How to Create Email Campaigns That Generate Word of Mouth


You don’t need existing email lists to launch blockbuster email campaigns that generate word of mouth. Whether you have a list or not, you’ll discover exactly how to use email to drive word of mouth marketing success for your brand leveraging email. Let’s be clear.

6 Tips to Remember When Crafting an Automated Email Campaign

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With email automation software, never miss an opportunity. Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of. The next time you use your email marketing automation. software, there are a few tips to keep in mind to maximize your online reach and the overall success of your campaign. . Sending boring, robotic, or cliche emails is one of the quickest ways to lose the interest of your readers, and it may. Personalize Your Emails.

Cold-Emailing 101: When Should You Launch a Cold Email Campaign?

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B2B cold emailing campaigns can be wonderful assets to your marketing strategy, and if done successfully, they can create solid partnerships and revenue for your organization. There are a ton of things you can do to make the emails successful, such as follow these tips we wrote about a few months ago. However, knowing when and how to launch a cold email campaign is vital to success. Email Marketing Inbound Marketing

Lead Nurture Drip Email Campaigns 101: Getting Started

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Lead nurture drip email campaigns are useful for leads that are not immediately ready to engage with business development. The timing of drip email campaigns are different for every firm.

Consistency: The (Not So) Secret to Crushing Your Email Campaigns in 2019


Here’s a resolution to keep if you didn’t make any for yourself this year: Revisit the messaging in your sales campaigns. If your campaigns generated solid results three months ago, they might not even trigger a response today. Do you trust the person or people who told it to you?

Agencies: How to Build an Email Campaign – When Your Client Has No List

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One of the biggest challenges agencies face in deploying email campaigns for clients is dealing with companies that have no contact lists. Since it’s impossible to run the campaigns without lists, having ones that are clean and accurate is essential.

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What is business video content marketing and how to get started


If you look at your marketing and sales process you do a mixture of activities like run-advertising and marketing campaigns to build awareness, send out email marketing, create sales brochures, white papers, case studies, and constantly crank out blog posts and new website content.

ABCs of A/B Testing: 9 Ways to Optimize Your Email Campaigns

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Testing is essential for optimizing your email campaigns; you want to find the combination of design and content that does the best job of enticing your audience and spurring them to action. Automated email testing lets you take some of the risk out of trying new things.

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Marketo Adds Custom Objects. It's a Big Deal. Trust Me.

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Sloan said that even before this happens, data in the custom objects will be fully available to Marketo rules for list building and campaign flows. Again, this is pretty standard retargeting and look-alike targeting, with the advantage of tailoring messages to people in different stages in Marketo campaigns. They were probably more excited that they can now manage their email campaigns from their mobile devices.)

Creating a Transactional Email Campaign? Check Out These 15 Excellent Examples


When most people think about email marketing, they picture one-off emails sent to targeted portions of their database. What is a transactional email ? Not only have we collected these emails, but we've also dissected them to figure out what makes them truly great.

How Content Marketing Became Brand’s Trusted, Unified Source

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JLL’s content model traditionally revolved around email campaigns, research, and public relations. The post How Content Marketing Became Brand’s Trusted, Unified Source appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

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Qualify Your Leads with Social Media

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While many of us have caught on to email nurturing campaigns, social nurturing campaigns are relatively new to marketers. Don’t risk being ignored as just another pesky sales rep – stand out with a personal referral or build a reputation as a trusted advisor on social media.

Litmus Picks: Our Favorite Webinars of 2018


Litmus hosted eight webinars during 2018, covering a wide range of email marketing topics from email workflows and how to start the year off right to the ESP industry and welcome emails. The webinars we did in 2018 include: Key Insights from a Year of State of Email Research.


Email Isn’t Dead; You’re Just Doing It Wrong

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Email is dead—or at least that’s what the headlines claim. Sure, getting to “inbox zero” might be everyone’s focus today, but brands shouldn’t count out the power of a well-executed email campaign just yet. Why Email Still Works. Sending Emails People Actually Care About.

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How Machine Learning Personalization Drives Meaningful Connections with Millennial Audiences

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Connecting with this massive, social-savvy demographic requires a revolutionary approach to email strategy. “One-size-fits-all” emails are no longer enough, nor is traditional list segmentation. To understand the inevitable future, we need to look closer at why so many millennial-targeted campaigns fall flat. Only one percent said that advertisements strengthen their trust in a brand. Email Marketing Modern Marketing Resources

Understanding Structured Data in Email Marketing


The typical email marketing campaign includes a lot of information. With so much data floating around a campaign, why would email marketers send even more? But what is structured data and how is it different from the content in a normal email campaign?

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The Two "Must Haves" For Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaigns

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Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B marketers who are able to help their email subscribers rather than annoy them will be much more successful in generating leads and sales. Email is one of the most cost-effective B2B marketing tactics.

eharmony Uses AI to Help Their Users Find Love

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Email is a main channel of communication for eharmony customers. eharmony has built out an advanced email-marketing program to engage them with relevant content at all points in the customer lifecycle. This resulted in an 11% increase in email engagement and an 18% increase in revenue.

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Seven Powerful B2B Lead Generation Processes and Tools


Here’s why and how, as a marketer, you may want to integrate new lead generation tools and processes into your B2B lead generation strategy and campaigns. It can automate different sales processes like task assignments, email sequencing, and follow-up appointments.

Email Marketing: How to maintain low opt-out rates

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Tweet I had the pleasure of attending MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit 2013 a couple of weeks ago, and while I was there, Jim Ducharme, Community Director, GetResponse, an email marketing vendor, asked me how to maintain low email-marketing opt-out rates.

Product Marketing versus Company Marketing for SaaS Businesses

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Without the establishment of trust and reputation, selling a product — especially in a competitive marketplace — is difficult. Focus on establishing trust and a good reputation within your industry. Developing email campaigns. Social media campaigns.

Lead Nurturing: What it is, and what it is not

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The problem was that her boss felt their current integrated marketing campaigns qualified as lead nurturing. Sending all early stage leads the same series of emails, regardless of their behaviors. It’s all about building trusted relationships with people.

5 Email Copywriting Tips for Creating Engaging Content


Everyone does email marketing nowadays, but does it still have the capability to engage subscribers with so many newsletters arriving in everyone’s inboxes? Most people, 58% to be exact, check their emails before watching the news, using a search engine, or opening their social media accounts.

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Understand Customers and Their Lifecycle with Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation can power your email campaigns, but the more you understand you customers and their customer lifecycle, the harder marketing automation can work for you. This can actually provide a fresh perspective on a well-established campaign tool: email.

How to Incorporate Personalization in the Email Marketing Campaigns


Emails are invisible tools in the marketing arsenal of B2B companies. According to research by Statista in 2019, the total number of global email users was 3.7 Marketing emails are often sent across a purchased list of customers or to the existing databases of customers. Prelude.

72 Definitive Reasons Why Your Emails are Going to SPAM (Reason 27 Will Blow Your Mind)


If you are reading this it is highly likely that a portion of your email traffic is landing in SPAM. Or “ Is it the new Email Marketing Provider which we moved to recently? ”. The tragedy is: You don’t have to be a spammer for your emails to land in SPAM.

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Tips on Proper Brand Building with Email Marketing in 2019

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One of the best channels to build brand awareness is through email marketing. Having a concrete email marketing strategy in place for your business will help you to successfully get the word out! Should you use email marketing in 2019? Your email templates.

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5 Ways to Target B2B Customers Through Email Marketing

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Here’s some news that might come as surprising: a recent study in the UK of IT professionals working in B2B said they preferred that companies market to them using email by a gross majority: 57 percent. Email surely fits into this basket of digital approaches, but studies like this one show that there’s still hope. However, some brands are sending as many as 25 emails a month – almost one per day! Mass Data Personalization Campaigns. Drip Campaigns.

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What is BIMI and why should email marketers care?


Email marketers are on a constant search for a silver bullet—the one trick that gives them better visibility in front of subscribers and gets their message opened. Not only will this help your visibility, but BIMI is designed to prevent fraudulent emails and aide deliverability, too.

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So It’s Your First Day as the CMO…


Meet with stakeholders to build a foundation of trust. Taking initiative here will demonstrate real interest, establish real relationships with peers, and build the trust that forges a real team. No, your outbound email campaign doesn’t count!).

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The Definitive List of Black Friday SaaS Deals


SendX is an intuitive, Feature-Rich, Affordable email marketing software that help's businesses run email marketing campaigns at scale. With its Opti-Send technology, SendX can drive up to 2X more open rates for your email marketing campaigns. Cyber Monday is over.

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The Definitive List of Cyber Monday SaaS Deals


SendX is an Email marketing platform that help's businesses run email marketing campaigns at scale. With its Opti-Send technology, SendX can drive up to 2X more open rates for your email marketing campaigns.

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Why Perfect Branding Isn’t Enough to Connect with Buyers

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Its role is to position your company as a trusted resource and problem-solver for your potential buyers—so they’ll think of you when purchasing time rolls around. Calculating ROI The design of a website, logo, or email campaign can shape a positive image of a company.

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Why That Bargain Contact List You Bought is a Sales Dead End


Your Email Campaign is Bound to Get Shut Down. Email marketing providers take the quality of your contact lists seriously. Campaigns with high bounce rates or tarnished domain reputations get red flagged quick. When email deliverability is weakened , your whole sales funnel loses its impact and unverified contact lists get email campaigns off to a bad start. All that remains are people sick and tired of endless emails.

What the Fiduciary Rule Means For Your Marketing

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Whether you’re new to marketing or have been implementing strategies for years, the changing industry demands a new way to connect with prospects and instill trust. Establishing a consistent frequency for interacting on social media and sending email campaigns.

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