketing? Incorporate these key initiatives to build a rock-solid email marketing program. Use these five metrics to measure the success of your next campaign.

How Big is Too Big? One Email Offer That’s Tough to Ignore.

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As any regular reader of this space will know, I am a fierce evangelist for the “sell the offer, not the product” approach to B2B email creative. This ensures the headline will be visible in most email clients even with images turned off.

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Elevate your emails with our new editor: How to get started

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We’ve just released a new email editor that gives you more control over the look and feel of your email campaigns. If you’re signing up for VerticalResponse for the first time, you’ll automatically get the new email editor. Send Savvier Emails.

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Holiday Marketing Without the Heavy Markup: 11 tips for seasonal marketing on a budget

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Send emails! Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools there is, bringing in an average of $44 for every $1 spent. Sending holiday-themed emails to your lists, then, is a no-brainer. Not sure how to get started with regular email marketing? Then upload to YouTube and/or Vimeo (or your own website, if it has the capability), and promote the videos on social media and in your emails. Need to plan out your email campaigns?

12 Months of Inspiration for Engaging with Your Email Subscribers

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Even the most capable, expert-at-their-business small business owner can feel like a rube when it comes to getting creative with email marketing ideas. Yet great email ideas get clicks, engage customers and can boost sales — so you know you need to send out as many winners as possible in 2016. So the next question you probably have is: How do I maximize the success of my marketing emails in the New Year? Put a fun spin on your emails in honor of your furry best friends.

What Does “Going Pro” Mean for Your Email Marketing?

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Email marketing has become so widespread it’s probably starting to lose some of its punch, right? Email consistently offers the best payback for digital marketers, producing a 122 percent return on every dollar spent. On top of that, email is getting a big boost as mobile use skyrockets. That said, even the best intentions for effective emailing are wasted if the messages aren’t able to shine through the rubble. billion of those are business emails.

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Introducing Pro+: What Full Service Email Marketing Can Do For Your Business

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This is why VerticalResponse now offers full service email marketing. Your time is valuable so why not let the experts who have helped over 1,000,000 customers handle your email marketing? Here’s what VerticalResponse’s new email marketing service, Pro+, can do for you: Save You Time. Pro+ takes the place of having to find and hire an email marketing expert on your team. This email marketing service includes: Campaign launch and management.

A creative director’s take on marketing strategy and tactics

Sales Lead Insights

As creative director, Peter turns business and sales objectives into provocative, compelling, and highly focused lead generation campaigns. That could be email, postal direct mail, digital or print ads in specific publications, video (which could be part of an email campaign), or billboards.

Focus on Accounts – Not Leads – for Better ROI


We’ve done it with database marketing, we’ve done it with drip and nurture email programs, we’ve done it with behavior tracking. You content library has 20 pieces of content that you can use in targeted nurturing campaigns for these people. Being a marketer at Act-On is great.

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15 Must-Haves for a Solid Email Marketing Program

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You’ve heard how a targeted email campaign can transform your marketing communications into a thing of beauty, bringing in new leads, increasing your revenue and creating customer loyalty. Now, a month into the New Year and your 2016 planning, you have a chance to make a fresh start by launching a new campaign or even beefing up your old one in a medium that continues to be extremely effective. Vow to grow your email list to expand your marketing capabilities.

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The 2016 Complete Guide to List Segmentation

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When it comes to email marketing, list segmentation is the best tool for dissecting your consumer base. Coming from an email marketing expert, this may just sound like a ploy to convince you to spend even more time on your efforts, but others in the industry agree.