4 Steps to Scale Efficiently


The only problem is that scaling revenue is challenging and scaling it efficiently--with minimal cost--is even harder. In fact, Outreach has already helped 43 privately held, billion-dollar companies scale efficiently and dominate their industries.

Four recommendations for old-school sales environments

Heinz Marketing

If the above sales environment sounds like yours, even a little bit, hopefully this will help you too. The right system will make your existing sales reps more efficient & successful. The post Four recommendations for old-school sales environments appeared first on Heinz Marketing. Quite frequently we have the opportunity to work with companies where sales is primarily done by field-based relationship sellers.

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How to Boost Thermal Comfort in an Office Environment

Altitude Branding

With the number of time employees spend in their offices during the day, one of the main consideration for the employer should be to create an environment that is pleasant and comfortable to work in.

7 Ways to Run More Efficient Business Meetings


First, there are effective business meetings, where employees share necessary information, collaborate efficiently, and develop next steps to solve their shared problems. That’s why today, we’re offering some of our most useful tips to run consistently efficient, worthwhile business meetings.

Togetherness: Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Speaker: Jeff Davis, Founder, jd2 Consulting Group

Jeff Davis is here to help you think differently about how Sales and Marketing should interact. With increased scrutiny for marketing to prove ROI on their activities and it becoming increasingly hard for B2B salespeople to even get in front of customers, the old way of doing business is no longer an option. This webinar will use evidence-based research and empirical knowledge to propose real-world strategies that work.

Real World Applications Of AI-Powered CDAPs in Multi-channel Marketing Environments

Martech Advisor

Campaign efficiency and effectiveness: cost of conversion, cost of retention. Working with a more integrated, efficient system improves the quality as well as quantity and volume of marketing communications themselves, by allowing marketers to reach more customers with improved messaging.

Next for digital transformation: operational transformation


It is an absolute requirement for survival in the current business environment. Like three types of transformations before it, operational transformation will deliver another level of efficiency and differentiation to organizations of all sizes.

Digital maturity — ideal state


A corollary cultural change that will facilitate a successful transformation toward digital maturity is a move toward a more risk-tolerant environment.

How to transform your workspace into a hub for millennials


Televisions, pertinent books, and even a video game system can help your staff relieve stress and work with tremendous efficiency. Most of the time, they’ll be willing to adapt to hot desking and able to brainstorm effectively in an non-traditional environment.

How to Use Content Curation to Improve Your Social Media Efficiency While Getting Results


In today’s environment, there is a glut of too much content. How curation improves your efficiency. The post How to Use Content Curation to Improve Your Social Media Efficiency While Getting Results appeared first on Scoop.it

5 Tools to Boost Your Company’s Efficiency


If you’re looking for newer, better ways to streamline your business and maximize company efficiency (and your bottom line), here are a few tricks of the trade. They also enable your staff to work remotely, which has been proven to boost efficiency levels. This establishes a much more efficient workflow for everyone. Add to this the ability to collaborate virtually in real-time and your efficiency will skyrocket.

Increase the Efficiency of Prospecting with New B2B Cross-Channel Marketing Sales Tools

Modern Marketing

Sales people can match contacts by domain, LinkedIn and email, increasing the overall efficiency of prospecting. The evolution of the buying process that has created a shift of control to the consumer has forever changed the way sales and marketing approach and engage their prospects.

Three Ways Energy Efficiency Increases Wellness

Eric Mower + Associates

We are well versed in the ways energy efficiency impacts budgets. Whether we’re talking about the home environment or commercial buildings, it has been proven that using less energy leads to saving more money. When LEED came on the scene in 2000, it was a way for new construction to incorporate energy efficiency and environmental best practices. It’s expanding the idea of energy efficiency from using less power to powering better humans.

Reorganizing My Personal Learning Environment

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Organizational Potential=Staff Potential » Reorganizing My Personal Learning Environment. One of the benefits of writing about my personal learning environment was that it forced me to rethink a few of the things Ive been doing. So Ive changed a few things in the past few days to make things a little more efficient. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Reorganizing My Personal Learning Environment : Comments. The Bamboo Project Blog.

THE HACKIES: Driving digital transformation strategy in a rapidly evolving technology environment


Companies are working hard to develop and layer a CX and digital transformation strategy on top of an already complex internal marketing technology environment. So how do we interject strategy and coordination into the hectic and challenging environment?

How co-working spaces are revolutionizing the workplace


Recently, however, companies are slowly adopting a more open and collaborative work environment through co-working spaces. By cultivating environments that encourage unity, offices become more productive and less hostile.

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Increase the Efficiency of Prospecting with B2B Cross-Channel Marketing Sales Tools

Modern Marketing

Salespeople can match contacts by domain, LinkedIn and email, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of prospecting. The evolution of the buying process that has created a shift of control to the consumer has forever changed the way sales and marketing approach and engage their prospects.

Families of devices multiply publisher’s powers to control the world


The user controls the environment and shapes it to where and how they want to “be” digitally. They increase their accuracy, efficiency, and profitability by making what users consume as they live in the ways they want. Lesson for leaders.

15% of today’s jobs will be gone by 2030


Manual and service jobs in unpredictable environments. Investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency ,and climate adaption. It might be time to start thinking about a career change if you are in any of these types of jobs in the global workforce. It is crazy to think that within the next 15 years so many jobs of today will be obsolete.

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How adaptive sourcing and digital transformation will put you in the winner’s circle


Because developments are occurring at a rapid pace, everything has to be adaptive and agile, easily-absorbed knowledge, and efficient in delivering prototypes and ready-to-be-implemented ideas in short time frames. These days, everybody has a plan to transform his or her business.

How AI Is Being Used To Efficiently Secure And Stabilize Websites

EMagine B2B Blog

Best practice calls for making a backup of your site, copying it over to a staging environment, manually performing each update one-by-one and testing your entire site after each… only to have to repeat these steps in order to apply the updates to your live site. A Little Background.

Software AG unveils webMethods.io B2b to Improve Partner Management & Operational Efficiency


The tool helps an organization improve its efficiency, speed, security & flexibility by equipping them to get rid of frequent maintenance or fixes. More than 1,700 global businesses use webMethods Trading Networks (Software AG’s on-premises B2B platform) to enhance their operational efficiency & successfully manage their customer & third party relationships. B2B provides a rich next-generation environment for B2B integration & trading partner management.

How AI Is Being Used To Efficiently Secure And Stabilize Websites

EMagine B2B Blog

Best practice calls for making a backup of your site, copying it over to a staging environment, manually performing each update one-by-one and testing your entire site after each… only to have to repeat these steps in order to apply the updates to your live site. A Little Background.

Five steps to awesome audiences for campaign efficiency


After all, campaign efficiency certainly doesn’t point back to spending endless hours correcting mistakes. Campaign efficiency: Reaching the right person, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message.

6 Ways Using Innovative Technologies can Drive Growth


A Healthier Work Environment. With this, consider using the latest technologies to improve efficiencies in the organization, such as when it comes to energy consumption. Growing a business is no easy feat.

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5 Ways to Analyze Marketing Automation Efficiency


Here are 5 ways to analyze whether your marketing automation efforts are efficient. Each marketing team should measure this cost in comparison to the desired outcome, which could be categorized as an increase in conversion rates, team efficiency, or staffing needs.

The Bamboo Project Blog: Seven Strategies for Supporting Personal Learning Environments at Work

Buzz Marketing for Technology

31 Days to a Better Blog--Days 16 & 17: Heatmaps and Stumble Ads » Seven Strategies for Supporting Personal Learning Environments at Work. Yesterday I started to answer Glen Rosss question about how to support staff in developing and using personal learning environments (PLEs) by defining what I mean when I talk about a PLE. It explains the concept of a personal learning environment and it also describes and demonstrates how to use a number of different tools.

Executives Turn to IT to Drive Performance in Tough Environment

The ROI Guy

Even with the increases, senior executives remain frugal, focused on leveraging IT to drive and optimize business efficiency and effectiveness. Although macro-economic conditions remain challenging, or perhaps because of it, nearly 1/3 rd of private companies are investing more in Information Technology (IT) to reduce costs to maintain bottom-line earnings and ignite growth.

Renewable Energy: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

Onalytica B2B

Involvement in that campaign opened my eyes to the health and environmental damage caused by coal and the enormous health, environment, investment and employment upside of a move to 100% renewable energy. UN Environment.

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Knowledge management in the age of social media


Efficient handling of these resources within an organization can be ensure by the use of knowledge base. Ever since the days of MySpace , it became pretty clear that social media platforms have a bright future ahead.

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In technology business videos, silence can be golden


When we’re asked to create a “silent” version for a trade show or other noisy, distraction-filled environment, we sometimes leave out the “problem statement” that kicks off most technology business videos. And these edits are most efficiently done when the material is top-of-mind.

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10 Marketing Tools We’re Thankful For

Modern Marketing

It’s challenging to navigate the changing implications of digital and data, but these changes also have ushered in a variety of strategic and tactical measures to improve efficiency. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Marketing is evolving in many exciting ways.

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How to use Instagram marketing to get new leads for your business


The world has become increasingly busy leading to an explosion in demand for content that can be consumed quickly and efficiently. For example, a software firm can take images of their office environment or provide a sneak-peek look at an upcoming update.

eLearning 2.0 Technologies and Concepts: Start Pages as Environments for Self-Organized Learners

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Start Pages as Environments for Self-Organized Learners. Start Pages as Environments for Self-Organized Learners. At the conference EduMedia 2008, TENCompetence Special Technology Track "Technology Support for Self-Organized Learners" I presented my ideas and gained experience with Start pages and their possibilities for building the learning and research environments for Self-organized learners. multichannel environment Netvibes Pageflakes.

Efficiency and the LeanData Company Culture


The Ford Model T – the ultimate in efficiency. Rather than settle for how it was always done, we decided to find a more efficient process and bring that to our customers as a great service. This quest for efficiency is a founding principle and the very essence of our company culture. Here are our most important company principles for translating the concept of lean into daily work: Be efficient, minute-by-minute and over the long term.

Marketing Hierarchy of Needs: Achieving Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness

The ROI Guy

In the current environment, marketers are still being asked to do-more-with-less, driving a significant change in strategies, campaigns and go-to-market channels. A lack of foundational investment and best practices can cause other higher order investments to be less efficient and effective.

5 Strategies to Drive Sales Productivity


Sales productivity is the ratio of effectiveness (outputs) versus efficiency (inputs). Further, the sales environment is constantly evolving, and the buying process is increasingly more complex. Sales enablement, by nature, empowers and enables sales reps to work more efficiently.

The ugly side of digital transformation


Back in the early 1990s, the corporate world was seized by a concept called “business process re-engineering (BPR),” the goal of which was to rethink business from the ground up, questioning every assumption, and redesigning processes from scratch to achieve massive gains in efficiency and competitiveness. BPR spawned conferences, books, and countless consulting engagements, but there’s little evidence that anyone benefited from it other than the authors and consultants. It’s not that BPR was a bad idea; rather, few organizations are capable of the kind of massive change it demanded. This year’s version of BPR is “digital transformation,” and the chart to the right pretty much tells the story. A Google search on that phrase turns up 7 million results, and the term has become a staple of press releases and corporate collateral. Is digital transformation destined to change business as we know it or will it wind up on the scrapheap with BPR? Unfortunately, the latter is more likely. Interest in digital transformation has been spurred by the success of a few disruptive companies and egged on by technology vendors eager to find a way to sell more gear. But scroll down that list of Google search results and you’ll notice something interesting: there’s lots of talk about how to digitally transform, but very few examples of companies that have done it. Corporate structure resists transformation change. While top executives may see opportunity, the people below them tend to see only layoffs, paycuts, retraining, and long hours with little reward. Middle-managers, whose value is often defined by the size of their budgets or staff, have no incentive to change anything. They are the tripwires of transformation. McKinsey has estimated that the failure rate of large-scale change programs averages 70%. “For individual organizations and their leaders, disruption is episodic and sufficiently infrequent that most CEOs and top-management teams are more accomplished at running businesses in stable environments than in changing ones,” analysts Michael Bucy , Stephen Hall , and Doug Yakola wrote in a recent report. About the only time transformative change does occur is when a business confronts its own mortality. IBM largely reinvented its business in the early 1990s, when demand for mainframes tanked, but it reduced its workforce by half in the process. Domino’s Pizza became a hub of digital innovation in its market only after its shares sank to $3 per share in 2008 and its brand was becoming a social media laughing stock. Such examples are rare, though. More typical is the example of the newspaper industry, which was forced to transform when advertising revenues collapsed, but found that its operationally-oriented executives had neither the vision nor the willpower to make the necessary changes. The more practical approach to transformation is incremental. Find those cells of creativity within the organization and put them to work on small projects that can yield short-term, tangible results. Build and expand on successes. The most important cultural change you need to make is to stop penalizing failure. Unfortunately, even that objective has proven difficult outside of Silicon Valley. Former Cisco CEO John Chambers has been frequently quoted for his prediction that 40% of today’s largest companies won’t exist in 10 years. He’s probably right, but fear is only a motivator for people at the top. To get organizational buy-in, everyone has to envision an upside for them. Without hard examples of success to point to, digital transformation runs the risk of ending up as another good idea that was too big to make real. Image via Pixabay. Like this post? Sign up for our emails here. The post The ugly side of digital transformation appeared first on Biznology. Digital Marketing Digital Technology advertising revenues Books BPR budgets business process reengineering ceo change programs Cisco competitiveness conferences consulting engagements corporate collateral corporate structure digital innovation Digital transformation Domino's Pizza Doug Yakola efficiency failure rate Google IBM John Chambers layoffs long hours mainframes McKinsey Michael Bucy middle-managers newspaper industry organizational buy-in paycuts press releases redesigning processes retraining short-term results Silicon Valley social media staff Stephen Hall technology vendors top executives top-management teams

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4 Ways to Manage Change Management For Successful Demand Generation

Modern Marketing

While the buyer becomes more sophisticated and our environment becomes more complex, many in B2B Marketing fall further behind. While many organizations struggle to adapt to the modern marketing environment, the need for change management has never been more apparent.

Marketing Engagement Lessons From The B-52s

Modern Marketing

Foster a community-first environment - Make sure your customers know that they are the stars of your party. Marketing Efficiency by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The B-52s are “The World’s Greatest Party Band.”

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