The GDPR Era Of Permission Based Email Marketing


The days of yore came with a simple advice for marketers; the more people you add to your list, the more chances of them clicking on your emails and the easier marketing becomes. But the most important asset to any marketer has always been the email address.

6 Ways To Maximize Your Webinars With Automation Technology

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B2B organizations are feeling the wrath of a buyer-driven marketplace, and are increasingly challenged to “get permission” to interact with their target audiences. Build drip email campaigns to help move webinar leads from one stage to the next, and progress to conversion.

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The ABC’s of Email Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

So, here they are, the ABC’s of Email Marketing. There are no set rules when it comes to running a successful email campaign. In this vein, B2B email marketing campaigns can learn from B2C campaign best practices just as well as B2C campaigns can learn from B2B.

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Opt-In: Will It Be Single Or Double?


Permission based email marketing; a concept that used to be alien to many businesses but is of vital importance now post GDPR. Gaining your prospect’s permission involves them voluntarily opting-in to hear from you. Blogs Email Marketing

The Latest Trends in B2B Email Marketing

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At the same time that email marketing is becoming more complex, all of the issues surrounding it are becoming more interconnected. Let’s follow this Interconnected chain of current trends in B2B email marketing: Compliance Automation. Email usage habits vary wildly.

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How Exclusive B2B Content Can Increase Your Leads and Email List

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You are regularly creating content to get traffic and conversions, but is it really turning into the lead and email list numbers that you or your executives are expecting? Require an email address or contact information for big pieces of content, like ebooks and white papers.

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Email Deliverability Testing – Why, When and How to Test


Every marketer will tell you that testing is one of the most important aspects of a successful email program. The problem is that there is never enough time to run every test, and more often than not, most marketers don’t make the time to measure the success of the email.

How to Incorporate Personalization in the Email Marketing Campaigns


Emails are invisible tools in the marketing arsenal of B2B companies. According to research by Statista in 2019, the total number of global email users was 3.7 Marketing emails are often sent across a purchased list of customers or to the existing databases of customers. Prelude.

The 100 Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

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For example, contrary to popular belief, email is still an effective way to reach audiences. This year, active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6 Unlike social media, email allows marketers to directly reach audiences and tailor messaging depending on segment information.

5 Ways to Target B2B Customers Through Email Marketing

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Here’s some news that might come as surprising: a recent study in the UK of IT professionals working in B2B said they preferred that companies market to them using email by a gross majority: 57 percent. Email surely fits into this basket of digital approaches, but studies like this one show that there’s still hope. However, some brands are sending as many as 25 emails a month – almost one per day! Mass Data Personalization Campaigns. Drip Campaigns.

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72 Definitive Reasons Why Your Emails are Going to SPAM (Reason 27 Will Blow Your Mind)


If you are reading this it is highly likely that a portion of your email traffic is landing in SPAM. Or “ Is it the new Email Marketing Provider which we moved to recently? ”. The tragedy is: You don’t have to be a spammer for your emails to land in SPAM.

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Inbound Marketing: Know Your Customer Better, Even With Frictionless Forms


With their permission, your sales team can continue to engage them, building the relationship, nurturing them through your sales funnel, and ultimately converting them from lead to customer. Often, marketers are only asking for a name and email, and sometimes only an email address.

The When, Where & How of Using GIFs in Content Marketing


Emails. Email Campaigns. GIFs look great in newsletters and promotional emails (and most email clients are compatible with GIFS). Experian recently reported that 72% of email marketers that have used GIFs in emails boast higher click-through-rates and transactions compared to GIF-less emails sent to the same customers. The only way to not get into legal trouble when using a GIF that features a famous face is to get their permission to do so.

9 Types of Interactive Content for Innovative Lead Gen


To give you some inspiration for how to use interactive content in your lead generation campaigns, we’ve rounded up a bunch of examples of interactive content that’s specifically designed to get leads. It’s called Email Tycoon and was created by the U.K. email agency Alchemy Worx.

Is Email Marketing Making a Comeback?

Crimson Marketing

Email marketing was once the staple of online marketing solutions, and it’s easy to see why. A study from ExactTarget found that when it comes to receiving permission-based marketing communications, 77% of consumers prefer email. What are the benefits of email marketing?

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Optify Lets Agencies Provide Small Business with Marketing Automation, Distributed Marketing, and Sales Enablement

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Its distributed marketing capabilities stem from its agency roots, since the fine-grained, hierarchical permissions needed to let one agency manage installations for multiple clients are similar to the permissions needed to distribute permissions between central marketers and local affiliates.

Trends in Pipeline Marketing and Why They Matter

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Tools include CRM tools, your website, marketing automation and on top of that other campaign and deployment measurement tools, such as Demandbase, Uberflip or Bizable. Let’s compare how we used to do B2B direct mail versus an email campaign.

My Simple Secret for Maintaining a Healthy Database

Modern B2B Marketing

Traditional database maintenance usually involves some combination of list vendors, professional database cleansing services, email scraping, and good old-fashioned personal outreach. The Secret Is in Your Reply Emails. Every time you send an email campaign , replies are inevitable.

51 Essential Email Marketing Tips to Help Marketing Automation


Use the following 51 tips to get better results from your marketing emails – and make an impact with your subscribers and customers. 51 Tips for better email marketing using marketing automation tools. Keep Email Content Useful. Include a CTA (call to action) in every email.

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V12 Launchpad Combines Prospect Database with Outbound Campaigns

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V12 Group got its start in 2002 by appending demographic, behavioral, and other data to email lists. For email campaigns, the system also lets users create emails based on templates, from uploaded HTML, or from scratch using a graphical page builder.

My Simple Secret for Maintaining a Healthy Database


Traditional database maintenance usually involves some combination of list vendors, professional database cleansing services, email scraping, and good old fashioned personal outreach. And Mark is giving you permission to contact them in his absence – take advantage of it!

Email Marketing Errors That You Should Avoid

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If you are going to send an email, make sure you are not making these mistakes. You are likely convinced of the advantages of email marketing. You may even have launched several email campaigns, but the results have not been what you expected.

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Questions from the 5 Futuristic Email Tactics Webinar

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Recently, Linda West, Manager of Demand Generation here at Act-On Software, joined forces with Matt Byrd, Email Marketing Manager at Litmus , to present their futuristic tactics for improving the results of email campaigns. Limit email width to 600px wide.

Report: Targeting & Predictive Analytics Driving Changes in B2B Email

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The folks at Demand Generation Report just released a compelling new paper on the impact that new technologies are having on the use, and effectiveness, of email marketing. I was interviewed for the report, and my contributions are below (reproduced with permission.). (BA)

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4 Factors That Drive Email Open Rates

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Before any email can be successful, it has to be opened. Everyday, tens-of-billions of emails die on the vine: ignored or trashed without ever being seen. With this evolution, there are a few factors you can control to actually get your emails opened and deliver value to users.

Our Favorite Email Marketing Case Studies From 2018


Every year, we see a lot of emails here at Delivra—and in that mountain of emails, we have so many we love. That’s why it’s been so difficult for us to narrow down our favorite email marketing case studies of 2018. What makes an excellent email marketing series?

Build Bigger, Healthier Email Lists with Double Opt-ins and Preference Centers

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Email marketers love big mailing lists. Growing your lists is an important part of a healthy email marketing strategy. Or maybe you’ve finally decided it’s time to start email marketing – but you don’t have any email addresses in your database. Emails?

The Definitive Guide to Email Deliverability


But your email marketing effort is not yielding any results. Your CEO is demanding email marketing ROI and you have absolutely nothing to show for it. It makes you question whether email marketing is dead already? What is Email Deliverability? Some viewed the email as.

How to Leverage New Technology in B2B Marketing

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In addition, the data offers valuable target market feedback that can be used to inform campaigns, such as who your audience follows on social media and what topics they talk about most. For example, here’s one on email segmentation that was shared by podcast host Brandon Gaille on his blog.

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The Unwritten Rules of Email Marketing


If you’ve been keeping track of your marketing channel return rates, you might notice that your biggest ROI comes from – surprise – email marketing. Based on statistics, email is the main driver of leads and revenue for B2B marketers at 73 percent and 63 percent , respectively. Furthermore, email as a platform is said to be 40 times more effective for customer acquisition than social channels. The Issues with Email Marketing. Email Mistakes to Avoid.

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Email Marketing Metrics You Should be Tracking

Anything Goes Marketing

I was inspired to write this post by a group of brave Canadian ski jumpers that are have been denied permission to compete in the upcoming games. We’ll come back to this story – let’s focus back on email marketing. How Email Contributes Further Down the Sales/Marketing Funnel.

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The Seven Needs of the Content-Centric Marketing Organization, Part Four: Collect

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Freelancers need access to high-quality stock images that align with your brand imagery, demand gen needs to find the perfect articles to include in their latest email campaign, and sales needs that 2017 case study for prospect outreach.

Why Do Email Marketing for Your Large Company?


When you search for information about email marketing on the web, you may find several resources on growing small businesses with email. It’s true that email provides a cost-effective marketing strategy with a high ROI for businesses with limited budgets—but what about large companies?

Optimizing Email Marketing in 2019: 11 Research-Baked Essentials


Email Marketing is the use of emails to promote products or services & is an indispensable ingredient of any B2B marketing strategy. According to a research published by DMA in the year 2018, for every $1 spent on email marketing the average return is $32. Email Marketing

How To Use MailChimp In A Nutshell: The MailChimp Tutorial For Beginners

Marketers have sounded email’s death knell over and over, but email marketing is still far from dead. In fact, 59% of B2B marketers say email marketing is their most effective channel in terms of revenue growth. Import Email Lists (Optional). MailChimp Campaigns.

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