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Nurture segmentation from Eloqua had me receiving a content drumbeat and webinar invitation stream about 2x per week. • Facebook • Twitter • Delicious • LinkedIn • StumbleUpon • Add to favorites • Email • RSS • Google Plus.

Eloqua’s Grande Guide to the Social CMO

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What Your Business Needs To Know About Google+

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Unless you’ve avoided the Internet over the past two weeks, you’ve probably heard about Google’s big play into the social web. It’s called Google+ , and it’s been labeled the search giant’s Facebook contender. That issue is solved with the launch of Google+.

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Why Google Social Search Means You’ll Probably Want a Google+ Page

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Gargantuan search king, Google, announced changes yesterday intended to provide people with highly personalized search results and drive folks to the company’s nascent social network Google+. You can get a full synopsis at Google’s blog.

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5 Marketing Problems Google+ Says It Can Solve

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Enter Christian Oestlien , who is heading up the Google+ project. We’ve written in detail about Google’s launch of brand pages this week. He outlined five specific challenges Google+ will help solve. This is the reason Google created Circles, Oestlien said.

[Chart] Google+ Posts Drop Even as Accounts Rise

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Google+ is growing fast, and most marketers should be considering what, if any, plans they should make for conducting programs through this new social network when they eventually launch their inevitable business offering.

Eloqua Book Review: Likeable Social Media

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As always, every Eloqua book review ends with a twitter list of all the characters and companies that made this book possible. Google Bookmarks. Social Media advertising B2B B2C book review business Dave Kerpen Eloqua Facebook Likeable Media likeablebook LinkedIn marketing Twitterby Andrew Moravick | Tweet this In a recent TechCrunch article , Gary Vaynerchuk mused that, “99.5 percent of social media experts are clowns.” Though enjoyably up-beat, Dave Kerpen is no clown.

A Secret No More: Eloqua on Salesforce’s Acquisition of Radian6

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Today, Eloqua maintains the buyer profiles for the marketing departments of some of the world’s largest, fastest-growing and best-known enterprises. We’ve been marching steadily toward this objective in a number of ways, including our Cloud Connectors strategy , which allows Eloqua to “connect” with a variety of third-party applications, including Radian6, to unify our clients’ marketing activities on a central platform. Google Bookmarks. by Joe Payne | Tweet this.

10 Years in the Making: Eloqua’s Grande Guide to Wikipedia

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Enter: The Eloqua Grande Guide to Wikipedia. Eloqua Grande Guide to Wikipedia. View more documents from Eloqua. Google Bookmarks. Content Marketing Eloqua Grande Guide JESS3 Revenue Performance Management Wikipedia wikipedianby Joe Chernov | Tweet this.

20 Experts, 1 Awesome Resource: The Social Media ProBook

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Together we were having a little fun teasing a project cooked up by Eloqua and JESS3 , and made possible by several of the best and brightest in social business. But I urge you to read on to discover a bit more about the book itself, which is current right through Google+.

Collaborate for the Internet of Customers with 7 Ideas for 2014

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The Oracle Eloqua team is no stranger to this mega-conference. We enjoyed reconnecting with customers, partners and other marketers – less than a month after Eloqua Experience — via the Compendium booth, Modern Marketing Mixer , and downtown San Francisco.

Facebook and Google Going Big on Online Display Ads

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But Google broke through for the first time this year, delivering nearly 40.5 The reason for this sudden rise, comScore explains, is the battery of products Google is marketing, which include Google Chrome, Google Offers and Google+.

Why You’re Going to Buy More Google AdWords [Chart]

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So – search engine optimizers were dealt a blow because you could no longer see what keywords were working for this segment of people visiting your site, apparently originally estimated by a Google engineer to be under 10% of Google Searches.

Why Eloqua is Working with Habitat for Humanity

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Companies like Microsoft, and have long been active in “community service&# or charity work, but now companies like Eloqua are building our Community Service Committee to enable employees, partners and those associated with the company to give back as well. Eloqua’s plans : Eloqua is launching our first Community Service program at Eloqua Experience this year in San Francisco with a Habitat for Humanity build-day. Google Bookmarks.

Google-Backed Startup “Smarterer” Wants To Reinvent The Resume

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Wading into these muddy waters is Smarterer , a Google-backed startup that officially launches today. Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this When it comes to skills, there are the skills we know, the skills we don’t know, and the skills we list on our resume.

Content Marketing in a Blink: The Content Grid v2 [Infographic]

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by Joe Chernov | Tweet this Last June, Eloqua published the first infographic on the then-nascent content marketing industry. That’s where The Content Grid v2 – the latest Eloqua + JESS3 infographic – enters the picture. Google Bookmarks.

Is Your Organization Prepared For Mobile Marketing? [CHART]

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In a recent study published by Google and Nielsen Research 416 respondents were invited to log any type of search via Nielsen Life360 survey app on their mobile or tablet, for up to 14 days where 6,303 searches were logged in 2 weeks.

13 Events You Should Attend In 2013

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GAUGE (Google Analytics Users Great Event). Given the extensive Google Analytics user base, this unique user event offers the opportunity to engage with a variety of attendees across a broad spectrum of verticals and operations. Eloqua Experience.

Why Marketing Automation Vendors are Talking “Inbound Marketing” and “Content Marketing” [Chartapalooza]

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At Eloqua, we’re proud our content marketing program has earned more awards than anyone else in our category. This Google Insights chart illustrates the relative worldwide search volume for Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing vs. Marketing Automation.

The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools


Google Review Count: 93,900. Google Review Count: 85,400. Google Review Count: 62,200. Google Review Count: 44,200. Google Review Count: 42,900. Google Review Count: 35,800. 7) Oracle Eloqua. Google Review Count: 34,500.

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The Pond Just Got More Crowded: Google, and Sequoia Invest in HubSpot

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Summary: HubSpot announced a $32 million investment yesterday by Sequoia Partners, Google and and Google announced their long-anticipated entry into the marketing automation industry, in the baby-step form of investments in HubSpot.

Are Machines the Future of Marketing?

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Marketing automation platforms like Marketo and Eloqua allow marketers to create complex business rules that are automatically executed, similar to the early bid management platforms.

Why Your Competitor’s High Google Ranking May be a Good Thing

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Your competitor rises in Google’s search results, you take the hit. Over 45 days, the authors teamed up with a pet product company running a sponsored search campaign on Google, capturing daily data on clicks, orders and costs for the keywords used. Why Your Competitor’s High Google Ranking May be a Good Thing is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this It’s a simple equation.

[Chart] Can Google’s +1 Catch Up With The Facebook “Like”

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by Egan Cheung | Tweet this With much fanfare, Google launched it’s equivalent of the Facebook “Like&# to websites, blog posts and more recently. (We Google is already seeing healthy growth with 2.6% Want the Eloqua chart of the week delivered straight to your inbox?

11 Tweet-Friendly Takeaways from Eloqua’s Grande Guides

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That’s right – eleven tweetable lines lifted from Eloqua’s Grande Guides ready for your consumption. Google Bookmarks. Social Media Eloqua Grande Guide Twitterby Andrew Moravick | Tweet this. We said “ lists are dead ,” but the convenience of sharing information in “Five Fast Facts,” or “Eight Exciting Excerpts,” is rather hard to quit.

A Day in the Life of a Real Social Selling Pro

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That’s what Eloqua’s CEO, Joe Payne , and LinkedIn’s Vice President of Marketing, Nick Besbeas , discussed during a join session at Dreamforce ’12 yesterday. Using tools like Google Alerts, Jill tracks changes happening inside key targets. Adam replies, so Jill goes into Eloqua Engage.

We Should Be Asking: “Why Didn’t Marketo Raise More?”

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You also compete against Salesforce and Google, each of whom recently made strategic investments in the company. To beat HubSpot + Salesforce + Google + a whole host of others, they are going to need every cent … and maybe more. is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. by Joe Payne | Tweet this Canned responses exist for a reason. While the language may be rote, the spirit is typically sincere.

Does Social Media Deliver More Traffic Than Email?

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Perform a Google search on the subject and it might lead you to think the two are viscous enemies locked in mortal combat. is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

Is “social media campaign” an oxymoron?

Chris Koch

Indeed, HDS initially started publicizing its contest across Twitter, LinkedIn , Google AdWords , and with media partners as well as Facebook, but soon shifted most of the budget to Facebook because response was so much better there. Marketing automation vendor Eloqua released a SlideShare entitled 10 ways to “solve” Facebook for B2B. The presentation mostly hypes Eloqua’s Facebook campaign, but a couple of things stood out for me.

Does Rapid Technology Adoption Breed Long Term Success? [CHART]

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One of the more compelling aspects of a Software as a Service (Saas) application like Eloqua is that when we do a release, everyone is instantly updated to the latest version with all its improvements (take that, Apple!).

Back to Basics: 6 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips

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So you’ve set up your Facebook page, Google+ page, and your Twitter profile…now what? Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, lists are a great way to filter content. We at Eloqua get the most engagement on our Facebook page whenever we post a picture or a photo album.

Demandbase vs ReachForce SmartForms – Eloqua Topliners Discussion


The Eloqua Topliners forum is one of the best resources on line for anything related to marketing automation best practice. Eloqua has done an amazing job of connecting demand generation and marketing automation folks in a vibrant, helpful space where marketers routinely dig in on tough challenges, ask for — and receive — help from their peers, and trade insights to inform their purchase decisions.


David Meerman Scott: How to Break Into the News Cycle

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” David shares how to make this happen below and will offer even more advice on marketing in real time as the keynote speaker at Eloqua Experience Europe. And when I went to Google News as this was breaking, everybody was showing essentially the same thing. David Meerman Scott: How to Break Into the News Cycle is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

A History of Dreamforce [Infographic] #DF11

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And if you attend, please swing on past the Eloqua booth (#717). Google Bookmarks. Content Marketing #DF11 a history of dreamforce Dreamforce Eloqua history of dreamforce infographic inforaphics JESS3 the history of dreamforce

Have Infographics Jumped the Shark?

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Eloqua has achieved some measure of success with infographics. Before making this decision, I decided to look at data about infographics (like Google says, “Data beats opinion”). is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

Hire A Journalist! (We did, and here’s what we learned)

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Many of the postings were too Eloqua-centric. We also brought in some specialists to teach Jesse (and everyone who creates content) about linking strategies, keywords, linkbaiting, great titles (tip: find out what people are searching for – exactly – on Google, and solve for those terms) and all other forms of search marketing. We did, and here’s what we learned) is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

5 Media Lessons Every Marketer Should Learn

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Yet, when Jeff Jarvis spoke with the Google team in Germany – ground zero for tough online tracking regulations – they reported few complaints about the Gmail priority inbox concept. Sure, Google scanned emails, but it was helping sort through less relevant email. By the way, if you’re here for Dreamforce, join LinkedIn and Eloqua on “When Social Marketing and Social Selling Converge” at the LAM Theater on Thursday.

11 Infographics Marketers Should Keep Near Their Desks

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It’s a truism of modern marketing: If you’re not on the first page of Google, you don’t matter. How Does Google AdWords Work? 11 Infographics Marketers Should Keep Near Their Desks is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

13 Free Marketing Tools: Optimize Efficiency Without Breaking the Bank

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Google Alerts - You may use Alerts personally to keep up with your favorite sports teams or celebrities, but it’s also a great tool for gaining visibility into your competitors’ moves, such as a new product launch. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this.

Going Big on Small: Joe Payne on HubSpot’s $32M Round

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The pattern of conversations will look something like this: First there will be a burst of emotion (observers will shout congratulations from the rooftops and laud HubSpot for attracting Google Ventures and as investors). I should note that Eloqua serves a very different market than HubSpot. The scale difference is significant: HubSpot tracked 70 million page views last year – that’s 6 days of Eloqua traffic. What does this news mean for Eloqua?