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50% of B2B Marketers Now Cite Social as Most Effective Digital Channel

KoMarketing Associates

Wpromote recently published the “2022 State of B2B Digital Marketing” report, and statistics indicated that the majority of B2B marketers (50%) now cite social media as their most effective digital marketing channel in terms of driving revenue. This is followed by content marketing (47%) and email (41%).

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Chief Revenue Regrets – The Sales Leader Blindspot: Early Stage Funnel


Yet, we are still running forecast and funnel reviews just as we did decades ago … interrogating and inspecting deals to assess the quality of the funnel to meet the number. Forecast vs Funnel Review. It is a tactical inspection to determine confidence and identify risk in the forecast. Neglecting the Early Funnel.


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Boost Engagement with These Account-Based Marketing Tactics


Whether you’re launching a program for the first time of reevaluating your current campaigns, there are core account-based marketing tactics to set yourself up for success. Tactic 1: Start with strategic ABM alignment This account-based marketing tactic focuses on strategic ABM alignment.

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How to Create an Effective Social Media Sales Funnel


And both loyalty and brand recognition hugely contribute to your company’s sales funnel. In fact, social media marketing can boost any part of your conversion funnel, from awareness to brand advocacy. Let’s look at how to create an effective social media sales funnel: Create Diverse Social Media Content.

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Creating B2B Engagement, Not Just B2B Content

Speaker: Kate Jacobsen, Marketing Programs Manager, BrightTALK

But for many, it’s becoming harder than ever to identify and implement effective methods to connect with the ideal buyer. Join us as we break down underutilized tactics marketers can use to improve engagement at all stages of the funnel. The solution isn't creating more content—it’s getting the most out of what you have on hand.

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Deepening B2B customer relationships with “the funnel beyond the funnel”


You’ve been developing a fresh idea for B2B marketers that you call “the funnel beyond the. For years, B2B marketers have focused on demand generation, or top-of-the-funnel activities. Focusing on the funnel beyond the funnel translates to lower customer acquisition costs, lower churn rates, higher lifetime value, and a powerful brand.

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4 Surprisingly Effective B2B Lead Nurturing Tactics

Marketing Insider Group

However, there are several tactics that are not just rumored to be effective (across the board to various extents) but have the data to back them up. Quick Takeways: Personalize your content for leads based on their intent and the stage of the funnel they’re currently in. Let’s dive in.