JIGGY drives 69% of revenue with marketing automation


30-second summary: Jiggy Puzzles founder and CEO Kaylin Marcotte started the direct-to-consumer company in November 2019 with the goal of reinventing the classic jigsaw puzzle for a modern audience while supporting creative talent. Kaylin was disillusioned with the same old cheesy jigsaw designs and dull product presentation, so she decided to offer unique, striking examples of modern art by emerging female artists instead.

NitroMojo and Marketing Advocate Specialize in Marketing Automation for Channel Partners

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These products address several interrelated challenges: distributing leads to partners without losing track of performance; distributing partner-customized versions of company-created content; and helping partners run their own marketing campaigns. Its particular strength comes from sending follow-up email surveys directly to leads to find out what happened: were they contacted by the channel partner?

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Active Conversion Offers Strong Lead Management and Leaves Out the Rest

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The classic demand generation cycle starts with an outbound email campaign, captures replies on a landing page, scores the responses, and then sends qualified leads to a sales automation system and keeps the others for more nurturing. Leads can enter from channels other than email. But it only recently added even simple landing pages and Web forms, and still has limited lead scoring, email and nurturing features.

What Data.com’s Fate Reveals about the Importance of Data Enrichment


Once upon a time, there was a handy tool called Jigsaw. When you’re forced to use inaccurate data in your email campaigns, you risk high bounce rates and low open rates, and you can forget about boosting your conversions. . This will help you to identify and automate the collection of emails. Your sales and marketing teams can then use this information to grow their campaign reach. . It helped salespeople collect data on potential customers.

Inbox Engagement Redefined


Email Deliverability is certainly one of the top most challenging issues that marketers face these days. The reason being is that it’s quite technical in nature and there’s more to it than just solving a jigsaw puzzle. What can you tell to your own email marketing team?

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LoopFuse Offers No-Frills Demand Generation

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The process to set up multi-step campaigns (which the vendor calls “lead flows”) is now quite straightforward. For example, the retrial node might check every hour to see whether someone has responded to a previous email. The only direct action available in an activity node is to send an email; all other options involve updates to the CRM system such as adding a lead, changing data, or assigning an activity.

Top 32 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics of Social Media Forecast

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Monday Marketing Term: Content Mapping - Marketing Genius Blog , April 26, 2010 Content mapping is the process of understanding and organizing the flow of content for your website, nurturing campaigns or blog, so it can be presented to your audience ( personas ) based on their needs and stage in the buying cycle. How will the Salesforce/Jigsaw acquisition change the B2B industry? Best of B2B Marketing. April 2010. Great stuff this month in the world of B2B Marketing.

Getting More Out of Each Click with "Post-Click Marketing"


VisitorTrack service provides robust geo-targeting (so you know exactly where visitors are coming from) and email notification, but it's biggest strength is detailed and customizable reporting capability. Contact names are available free through LinkedIn or on a pay-or-play basis from Jigsaw.