Why This Holiday Email Campaign Misses the Mark

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It’s that time of year again, and B2B marketers everywhere are dusting off the usual holiday clichés in an attempt to weave good cheer into their demand generation campaigns. Take the email campaign below from security vendor Symantec.

4 Reasons No One Likes Your Email Campaigns

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Whatever the case, you definitely don’t want to feel remorseful about your email marketing vendor. If you’re launching email campaigns, but you’re not seeing the results you expected, don’t blame the sales guy…yet. There are four common reasons why you may be experiencing roadblocks and some email marketing tips to combat them. Think of sending an email like applying for a credit card. There’s an art to crafting an email.

Agencies: How to Build an Email Campaign – When Your Client Has No List

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One of the biggest challenges agencies face in deploying email campaigns for clients is dealing with companies that have no contact lists. Since it’s impossible to run the campaigns without lists, having ones that are clean and accurate is essential.

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7 Clever Email Campaigns That Get Customers Buying Again


Which is why email remarketing campaigns are great ideas for those who have purchased (or almost purchased) from you in the past! What's an email remarketing campaign, you ask? But they can get better when you leverage email remarketing campaigns.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

online and through other channels before they actually reach out to the vendor. to allocate limited funds across spending types (campaigns, people, tools) and tactics. grail of marketing metrics: campaign ROI. advertising and outbound email marketing. 1How B2B Marketing.

The Truth Intent Data Vendors Don’t Want You to Know


The Truth Intent Data Vendors Don’t Want You to Know. For intent data to be useful you have to be confident the 3rd party intent data vendor has accurately identified who’s truly behind the activity. Many vendors rely on reverse IP lookup to identify “active” companies.

Step Away from the Email Software and No-One Gets Hurt

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Marketing technology is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, and nowhere is this more evident than in the recent surge of interest in automating BDR campaigns and other sales communication. Most lead follow-up emails have none of the above. One bad email can do more harm than good.

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5 (+ 1) Questions to Ask Predictive Analytics Vendors: SiriusDecisions Edition


For anyone attending—and even for those not attending but who still have an interest in predictive analytics—I thought it would be useful to revisit these five questions to ask vendors. (I’ve Use the information right away to build better campaigns and have more successful calls.

Deconstructing an Email Marketing Campaign

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What does it take to put together a successful email campaign? Segment your list, create the email, send it out, evaluate results, repeat. The following is like the anatomy of an email marketing process with the pieces each dissected and analyzed. The Email.

Are your emails hitting junk?


Having a high-ROI email campaign is an integral part of any marketing plan and to achieve that, you have got to reach to the right target audience. Knowing that your email is going to the right audience is best for your bottom line—and reputation.

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How to Compare Demand Generation Vendors: Choosing Summary Measures

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I’ve more or less decided to offer a free summary of the demand generation vendor information in the Raab Guide. This might cost me a few sales, but it will enable many more people to benefit from the Guide’s contents and will make the Guide more valuable to the sponsoring vendors. This suggests the summary should contain two components: a self-evaluation where people describe their situation, and a scoring mechanism to compare their needs with vendor strengths and weaknesses.

Email Design Review Gallery « The Effective Marketer

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The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Email Design Review Gallery Are you tired of what your marketing emails look like? And what’s up with blog posts (side bar) in this email?

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A New Democracy for the Modern Marketer

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The modern marketing engineers at Marketo have set out to revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers – primarily through email marketing campaigns. The days of stale marketing campaigns that closely resemble spam are over for those of us that use Marketo.

Oh, the Irony! Do Demand Generation Vendors Have A Sound Marketing Strategy?

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There are literally dozens of vendors offering “demand generation” software, which can be roughly defined as systems to generate and nurture leads before turning them over to sales. Their function lists usually sound pretty much alike: outbound email campaigns to generate leads; Web landing pages to capture responses; lead scoring to determine how to treat them; multi-step email campaigns to nurture them; integration with sales automation systems; and analytics to track the results.

Email Analytics: KPIs to Gauge the Success of Your Campaign


If you use email to generate leads for your company (and if you don’t, you should ), you have to face a basic question: how do I know if my campaign has been successful? Modern-day email analytics will provide the answers you need, as long as you have fully considered your campaign Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). . There are a number of ways to measure the success of an email lead gen campaign. Email Analytics: KPIs for MQLs.

Email Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2019

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Email Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2019. Email continues to reign as the top performing marketing channel in terms of ROI, lead generation, content distribution and other key metrics. Only 39% of online retailers send personalized product recommendations via email.

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Act-On Software Does List-Based Demand Generation

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If you look at the Web site of Act-On Software , you’ll see a typical set of demand generation features: email marketing, demand generation (equated with landing pages and forms), lead nurturing, Website visitor tracking, channel (partner) marketing, and lead scoring. The components can include prebuilt surveys, which can be embedded in an email or linked to a separate Web form. They can also import lists and execute email campaigns.

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Three Myths and Misconceptions About Email Automation


Are you effectively using automation in your email campaigns? An even better question might be – are you even using automation in your email campaigns? Nowadays the demand for email marketing automation is bigger than ever. Can email automation help you?

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Can you do top-of-funnel marketing automation without CRM?


If you’re a small or medium size business selling to consumers, you probably want to both automate and personalize your marketing campaigns. Your emails are more relevant. But they’re years behind in terms of pre-customer, top-of-the-funnel campaigning. Email marketing hub.

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It’s Black Friday Into December for MarTech Tools


Overbearing federal government-required disclosure: If you take advantage of any of these incredible offers, I may receive an extraordinarily modest commission from the vendor. Email Marketing. It’s clear from my analytics that this blog has the smartest readers on the planet.

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Email Bots: What They Are, Why They Matter, and How to Stop Them

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Congratulations: your last email campaign generated a really high click-through rate. Email bots. Acting as a spam filter, email bots prevent malicious emails from infiltrating mail servers by auto-clicking the links in incoming emails.

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Forrester DMP report 2019: Adobe and Salesforce lead the pack


The seven DMP vendors: how they were evaluated and how they ranked. The DMP vendors assessed in the study were: The ADEX, Adobe, Lotame, Neustar, Nielsen, Oracle, and Salesforce.

The Digital Marketing Benchmarks and Trends That Matter [Infographic]


Whether you’re utilizing SEO, social media, blogging, paid advertising, email marketing, or other marketing channels, it’s critical to adapt your strategy to current trends. Email Marketing. Email personalization can potentially double your response rate.

Why That Bargain Contact List You Bought is a Sales Dead End


Vendors vow you’ll have direct access to hundreds of buyers (if not thousands) for cheap. Your Email Campaign is Bound to Get Shut Down. Email marketing providers take the quality of your contact lists seriously. Campaigns with high bounce rates or tarnished domain reputations get red flagged quick. When email deliverability is weakened , your whole sales funnel loses its impact and unverified contact lists get email campaigns off to a bad start.

The Best Sales Email I’ve Received All Year

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Most BDR emails that make it to my inbox (i.e. But, ever so occasionally, an email makes it through that immediately resonates, or at least grabs my attention. The email below (I’ve purposely omitted both the company and the rep’s name) is one such example.

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Email Marketing: How to maintain low opt-out rates

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Tweet I had the pleasure of attending MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit 2013 a couple of weeks ago, and while I was there, Jim Ducharme, Community Director, GetResponse, an email marketing vendor, asked me how to maintain low email-marketing opt-out rates.

Future of Marketing Automation: Grow or Die

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The question answered by the paper is “What will marketing automation vendors do next?” Like everyone else, I’m seeing greater use of social, mobile, and video; more cross-channel campaigns; closer cooperation between marketing and sales; and expanded use of analytics.

5 Tips for Building a High-Performance Marketing Plan


This could be developing a middle-of-funnel nurture email campaign, modernizing your website so that it’s mobile friendly, or defining how you prioritize leads that get passed on to sales.

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Marketing Automation: Lessons from 4 case studies

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Luckily, for B2B marketers there is a wide range of marketing automation options out there from relatively simple solutions that help streamline email marketing to full-blown packages that seem like they do everything but automate the lights and thermostat at the office. When choosing the automation vendor, Keith Lincoln, Vice President of Marketing, SmartBear, said three main criteria were considered: Ease of use.

Website Visitor Tracking Isn’t Just for Salespeople – It’s for Marketers, Too

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Suppose you are planning a new marketing campaign—what words would best resonate with your target audience? You might even review past marketing campaigns to determine what worked and what didn’t. Measure Return on Marketing Campaigns.

Pro Tips: Driving Conversions from Email


Conversions are, after all, the truest indicator of a campaign’s success. Email can’t be compared apples-to-apples with Social or Search, so you should work with your partner upfront to establish campaign criteria. Work with your vendor to calculate true CPA.

Email Marketing vs Marketing Automation Software

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Email is a vital force in your marketing strategy, but not your only line of communication with customers. . That’s why we have seen the lines between email marketing and marketing automation software solutions begin to blur. Email Marketing Software.

MDC DOT Provides Marketing Automation for Direct Salespeople

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This customized content can include entire microsites, landing pages, emails, campaign flows, and social media posts. Users can send emails, which come from the user’s own domain. Corporate users also have tools to build email and social content and to set up contact sequences.

5 Key Differences Between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation


Even better, you have a direct way to talk to them, via their inboxes, and they’ve opted in to your email list, so they do expect to hear from you. There are hundreds of different marketing software tools out there, most offering some variety of automation, email, and analytical functionality.

Can CRM Add-Ons Replace Marketing Automation?

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But there are also a few vendors who have bet in favor of merged systems, so it wouldn’t be fair to ignore their view entirely. Vendors have made the bet by building marketing automation add-ons to a CRM system instead of building a stand-alone marketing automation product.* I wrote in February about ClickDimensions , which adds advanced email campaigns and Web tracking to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Different vendors may take different paths and move at different rates.

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Predictive Analytics: Should Automated Content Selection Work by Segment or Individual?

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Two vendors made the same point with me this week, which is reason enough for a blog post in mid-July. The distinction these vendors were making is between selecting content separately for each individual and selecting the same content for all members of a segment.

My Simple Secret for Maintaining a Healthy Database


Traditional database maintenance usually involves some combination of list vendors, professional database cleansing services, email scraping, and good old-fashioned personal outreach. The Secret Is in Your Reply Emails. Mining Emails Continuously Cleanses Your Database.

Aprimo Brand Re-emerges as Marketing Operations Specialist and Merges with Revenew Distributed Marketing System

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When we last left Teradata Marketing Applications , it had just been sold to Marlin Equity Partners , whose major previous investment in marketing technology was SaaS email provider BlueHornet. At the time, I expected Marlin would merge the Teradata applications (mostly the old Aprimo product line, plus eCircle email and some other bits) with BlueHornet and was puzzled by why Marlin thought this would result in a good business.

When It Comes To Martech Marketers Can Have the Best of Both Worlds

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But when it comes to uncertainty and having to choose between best-of-breed technology providers and multi-solution suites, while this may be true for some marketing suite vendors and with all due respect to eMarketer, it is certainly not the case with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

NitroMojo and Marketing Advocate Specialize in Marketing Automation for Channel Partners

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These products address several interrelated challenges: distributing leads to partners without losing track of performance; distributing partner-customized versions of company-created content; and helping partners run their own marketing campaigns. Here are two more vendors with related offerings: NitroMojo focuses primarily on lead distribution and tracking. The system then sends them personalized emails offering contents related to their behaviors.