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Pipeline Marketing Helps CMOs Thrive in a Post Lead-Generation World

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CMOs can partner with their sales teams by helping to lead them out of any resulting deserts of rejection fatigue. Pipeline Marketing is Taking the Place of Traditional Lead Generation. Effective pipeline marketing measures success in terms of the revenue that’s generated.

Report: Brand Marketing Helps Marketers Achieve Several Top Priorities

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New research suggests that brand marketing is helping marketers achieve goals ranging from customer acquisition to audience engagement. New customer acquisition” was the top priority for B2B and B2C marketers, according to the report. About two-thirds of marketers (65 percent) either “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that brand marketing was already helping them increase new customer acquisition.

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10 Powerful B2B Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow

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B2B marketing is a rich, diverse, and sometimes complex field. Influencers help us to stay on top of the trends and new developments that hit the industry. Before we delve into who the top influencers in marketing are, we should answer the vital question. Helpful.

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Why B2B Brands Are Stepping Up Influencer Marketing Campaigns in 2017


People have always looked to peers to help them make decisions. This may be a bit simplified for current word-of-mouth marketing, but the basic idea remains unchanged. This is why influencer marketing is so effective. In fact, businesses recently rated this type of marketing as their fastest-growing online channel, as it drives four times the brand lift as paid media. But does it make sense for your brand to invest in this marketing activity in 2017?

Give Your Content Marketing a Boost With Social Keywords

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Keywords have long been the foundation of every content marketing strategy. Knowing the words and phrases that your audience is using to search for information helps guide your content creation efforts, and land a position at the top of search results. Content Marketing

6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Strategic Marketing Consultant


Let’s say you’ve looked into the mirror, come to some terms, and decided you really do need some marketing help. You’ve hit the Google circuit, browsed some websites, and reached out to a strategic marketing consultant or seven.

7 Ways to Future-Proof Your Organization With Data Driven Marketing

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This article is designed to help marketers prepare their marketing organizations for change. Even though we may not know what those trends will be, there are seven steps that any marketing leader can take to position their organizations for future success.

The Evolution of Marketing: From Manual Through Automation To Predictive

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Megginson ( Small Business Management: An Entrepreneur’s Guidebook ), this opinion is just as valid for marketers today. ” The number one challenge marketers face is creating and nurturing demand real time.

15 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Twitter to Drive Business Results

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The wonderful world of Twitter has unlocked business opportunities for almost every type of user – from emerging artists, celebrities, big brands, news sources, and (most importantly for you) B2B marketers. With the mission to give users the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, this social media platform allows B2B marketers to better connect, converse and engage their audiences. Support Content Marketing Efforts.

How To Launch An Account-Based Marketing Program From Scratch


Launching an account-based marketing (ABM) program can be a daunting task, especially if you’re building a new ABM program from scratch. At LeadMD we’ve found the majority of B2B marketers are early in their ABM implementation. 1) Understand Target Accounts And Addressable Market.

Why Visibility Is Key for Content Marketing Success


Project management software can be a huge help here. In other words, they’re not built for enterprise-level marketing teams. That’s where content marketing software comes in. And how does content marketing help solve for it? It’s 12 p.m.,

Introducing Deal Nurturing: The Next Big Idea in B2B Nurturing


Ten years ago, Marketing would generate an inquiry and pass it to Sales. Lead nurturing was introduced to attempt to bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales. Simply put, Sales often asks Marketing to turn off all marketing once the opportunity is created.

Five ways to make your reps more productive


When a rep isn’t on track to hit their goal, use the reports to help them build their path to the goal. Can other team members or departments help? Can marketing help? They should see the same metrics every month, to drive their strategy in sales and marketing.

Where to start your B2B video marketing project


Business video marketing services are attractive to many businesses today for numerous reasons. Business video marketing helps clearly communicate what the customer wants to know in order to move to the next stage of the sales process.

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Account Based Marketing vs Inbound Approach: Everything B2B Marketers Need To Know

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Account-based marketing (ABM) or inbound marketing, which way should you go? With all the confusion surrounding account-based marketing and its somewhat complicated relationship with the inbound approach, we thought this explainer article was way overdue. ABM vs. the Inbound Marketing Approach. Traditional B2B marketing tends to take a broad approach to lead generation, with the goal of capturing as many leads as possible. ABM: The Future of B2B Marketing?

A Resource Guide to Marketing Content Success

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Do you want to sharpen your skills in marketing content but aren’t really sure where to start? We’ve compiled some of the best assets in content marketing: everything from white papers, educational videos, and podcasts to other written content. Content Marketing in Specific Industries.

3 Ways Agile Helps Scale Content Marketing


To an outsider looking in, a bigger content marketing program seems to be better. . But most content marketing job descriptions don’t include phrases like, “Keep producing more content every quarter indefinitely,” or “Hire as many content marketers as the budget will allow.” .

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How to Measure the Results of B2B Influencer Marketing

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Still on the fence about influencer marketing? This illustrates why B2B influencer marketing is growing in power and popularity among many marketers. Can you measure the results of your influencer marketing program? We’re here to help. B2B Marketing

Unsung Marketing Hero of the Day: The Data Analyst


And rightly so, that’s as it should be, but how did they get all that clean data that helped make this deal possible? . As a B2B marketer, lead gen is of utter importance, but quality over quantity is just as important. Let’s say Mitch Marketer wants to download an ebook or PDF.

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Using Technographics to Uncover New B2B Sales Opportunities in a Niche Market

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It offers business reporting, analytics, and planning in a real-time solution that seamlessly works with market leading ERP systems. operates in a market focused on delivering business performance management apps for JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP systems.

Go Where Your Customers Are – Wise Words from Sweta Patel


Social selling may be where you reach your audience, but email marketing, webinars, and events are all channels that you can engage your audiences and build your pipeline,” Patel told us over Google Hangout. As a B2B marketer, SiriusDecisions is a publication that I focus on.

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Chalk Talks: Using Video for Account-Based Marketing


B2B companies are embracing account-based marketing as a better way to identify, engage, and convert key accounts. The first is leveraging video with an email marketing campaigns that are targeting individuals at key accounts. Now how do you use insights to help you convert that deal?

How to Become a Household Name


It’s every brand marketer’s dream for their product, service, or website to become so ubiquitous it replaces the name of the original concept. Takeaway for Marketers: Mix up your advertising strategies to keep exposing your brand to new audiences. “Google it.” “Can

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2018

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As the New Year quickly approaches, most marketers are turning their attention to 2018. Here are the B2B marketing trends for 2018 that savvy businesses need to follow. This category includes market and customer insights and predictive analytics. Search marketing.

Persona Based Marketing

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Successful marketing depends on personalization. Persona based marketing helps you provide structure and insight to your company’s inbound marketing campaigns. Using market research and existing customer data, you can define your ideal customer in a very detailed manner.

What is the Number One Strategy for Effective B2B Lead Generation?

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When we examine the results from companies that make their living selling Inbound Marketing services , then the answer is that inbound marketing generates the most leads. Content marketing. Email marketing is still a top-converting method of effective lead generation.

6 of 14 rules for marketing like a billion-dollar martech unicorn


The following is a guest post by Jeremy Epstein , CEO of Never Stop Marketing. He served as VP marketing at Sprinklr as the company grew from 30 people and a valuation of $20 million to 1,400 employees, valued at over $1.8 Your job is to put items in market. Marketing Managemen

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How to Get Started With Paid Search [Free Guide]


Clearly, marketers are taking advantage of AdWords, but what does a great PPC campaign even look like? To help you get started the right way, we're breaking down the basics of how to use paid search below. For instance, here we have the search term "inbound marketing."

Top 5 Demand Generation Strategies

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Here are five demand generation strategies that will help: Email Marketing. Email marketing is an essential part of a business’s marketing campaigns. Do not just send a sales pitch; give the reader valuable content that they will find helpful. Content Marketing.

Using Technographics to Uncover New B2B Sales Opportunities in a Niche Market

HG Data

It offers business reporting, analytics, and planning in a real-time solution that seamlessly works with market leading ERP systems. operates in a market focused on delivering business performance management apps for JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP systems. The company has worked in this niche market for nearly two decades and has built extensive profiles on their current and potential customers. Customer.

7 Traits Every Modern Marketer Needs to Have


Marketing professionals: when you think about your role at your company, how do you see yourself fitting into the bigger picture? Most organizations think of marketing this way. Enter: full-funnel marketing. Read more about how to create a full-funnel marketing plan here.

Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven


There are now a wide variety of tools that enable marketers to capture a range of data at particular stages in their marketing campaigns. Adweek created an infographic that clearly shows us how marketing evolved through time. In the 1960s, marketing was mostly used at a mass targeting level through direct mail and advertising. Marketing today is driven by data-backed research and customer information that can be captured at every stage in the buying process.

Top B2B Marketing Services for 2018

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The marketing function has changed drastically over the past decade. With the emergence of digital marketing activities and new technologies, many organizations still struggle to develop a cohesive marketing program. Where will marketing head in the coming year?

Best Practices for Technology Marketing

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What do technology companies care about when it comes to marketing? But before they excel with their marketing efforts, they must rise above the noise to make their message stand out. However, every technology marketing program can build a sound foundation for these best practices.

How to Keep Your B2B Content Marketing and Brand Messaging Consistent


Shakespeare didn’t have B2B content marketing in mind when he penned, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Content marketing is also tweets, Pulse posts, Facebook groups, CRM drip campaigns, Instagram accounts, bus shelter ads, podcasts, radio commercials, videos and blogs. The challenge for B2B marketers is how to tell a cohesive story across all mediums and platforms with content. We recommend building a B2B content marketing map and calendar.

How We Grew Our Organic Traffic by 43% Without Publishing a Single New Blog Post


The best part is, we did it without publishing any new content, spending any more money on marketing or adding any additional resources to our team. This led us to seeking a content marketing and SEO strategy.