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How to Analyze Your Email Campaign Performance and Optimize It

Single Grain

This gives you an insight into how subscribers are resonating with the campaign and helps you optimize it based on numbers , not hunches. So how do measure your email marketing performance? The answer lies in the email marketing metrics. In the second section, we'll cover how to optimize your campaigns based on these figures.

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LinkedIn and Email Campaign: The Growth Hacking Duo For Supercharging Growth


LinkedIn and email marketing landing pages are two of the most popular platforms for organic lead generation. However, not a lot of people use them in tandem to create multidimensional campaigns that resonate better with their prospects. The great thing about these two platforms is that they complement each other. Why Use LinkedIn?

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Winning B2B Email Campaign Keeps it Simple

The Point

In B2B email marketing , does short copy always win over long? You won’t see or find many shorter B2B emails than the one below from BounceX , a New York-based developer of “behavioral automation tools for digital marketers.” To me, this is a campaign that works. Not necessarily. And that’s a good thing. The How (CTA).

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How to Create Cost-Effective Email Campaigns That Won’t Land In Spam


Sadly, on average, over 30% of newsletters—even those your potential customers have opted into—will never reach their inboxes. Good email practices include a straightforward opt-out process, and avoiding spam-triggering words like “DEAL” “EXCLUSIVE OFFER” and “THE BEST RATE” in your subject lines. Progressive Profiling.

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The 5 Most Important KPIs For Your Email Campaign

Opt Intelligence

There are a lot of numbers thrown around regarding email marketing metrics and email campaign KPIs. Here are the five most important email marketing campaign KPIs, and what they are telling you about your email list. Just like it sounds, this is the number of people who opened your email. We can help!

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Email marketing assumptions: I need to use double opt-in for all signups


One of the things we’ve been talking about lately at Litmus is revisiting our own assumptions about email marketing. We’ve been in the game for longer than we’d collectively like to admit and, over the years, we’ve built up a world view of email marketing based on our experiences in the industry. Single vs. double opt-in.

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What is Double Opt-In in Email Marketing?


You may have found your answer in double opt-in, which is a process that ensures the best experience for your subscribers. Rather than single opt-in, double opt-in offers an extra step in the verification process. Double Opt-in vs. Single Opt-in. In one step, users can subscribe to emails that use single opt-in.

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