A Knowledge Base: The Sales Enablement Tool Your Business Needs


A strong knowledge base tells your customers, your industry, and the search engines that you’re an authority in your field. Keep reading to learn more about what constitutes an effective knowledge base, how it can help your prospects, and your sales team.

5 Ways How Knowledge Base Software Can Prove To Be Useful For Your Organization

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A great way to make information readily available to all of your customer service representatives is to use a knowledge base software such as the one offered by Kayako. However, you might be wondering what a knowledge base software is in the first place. A knowledge base is essentially a hub of information. A knowledge base can also be used by CSRs to get their questions answered quickly without having to get up from their seat.


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Knowledge management in the age of social media


Realizing that user or customer engagement can ensure success, businesses worldwide recognized it as a lucrative opportunity to extend reach and clientele base. Understanding the relevance of knowledge management. The use of information, operational knowledge, and their distribution are able to lead an organization towards success. Efficient handling of these resources within an organization can be ensure by the use of knowledge base.

Browse Button is Missing When Uploading Images


It uses Adobe Flash to quickly and efficiently transfer images. Knowledge Base Using the PlatformThe Browse button is used for selecting and uploading images from your computer. This button should appear when you click to Upload an image. In some cases, the Browse button will not appear. This is usually the case when the web browser has disabled Adobe Flash from running. It is easy to enable Adobe Flash using instructions provided by Adobe.

How to Run a Meeting: Tips and Advice for an Efficient Meeting

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Jimmy says understanding how to run a meeting is an important quality for leaders to have because, “if you can lead an efficient meeting, you can be in charge of anything.”. For example: using abbreviations like “MRR” instead of saying monthly recurring revenue is possible because you have a shared knowledge base. Prioritize discussion items from high-to-low based on your timeline in case time becomes short.

5 smart ways to use social media for knowledge sharing


T he last decade in the business world has brought out knowledge management as one of the burning concepts among both small and large sized enterprises. In the era of millennials and skyrocketing development of mind-blowing technological solutions, all serious businesses and organizations have realized that the employees’ knowledge, reflected in their expertise, has become their crucial asset. Every efficient system requires at least a minimal level of organization.

HubSpot Service Hub: Close the Sales, Marketing, and Service Gap

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The HubSpot service hub offers a suite of tools, including chat, tickets, knowledge base articles, surveys, and reporting. If you have the same issue or question arise repeatedly, HubSpot service hub allows you to resolve it via a knowledge base article.

Why Service Hub is a Favorite Among HubSpot Agencies and Clients Alike

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The idea is, that instead of the different departments operating in their own separate ‘bubbles’, they are linked by a single platform that makes accessing relevant information far more efficient. Knowledge base functionality.

How to Use Google Autocomplete to Perfect Your SEO & Content Strategy


With each keystroke, the system generates predictions of what you’re searching for based on millions of data points from past user searches. Suggestions evolve based on location, time, and search trends – meaning predictions will be much different should a related breaking news event occur.

How to Use Remote Work Technologies to Improve Productivity


Numerous studies have shown how a remote working environment increases happiness and employee productivity among office-based workers. Other examples of cloud computing software include: Confluence: a knowledge base that your remote teams can work on from anywhere.

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6 do’s and don’ts that can make or break your internal product launch

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customer service) will also be able to prepare more effectively, empowering them to interact with customers in a more efficient and meaningful way. Create a centralised knowledge base. What marketers need to know about internal product launches. So, you’ve developed a product.

What Institutional Knowledge Matters Most for Marketers?

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Knowledge management is a huge responsibility, but it’s also hugely important. To make informed decisions, marketers need years of company knowledge at their fingertips. With that said, not all knowledge is equally valuable. The Institutional Knowledge Marketers Need.

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Thanks to COVID-19, More Companies Will Consider Remote Work in the Future


The most effective forms of communication will make these factors efficient for adapting to remote work in the long-run. A company knowledge base can help with these managerial duties. People can still tend to their responsibilities and communicate efficiently.

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Do You Need Customer Service Automation? Here’s How It Works


Customer service automation includes various tools, including chatbots, knowledge bases, automated email responses, and artificial intelligence. Pro: Increased Efficiency. Automated systems can help improve the efficiency of your customer support team.

How Video Marketing Strategies Can Elevate Sales Efforts


While basic philosophies still stand the test of time, social media tools and video-based platforms have turned sales into a totally new ballgame. For many modern sales professionals and digital marketers, that efficiency is enhanced by employing a video-based strategy.

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8 key tips for marketing to existing B2B customers

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But what if you already have a decent customer base? This means B2B businesses are at risk of losing more than two-thirds (or 71%) of their customer base. However, many of them stop doing it altogether once they’ve gained a sizable customer base.

Why AI-Generated Content Marketing Can’t Fully Replace Humans

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That said, there are ways AI-generated content marketing can be used by companies to make their content strategies more informed and efficient. So what does this all mean to us regular folks without technical knowledge of AI?

5 Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Support


Omnichannel customer support drives retention and referrals, two of the most efficient ways to keep your sales funnel healthy and increase sales. Let’s start with the most obvious advantage to implementing omnichannel customer support: a better experience for your customer base.

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What is an email template?


They’re normally saved in your email service provider (ESP) or in a code editor like Litmus Builder —and provide a base on which to add copy, images, and links specific to your email campaign. Efficiency.

4 Ways a Knowledge Management System Helps Align Your Strategy


In today’s technology and data-rich environment, knowledge-based systems are a common solution. According to a Global Deloitte survey, over 80% of Deloitte Knowledge users indicate that sharing knowledge leads to competitive advantage and adds real client value. Deloitte­ states that knowledge-based software increases company benefits in several ways—one of which is increasing client satisfaction by delivering value insights. Intimate Company Knowledge.

10 Content Management Tools to Take You From Good to Great


Here’s a list of the top 10 carefully-designed tools that can make your work easier, more efficient and effective: #1 Know what your competitors are doing with BuzzSumo. Staying true to its tagline, “Put knowledge in your pocket,” this unique tool can be a savior in situations where you are out of office and have to deliver an article or a blog urgently. 10 Store, share and search easily with ProProfs Knowledge Base.

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9 Reasons Why WordPress Dominates For Content Success


Seamless Knowledge Base Integration. Another strength of WordPress is its smooth integration with knowledge base software , as shown above. For example, knowledge base software can support the creation and centralization of answers to the most commonly asked customer questions. Want to create your own knowledge base rather than integrating one?

WordPress Hosting: what is and how to choose one


With WP, brands can get a website up and running with just a few clicks and without technical knowledge. WordPress hosting is a hosting service customized for WordPress requirements to make the website efficient, robust, and stable.

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Customer Support: How AI is Changing the Game


AI can now be baked into the entire support workflow to provide more efficient issue resolution. It lets customers describe their issue and then, based on the presence of pre-defined keywords, matches the issue with what it thinks is the right department. AI can also pick up on subtleties that lead to more efficient operations and improve workflow. In addition to checking Knowledge Bases, agents can run ticket tag searches to find solutions.

REAL Sales Wins with Videos — The Hubspot Way


It’s efficient. It’s not just the efficiency of the medium that makes it so powerful, though. One of the biggest impacts you can see right away is by incorporating video into your knowledge base.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Enablement


Sales enablement involves all of the processes and workflows you use to provide your sales team with the resources, knowledge, and expertise they need to do their job and consistently close new business. Sales teams that adjust based on their buyer's needs hit quota more than those who don't.

The Future of B2B Buying: Are We Prepared Enough?

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This is largely due to increased access to industry knowledge, product information and intelligence about competition. Make the Sales Function More Efficient. To sell to these buyers effectively, B2B companies must find innovative ways to improve efficiency in their sales functions.

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6 Tips to Build a Thriving Remote Work Culture

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We have three time-zone specific happy hours so it’s easier to meet up with coworkers based on your availability. SmartBug has a searchable internal knowledge base that includes the location of every employee.

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B2B Appointment Setting In A Nutshell

Only B2B

Your B2B decision-makers will be nurtured based on their wants and aspirations, while your sales professionals will learn more about each potential customer, allowing them to complete a transaction. All new members get access to everything from starter packs to in-depth knowledge bases.

Re-Inventing Organizations: Taking “Mad Men” into the 21st Century


Efficiency was the driving force of these organizations. Co-location is necessary for certain industries and jobs, but most knowledge based workers can work globally and be connected virtually with the technology they already have. Photo credit: Wikipedia. We live in a business environment characterized by network driven ecosystems, 24/7 access to global communications and the ability to access and analyze vast amounts of information.

Make the most out of Scoop.it content distribution to engage your audience


Internal company wiki or knowledge base. In other words, instead of embedding your content hubs to your internal wiki or knowledge base on another domain you own, you can turn your Scoop.it

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: Beat the Jargon…

Inbox Insight

Put simply, artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence generated by machines which allows us to efficiently and effectively delve into all available data. Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is a concept many B2B marketers struggle to get their heads around.

A creative director’s take on marketing strategy and tactics

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I did a campaign years ago for a company that used a knowledge base, which is like a database on 3-D multi-media steroids. A knowledge base can incorporate audio, video, graphics, as well as text and numbers and store it in an unstructured repository. The first two sentences of the very short body copy established the difference between data and knowledge bases, and the inquiries poured in.

Sales Enablement Guide: The What, Why and How


Simply put, the goal of every sales enablement process, technology, training, and team is to improve the performance and efficiency of sales representatives. Given this new reality, any sales strategy that doesn't leverage sales enablement misses valuable opportunities to develop the company’s sales force, systematize its messaging and knowledge base, build customer trust, and accelerate revenue growth

Managing a Remote Customer Service Team with Ticket Management


Benefits of setting up a ticketing system include: Increased organization and efficiency of your support requests. Ability to assign and notify specific team members based on the type of ticket submitted. Directly add important ticket updates directly into your Wiki knowledge base.

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7 MailChimp Alternatives (Our Feedback After Trying Them Out)


To begin with, they charge based on list size and not contacts. Here we’ll be giving our rating on all the MailChimp Alternatives based on 3 core factors: Simplicity, Technical Issues and Our Recommendation. Note that we won’t be rating them based on features since they would be extremely subjective for your type of business and needs. So no forcing you through Knowledge Bases or Contact Forms. That’s totally subjective (and the UI is really efficient!)

Belkins Basics: Introduction To Appointment Setting


So, if you want to max out your sales teams’ efficiency, better make sure that there are qualified pros that can take over the appointment-setting duties. From starter packs to in-depth knowledge bases that become accessible to all new members.

7 Simple Tips to Help You Get Started With Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

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These actions can even be automated, enabling greater efficiency for digital marketers. Increase your AI knowledge base. Start trialing AI-based digital marketing tools. Once you have a working knowledge of AI and a deeper understanding of what others are doing in this space, you can look at AI tools that align to your use cases. Leading brands around the globe are all using AI for digital marketing.

How to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value in Digital Marketing


Based on this number, McDonald’s knows that they’re going to make an average of $4,200 in top-line revenue off of every customer at the register. Justifies Incentive-Based Marketing. Maintain a Knowledge Base. Having a knowledge base is important for a number of reasons.

3 Tips to Set Your Team Up For Success with Self-Service Programmatic Media Buying


One risk that is often ignored when making the in-house switch is the loss of veteran specialists working behind the scenes and the potential loss of institutional knowledge. For the more curious candidate, the promise of knowledge expansion will be compelling.

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